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I am Ahmad Mahini, a presidential candidate from the state of Washington
I am Ahmad Mahini, a presidential candidate from the state of Washington


Global and halal market of Islamic Iran
Today, it was suggested to Dr. Bagheri, the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs, to establish an Iranian Islamic market, so that there is no longer a need to be a begging bag and ask others to join us so that they too can impose non-Islamic conditions. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, says: We have to do this for several reasons. First, our economy is the best in the region, and without Iran’s help, none of the neighbors will achieve progress. Of course, it leads to inflation and high prices for Iran, but there is no problem. For example, energy carriers in Iran are smuggled or officially transferred to the neighbors: electricity, water, fuel, gasoline, and even solar energy, due to the receipt of subsidies, on average, it is up to 100% of the world market price, and with all, The costs of transportation and smuggling, etc., reach them for less than one thousand. And therefore Iran’s export is always economically beneficial for the neighbor. Because most of them lack the necessary resources in these matters. Like Pakistan, which does not have gas. Or Afghanistan, which does not even have oil. And all the items they need are supplied from Iran. Even in Germany and other countries of the world, people are looking for Iranian carpets, rice and Iranian tea. Sources of precious or decorative and construction stones are also well regarded by industrial customers. Just as China buys crude oil and converts it to its value, so do all countries. Because Iran has 9 times the resources of the world average. On the one hand, oil and gas resources, other resources, even human resources, have higher quality and cheaper wages. Enjoy this market now. Recognizing it will solve inflation and high prices. Because due to the smuggling of these goods, the profit reaches the pockets of the smugglers. But if it is recognized, it will be divided between two countries. Border terminals and the experience of border settlements, and free zones prove this. For example, gasoline that is smuggled by bus or transit truck drivers is a hundred times more profitable for the smuggler. When it becomes official, they will sell it at an average price. Both the neighboring country benefits and the Iranian government. With the establishment of the global and halal market of Islamic Iran (Bajuha), the hands of brokers and smugglers will naturally be cut off. Islamic rules are valid in it. Therefore, usury or fornication will be eliminated. Thirdly, the economic and commercial capacity in Iran is such that it supplies the whole world. It means that it is not a single product or a single area. to have only copper, or steel, or oil like some countries. Iran’s resources are still intact. With the help of Almighty God, even the soil of this country is gold. The UAE in the south only buys Iran’s empty soil! By pouring it into the Persian Gulf, he will increase the area of ​​his country. This issue was so ridiculous, that the law did not pay attention until, in 1399, the law prohibiting the sale of soil! It was approved in the parliament. Therefore, Westerners should be left out in this issue as well. And we can run in it

Gaza’s complete victory formula
Even now, Gaza is the winner of the field, but the Zionist media, by showing them poorly, think it is the 1690s. Or they are deliberately trying to create such an impression that if Ezzeddin Qassam failed, then Qassam battalions will also fail. But the equation has changed and the cleansing battalions have been formed. They have become Shiites and are supporters of Hazrat Ali who single-handedly destroyed the Khyber Gate.. The other difference is that they have counted on the disaffected Zionists. So, the first formula is that instead of destroying the face of Hazrat Ali, they should know that the first Shia of Hazrat Ali, Fatimah, was the daughter of the Prophet. When all his failed suitors gathered in Saqifah to take revenge on Hazrat Ali, they said that we should pack a racket for him to forcefully resign from the position of caliphate. Hazrat Fatima did not open the door, so they kicked the door and it stuck to the wall and her child was aborted. The second formula is to count the disaffected Zionists and even unite with them. The third formula is media activity. Because Hezbollah managed to prevent their attack by releasing a video. to Lebanon They can also tell their possibilities to stop evil. And let the whole earth be for the Shiites, as the Qur’an says, “The inheritance of the earth is the worshipers of the righteous.”

Tactical retreat
Israel does not want the world to realize its weakness, so it constantly changes the time of the attack on Lebanon and postpones it, the 24-hour deadline passes and it thinks people forget. This tactical withdrawal is done this time only with a video release from Hezbollah. Recently, everyone remembers that Israel said that it will attack Hezbollah in 48 hours and finish its work. Lebanon’s Hezbollah also released a video showing the map of all locations. It is sensitive and can destroy everyone with a missile attack. He had already given a deadline, but Hezbollah revealed its nuclear weapon by publishing a video. Therefore, it shows that Israel does not exist externally, but only their media exist. And if Hezbollah doesn’t act with all this ability, it is because it is waiting for action from within, and the millions of demonstrations in Tel Aviv will destroy Netanyahu’s house like a flood, arrest him and hand him over, and the end of Israel will be confirmed in the media.

Leave the 40th ceremony
The hypocrites and enemies of Islam bury their leaders, but they deny his death and do not hold a commemorative assembly, which means they are worse than a dog. An example is this Rajavi couple. They did not even hold a funeral due to the fear of a coup d’état and the disintegration of the Mojahedin Khalq organization. But when they took the most magnificent and longest ceremony in the world. Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, asked people all over the world to celebrate his 40th birthday in Tehran. So the people of the world can take the following days. As the poet Saadi said, “When a member hurts, he did not mention the members.” So no one should be restless. Therefore, anyone who does not attend the ceremony is out of the circle of humanity, not only in this matter, but also in various matters. Like the issue of the killing of the people of Gaza or the genocide in America and Iraq, etc. By holding the ceremony, the unity of all people on earth is known. Because God says, We created you all from one father and father. There are different colors and languages ​​for identification

Toys for children in Gaza
On the occasion of Ghadir Eid, Iranians decided to send toys to all the displaced children in the world, especially Palestine and Gaza. For this purpose, two ships have been planned, one is symbolically in Tehran, so that everyone can put their donated toys in it and be sure. May it reach the children of Gaza. The second ship is also in the sea, waiting to be filled to go to the Mediterranean Sea and give gifts to the children of Gaza. Ahmed Mahini, the US presidential candidate, asked all the people of the world to join this campaign and make the sad and suffering children of Gaza happy. He agreed with Mr. Jarae, the sailor of this ship, to participate in entering Gaza and distributing toys. He said by reading Saadi’s poem written on top of the United Nations. Bani Adam are the members of each other who are gems in the creation of Zik. When one part hurt, the other parts were not spared

zero hour
The countdown to the attack on Israel has begun and all the people of the world are on full alert. Ahmed Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, wants the students of American universities to play the biggest role in this nationwide attack because they show their originality. He says, why countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar do not support Gaza, and it is unheard of in these countries even for people to come to the streets and defend Gaza, because they are all rootless and lack authenticity, that is, at the same time as the birth of Israel. were born When the United Nations was formed, it had only 44 members. But now it has 220 members, that is, 176 countries grew from the ground like mushrooms, and the flower of their basket is Israel. Or he is actually their leader. And therefore, none of them have originality and must return to their origin. Most of them were separated from Iran by the United Nations and should return to Iran. If I become the Secretary General of the United Nations, I will really unite everyone so that Iran repeats its glory again. The six countries of the Persian Gulf were all sheikhdoms of Iran, and in the imposed war, they formed the Gulf War against Iran. Palestine had a real existence and it was not a love of Israel, Jordan, etc. Israel’s right hand, Al-Saud, divided them all into 51 countries, however, I ask all the people of the world to wake up and fight against Israel and destroy it. As Imam Khomeini said, whoever pours just one bucket of water on Israel will flood it. So people of the world, be a flood.

Ghadir Eid
Breaking the door of Khyber again
According to the preparations of Hezbollah, Ansarullah, Hashd al-Shaabi and Lashkar Fatemiyoun. We have to announce a contest for the quick capture of Israel. If they are able to enter the land of Israel until Eid al-Ghadir, we will name them the frequent conquerors of Khyber Gate. And if each of them reaches Tel Aviv earlier, they should take all the movable property of Tel Aviv or the booty with them and hand over the centers to Hamas. In fact, the countdown to conquering Tel Aviv starts right now. Until now, Hamas has only been able to support Gaza, but from now on, it must be ready to monitor the whole of Israel. Hizbullah has destroyed most of Israel’s military centers, so he can entrust the command of Fatah al-Futuh to him. Although Israel can be divided into 5 or 6 spheres of influence, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen will occupy their neighboring parts. Tel Aviv and its suburbs for Hamas and Jerusalem for the Fatemiyoun army. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, says that each of these spheres of influence should open the way for the people of America and Europe. I am trying to come to Gaza Yarfah myself. But militant students can help everyone and start from where they are

Who will wear the medal for the destruction of Israel?
Israel died like Solomon, but the people don’t know and still fear him. Therefore, an ant needs to eat his staff so that he falls on his face. Who will do this? The first references are towards Hezbollah and Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah. Hezbollah’s huge arsenal is fully prepared to destroy Israel. The second group is Yemen, which can send a large crowd to conquer Israel with their bare hands. The third group is the Fatemiyoun army, who have been waiting for years at the borders of Israel to enter to complete Israel’s work. Of course, the Hashd al-Shaabi of Iraq are lurking with all their strength. The Iraqis fought against Israel before, and now the largest cemetery in Israel is full of Iraqis. But the people were not disappointed. Because Martyr Dechamran told them all the military secrets of Israel. It is expected that the Quds Force will establish the necessary coordination between these forces, but since Iran is involved in elections, the matter remains silent. And therefore, if possible, these four forces are better coordinated. But it is possible that Iran will not enter, so they will be allowed to start their own operations to conquer Tel Aviv. and declare that it has nothing to do with Iran. Of course, whoever enters earlier will certainly be honored after the election and inauguration. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, asks the American people to take the lead. They can force Biden to hand over weapons to Gaza or help the American people to enter Israel. Of course, if he does not listen, he should be punished. And the best punishment is the revolutionary execution of Trump and Biden together.

The immediate fall of Israel
Considering the upcoming elections in Iran, Israel is confident that it has a good opportunity to attack Hezbollah in Gaza and Rafah. Because Iran needs to calm down until the elections are held, and therefore it will not seek tension with Israel. They have predicted that until the day of the inauguration and perhaps the formation of the new cabinet, Iran will be busy with internal affairs. Therefore, Israel’s hand is open to kill Gaza and Rafah. Provided that they have nothing to do with the interests of the Islamic Republic. And considering this process as certain, therefore, they organized their forces and even called old men as servants. But they are unaware that Hezbollah is watching an opportunity to completely change the situation. Yemen’s Ansarullah, with the wealth they looted from the ships, are ready to implement facilities in Gaza and Rafah after the fall of Israel to Hezbollah. Of course, the Hashd al-Shaabi of Iraq also wants to make the honor of the fall of Israel alone, unaware that the Afghan Fatemiyouns are waiting to enter Israel’s territory behind the gates of Israel. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, has also announced that he will enter Gaza soon, because the relevant convoy from Khorasan to He has set out and will soon enter Israel through Karbala, Iraq, Jordan and Syria to report the death of Israel on behalf of the American people. Israel now lives only in the media. And if the media does not mention his name, they have contributed to the destruction of Israel so that Israel will be destroyed before the presidential elections and Netanyahu will be executed.

Blasphemous promises
The promises of some Iranian presidential candidates have crossed the line of parliament and leadership and reached the line of blasphemy.. This may be a heavy issue, but it takes place in several stages. First, everything must be done in the name of God, which some do not follow. . And everything does not come to fruition without mentioning the name of Allah. Second, the president is the executive head, which means he must implement the approvals. If he has a proposal, he should give it to the parliament and not share it with the people. This is a kind of interference of powers if we do not consider it as an incitement against the parliament. Giving the candidate’s program to the people means rising against the parliament and the Guardian Council and assigning tasks to them. And introduce them to the implementation of programs. Thirdly, the general policies and the seventh plan and the current year’s budget have been approved. Making promises against them means disappointing people from the general policies of the system. Fourthly, the promise of reducing inflation and raising wages and thus increasing people’s sustenance is against the verses of the Qur’an and divine providence. Because the degree of poverty and wealth of each person is determined by God. And our objection to God’s providence is blasphemy. Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, says that no one should say that the people’s livelihood is in my hands. And he should not say that the treasury is in my hand, and Allah is the treasure of the heavens and the earth. This is the claim of deification and blasphemy. Luti, go bite your bite

The national currency is not weak
Many anti-revolutionaries chant about the weakness of the national currency, and unfortunately, Iran’s presidential candidates also question the proper functioning of the revolution, as in all fields. The enemy worked hard for 40 years with the mechanism of reducing the power of the national currency, but Iran destroyed all of them with a simple trick. When the four zeros were removed, and the national currency became Toman, all their conspiracies came to nothing. That is, if at the beginning of the revolution, the dollar was 75 times the current currency, today it is 50 times the current currency. But the enemies of the presidential candidates do not accept this issue. And they keep saying irrelevant things against the law. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, says that not only do they not accept the law, even the Central Bank and the banks themselves continue to use Rial, which is a foreign word, instead of Toman. The government and all its ministries ignore this law. The result is that they constantly chant that inflation and high prices have killed the people, while following the inflation law, it has even become negative, but it seems that Ayatollah BBC is still brainwashing the elites. that there is not even a name of God in the programs. Hazrat Ali says that I knew God from there, that whatever I planned, He destroyed me.

The problems of creation of the hour
When the election starts, the problems of the people will start. Candidates for the elections, in order to prove themselves in the future, they will make the past ineffective. And the services performed in the last 45 years will be nullified. Even the anti-revolutionary goes further and says that it has become worse, like the doctors who said that during the time of the Shah of Turkey, he longed for the roads of Iran. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, says that it should be noted that the society is always in balance, that is, if there are problems, solutions have been made and people are satisfied. It means that the authorities have done all they can to solve the problems. This is why the candidates of the first election should create problems, that is, unfairly question everything. And based on these illusions, they show themselves as the saviors of the country. Therefore, people should be aware that problems do not exist externally, but are created by the mind of election candidates. And their solutions are nothing but illusions, because when the people involved could not do something, it cannot be implemented with imagination, in addition to the fact that all their promises are untenable and against the law, because they want to do something extra-legal. While the duty of the president is to implement the law and the approval of the law is the responsibility of the parliament, and the separation of powers does not allow the law to be mandatory.

Exploitative stock market
The stock market comes forward with the deceptive slogan of financing, but it actually disrupts financial discipline and steals from four groups. These are the four groups of stakeholders who are attracted by the same catchy slogan but come out as losers. The first group of workers are those who think that their income will increase when the company goes public. But they are the first victims, because in order to make more profit, the costs must be reduced. The most important element of cost is also the salary. The second victims are the people who, as customers, transfer their cash balance to the stock exchange. The customer is transferred to the company. The third group is raw material producers. The second cost of the company is the purchase of raw materials, the cheaper they buy, the more profit they show in the stock market. But with the invention of hundreds of tax evasion ways, he returns empty handed. And confirming the accumulated losses of companies is also an excuse to protest the stock market and receive financial aid or special rents

Stock market or justice
They say that the government’s decisions ruin the stock market, which means that the stock market is against the government’s policies. Because gold is a capitalist tool for further exploitation. And until now, he has been standing on his feet with billions of aid to the capitalists. Therefore, the stock market does not care about anything called justice or the interests of society or Islam and revolution, it is a tool for a few wealthy people who want to send the results of the labor of workers outside behind glass rooms. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, says. The candidates should not get caught up and sacrifice the open stock market, justice and politics for the benefit of a few, and know that the day of judgment will take them by the collar in front of the workers’ rights, the majority of which goes to the pockets of the stock market players as profit. They will be asked again, why did you give the Baitul-Mal to the stock market for the survival of the stock market, or increase their profits by minimizing the workers’ salaries. Because the mechanism of the stock exchange is to transfer the profits and wages of workers and producers to the stock exchange. Because the higher the wages, the lower the profits of the stock market. Of course, in addition to violating the rights of workers, the stockbrokers also loot the treasury and steal taxes. Because they often show losses in order to use government financial assistance, which is nothing but people’s taxes. So the scholars and authorities should know that the stock market is not Mudaraba, but it is a company that steals workers’ wages, taxes from traders, and oil revenues.

Why do people rebel?
In examining the debates of the candidates around the world, human defiance is clearly visible where they make promises and say with full force, I will do this. It seems that they don’t need anyone to fulfill their promises and they take over the fate of people alone. While they need at least the parliament and the judiciary. They need the cooperation of all the devices and even have the necessary budget and facilities. But they are so proud and self-conceited that there is no mention of them. And if it is mentioned, it is like a God who names his humble and obedient servants and does not give them will or opposition.
Three of the candidates for the presidential election admitted to following the law in the debates, but it is not clear whether it will be proven in practice, but the other three did not admit it or gave the excuse of incompetence, which should be questioned, so they should have run for the presidency now. Ghalibaf wanted to tie the hands and feet of a president, now his hands and feet are tied with the 7th development plan, it is interesting that either they should reduce the growth rate of 8% or ignore it and do their own thing. Some candidates not only did not accept the parliament, but even They don’t accept God either and they consider themselves to be the breadwinners of the people, while the Islamic order is contentment and gratitude, not the pursuit of the illusion of prosperity and increasing expectations. The only way to invest is for the people, but when the treasury is locked in the treasury and is not distributed among the people. Where do they get such wealth?

Organization in Islam
Some people think that Noah built the ark with his mouth water, or that Persepolis grew out of the ground by chance, and that science and engineering only started during Taylor’s time. Therefore, when we say organization from the point of view of Islam, they say that Islam belongs to 1400 years ago, but the theory of scientific management is from the time of Weber. It is as if the whole empire of Iran was without organization and staff, if the first time God created the organization, it is the headquarters of God’s throne, which is The chair is also interpreted as having four pillars, and Bayt al-Ma’mor, which is the affairs of God’s cities, is a little lower than the throne and has the same four dimensions, and the house of the Kaaba, which is above the throne of God, also has four sides. In his letter to Malik Ashtar, the governor, Hazrat Ali (A.S.) has four vice-chairs or affairs. Collection of taxes, financial affairs. Jihad of the enemies, military and political affairs. Isslah of the people, cultural affairs, and finally, the mansion of Baladha, civil affairs. The four pillars of the throne are Mikael, Gabriel, Israfil, and Azrael, which according to today’s interpretation, Gabriel is the legislative and planning power that gives revelation to the prophet. Mikael is the executive power and the agent of sustenance and regulation of people’s livelihood and economy. Esrafil is the judiciary and the agent of inspection and preparation of reports and their evaluation. Azrael is also a ranking and meritocracy officer. And appoints those who spend their apprenticeship in this world to the workshop or the main office. These four duties or pillars are also in human existence. Reason, will, conscience and repentance. It is even used in companies and enterprises. The Board of Directors of the Legislative Branch, the Managing Director of the Executive Branch, and the Inspectors of the Legal and Financial Affairs Branch, the Reward and Punishment Officer

Making promises is against the authority of the jurist.
All presidents became anti-velayat faqih. And in their last days, they rebelled, the reason for all of them was to make a promise. Making a promise or making a plan is the factor of turning a guardianship element into an anti-velayat faqih element. In the functional analysis of Ahmadinejad, Rouhani, Khatami, Rafsanjani and even Bani Sadr and others, we reach the same factor. The reason for this is the westernization of the candidates. Because in the West, the president is the first person, he can dissolve the parliament, and issuing orders for war or peace is with the president, but in the Iranian constitution, it is not like that, he is the commander-in-chief of the leadership. The plan and program must be approved by the parliament. Therefore, the presidency is not the second person in Iran. While promising the presidency means assuming the first person and absolute sovereignty. In other words, he says that in order to fulfill my promise, I have to make the Majlis and the Supreme Leader subordinate to me, which is contrary to the principle of separation of powers. made him obey But in practice, he sees that the parliament opposes his bills, for example, due to budgetary reasons. Or the jurist does not give him the authority of the armed forces. Therefore, he first says that they will not let me work. And then it incites people against these forces, and projects failures. which so-called wants to pass the jurisdiction of the Faqih. Or the opposite. Being in charge of the affairs of the parliament, he blames the shortcomings of the parliament. Because in the constitution, the president is the executive, not the legislator. That is, the talking and promises of the candidates are against the constitution and against the legal authority, so the media has made him against the legal authority from the very beginning. While he should only be a good performer. He should act as he swears and not think of dissolving the parliament. Because Iran’s law has not given such permission. Of course, in the draft, it was higher than Wali Faqih, which was later modified. For example, when Mr. Khamenei was the president, he opposed Imam Khomeini’s words about the absolute authority of the jurist. But after choosing themselves, they entered first in all the works. And with Hashemi’s resistance, the issue remained silent.

El exceso de trabajo acorta la vida. Y a veces provoca la muerte de una civilización. Ibn Jaldún examina treinta y seis civilizaciones y establece la ley de las civilizaciones. Dice que la civilización tiene un período inicial que comienza con el nerviosismo. Entonces es el período pico o de beneficios. Las ganancias conducen a la corrupción y la destrucción. que se rinde ante el nerviosismo ajeno. Por tanto, cuanto mayor sea el nerviosismo o la productividad de cualquier civilización, más corta será su vida. Porque quiere beneficiarse antes. Por lo tanto, el trabajo duro o el trabajo yihadista es el asesino de las civilizaciones pacíficas. lo que se llama síndrome de karoshi o demasiado trabajo. Actualmente, la civilización islámica iraní también se enfrenta a este peligro. Significa que las autoridades están tratando de compensar las pérdidas bajo el nombre de trabajo yihadista o incansable. Pero no saben que la revolución islámica nació desde el principio. Porque pudo resistir armado hasta los dientes contra la coalición global. Presionar por más poder provocará un ataque al corazón de la revolución. Como mató a un jefe. En el punto máximo del agotamiento, pidió a Dios que muriera. La noche de la promesa, dijo Sadiq, si esto es un peligro para el pueblo de Irán, le pido a Dios que me haga un sacrificio. Así lo afirma Ahmad Mahini, el candidato presidencial estadounidense. El mártir Beheshti colocó a la Revolución Islámica en el círculo organizativo. Significa que un gerente debería trabajar con diez personas en lugar de trabajar para diez personas. Por tanto, vemos que el movimiento de la organización pasó por el grupo, partido y organización. Por lo que dijo el Imam Jomeini. La revolución no depende de los individuos. Entonces, si no quieres la muerte de la revolución y la civilización islámicas, debes dejar de estar ocupado.

The president in Iran is actually the emperor of the world. And therefore, one should not get involved in minor issues, and stay away from high human goals. because now the whole world is waiting for Iran’s elections. Ahmed Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, says that he is currently involved in Iran’s presidential elections. I constantly monitor the interviews and speeches of the six candidates. Unfortunately, none of them know themselves, and they only repeat the analysis of Ayatollah BBC. They often program about inflation, unemployment and job creation, and poverty and deprivation of the Iranian people. While the program must be approved by the parliament. From here they buy liars for themselves. Because according to the separation of powers law, the parliament is not subordinate to the president. Therefore, it is wrong to give a plan, and it puts them in a hole where the next government accuses him of treason. If Hashemi had criticisms against the previous president and Ahmadinejad did not accept him, Rouhani was also against Ahmadinejad. And Risi is also anti-spiritual. While all of these lasted for 8 years, and were approved by the leadership. Of course, the big problem that all these presidents had was living in the conservative lobby. Therefore, most of them lived in the ivory tower, and their contact was with artificial people, who, to compensate for this shortcoming, reached out to foreign radios and took the line from them, they sadly believed. Radio is flattering, but alien radios are more honest. Of course, this trust in the enemy was meant for his identity or knowing the language of the world. The enemy also knew this, so he put all his energy on propaganda and propaganda against the republic. which has caused our people to have dual personalities. Although they knew that these words were the enemy’s, they saw Iran as too strong to be harmed by these words. Therefore, everyone heard the words of the opponents, and analyzed based on them. But they were active in processions and rituals. Therefore, the foundation of the Iranian empire is right here, which thinks universally and welcomes criticism, and even considers it synonymous with it. because of two reasons. First, he wants the Islamic Republic to be flawless, and he wants to be the first in everything, and second, he loves everyone. He thinks that, for example, the BBC is not an enemy. Therefore, candidates are not excluded from this. They talk about the enemy, to disarm them. This is that the president of Iran becomes the president of the enemies. Therefore, he is considered the emperor of the world. Because he gets votes from his friends, but he also listens to his enemies

Ignorance of the candidates
Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, says. I know more about American society than Trump and Biden. They don’t know that there are 45 million homeless people in America. They don’t know that a quarter of Americans are in prison and another quarter are prison guards. They do not know that addiction and prostitution threaten the American generation. He also says that Iran’s candidates grew up in ivory towers, and they don’t know that Iran’s employment has been resolved, even Afghans, Pakistanis and Iraqis are employed in Iran. They do not know that production is saturated, and no producer uses more than a quarter of its capacity. Even for this amount of production, there is no customer because the market is saturated. They think that it is still the time of the Shah, and people live in shantytowns. Whereas, on average, every Iranian has 4 homes and a shop. One in the village, one in the city, a villa in the north, one abroad and one for rent. They think there is poverty, while every Iranian with a code receives subsidies from dozens of budget lines, cash and livelihood subsidies, to everyone. and according to Shahid Rajaei’s plan, no poor will remain. They don’t know that we don’t have a village without electricity, water, and gas, and they constantly express poverty and misery, which makes God angry.

A secret army of 8 billion
According to the received information, the cores of resistance have been formed all over the world. And according to the Mahin Party’s instruction, the resistance cores have been linked together, factions, groups, regiments, brigades and divisions have been formed. Since the merger of the armies, there is now a secret army in every country. First, you need to know that this secret army is without weapons. Then these armies must form a strike battalion to penetrate into Israel. be settled in the borders of captivity. and then enter the land of Israel with a unique plan and without weapons. Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Ansarullah, Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi, the Husseini of Rabijan, Afghanistan’s Fatemiyou, and Syria’s Zainbyoun, who have weapons, must use heavy fire to clear the way for their infiltration. The mission of the strike battalions is to infiltrate and clean up. Completely identify and expel or hand over the resistance. So that no Israelis remain, after that the battalions are at their disposal.

Security for prostitutes and prostitutes
Security is a monotheistic phenomenon / and insecurity is a non-monotheistic phenomenon / to build a healthy life with peace, one must follow the monotheistic path of security. To eliminate prostitution, theft, etc. Therefore, any security is not good, security for thieves, security for prostitutes, murderers, mercenaries. Spies are anti-revolutionary, anti-velayat al-faqih, etc. Not only is it not good, but the environment must be unsafe for them. Therefore, Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, asks the students of universities around the world to research this issue. Are those in America who claim that they have created security, real or not? With just a little research, it becomes clear that the result of American security is 45 million homeless, 75 million prisoners, etc. The hypothesis of this research is whether or not security has led to the growth of trustworthiness, truth and honesty. It should be seen that the presence of security is often beneficial to the two classes and has caused their growth. For example, in the 45 years of the investment security revolution, that means the growth of banks and the increase of usury and the epidemic of profiteering instead of production. The second class are prostitutes who have benefited the most from security and their development has been done to all households. Officials may say that security is for elections. But it is a lie that the election is an excuse for the freedom of action of banks and prostitutes. Therefore, you see that Sardar Radan is losing his determination. And the parliament prolongs it. And the judiciary makes the excuse of the law. He suggests: All security claims should be investigated. Because the war orders of the Qur’an are being questioned by everyone: the research of the son-in-law is in these fields! He even considers the verses of Jihad to be similar and questionable. He said to the servant himself, “(Aza Ethkhtmoh Fashdwaluthaq) He does not do it with God’s mercy!” Therefore, philosophy and the philosopher should not consider themselves superior to the Qur’an. and confiscate security for the benefit of prostitutes and usurers.

cores of resistance
Imam Khomeini said that the nuclei of resistance in the world should be formed, and now we will tell you how to get inspiration from the holy number seven, of course, you can use the number five or any other number, because God said in the Qur’an to rise in two or one person. The person is important, not the number, so even one person can start an uprising, but it is better to start with seven people, and this means forming a core of resistance. He went to libraries or the Internet and translated it into the local language with the help of a translation tool. After the collective study, the nucleus of resistance has been formed, and you have a nucleus of resistance in every village, city and locality, according to the order of Imam Khomeini. If this is done in Israel, it will be much better because these groups can meet each other and overthrow Netanyahu’s government and create a people’s government consisting of Jews, Shiites and Christians. The Saudis who want to destroy Hamas will be destroyed. Ahmad Mahini, the American presidential candidate, also wants the American people to form their resistance cells as soon as possible, especially in American universities, and to establish a permanent headquarters in the university. Of course, the main goal of resistance cells is to attract Sending troops to penetrate into Israel

Student mobilization in America accepts active members
Ahmed Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, announced that the student mobilization of American universities will accept active members. He said that the presidents of the universities are obliged to provide a room in the faculties as a student mobilization to Gaza activists, and they will form seven-member resistance groups and become active members of the Qassam battalions. be promoted

Management risk management
Unlike Western schools, risk management in Islam is to expand its scope. The end of Western capitalism is bank interest without risk. It means that anyone who wants to have a risk-free investment puts their money in the bank and is risk-free! benefits If it is a little risky, it goes to the stock market: the profit of every company is equal to its risk field, that is, the more profit you want, the more risky you should invest in bonds. Bitcoin or pyramid companies show high profits to cover their high risk. But in Islam, risk is the basis of life because everything is fifty-fifty. Like two sides of the same coin, if it is not fake, each side has a 50% chance of coming. Good and evil, light, darkness, night and day, human imaginations are half price. In the Qur’an, risk is called fear and hope. For example, when Moses came to a prophet whose fear and hope were equal! For this reason, they say that God has spread His secrets among all creations, so that achieving them requires attention to all creations. For example, Raisi had two ideas when he hit the hearts of the crowd: either the people’s problems will be solved or he himself will disappear! In this way, every common dream shows its scope of risk. Every act, thought and deed of a person is the same. Q: Is helping people good or bad? Some people say it is good! But some say it is begging. So it is not clear that our actions and news will give the same result that we expect. That’s why alpha and beta are wrongly defined in risk! For example, a teacher who is strict has unruly students. But due to this strictness, many students avoid lessons or fail on the spot. On the contrary, a teacher who is easy-going accepts everyone, but it is clear that the student’s academic base will be weaker for the next years and we will see the growing number of unemployed graduates. Therefore, there is risk in all human actions. Risk management in Islam is relying on God/that is, directing the plan towards God. Whatever God says, God will correct it if there are any side effects! Therefore, you can see that his performance is more significant than the performance of any other government. Because its risk index is coordinated with God’s index: for example, God says: Do not give your property to rulers! Vala is covered by this. Like the banks that close the treasury and take people’s money as much as they can under the pretext of savings, profit and reward. Therefore, in this election and all elections, we have seen that all popular letters are only asking for money. And this shows that chauvinistic thoughts have caused wealth to accumulate in the hands of the government or some rich people. And people have been left without money and defenseless.

Entering the land of Israel
Dear students all over the world, you have finally received Imam Khamenei’s message and now your proof is complete, you must enter the land of Israel anyway and eliminate this germ of corruption and destruction and the cause of massacre and killing, it is only made of you. Because you can go with the weapons sent by the government! Go, or financial or military aid that America, France, Germany, etc., have prepared the way for your entry. Those who have not yet been arrested or are new arrivals can join the relevant organizations as auxiliary forces or be employed there and enter Israel easily. These and thousands of other ways are ahead of you. You can enter the territory of Israel with a normal passport or you can go to the Yemenis and enter through Yemen or even by sea. Now we have taken action and entered into negotiations with the Iranian Navy to enter Israel empty-handed as a tourist. Dear Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, I do not want to be supported by two parties or appear on Zionist television channels. Or give advertising money to organizations that are all American police informers. Let them die of hunger to know what the Chinese news means. But I am willing to pay for all students to enter Israel. Because they will do the best advertising by holding my photo. As the supreme leader of the revolution said, we trust you. You have good orientation. And that’s why we ask you to unite in the first place. No need for weapons. Israel will be destroyed with empty hands. We have already disabled the passwords of their nuclear missile sites. They know it themselves, but they don’t bring it on themselves. Their teeth are drawn and their hands are tied. Your next task is as the leader of the world’s superpower said: the advice of the statesmen is that instead of helping Israel, they should help Gaza, and if they don’t, you should confront them and confiscate their property and keep it in your possession. Safid Palace is yours, it was built from the taxes of your fathers. done All policemen are your agents because their salaries are financed by your taxes. Therefore, they do not have the right to go against your wishes, or possibly deal with you, or send facilities to Israel. Yes, you are the real superpower of the world! If you will and do not pay taxes, they will starve. So try to become the superpower of the world


What happened in the underworld
God’s initial call was announced. All humans came from all over the world. Everyone sat somewhere and waited for God’s journey. God entered with glory and power, everyone stood up, and God began to speak: O people, know that I have made you the best of my creations. I created you in the best form, and I want to make you my caliph on earth to settle the earth as you wish. I want to give you strength and creativity. I want you to be so great and powerful that you subjugate the whole world and use the heavens to repair whatever little or deficiency you see. You can grow to the point of: entering my throne: and being by my side. And in God’s will, enjoy all the blessings. I want to give you the power to make whatever you want happen. And create any food you want (Lahm Tiramma Yashtoun) and create any happiness and vitality. But you should not hurt each other, or take the place of a single-minded person. Or destroy each other. You must not even disobey my command. If you turn away from me one bit, I will leave you to yourself. And I will not be with you anymore. If you obey someone else or: invite people to obey you, in order to get rid of me, I will remove you from me. Maybe you will suffer eternal damnation. Or be a piece of wood or stone for hell. Then God turned to everyone and said: If I do these things, do you promise not to abuse your power? Don’t you fight against each other? And do you consider me as your Lord? And will you still stand by your promise? All of us, the people, did not know from head to toe that God is among us and speaks to us. We were so intoxicated by the attraction of God’s presence that we could not see anything but God and: we were still drinking sweet syrup from his words. God, who saw so much passion and desire, said: I was a hidden treasure, and you recognized me, but I want you to promise: will you remain with this passion and recognition? For a moment, we came out of excitement, what was this question that God is asking? Is our power a gift other than God? Are we other than God? No no! We never disobey God’s command! We were in such a state of excitement that a call came twice: Are you ready to go? Yes, we all said yes. There was no human being who had an intention other than God (human beings are born by nature), it was impossible to imagine such a thing. Therefore, God released everyone and said: Go to the earth and be born from the mother one after the other. And begin your era of glory and power! First, I will give you two commands: to execute all your commands with interest (mother and father), then I will give you intelligence and ears. But all semi-active! Over time, you should activate your intelligence, ears and eyes to reach 100% from the initial 50%. At first you don’t see anything, after your eyelids open, you start seeing, hearing and tasting. At the age of puberty, your everything reaches 50% material. And at the age of 40, your mind is complete. Go see what you do! God’s passion for human creation was indescribable. When he looked at his height, he congratulated himself again: (Fatbarak Allah Ahsan al-Khalqeen!) and then gave a second call, all the non-humans gathered! It was a big conference. Everyone was waiting for God, they saw with their own eyes that: God came and said, do you know? I want to introduce you to a creature called Adam, who is the highest of creations. All creatures were jealous! They said you want to repeat the mistake again and create someone to kill your own kind (Yasfak al-Dama) and God created philosophy in the defense session: He explained the end and purpose of human existence. But one person was not convinced! I am better than Adam. He created logic! It was that he did not prostrate to Adam. And Adam was captured by him! And for a moment, he forgot God. And God saw that Adam did not have the right determination (lam najd la azma), so he sent him down (tham reddanah asfal al-saflin) and took all the possibilities from him. Unless a person is warned, repents to find the right decision. And if he finds the right determination and defeats Satan, it is the moment of his death (martyrdom). And God buys him again! It gives him better things. until he finds a place in his pleasure.

How should we hold the ceremony
Considering that Martyr Ebrahim Raisi has received the First Class Order of the Great Empire, and he is the first person with whom the presidents of the world are familiar. Therefore, it is necessary to hold his memorial assembly in all parts of the world, so that the free flow of information can: contribute to global enlightenment. The campaign headquarters of Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, issued a statement explaining how to hold it: In this statement, it is stated: Mahin’s party, which was founded in America, and whose goal is to establish a global unified government, asks the people of the world. Which: In grief of the loss of prominent martyrs, who have received the Great Imperial Order. In the style of Iranians, they should transfer the ceremony, conference and congress to all the villages and cities: all over the world. Because all human beings are from the same parents, and Saadi also wrote a poem: and his poem is recorded on the top of the United Nations. appointment Therefore, everyone who considers himself a human should hold a ceremony in mourning the loss of: Martyr Raisi, Amir Abdullahian, Seyyed Muhammad Ali Al Hashem and Martyr Qasim Soleimani, and invite others to donate. Of course, there are demons who are human in appearance, but there are prostitutes who are happy that these martyrs were killed! And they set up happy meetings, and distribute sweet offerings, so this procession should be specified. And every person is important for this work. No one should feel alone anywhere in the world. Or imagine that God is angry with him. Because the memorial assembly should start with the name of God everywhere. So that people know that they are not abandoned. And God’s hand is not closed either. Then read the Quran. The Qur’an is the words of God. And it descends on Burma. And whoever reads it, understands its message. And he understands that God is talking to him. The memorial hall is a place that reconciles people with God first. And he reminds them that: their life and death are not in their hands. Rather, their entry into this world is by God’s choice. And so is the exit. According to the Qur’anic verses, everyone has a destiny. And if his (life cycle) comes to an end, it will not be a moment too late or too soon. And this end is also determined by God. In the memorial assembly, there is still a prayer, a prayer in front of the Qur’an: that is, man speaking to God. He says to God whatever he has in his heart: they also teach how to speak in these gatherings. God said in the Qur’an: “Ask me! That is, express your wishes in any language you know. So that God knows what you have confessed to. Prayer is actually our approved plan for divine approval. We target the life plan, clarify its dimensions. And we ask God to help us. God also has a plan, he explained it in the Qur’an, matching two plans means answering prayers. Therefore, anyone who wants to pray must know about God’s plans. It’s like if we want: to go to the store, we must have a shopping list, but this shopping list is completed when: exists in the store. Not that we want, for example, a car, but to go to a butcher shop! Naturally, we will return empty handed. Therefore, the ceremony was remembered, in fact, it is the explanation of God’s plans by scholars and religious scholars. And then they ask people to pray, that is, to choose from these mentioned programs. Ahmad Mahini, the ceremony was remembered on three bases: the presence of people and free reception of them, explaining the plans of God (reading the Quran, preaching), and correcting the plans of man: by turning them into words and praying. Therefore, it is a simple task. Even people can start for their family or close relatives.

First class insignia of the Great Empire
The panel of judges: Mahin Party presents the First Class Order of Service: Great Empire to Martyr Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, Martyr of the President. He also awarded the second degree of merit to Seyyed Muhammad Ali Al Hashem, the third imam of Juma Martyr of Tabriz, and the third degree of power was awarded to Martyr Hossein Amir Abdul Hayan, Minister of Foreign Affairs. In addition, the first class medal of bravery: Great Empire of Iran is awarded to martyr Qassem Soleimani. The jury is also reviewing the names of the rest of the participants. The Mahin Party was founded in America, and its goal is to create a global unified government, and to lay the groundwork for the government of Imam Zaman AJ. And in this regard, believing in the absolute authority of the jurist, he states that: the whole world should have only one jurist. And others are actually representatives of the legal guardian: in America or Europe. And therefore, all countries should change their constitution. and approve this issue in it. Of course, the position of leader or jurist, which should be universal, is different from the position of president, which is limited to countries. Therefore, every country with every government should be under the supervision of a single jurist. He is (knowledge of people, understanding of people, and fear of people). And it prepares the ground for: the apparent government of Imam Zaman A.J. Because if there are many jurists, the opinions will be different and the people will remain in the same division and weakness. For example, if Afghanistan has a legal guardian for itself, it could be the same Taliban, which is not accepted even in its own country. Because he is not ready to vote. And he knows that other people will vote in the elections. And their hand will be shortened. Also, in Pakistan, if Naqvi considers himself the guardian of the faith, not the representative of the guardian of the faith, the border war and terror and explosions in Peshawar, etc., will continue. Even in Iraq, even though Ayatollah Sistani is a supreme jurist, he is subordinate to the supreme jurist in government rulings. Otherwise, the same civil wars: Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish and Arab will continue. Even in Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, etc. countries, it is necessary to apply unity. Presidents or kings should have authority within their own borders, but their international relations should be subordinated to the Grand Jurist (Ayatollah Imam Khamenei). Otherwise, the same slaughter of Palestinians, Irish, Indians, etc. will continue. Basically, the philosophy of creating 220 countries’ national armies must be changed. And they should change the shape of the police force, i.e. provide internal security, but not fight with other countries. Iran’s border war with the Taliban is the result of this vision, the involvement of Turkey and Azerbaijan in the helicopter crash, and the strengthening of Pan-Turkism is the result of divisive tendencies. And only when everyone has the same intention, and everyone submits to the final command of the jurist. There will be no discord: and there will be no war. All warlords are anti-velayat al-faqih. For example, in the same incident, all the presidents of the world came to Iran, and served Wali Faqih, but Rouhani, Ahmadinejad, and Khatami, who were the previous presidents, did not participate. And this shows that these three consider themselves to be a number in front of Wali Faqih! And they strive for themselves. So there is no difference between Iranians and non-Iranians. Whoever accepts the authority of the jurist, will be saved. If he does not accept, he is self-centered. Therefore, Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, asks all the heads of the countries to: adhere to Velayat al-Faqih. May the good of this world and the next be granted to them. As they have experienced in these years: opposing the religious leader will cost them a lot, but obeying the religious leader will increase their blessings: and progress and justice will begin in their countries. Example: The whole world wanted Bashar Assad to leave, but he stayed. All governments wanted Saddam to become a hero. But he died! Iranian politicians and diplomats mention this issue under the heading: calculation error.

I announce to all the people of the world and all 8 billion people: to monitor the behavior of the Zionists: they have secret celebrations to rejoice: from the assassination of the martyred president of Iran. Even in Iran, prostitutes push more, to become more naked and their market is free. Therefore, as the president of Iran, now they found a sign in the state of the great empire. And from the Mahin party, Al Hashem was awarded the second degree medal, and Amir Abdullahiyan, the martyred Foreign Minister, was awarded the second degree medal. Therefore, all of you are anywhere in the world, and speak in any language: the behavior of those who express joy over the martyrdom of Raisi and his companions should be observed. and file a case for them. We will soon gather them in one place and form the Second Nuremberg Trial. And we will come to the account of these people to say: What was the reason for their happiness over the death of 9 people. It is natural that 99% of them have never met a boss, nor did they know him. And not even trading, or having anything to do with him. So the flow that uses this ignorance should be tried. And this trial is under the auspices of South Africa, and will be held at the Hague Court. According to the documents that the African judge has, Hamas is a legitimate resistance, and it can shape the future of Israel. and play a role in the cabinet of Greater Palestine. At the same time, he has evidence of the involvement of the Zionist regime, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkey in the assassination of the President of Iran. which is completing it. According to his story, because the movement of three helicopters had started from the zero point of the border, by tracking and sending jamming, they made the helicopter pilot deviate from the soil of Nakhchivan. And they kill the pilot by shooting, so the helicopter hits the forest and falls. Then, with the cooperation of some elements: Hilal Ahmar, with the cooperation of a Turkish drone, they will erase the place of the crash from the radar, so that the day of the incident will be lost. and hit the night and darkness. Even though people were still alive, they were wasting time until the Mossad agents infiltrated from the other side of the border, finished the job, and left the area. Turkish drones track the route wrongly so that there is enough time. And therefore, the Zionist regime’s channel should immediately announce that all passengers were killed! And this is to our advantage. Because we can carry out more operations: against the Palestinians. Because the people of Iran will mourn, and they will forget Israel. Domestic agents are also the flagship helicopter! are proposed to the president, while the other two helicopters should be in cover mode. It means that it should not be known in which the president is. They also make no attempt to find the helicopter, and must be asked what they saw. And why have they acted with this big security gap? The guess of the office of the election headquarters of Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, went to local agents in the early hours: known as Babak Khorramdin. that maybe they have staged the work. Usually, their anti-revolutionary operation circle (pan-Turkism and pro-Turkey) is in Warzghan and Kalibar villages. Therefore, this issue should be prosecuted outside of Iran, especially in South Africa. And he needs the help of the whole world. Because all human beings come from one parent. And according to the words of the poet Saadi: If one part hurts, the time does not spare the other parts.

Awarding the Great Imperial Order to Raisi
Now it has been proved that Iran is the greatest and only emperor of the world because they consider a leader not only belonging to Birjand but to the whole world. And in his mourning, they don’t recognize him directly, and Hindus in their own language, Persians, Arabs, and Turks, each in a different language. We have 155 living languages in the world, and now they all only write Raisi’s name and call everything Raisi. O great idol breaker and Sayyid Ibrahim! We appreciate you and present you with the imperial badge. May the envious people continue to burn the empire in their psychosis, now a late leader deserves to receive the badge of the Iranian Empire. Because now the world is getting ready to bow to him. He no longer belongs to Iran or Mashhad and Birjand. He is a world cultured person and the founder of the huge empire of Iranians. And in his life, as he visited the provinces of Iran, he also went to the countries of the world and constantly appeared among people and shook hands with them. Out of passion to serve his people, he was involved in events. In the same incident, even though he was told that there is a problem with the helicopters and the weather is very foggy, which reduces the pilot’s visibility. However, he said. Put me on the worst helicopter so the others dare to be with him. And Seyed Al-Hashem should also have the mark of the Turkish Empire on his forehead, and Erdogan or Aliyev should bow in front of him and insist on continuing his way. May they know that it is the end of their life and they can never take the place of Al Hashem. Regarding my old friend foreign minister, I must say: I wrote: Iran gave oil to England for 60 years and made Great Britain out of it! He gave America 40 years and made it a military superpower. And now it has been 45 years for China, India or Russia to create a multipolar superpower system. So when will it be Iran’s turn? And he understood very well that Iran has been a superpower in every period and has cultivated a superpower.

To all my dear students: all over the world
Increase your cohesion and: increase unity and harmony. So that the enemy will regret this crime he committed. And let him know that the global uprising of the oppressed is not based on a person, but Mr. Raisi himself had asked God to accept him as a sacrifice if the operation of the honest promise harms the people. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, while expressing his condolences, published an article in Mahin News and asked all the people of the world to curse the Zionists. Because they want to take advantage of the Iranian president’s helicopter accident. And in these two days, they attacked Gaza more. And Rafah and Jabalia also saw new massacres. They created several holocausts for the Palestinians under the pretext of their imaginary holocaust. And they continue it today. And this only unity of most of the people of the world can be the answer to breaking the teeth to the crimes of the Zionists. More and more people should be present in the streets. And they should repeat all their slogans in Farsi. And by holding photos and placards: by Ahmad Mahini, show their unity. So that the helicopter accident of the president of Iran not only strengthens: serving the poor. But to block the way forever to: false holocausts. The joy of the Zionists from this incident shows that they were involved in this incident. All those who are happy about this tragic incident were involved in this incident. But if this connection becomes clear. And to find out that they really had a hand, one should read Fatiha Israel. Because this time the military target or the barracks will not be hit. Rather, the joint headquarters of the army, the government and cabinet, and the presidency of Israel will all turn into ashes. Therefore, fans, students, and young people of the world, please know: We currently consider it a natural accident due to the fog in the region. And we don’t like to point fingers at anyone. So far, no one or group has taken responsibility for this work. If that’s the case, the fans themselves have to respond to the cheerleaders. The strategy of this work can be as follows: First, they should be asked for an explanation: Why do they feel happy about a natural disaster? If they realized their mistake, and instead of rejoicing, they prayed for the person of Jahor President and Iran’s Martyred Foreign Minister, then the matter is over. But if they insist, they should be invited to the demonstration. If they join the people and participate in the global anti-Israel demonstrations, it will be a sign of their goodwill. Otherwise, it is a sign of their stubbornness or enmity. Therefore, it has entered the third stage and: the demonstrations should be taken to their place. This means that the White House will become a hossenia or a place for the homeless to live. And the homeless live there permanently. Not that they are there only sometimes or symbolically. Israel’s Knesset and Cabinet should also be given to the families of captives. They must occupy the Knesset forever. Not to be symbolic, just to take a souvenir photo. At this stage, there was no opposition to the presence of the families of Israeli prisoners in the Knesset. And they had constant demonstrations, the matter ends. But the resistance of the Israeli cabinet, or members of the American Congress, shows that: they have never thought about the people. Therefore, they should be overthrown. The overthrow of the political systems of the world has no alternative. It means that the palaces will be permanently given to the homeless. And poverty will be eradicated. Therefore, I ask all students to follow us on the Mahin News site, and follow the official news of Mahin Party from this site. And don’t pay attention to what others say. Ahmad Mahini’s electoral headquarters: They update this site every day. It should not be assumed that others have correctly understood this site. Rather, announcements and statements are issued daily on this site in Persian language: which of course can be translated into English, Arabic and French and up to 125 languages. And you can also translate the contents of hundreds of thousands of articles into your own language by using Google translation.

Expose the informants
According to the information received by the election office of Ahmad Mahini: US presidential candidate, an extremely secret meeting of the federal police is held every day. They have three meeting agendas that they perpetuate every day: First, the increase in the popularity of Ahmad Mahini, second, the expansion of anti-Israel demonstrations, and third, the increase in the number of informants. According to the latest analysis of this meeting, the popularity of Ahmad Mahini has reached 99%. It is even popular among the federal police. And on the other hand, with all the efforts and expenses of Trump and Biden, they are not popular even among the party members. They may be forced by the party to announce positions in favor of Trump or Biden, like the federal police, but they can express their opinions by secret ballot. And in every state, vote for the dissolution and resignation of Biden and Trump. It also shows news about anti-Israeli demonstrations. All the people are with the demonstrations. And even the Persian slogans of death to Israel. And they participate in Friday prayers at the White House. It is even feared that the White House and the Congress will be permanently occupied. Therefore, the general decision is to receive more funding and hire news from China. Of course, Trump has ordered the prisoners to be killed by the opposition. So far, more than a hundred thousand people have disappeared in the independent states of America and there is no news about them. The informants, while confirming this news, try to make it a rumor so that the students do not go to the demonstrations. However, the prosecution must enter. and pursue crimes. Of course, we know that the prosecution is also scared. Because on the one hand, Trump has promised money and favors, and on the other hand, the opposition is being overpowered by his bodyguards and they are showing a normal accident. Therefore, Ahmad Mahini asked all his students and supporters to expose the informers. So that people will take care of them. The secret list of informants is usually inside the Federal Police archives. And payments are made to them every day. By revealing their names, the Federal Police will be disbanded sooner. Therefore, the disclosure of informers or their popular arrest should be the first headline. The American police should know: if they want to live among the people and be with the people, they must introduce these informants according to the list and document. This makes three things clear: First, the police are not anti-people. and is with the people. And it will keep them after the revolution of the independent states of America. Second, it will calm people down. Because it prevents destruction and rumors against the servants and revolutionaries so that they don’t accuse each other. Third, it prevents the secret massacre of students and revolutionaries. Because the arrests of people will be reduced and Trump’s hands will be free to execute them. Because Trump, like the previous period, massacred imprisoned students. And then he claimed that they committed suicide.. It should be known that most of the informants are around Trump who were hired as bodyguards. And their repentance is only to kill Trump to avenge so many killings.

Chant in Farsi
Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, asked all the students of the independent states of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, even China, Japan and India, to say anti-Israeli slogans in Farsi as much as possible. Farsi is the language of the revolution so that factions, dual parties and reactionary Arabs cannot confiscate it. It is a language that was able to pull America down from the height of barbarism. Imam Khomeini said: The very word of death to America will bring death to them. The positive energy in this slogan of death to Israel is not hidden from anyone. But the same energy in other languages may not have enough range. If everyone should pray in Arabic. Because it is the language of God, and it has precise and comprehensive meanings. Its translation in any language cannot convey its spiritual burden. For example, it is mentioned in the Qur’an that: (Reliance on Allah) is translated as: written on the top of hundred dollar bills. But no one pays attention to it. In some surahs of the Qur’an, cut letters are used, which are not even words! Like (Al Lam Mim) which is mentioned in the first chapter of Surah Al-Baqarah. It is not understandable at all in Arabic, let alone if they want to translate it. For example, one of the translators has said: Al means God. And the meaning of Lam is Gabriel and the meaning of Mim is also Muhammad. Therefore, we see that each point is understood in its own place. Death to Israel means in Persian. And in other languages it sounds like fantasy, dream or funny. For example, during the Friday prayer in Tehran, it was decided that the Minister of Yemen’s slogan should be behind the microphone. The people of Tehran did not understand. Therefore, we see that if Allahu Akbar is translated into any language, it loses its solidity. The Persian language has poets such as: Hafez, Saadi, Molavi, and Khayyam. For example, Rudaki, a Persian poet who lived 1200 years ago, has been called the father of the Persian language. These poetry books have been translated into all languages, and are available to everyone. But it is better to read them in Persian language and write them in Persian language. Now billions of people are eager: Persian language. which is recommended to be combined with Ahmad Mahini’s photo, to convey a single message: that message is: All the people of the world are from the same parents, therefore they are brothers. And borders and languages are only for knowing each other. The land belongs to all the people and each person gets three thousand square kilometers of land and ten thousand square kilometers of sea. And they must have the permission to occupy and use it for: accommodation and employment. Ahmad Mahini says: Every baby that is born, his land and home should be known. This is also a help to the family. When a baby has three thousand meters of land, his parents can start farming. In addition to the needs of the family, sell the extra amount. Therefore, no poor person will remain. The cause of poverty and class gap is the unfair ownership system. Some have billions of meters, while billions of people are landless. And in need of night bread. Saadi, a Persian poet, is said to have said: The children of Adam are members of one body, and he wrote this poem above the door of the United Nations! But since this poem was neglected, English was used instead of Persian letters. The nature of the United Nations was also distorted. Now the United Nations is actually America’s police force. And all the celebrities of the world get paid from it. Soon, the European and Federal Police will be disbanded. And the documents of the informants will come out.

دعوت نهایی

The final invitation
All Israelis are invited to join Hamas: to be safe… Yahya Sanvar is waiting for them. And Yahya Saree has also promised to cooperate. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, believes that the only solution to Israel’s internal and external crisis is the joining of the people of America and Europe, and even within Israel, to Hamas. Because it seems: the time of chanting and marching has passed enough. And it is necessary to act in person to help Gaza and Rafah. It should be known that Mahmoud Abbas is not trustworthy, and he may give the list of people to Netanyahu. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to Hamas or Islamic Jihad. The people of Israel or the people of America and Europe, especially the dear and militant students, can shout their readiness by holding my photo in the marches. Having a placard or board and photo means global unity. It means that the borders are removed. And the whole world becomes a member of Hamas, or Islamic Jihad. In the next step, they can issue a membership card for themselves. American students can have a membership card by embedding their photo under the name of the independent states of America. and have my electronic signature. Because its license has been issued. The membership number is the same as the national number or national code, and the membership date will be unlimited from today. I will leave the white sample for you. But the people of Israel should include the logo of Hamas or Islamic Jihad on the top of the membership card in addition to my photo. Print one in the size of a 3 x 10 base frame, to put in your pocket or bag. And one should be large and placard-sized, so that they can be held in their hands during demonstrations or marches. And after all 50 cities of Israel, move and go to the borders of Gaza and Rafah, and introduce themselves. Yahya Sanwar also has the task of removing the tanks and agents of Hamas from their path. In this way, they become members of Palestine, they will not need to leave Israel. Yahya Senwar trained them and returned them to their cities as a representative of Hamas. In this way, all conscientious Israelis become members of Hamas and war and bloodshed are prevented. As the Prophet of Islam declared during the conquest of Mecca: Those who stay at home are safe. Either take refuge in God’s house or go to Abu Sufyan’s house. are safe Even now, any Israeli who holds a Hamas membership card is safe. Iran also agrees with this. Because he could send his missiles to the army headquarters and the Israeli cabinet instead of the military base. But he likes the Israelis who oppose Netanyahu, and he doesn’t want them to be killed in the war. And he is waiting for the uprising of these people, to destroy the Israeli regime by themselves. and form a new regime based on voting, or a general republic. in which all Arab, Jewish and Christian members have equal votes. And the cabinet that is formed: the cabinet of Palestine should be great, not Israel. The people of Israel should know that if they join Hamas, they will be approved by my students. All American and European students wish to join Hamas. They are even willing to take up arms. But I advised: They will come to Palestine empty-handed. I will carry out presidential campaigns and debates in Gaza so that the world’s attention to the issue of Gaza remains alive. Yahya Sanwar has promised me that if everyone becomes a member of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, he will ensure the safety of their lives. And if Israel does not surrender, he will give them all weapons. until the last breath of Israel. And without war and bloodshed, Israel will be destroyed, and Palestine will be formed. The United Nations has also promised to recognize Palestine and approve its sovereignty over (former Israel). All the property of Israel will be given to Hamas. To be able to establish a world free of weapons and war.

Justice is dead
South Africa’s representative at the Hague Tribunal proved that justice is dead. As can be seen in its universal symbol: it has become a featureless statue, whose eyes are closed and does not see the truth! The scales are always heavy in favor of the wicked. His wings and jump are stoned, and he can’t do anything. Gaza is massacred, Rafah is being plowed, and Jabalia is still burning. Our celebrities chant: No Gaza, no Lebanon! Sacrifice my life for Iran, which they never sacrificed! Rather, they sold Iran and sacrificed themselves. They are willing to serve all spy services for free so that: the Islamic Republic does not step. And only the voice of justice should be silenced: so that oppressors can easily plow Palestine, and create mushroom-like towers of gambling and prostitution. Global capitalism, people only in the eyes of free prostitutes! And always losing gamblers! looks. Instead of looking at the hungry and oppressed people of the world, he turns a blind eye to them, until it becomes a massacre and the issue of poverty and hunger! to be solved forever. Another example is Trump who: the right turns right. And it pumps lies, poverty and ugliness. He is like a mafia boss in Italy, even though everyone knows he is a criminal. He leads criminal gangs. But because of the fear of his lawyers, they don’t give up. Rather, they show their bulletproof cars to each other. And they regret why they are not members of the mafia to have such a car. By killing Qassem Soleimani, even though everyone knows that he is a murderer, Trump is also right. And he is campaigning for the presidency. Do the American people want to make a murderer president? Doesn’t the prosecutor know this? But because of the fear of his bodyguards, he does not say anything and does not act! Because he may die in a fake accident, or be killed in prison like students. He recently announced that 6 states voted for him in the battleground, and he is ahead of Biden. But he has mistaken the battlefield. Today, the battlefield is: universities. And Ahmad Mahini has the most votes there. Not a single person will vote for Biden or Trump. If the Electoral Card ignores this, the people will make the White House a Husseiniya: and they will hold Friday prayers there. More than 200 American universities are real battlegrounds to form the independent American states. And Trump and Biden, forever disappear from history. The prosecutor should also know that he must arrest Trump once to prove: America is no longer a place of Golan Heights, and people are no longer looking for slave hats. Rather, Golan is the place of thinkers, students, professors and cultured people. Gone are the days when a shepherd or cowherd becomes president. Today is the age of thinking. Knowledge and education are considered power. (Al-Alam Sultan). As in Iran, the wisest and most jurist people become rulers and governors. They have this message: We are in the age of civilization! And the era of Qolchmaqs and Qolchmaqs has come to an end. American academics and people have proven that they are not afraid of the police! They are not afraid of prison and beating by the police. And they are the expressive language of the civilization age. Election managers and especially: prosecutors should understand this. They should consider the students’ march and demonstration as a referendum. A referendum that happens every day on: the floor of the streets. If they close their ears to these slogans, people will take all of them to the corner of the ring by electing Ahmad Mahini, and throw them in the dustbin of history. As Trump mentioned in his tweet. He should know that the law is above people. And if he does not obey the law, and does not surrender, we will surrender him! And if he does not commit suicide, we will kill him. America, in the age of education and jurisprudence, must be saved from the existence of such forceful and deceitful people. Because America has become part of the world community and subordinate to the Iranian empire, and they don’t know. Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, warns once again: if Trump wants to disrupt the election process, he will be physically assassinated before the election. Therefore, it is better for him to resign himself. And do not appear in any social media. Long live the age of culture and jurisprudence.

Each child’s share of Israel’s property
۸ billion people in the world all have a share of Israel’s assets. So far, America has given 297 billion dollars in aid to Israel! It means that everything that is bought or produced and made from this amount belongs to the American people. Because this amount is from the sweat of Jebin! And the code of Yamin (tax) of the people has been given to them. Therefore, it should be considered transitory capital and the American people should follow their demand: if the population of America is 297 million people, each person is a debtor of one thousand dollars. However, this amount is more and bigger. Therefore, the people of Ai can demand their property from Israel, and wherever they find any property, they can loot it. This is a normal routine that will arise after Israel. In addition, the Arab and Palestinian children must demand the price of the land and rent for several years. Killing at least three million people in these years means receiving ransom and compensation for those killed. According to the Ukrainian court, one million dollars for each murdered person is a total of three trillion dollars. which if divided among the children of Gaza. Every child in Gaza or Rafah and Jabalia owes Israel three million dollars at birth. If there is a fair judicial system, it should take these amounts from Israel and pay them to the children of Gaza (on behalf of their parents). Unfortunately, the world’s judicial system is blind! It doesn’t see the facts. And its scales are crooked. And it is always in favor of the oppressors. From the human and Islamic point of view, the judges owe this money, which is collected under the shadow of the Zionists’ looting and killing. The judges and lawyers especially The judges of the Supreme Court should all resign and share their property. There is only one judge with a conscience. He is also severely suppressed He is dead, and the judges are corrupt. And if they don’t have property, then they should be returned to work They didn’t complain against England, which massacred ten million Iranians. They didn’t complain against America, which staged a coup in Iran. This is a good proof that they are in the hands of oppressors. Because at the beginning of his reign, Hazrat Ali (AS) said: “I have no assets that I will come to power, if I had even one dinar extra when I came out of power, then you should know that I have betrayed you.” ). Therefore, all those who have reached thousands and thousands from Bait al-Mal are traitors. But is there anyone to deal with their betrayal? Or should we wait for the real avenger? Or Aba Saleh Maddi

Revolt of prostitutes
There is a hypothesis in history that says: In every crime, the footprints of a woman should be searched. Or it is said: women and wine are two elements: which destroy the human intellect. Ferdowsi also says that the woman and the dragon are both in the soil! All interpretations of one of them have been neglect and trust of man towards women. Adam committed it the first time. And with Eve’s trust and sadness, he ate from the forbidden fruit: and what happened to Adam: naked and naked, he was thrown out of paradise. That was the beginning of human suffering. You see, among 124 thousand prophets, one was not a woman! And even some of the wives of these prophets have been condemned and they have been accused of unrighteous actions. And among the innocents, only one-fourteenth are women. It is because it is said: A woman who obeys God is good. Or a woman who becomes a better worshiper of God (sayings of Hazrat Ali). Therefore, a woman should be seen in obedience to God, not instead of God! A woman should be understood as a mediator of grace, not grace itself. And this is: when she becomes God’s wife, when human crimes come true. Or the goddess is worshiped. And in today’s terms, feminism is born. Feminism is the promotion of women from slavery to godhood. And changing loving him to worshiping him. Like Venus, who is the goddess of beauty. While God gave her beauty. And it has nothing of its own. Her beautiful hair, which is the subject of so much controversy, is to stay out of the hijab. The same beautiful face becomes so ugly when acid is sprayed that: they keep themselves covered. And that’s why he became a goddess! There are those who rebel, rebel against God, to show the beauty that God has given them. In fact, today, the devil hides in the skin of women who call people to free adultery and prostitution. It is natural that women did not give themselves beauty. Because if it were so: all women wanted to have the highest beauty, but they can’t. Prostitutes know this too. But instead of asking for more beauty by worshiping God, they go for it with rebellion and sin. A woman who is not satisfied with a man by God’s command. And she wants to get approval of her beauty from more men. She is actually a prostitute, even if she is upset by this name. And this is where the revolution of prostitutes takes place. And veils are removed. The purpose of removing the hijab is the beginning of prostitution and the rebellion of prostitution. Like smoking, which is the beginning of all addictions. Because they have misunderstood the originality of pleasure, and they want to achieve pleasure with cigarettes. But after a while they understand: empty cigarettes are useless. And it does not intoxicate them. Therefore, they go for flowers, hashish, marijuana, etc. Then they realize that it is not real pleasure, so they drown in corruption, until they find their dead bodies on the side of the street. Going astray in last gear can only result in catastrophic death. While doing the same thing if: with a veil and divine covering and under the supervision of: the great advisor: the Almighty God, who is closest to man. were doing Thousands of slaves were waiting for them in beautiful gardens and fantastic places. They were deceived by Satan. And they sold the rest of the world to the mortal world. And they said: A slap in the face of credit from Halva! They did not let their bodies and souls grow bigger, and the place of Guwara syrups became wider. So that there is more wine in one’s own place (tuffo alayehim veldana mukhaldoon, in cups and jugs and cups of a certain type) but to a jifa of the world! And they hung a drop of dirty water. And they lost eternal life. The revolt of the whores and the revolution of the prostitutes is a true demonstration of going deep into the abyss: to open the way to burning and burning. And may God use them to build hell! The hairs protruding from the hijab become its good fuel.

Confiscation of Israeli property
All the goods and properties of the Zionist regime belong to the American people. Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, said: “An average of 40 billion dollars is paid annually by the United States for aid to Israel, which totals three trillion dollars in the last 75 years.” Which of course is still going on. This amount is financed by people’s taxes and corporate profits, both of which have gone out of the pockets of the American people. Because the people bought the Israeli goods, the people also paid the taxes. Therefore, every American owes 30 thousand dollars to Israel. And the presidents are responsible for all this. Therefore, they must pay the court or this money. For this reason, neither Trump nor Biden are suitable for the presidency of the United States. Because they sacrifice national interests to the Zionists. Of course, they underestimate the amount, for example, their think tank said: it received only 297 billion dollars from 1945 to 2023. In the analysis of this big figure that: one dollar is important for the American people, he says that he is in debt! Or is the biggest recipient of aid. But the fact is that America has become a colony of Israel. So far, no colonialist country has looted its colony like this. How much was the total plunder of India for England? Or how much France was able to colonize Algeria. America is worse! He spent 7 trillion dollars in Iraq and nearly 6 trillion dollars in Afghanistan. But he could not even rob his expenses. Therefore, the mismanagement of the Republican and Democratic parties should be made clear to everyone. who made America a Zionist colony during his rule, have transferred at least 297 billion dollars of American assets to Israel. Ahmad Mahini continued: It is for this purpose that: I refer directly to the people, and I have not participated in any of the offices of the American central government. Because my goal is the United States of America. Basically, the two parties left no patriotism for America. Everything is Israel. Because if there is patriotism, it should expose: the performance of these two parties. Not only did they establish this statelessness for America, but even for the whole world: they did this. They explained to them: the national interests of every country must be sacrificed to Israel. Now, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, according to the US, have strengthened Israel’s logistics, and land and sea transit routes are at their disposal. For this reason, I ask all the people of the world: First, to identify and expose Israeli goods, or goods that go to Israel. In the second stage, do not wait for governments. Because the Arab governments have been condemned in the Qur’an as well (Arabs are the worst infidels and hypocrites), even the Turkish governments have been blamed (Atrakwa al-Trook even if they are abuk). And they called them Muslims, which means those who are against Israel. In fact, they have the honor of receiving the degree of Muslim (from the people of Salman). The rest are only certain. That is, they surrendered to the greatness of Islam. Therefore, anyone who considers himself a Muslim must harm the interests of Israel in the whole world. That is, after identifying the goods, take them for yourself. Because in the war of Gaza, any property of Israel is considered as booty, and only one fifth of it (khums) should be given to the religious guardian. Therefore, anyone in any corner of the world can identify Israel’s property and assets. He can take 80% of it for himself. Failure to implement this law has caused poverty in the world. Because governments, especially the American government, by buying Israeli goods or transporting goods for Israel, took people’s wealth out of their pockets and into Israel’s pockets. The Turkish government must be destroyed, as well as the Saudi government. And all its properties should be divided among the people

There is no nuclear site
I, Ahmad Mahini, the presidential candidate of the United States, assure the American people that there is no nuclear site in the world! Because Dr. Chamran and I, who worked at NASA, hacked all the codes that were summarized and were in the possession of the US President. Chamran manipulated them with special mischief. And then he ran away. Of course, we did not know the name Chamran, but he was known as Mustafa among NASA Iranians. And because his studies were good, he attended the class almost irregularly. And we didn’t know what Mustafa, who we didn’t consider at all, was doing. Sometimes he indulged himself with the professors. And sometimes he cursed them. Later he went to Egypt, it was said that he was attracted by Abdul Nasser. But in fact, he wanted to give this news to Abdul Nasser, so that they don’t have to worry about Israel’s nuclear attack. But Abdul Nasser had a position towards Iran, he suddenly claimed that: the Persian Gulf; It is the Arabian Gulf and: Iran is the brother of the Jews of Israel. Therefore, he did not take the presence of Chamran and his friends seriously. So they went to Lebanon. Because they could not come to Iran. And if they came, they would be arrested. Because the issue was revealed to some extent. Sabotaging the nuclear command system. In Lebanon, with the cooperation of Imam Musa Sadr, he created a technical academy. And he transferred all his information and technical knowledge to Shia students there. Elite Shiites of Jabal Amal and Baalbak and… who had joined the Amal movement. Now they knew everything about Mustafa Chamran. And therefore, they spoke first against all armed groups in Lebanon. And because they were neutral towards the internal groups of Lebanon, all groups used them. Sometimes, in a Lebanese civil war, both sides (Maronites and Communists, etc.) have Shiite fighters. With the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he entered Iran and continued all the unfinished works of Lebanon as the Deputy Minister of Defense. He informed Imam Khomeini about the sabotage of nuclear sites and their neutralization. And he said: Now Israel and America cannot do anything wrong. And to prove his skill, he designed an iron dome for Jamaran: which was able to deflect Saddam’s missiles well. He was also engaged in building drones, ships, frigates and submarines. He commanded many military plans. The group started irregular wars. and provided assistance to Ahvaz and Paveh. And because he knew that America and Israel could not do anything, he himself went to the heart of the fronts. And he talked with the opposition. and informed them about the colonial policies. He had set up many workshops for arms assistance to the front. Engineers Askari and Zarghami in Tehran, and Engineers Tahmasabi and Rabbani in Shiraz produced missiles and mortar shells. And in a short period of time, they were able to side with the turners, and popularize military industries. Therefore, today I announce to all Palestinians and their supporters that America and Israel can do no wrong. And if they could in response to Sadiq’s promise, they would not have attacked Rafah. When they go to the nuclear site, for example, Dimona, with the first manipulation of the password: missiles and warheads explode on the spot. And a fire breaks out. The idea of Israelis is that the Book of Sulaiman’s Magic! It is in the hands of the Iranians. And therefore he has enchanted the nuclear sites. While the Qur’an says: Suleiman was never an infidel (magician), but people around him attributed it to him. And therefore, the Book of Dawn does not exist externally. If there have been sabotages, it was due to nuclear knowledge, not magic. They could not do anything even in Al-Aqsa storm. Because their artificial intelligence had fallen into Iranian hands. And if Iran has not yet taken action to destroy Israel, it is because it loves ordinary Jews. And he doesn’t want them to burn together. Rather, he hopes that the people’s uprising will destroy Israel.

Revolution of prostitutes
It is marginalizing the construction activities of the armed forces. Because they have to organize most of their working forces in the area of moral security and stop dealing with mega projects. I have defined at least nine mega projects or transnational plans for Iran, which the construction site has not yet addressed. Because he has to work at the daily rate and spend his energy defending the Islamic revolution. Because the main task of the IRGC is to protect the revolution. And because it is the supplier of Faraja and the army, so minds are busy fighting with prostitutes. One of these transnational projects is the Persian Gulf Bridge, which should be built on the Strait of Hormuz. This bridge should be designed so that ships can easily pass through it. and not create a disturbance in the Strait of Hormuz. A similar bridge can be built between Bahrain and Iran. or between Iran and the six southern countries of the Persian Gulf. This is necessary to prevent the smuggling of Iran’s wealth, because everyone can be forced to cross the bridge and barges and smuggling ships cannot go more than a few kilometers. The Navy Guard can prevent the smuggling of fuel, antiques, and dollars. The second plan is related to the 9-meter Bushehr-Nowshehr tunnel, which is about eleven kilometers long and can be excavated with metro facilities. This multi-purpose tunnel is used to transport water from the Oman Sea to the Qazvin Sea, to transfer oil, gas, electricity, and even shipping vehicles and highway construction. If the tunnel is level, the gravity on both sides will reduce fuel consumption. This project can be implemented from Abadan to Astara, or from Chah Bahar to Agh Qola, which will cover the whole of Iran. Because the water in the tunnel can move from the Oman Sea to the Qazvin Sea, and its leakage will enrich the wells on the way. and the underground water will be strengthened. The third plan of the cross highway between Abadan and Sarkhes on one side and Chah Bahar to Bazargan on the other side will bring unity and unity to the entire Arasi and their proximity to each other. The fourth plan is to build a network of these roads and tunnels to build roads and water supply to all villages and cities. The fourth plan is to build a network of spas and cold water pools. So that there is no need for a heater in winter, and the spa plumbing will provide branches to all families. And there is no need for coolers and water coolers in summer. And the branching of cold spring pipes should be installed to all families. Of course, gas and electricity have been networked and covered almost all homes and factories. The fifth plan is to produce two-seater and single-seater airplanes. which will be cheaper than cars. And space will be used instead of streets. Air corridors are determined from the ground road network so that there is no need for central transportation. The sixth scheme is free cars. Because profitability in automobile manufacturing has given the biggest blow to the automobile industry. The theory of every Iranian is an arrow, can be from birth, that is, the population increase budget was set aside for this plan and light and cheap cars were produced and transferred to every baby that is born. The seventh plan is to prepare residential land and divide it equally among families. And the 8th plan to measure the entire area of Iran in terms of forests, mountains and plains and handing it over to heads of households or newly married couples. The ninth plan is to gather all the wealth, Baitul-Mal and Anfal, and divide it equally among the population of Iran, like Hazrat Ali, who did not have a treasury or a bank. And all the income was distributed equally among the people on the same day. Therefore, after six months, no poor person could be found in the vast land of the Alavi Empire. And the enemies fought with him because of this. to have more share. In such a way that Talha and Zubair, who were dissatisfied with the two dinars of the treasury, started a war and when they wanted to divide the inheritance of Talha and Zubair, they cut the gold into pieces with an ax.

A knot that is opened by hand
Many of the knots in human life are untied by hand. And there is no need for teeth. It is the same in human, family and national issues: the UN easily approved that: a Palestinian state be created or recognized. It can be as simple as this: Cancel Israel’s membership. Because Israel tore up the UN Charter, and has not yet accepted any of the resolutions. Therefore, it is the right of the UN to expel him. Regarding the separation of Bahrain from Iran, it is the same, considering that the parliament approved: if Bahrain separates, it is better for the current parliament itself to cancel that resolution. On the sidelines of the Oil and Petrochemical Exhibition, the Deputy Minister of Oil: Mr. Engineer Shahmiri had a grudge on May 22nd, and the shameful day of the handover of Bahrain. Although this is the first time that this issue has been raised by the authorities, it is a general demand of the people. Therefore, we ask the new parliament: if they claim Iran’s rights, they can take all the harmful and separatist approvals back to the parliament and cancel or amend them. There is no need for so many wars and arguments and demonstrations. When the bill is canceled, Bahrain will become the fourteenth province! Its governor is appointed by the minister of the interior. The governor can also appoint the governor, mayor, etc. Today, the government is expanded. There is no time when the mention of England scares him. It is the same with other laws: if the document 2030 is approved in the parliament, it must be canceled in the parliament. Even if the leadership does not accept it, it must be canceled officially and in writing by a government order. Therefore, chanting and talking does not work. That’s why there is a loud noise every now and then! that EY document 2030 is being implemented. and does not pay attention to these objections. Because it is the law of the parliament. And a dictator is the one who stands tall in front of the parliament and its laws! (Imam Khomeini) That means, logically, the law of 2030 which was approved in the parliament, so that it does not come in public and is not hammered or canceled, opposing it is like opposing the traffic laws. Is! that everyone is fined: cursing the police! The same law in the past parliaments, many laws have been approved to the detriment, but the legislator has not yet amended or canceled them! Like the capitulation law which was brought to the parliament by Hasan Ali Mansour and approved. Although Hasan Ali Mansour was defeated, and Imam Khomeini shouted. But the law was not repealed. Therefore, the next parliament should bring the above-mentioned law, such as the 2030 law or the separation of Bahrain or the JCPOA, which is more obligatory than bread, to the floor again, and amend or delete the harmful part of it. Iran’s intellectual property law should also be amended: all our cultural heritage has been looted! Our oil is smuggled, our gold is taken out suitcase by suitcase. Money is very easily embezzled and transferred to foreign accounts! And people remain under pressure and inflation. Most of them are legal! Because when it comes to cultural heritage: why don’t you stop the smuggling of antiques, or return them! They say that it was (smuggled!) according to legal approvals. And we cannot prove our ownership! For example, Iran’s oil was given to Britain for free for 60 years, or to America for 40 years, and now it has been given to Russia and China. We export 6 million barrels of oil daily, which within these 120 years, its real price: with a barrel of 100 dollars, it will reach 80 trillion dollars. Has such money been deposited in the treasury? Everyone admits: until 2010, no money for oil income was deposited in Kharaneh! Since then, it was decided to be deposited in the treasury. It is only on paper! Because Russia, China and India! They don’t give any money for oil under the pretext of embargo! If the government works hard (like a chicken under a rooster), it will do more harm than good! And Benjal imports them instead of dollars

Towards the elimination of Israel
The tearing of the UN Charter by the representative of the fake Zionist regime in the UN shows that they did not believe in the Charter from the beginning and their names should be removed from the list of countries. Because the person who insults the charter does not accept it and therefore has been removed from its members. The approval of the state of Palestine also proves that the occupied territories must be returned. Because occupation does not cause ownership. Ownership is transferred based on the agreement of the parties. Therefore, the existence of Israel is not legitimate and it should not be legal, and this also makes Biden popular: According to the Gallup Institute, Biden’s popularity is increasing since he stopped sending arms to Israel, and he has gained a better position among students. And it seems that he agrees with the creation of the Palestinian state, so he will not veto the resolution of the UN General Assembly. And asked England not to do so. Given the closeness of the election, and the nationwide public and student revolt against Israel, Biden seems to have surpassed Trump. And if he gets rid of Israel and removes Israel’s name from the United Nations, his vote will be 100%. Because Trump has a Jewish son-in-law and cooperates with Israel. And he has signed a contract to build gambling towers on the ruins of Gaza and Rafah. Of course, Avery does not reveal these for the vote. But like the previous era, when he rejected ISIS, he later became the head of ISIS and assassinated Qasem Soleimani. Even now, if he gets the vote, he will massacre the Palestinians and turn all their lands into gambling towers and brothels in order to get big incomes. Arab sheikhs who are upset with Iran because of Islam and Shia. They have asked Trump to provide them with means of entertainment. He also participated in the sword game with Al Saud and promised to send them prostitutes from Iranian girls. Therefore, being close to the opposing Iranians is in his plan. so that through them he can trade Iranian girls and women. Because happy Arabs believe that Iranian girls are more beautiful and intelligent. Currently, Al Saud has several Iranian wives. Of course, legally the rule of Al Saud belongs to the Iranians. Therefore, since Biden is Iranian, the whole world will be in the hands of Iranians. Therefore, the campaign headquarters of Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, announces: If Biden agrees to remove the name of Israel, he will withdraw in favor of him. Ahmad Mahini believes that the previous time when Palestine was occupied, an Iranian Kurd named Salahuddin Ayoubi kicked them out. Even today, if Biden does this, he will actually respect his ancestors and be proud of being Iranian. He says that he has even seen videos where he listens to the Qur’an in his official meetings and starts the meetings by reading the Qur’an like the Iranians. He even participates in Nowruz ceremonies and the like. And unlike Trump, who wants Iranians to lose gambling and become prostitutes, he has talked to his allies that he has great respect for Iranians. Therefore, I will officially step aside in favor of Biden. And he can win the next election

The main heir of the Iranian emperors
Iran was an empire in the past: it was the only one in the world, it is now and it will be. But its analysis from the enemy’s language is different. Ignorant friends to prove their truth, according to them! They follow For example, the Greeks who were at war with Iran, or the Romans, what narrative will they tell. That we write our history based on the example of the Greek Herodotus! It is natural that an enemy who does not want to be with us, will take his revenge in history writing. Therefore, those who wrote history for us from the writings of our enemies are spies. And you should not accept their words. For example, Aristotle was gay, and Anatolia at that time, or Eastern Rome, was subject to Iran. And by the order of the witness law, they executed him. And he took such a grudge against the Iranian government that he taught Iskandar for free. and encouraged him to go to war with Iran, the result of which was the burning of Persepolis. Is it valid to cite the opinion of such a person? As long as he is a Muslim master! Let us know and not think other than him. Therefore, the history of Iran has always been the history of super power. Because Iran ruled all the countries. Those countries had their own king or ruler. Therefore, by accepting the king or their rulership, the centrality was called the king: that is, the king of all these kings. Of course, the word king was originally a horn. Therefore, the Achaemenid, Ashkan and Sasanian governments were in the form of an empire. But with the arrival of Islam in Iran, the Sasanian period ended. Yazd Gard III, the last Sassanid king, was defeated and took refuge in a miller, who later killed him at the instigation of the Mazdakians. His daughters were also captured and taken to Medina, where they were kept in a prison camp. The news reached Hazrat Ali. He went to console them. Baromar also became angry that: why did he capture them? After that, he went to the girls and spoke to them in Persian, and proposed to them for his sons. Shahrbanu chose Imam Hussain (a.s.) and the other was Muhammad Hanafiyyah. And therefore the Sasanian government was transferred to the Alevis. Because Imam Sajjad, who was born from an Iranian mother, is actually the grandson of Hazrat Ali on his father’s side, and Yazgerd III’s grandson on his mother’s side, the last Sassanid emperor. And because most of the descendants of Hazrat Ali were martyred in Ashura, the new generation of Imam Sajjad has continued. Therefore, the Sadat dynasty or Alawites are the main heirs of the Sasanian Empire, which they have preserved well until today. Now the population of Sadat Hosseini or Alawites (sons of Imam Sajjad and later) reaches three hundred million people, who also consider it as the interpretation of Surah Kauthar. And these three hundred million people are scattered all over the world. And the official and real managers are the people. For example, during the Qajar era, the real power was in the hands of Seyyed Ali Hosseini, nicknamed Mirza Shirazi. Now the power is in the hands of Seyed Ali Hosseini Sistani and Seyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei. Mirza Shirazi broke Great Britain with a short sentence called fatwa. He even closed the Qajar court. After conquering Azerbaijan, Russia gave the capitulation law to the Iranian parliament. and threatened to massacre the entire parliament if they do not sign it. The teacher stood behind the podium and said: Now that we are going to be killed, why should we be disgraced? and did not allow the law to be passed. And the people also pushed Russia back with the murder of Gribaidov. During the time of Mohammad Reza Shah, the American capitulation went to the parliament and was approved by the then Prime Minister Hassan Ali Mansour. And it still hasn’t been canceled in the parliament. Of course, Imam Khomeini tried hard, even assassinated the Safavid Nawab, Hasan Ali Mansour. But its cancellation was only a slogan. And Iran still can’t take revenge of General Soleimani from Trump. And he says: his crime should be dealt with in America itself. From this point of view, the Americans have influence in Iran.

Yemen’s new goals
So far, Yemen has targeted more than 150 Israeli-American ships, and has diverted more than this number: to bypass Aqriqa! But despite all these sanctions, the Israeli regime is still breathing and attacking Rafah, as a result of the research: two or three alternative routes to the Gulf of Aden are transporting goods for Israel. One is the port of Istanbul in Turkey, the other is the land route from inside Arabia, and the third one is to bypass the ocean. It seems that South Africa can create an obstacle for the third way. But more: it is Saudi Arabia and Türkiye that strengthen Israel’s logistics. Therefore, Yemen should add new goals to its previous goals. We have here a map of the ports of Türkiye, and we are giving it to Yahya Saari. Therefore, we request Seyyed Abdul Malik Hosseini to shoot some drones towards it as a warning. The second route is Saudi Arabia, which starts from the Persian Gulf, builds roads along the borders, and continues to Jordan and Jerusalem. Yemen can create disruptions in any part of it and attack convoys and trucks with drones. Of course, Yemen and the world should know that the betrayal of Erdoğan and Al-Saud is not only this much, but they are organizationally a subset of Israel’s logistics. Therefore, dealing with them should be like dealing with Israel. That is, there is no difference between Netanyahu, Al Saud and Erdogan. Like Netanyahu, they have threatened Iran many times. Bin Salman has said many times: He will bring the war into Iran. By creating corruption networks, promoting and making anti-moral series for Iranians, Erdogan has played a major role in the white massacre of Iranian youth, to the extent that the minister or his advisors have repeatedly said that there are many Turkish fans in Iran. And they have even designed the map of Turkestan in such a way that they annex most of Iran. Although Erdogan was saved from the coup plotters by Martyr Soleimani. But he never thanked. Therefore, if Yemen is loyal to Martyr Soleimani, it must take revenge on Türkiye and Saudi Arabia. They did not conspire against Ansarullah either. They still do not allow Ansarullah to be identified as the government of Yemen. While Yemen, according to Iran, is from the Dead Sea to the Persian Gulf. Because it has been a part of Iran for a long time, and has controlled Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The race of Malik Ashtar Nakhai and Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, who exist all over the world, and in Iran carry the Ashtari family with them, is indicative of the same blood and same race of Iran and Yemen. Yahya Ibn Zayd, who is buried in the north of Iran, is the ancestor of all Houthi Zaydis. And the Zaidis of Iran, who are called Sadat Hosseini, are all descendants of Yazdgerd III and the heir to the Sasanian Empire. Because Zayd’s dear father was Imam Sajjad, who is the son of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and from an Iranian mother: Bibi Shahrbanu, daughter of Yazdgerd III. All the Alevis of Türkiye and Arabia are the grandsons of Yazdgerd III and belong to the Iranian nation. But they are captive in the hands of an ungrateful Kurd named Erdogan. Although the Kurds are also Sadat’s family. Because Yazdgar III, the last Sassanid emperor, lived in Tisophon. which is now a place of pilgrimage for all Hosseini pilgrims in Iraq as Ivan Mada’in. Therefore, it is possible to save all of them, even Iraqi Sadat, in the hands of Ansar Allah. Because Iran cannot defend them due to being the 52nd state, capitulation, 2030 document and JCPOA.

The need to arrest Trump
The motorized brigade of Trump’s bodyguards should not prevent his execution. He should be made to understand that time has passed. The performance of her Jewish son-in-law should also not be far from the law. They think it’s possible with money: buy everything. While all their incomes are also illegal, and are provided through the sale of human beings. According to the latest information, Trump, with the help of the New York Arabs, is trying to flatten Gaza and build brothels and 60-story gambling houses on it. In fact, Trump wants to attack the American elections from three fronts, like Ringos in the past. His first attack is to create panic, which he considers to be a show of strength. This means that, like Abdul Hamid Molavi, he launched a motorized brigade of security guards. And wherever he appears, he is accompanied by an army of bodyguards that make people and officials afraid. He told Trump: Only in this way can he escape punishment. In addition to the Arabs of New York and Washington, Afghan immigrants who love America too! have been organized to stand against the movement of Iranians. and defend Trump in the clothes of Iranians. Some speculate that they may have more brigades to terrorize. Therefore, the American government and people should know that: the era is in the past, and Trump should be immediately arrested and executed with all the expenses he spends to protect himself. So that the legend of his law breaking does not spread to others. Why is his corruption in the field of tax evasion, gambling houses and liquor stores and prostitution not exposed? And why is the prosecutor counting on him? If the prosecutor still hesitates. And if he does not arrest and execute Trump, Iranians living in America, and Iranians who are everywhere, have to teach him a lesson that he will never be able to become a scholar, as Sadiq promised. His second strategy is to show himself rich. The Zionist lobby, with the help of Trump’s son-in-law, have turned to all harmful and forbidden businesses, so that they can show themselves rich. While the Trump Towers have all been confiscated or taxed in front of the banks. The bill received by Trump shows that he has huge debts. And if he doesn’t vote, he should go to jail. We ask Trump supporters to open their eyes! Let them know that if he votes, not only will he not give them anything, but whatever he takes from them, he will spend it on bribes to the prosecution. to ignore complaints. Thirdly, the Arabs of the Persian Gulf are not able to build brothels anywhere in the Persian Gulf or Saudi Arabia, due to the observance of Islamic customs. Recently, they have even closed drinking bars. In the month of Ramadan, not only are they deprived of this type of income, but all people must be paid in thirty days! to break the fast completely and for free. Therefore, Trump has promised to plow Rafah and Gaza. Remove the rubble, and there are hundred-story towers! Make them for fun. With this work, he directs three types of operations: First, with Iranphobia, he also receives financial help from the Jews. So that the billions of Jewish dollars to Israel are not cut off. Second, to help Israel: to be friends with the Arabs. even to force Iran: to be friends with Israel. Third, take bribes from all mass builders and high-ranking builders to give them construction permits. Ahmed Mahini’s election headquarters considers it necessary to expose Trump’s ugly face as much as possible. For this reason, by writing a message on his personal page, he introduced Ahmad Mahini as an agent on behalf of Iran! to say if you don’t vote for me! Iran sends someone: to vote! Of course I will vote. Because the American people know: Biden and Trump, although they are different, are the product of a corrupt system. which must disappear

Gaza Ministry of Tourism
Hamas must implement the plan of the transitional government. To reach a tripartite Christian, Muslim and Jewish government from the Israeli government and its own organizations. and take power in all areas of Palestine and Ur Shalim. Because the most important factor of government power is popular support. And now the whole world supports Gaza and accepts the policies of Haniyeh and Yahya Sanwar. Therefore, the self-governing organizations and the Israeli government must be dissolved. The delay in announcing the independent state of Greater Palestine will result in the loss of the rights of the Palestinians and: a more organized massacre of Israel. Because Israel has adopted the strategy of living in the gap, which means that it can only nest among the differences of elders. Of course, this is the policy throughout Israel’s history. Because Jews were in the minority compared to Christians and Muslims. And so they tried to design crusades and similar wars so that Muslims and Christians could live together. And their population will decrease. Iran’s hypocrites and anti-revolutionaries are also like that. That is, they benefit from the conflict between fundamentalists and reformists. However, after the victory in the Six-Day War, they turned to the opposite strategy, i.e. creating new realities. As a result of this strategy, anyone can forcefully take the lands and property of others for themselves, and if they can keep them for a while, a new reality is created, that is, the occupier is considered the owner. Therefore, you should not waste time. After the storm of al-Aqsa or the promise of truth, Israel first turned to the way of living in the divide. But when all the world united together, and there was no gap between them, he moved instead of Gaza, and attacked Rafah to create a new reality. so that he can take advantage of their unpreparedness to occupy and massacre them. Because Gaza is only thinking about defending itself! Therefore, Rafah remains alone. But if the Hamas government is formed, the whole of Palestine will gain a defensive value. Therefore, Gaza is forced to send troops to Rafah. To fill the gap of human resources, first of all, it should be known that the rate of births is ten times the rate of martyrs. That is, in this period of several months, if 40,000 people were martyred, 400,000 people were born. But it may not convince Hamas officials. Therefore, you can benefit from new immigrations. That is, he encouraged all Palestinians outside of Palestine to return. If the eyes of Hamas are not watered again, they should invite the supporters of Gaza. Greater Palestine has the historical capacity and traditional geopolitical position to: attract all supporters. If the area of Israel is 23,000 square kilometers and Palestine is 7,000 square kilometers, if all the land is united, it will have the capacity to accept 30,000 square kilometers, which is three times the diameter. In addition: the population will be fluid. That is, if its human flow is constant at 20 million people, it can carry the world’s population of 7 billion during the year. Like a train car with a hundred people, which carries two passengers: to carry four hundred people, it will carry 150,000 people during the year. For this reason, the first ministry to be approved by the Hamas government is the Ministry of Tourism. New passports should be designed, air, land and sea borders should be organized. to have a nominal capacity of 7 billion. Of course, not all 7 billion will come to visit. But planning must be precise. Iran is ready with the help of Iraq and other Arbaeen participating countries to provide processions all over the world for free feeding for everyone. Shipping unions should love people. The airlines of the whole world (IATA) should not see dollars per passenger! Rather, they should transport people for free in the designed corridors. The campaign headquarters of Ahmed Mahini, the US presidential candidate, is ready to organize a public mobilization for Gaza and Rafah tourism.

How to go to Rafah?
It is natural that the people of Egypt, with that great civilization and Arabic language, and interested in Ahl al-Bayt, are the closest people to Rafah to help the people of Rafah. And they must fulfill their historical mission. In fact, it is history! And today he is sitting on their roof. Will people do their duty? Or are they waiting for al-Sisi’s actions? Or do they convince themselves only by criticizing the performance of the government? Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, called on the Egyptian people to come to the square in a statement. and fulfill their historical mission. Today, the eyes of the world are concerned: the situation in Rafah. So you should sit quietly and hold the government responsible for Israel’s crimes. When you cry on a grave that: There is no dead person in it! Change your place. The Arab governments have been blamed in the Qur’an as well (Arabs are the worst infidels and hypocrites and Ajdar Ela Yalamwa Hudum Ma Anzall Allah), continuing to blame them is pounding water in a mortar. They send you in search of the Wind Hat. To be busy with their pleasures, drinking and drinking, and to embrace the thinness of their bodies. They want the West only: for their penis. In their eyes, the whole world is just a three-centimeter hole. what do you expect Therefore, you must rise up yourself. The method of uprising is also mentioned in the Qur’an (Qomwa Allah Muthni wa Farada), that is, try first: go to Rafah together! But if not, go alone. Therefore, invite people from America, Europe and Asia to Egypt. If they come, what would be better, and if they don’t come, let Egypt rise alone. Didn’t Iran rise alone? If he had been waiting for Al Saud and others, he should have given all his daughters to ISIS slaves. Do you also like to present your beautiful girls to them? The ninety-year-old men of Al Saud do not sleep every night if they do not kill a few virgins. Do you consider these Arabs? If they are also Arabs, Arabs are hypocrites. Therefore, if you trust God instead of trusting the Arab leaders, God will also help you. And he will send many armies to help you. I am sure that in America, all states and all people are eager to help. Their way is far. But like Arbaeen, they used to come to Rafah on foot. I assure you that ninety-nine percent of the American people have their hearts with Gaza and Rafah. I invited them to come to help with the Palestinian flag and my photo. But is there anyone to welcome them? Are you still eyeing the Khalifa bag? Al-Khalifah’s bag has many holes! That makes everyone spend three cents. But you zealous Egyptian men and women, it is enough to make your lips wet. Come to the streets and invite them with the Palestinian flag and my photo. You will see that millions of people are ready to go with you: to Rafah and Gaza. Aren’t the people of Rafah and Gaza happy to see you? So why are you procrastinating? Do you also believe that a good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian? Don’t let it be late. Hezbollah of Lebanon, Ansar Allah of Yemen, Hashd al-Shaabi of Iraq are all waiting for you. They don’t want anything from you! Only the permission of your heart is enough. Iran is ready to march around the world. Bring you and everyone to Rafah with free accommodation and food. We are ready to evacuate all the American buildings and bases and give them to our dear guests. The war is over! There is no need for American bases. All of them should be hotels. All warships and aircraft carriers should be converted. American independent states! formed and there is no need for the Pentagon, the CIA, the Federal Police, etc. Let them go and lose their graves. Before the uprising of the people and before my election, if they lost their graves, they can return to an honorable life like a normal citizen. But if they resist, we introduce them to the gallows. No oppressor is safe from the revenge of the oppressed. And the oppressed, if they are friends and unite under one flag. Their era is coming to an end. And no trace of them will remain.

Instead of Gaza, we go to Rafah
The campaign headquarters of Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, announced: All his election debates and campaigns will be planned in Rafah. Therefore, he invited the people of the world to attend Rafah. The presence of more people will prevent the spread of war against the Palestinians. Therefore, it is necessary at this stage, all marches and demonstrations around the world, have small changes in their program: and make it a Roso. First of all, all those who want to go to the demonstration must have a Palestinian flag. It is the symbol of the global alliance against war. so that the enemies cannot make it look different and attribute it to unimportant guild or group gatherings. In the second stage, all people should carry with them the photo of Ahmad Mahini, the presidential candidate, in addition to the Palestinian flag. Even all cars and trains, trams and subways, trucks and planes and ships carry these two with them. So that in this way, the internal enemy and the Arab reaction, they cannot interpret it in a perverted or ethnic and tribal way. But let it be known that the movement is global and international and worth 8 billion. In the words of the Iranian poet Saadi: Humans are members of one body. Thirdly, they should have slogans saying: persuading and encouraging people to be sent to: Gaza and Rafah. Of course, fortunately, Gaza, having a brave and Shiite commander, Ali, has been able to control Israel’s war machine well. Therefore, Israel has started to attack in another place: called Rafah. Rafah has a common border with Egypt, and the Rafah crossing is the only way for the Palestinian people to communicate with the outside, namely Egypt. Israel by creating metal walls! It prevents the movement of people. In fact, Rafah is a big prison that is surrounded from all sides. while it has a road to the sea and to Egypt and Gaza. Is it right for people to be under siege and war in their land? In the age of communication and information explosion, and false slogans of peace and friendship, this is the greatest test of humanity. Are there people who can help Bafh? The best help is to be there. Even with empty hands, even behind concrete walls. Therefore, by being in Rafah, the Iranians not only armed them with missiles and drones, but also with advanced methods! They have pierced the walls, so that the siege of Rafah is removed. And this has nothing to do with Iranian governments or self-governing organizations. Iranians are freedom seekers and peace seekers for all the people of the world. And he is not satisfied that there is peace in his own country, but the people of Rafah lived in war and famine. And if Iran’s representative in the United Nations announces his acquittal from Gaza! He is not the spokesman of the people of Iran, but a politician who only wants to avoid responsibility. Therefore, all those who wish to come to Rafah are invited: to enter Egypt as tourists. and gather behind the wall or borders of Rafah. Those who: can go to Jordan, gather behind the wall of the Gaza Strip. Or those who will fill all of them with millions of people through Lebanon, Baalbek and the Golan Heights. If the presence of people is significant, they can draw a security belt around Israel’s borders and build a human wall: so that they can be connected to each other after passing all the border points. In this way, in addition to the military blockade by Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, Israel will also be limited by a human wall. Governments should facilitate the sending of tourists to Rafah. Global Shipping, IATA and other transport unions should know: it’s time to help the Palestinian people. They should not waste time, so that Israel massacres the people. They want to change reality for their benefit. And in this way they benefit from war and insecurity. and add to their ownership by massacring the original owners. Does the human conscience accept this? So, something must be done: thanks to the election campaign of Ahmad Mahini, the first candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Why Mahini photo?
All militant students and revolutionary people in America should carry the photo of Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, so that reactionary Arabs do not consider themselves accomplices. Of course, they can print it bigger and stick it on: cars and trucks, ships and planes, so that global unity is visible. Our promise during the days of Arbaeen, in Karbala Ma’ali, to go to Gaza. Because Ahmad Mahini will do all his propaganda programs and debates in Gaza. Ahmed Mahini’s electoral headquarters has been formed and is constantly monitoring relevant news. We are well aware that: America has undergone a transformation: we recently received a video that shows all the trucks and cars, on the highways or in the city, in a convoy and with the Palestinian flag! they move People are holding congregational prayers next to the White House. Crime and theft statistics have decreased and people have become kinder to each other. Women are also interested in wearing scarves, veils and hijabs. Certainly, this movement has never started, and it will never end. Because unlike material revolutionary movements! Religious movements are more durable and capable. The Prophet of Islam had said many times that: Salman is from the Persian tribe! They will help Islam most of all. And so now we see the prophet’s 1400-year prediction. There is a line in some narrations that the sun will rise from the west! That means America and Europe will change. All the Jews and Christians believe in Islam, and it will reach a point where they become more religious than Iran. Therefore, if some Iranians, especially the opposition, are dissatisfied with Islam, God will take this honor from them and give it to the American people. The campaign headquarters of Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, is looking for this development. American people should forget the two parties. The United States will no longer exist! Rather, the states will become independent. Israel will be destroyed and Palestine will be created instead. The United Nations was also dissolved, and Jerusalem became the center of international interactions. Because now the whole world is united on the issue of Gaza and Palestine. All countries agree with the creation of a Palestinian state. The United Nations, which has already approved the name of Israel, should repent and erase this name. But with the US veto, this is prevented. Therefore, the veto rights of Israel and the United States must be removed in order for Palestine to be formed. Of course, in Iran, Wali Faqih oversees all world affairs. As we saw, when Israel oppressed the Palestinian people, it put them in their place with one blow. And the world is now in complete peace. Because in fact, the pose of the warmongers has been made. They know that if they oppress again, they will have to endure heavier blows. Therefore, it is better for them to believe themselves. and accept the collapse. Naturally, if the entire American and Israeli people paste Ahmad Mahini’s photo in their houses and shops, cars and stations, it means that the war has been nipped in the bud. And no one wants war anymore. As God wants: Humans move towards coexistence, creativity and prosperity. During the time of the Prophet and Hazrat Ali, there were no poor people. Because no one was stealing. And he did not touch the treasury. Therefore, all the treasury was divided equally among the people on the same day. All two dinars every day! were receiving But the Federal Reserve, or the International Monetary Fund or the banks, prevent the equal distribution of the treasury. Therefore, there is always a poor person: it becomes even more. Because they cannot pay the installments of the houses. And the bank confiscates the house from them. So, according to Ahmad Mahini’s order, the White House should become Hosseiniyeh. And all government offices should change their use to residential units. And all the homeless should be settled there.

We will not have a civil war in: America and Europe! Provided that the photo of Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, is used. Because many analysts like to drag popular and student protests into civil war. But Ahmad Mahini’s plan is the independent states of America instead of the United States. That is, Europe and America, even Africa and Asia, have had a peaceful coexistence for many years. In the same Palestine and Gaza before: the rise of Zionism, various Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions. Arabs, Maronites, etc. had no war with each other. In Europe, the only war that caused destruction is the first and second world wars. Muslims did not play a role in these wars, but Europe itself had died. And all this was the plan of the Zionists. Because Nazi Germany rose against them and became popular. Therefore, if Israel is destroyed, or its war machine is stopped, no war will happen anywhere in the world. Because people are satisfied with their rights. If the United States believes in its collapse, all war spending will be zero. The European Union, the Arab Union and the African Union, if they look at their past, they have done nothing but follow the United States and Israel. That is, they moved against the goals. The purpose of the conference of Islamic leaders was to defend Palestine. But where have they had such an effect? While they have done the most lobbying for the recognition of Israel. What achievements can the African Union count apart from the empowerment it has had with Iran? Or has the European Union done anything other than crushing people and taking their breath? During its formation, the United States has achieved nothing but killing in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq? Therefore, the most important cause of internal and external wars are the same unions. And if they don’t dissolve by themselves, the universal global movement will dissolve them. That is, Iran will not allow them to commit any crime in order to survive, as it showed in the honest promise. Iran’s strategic patience is defined in this border. He did not allow Israel to destroy the Palestinian people under the pretext of its survival. It will also not allow: false unions, created by Israel, to seek their survival in creating civil wars and killing people. The European Union (North Atlantic) and the United States of America, the United Nations, the African Union, the Arab League should: exercise self-restraint: and not move towards civil wars. They should know that if they accept Iran’s presidency, like the Shanghai Union, BRICS and ASEAN, instead of exclusionary thinking, they will become interactive and synergistic thinking. And their attitude towards society will be kind. Unions under the tutelage of Iran depict the friendship of nations, progress and prosperity in front of them, while evil unions only think about war and increasing their share. Of course, these warlords can repent. They should know that it is not enough to give a good slogan. Rather, human friendship must be implemented. The difference between the two is that loving people makes the population more and the world more prosperous, but they seek to reduce the population! Even if they are creating war. Therefore, it is necessary and necessary to use the photo of Ahmad Mahini, the presidential candidate, in all demonstrations to: follow the difference between two destructive and constructive visions. Because it will cause: from now on, no tyrant anywhere in the world will bother people. Because it does not have the support of Israel and America for aggression, killing and looting. Rather, it will seek the support of civilization, construction and peoplehood: and with the help of Wali Faqih, it will move towards the universal government of Imam Mahdi AJ.

Therefore, it is necessary and necessary to use the photo of Ahmad Mahini, the presidential candidate, in all demonstrations to: follow the difference between two destructive and constructive visions.

I am Ahmad Mahini, a presidential candidate from the state of Washington

Permit for ships to pass (photo by Ahmed Mahini)
As you know, the permission for ships to pass through the Aden Canal, the Strait of Hormuz, and even the Panama and Suez Canals has been changed. And the ships that are aimed at Israel are confiscated or attacked. And if they resist, they will drown. Recently, Egypt also joined the resistance line and defends Gaza. Especially in the issue of Israel’s attack on Rafah, he has warned many times, as we have witnessed: Israel’s withdrawal from the attack on Rafah. We have also asked Panama to prevent the passage of ships to Israel. Of course, they have not responded yet, but they should know that they should respond as soon as possible. San Francisco and New York, which are the biggest exporters to Israel, are now threatened by the students. Israel must go out of the whole world, so that the last stage of Israel, which is the destruction of Israel, takes place. Therefore, the countries that have relations with Israel will sink with Israel and will be destroyed. Iran can prove with historical documents that: all Arab countries were separated by colonialism. And all of them are the territory of the Islamic Republic. Therefore, ships must be able to prove that they are not for Israel, or that they are pro-Gaza. One of the best ways is to transport students, American or European fighters. Students should also be careful, to prove that they are fighters, they can cite three reasons: to show their photo in the midst of demonstrations and: to prove that they are civil activists for the benefit of Gaza. If they have been arrested, they must provide proof of their arrest to be considered as their resume. If none is available, they can carry the photo of Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate. If the photo is small enough to fit in the pocket. Enough. But it is better to have the photo in the form of a poster or placard and it should be carried on the hand in all marches and demonstrations. In the same context, airplanes that want to: pass through the central axis corridor (Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon…) need a new license or password. Because all previous authorizations are revoked and: Passwords expire. Therefore, they should use this new method: each plane should carry at least ten fighters. Whether from Europe or America, Africa and Asia. Fighters with my photo can use free tickets. Some people may use a bus or a truck, and want to enter the land of resistance, or pass through it. Tourist or transit buses should put my photo on the front window. And the fighters should have each in their hands. 5 people for the bus, and 1 person for the truck and tractor. These people should be involved in news analysis and Qur’an interpretation. And don’t be silent on the way. Rather, they should talk about the virtues of Hazrat Ali. or read the Qur’an. Or perform congregational prayers. Holding the photo of Ahmad Mahini prevents the deviation of the anti-Israeli movement. As the 99% movement was forgotten. Because Ahmad Mahini is a candidate for the presidency of the United States. Biden and Trump are his rivals. Holding up a sign or a photo of Ahmad Mahini at a protest sends the message to Biden and Trump that their term is over. And the anti-Israeli movement continues to be overthrown by both Republican and Democratic parties. Now the White House is slowly being taken over. And people should not leave there. Especially the homeless and the poor. Because they are all shareholders of the White House, which means that all government and state buildings are built from their taxes. And therefore it should return to them. We have stated many times that the White House should become a Hosseiniyeh. To become an example for all government buildings. When it is Hosseiniyah, like in Iran and Iraq, the place of food and lodging becomes free. It accommodates a large population of homeless people.

Physical removal
Trump assassination training barracks was formed and prepared for activity and recruitment of active forces. This barracks with an area of 10,000 square meters, in the desert of Nevada, with two sheds, warehouses and ammunition shacks, is ready to receive: warriors. The conditions for recruitment in this barracks are proximity to Trump and access to him. Candidates must be at least 20 years old and at most 40 years old. Currently, the barracks is ready to recruit men, and in the near future, the women’s unit will also be opened. In the training course of this barracks, there is only physical preparation: to be able to pass through Trump’s bodyguards and reach Trump. and attack him with punches or kicks. Of course, martial and defensive techniques are also included in the program under the supervision of the best American martial arts heroes. And therefore, those who pass the training course, can enter the combat course. In the martial arts course, three types of techniques are taught: the first type is head and neck work. So that if someone had access to Trump’s neck, they would cut his neck or suffocate him by quickly turning his head. Hitting the temporal lobe, brain, and neck and back of the neck, removing the skull is also taught. Until Trump’s death, he will ride on him from several sides. Working with the body is also the next course: so that if someone does not have access to Trump’s head and neck, he can knock out his breath by hitting the chakras. or cause serious damage to the vertebrae of the neck and back. The third period is related to the legs. Because it is possible to escape from the hand: the guards have to jump, or the crow fills. The primary fan is to hit the back of the knees. This will cause Trump to lose his balance and immediately fall to the ground. It should be known that Trump may be lucky or have physical strength! Or know anti-fan. Therefore, you should immediately: stick to the ankle and disable it with an immediate movement. Naturally, if these things do not work, they should be promoted to higher courses: working with hot and cold weapons, rappelling and the like. The pendulum movement or rappelling because it passes over the head of the guards, so it can be done with a kick of the foot. In his face or neck, let Trump leave the country. This barracks is only for the training of bodyguards, or Trump’s family and relatives. Because they have easier access. But similar to this barracks, in Sabaa fields in Lebanon, Golan Heights, and in many other places, is planned. So that the families and relatives did not cooperate, the forces of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Yemen’s Ansar Allah, Erzbijan’s Husseiniun, Afghanistan’s Fatemiyoun, and Iraq’s Hashd al-Sha’abi forces will be used. Basih of London, Basij of Paris, Madrid and Sydney and Ottawa have also announced their readiness. In any case, the 5,000-member group of Iranian fighters, because they are everywhere, can train them. Because the command of the Qur’an is: Kill those who separate you from the infidels and fight against them. Therefore, Ahmad Mahini, the presidential candidate of the United States, asked the general public to join this barracks. Because killing Trump has three big prizes. One award is considered by the family of martyr Qassem Soleimani from Iran and Lebanon and the other award is from the family of Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis from Iraq and Syria. The third prize is from the election headquarters: Ahmed Mahini, because he is considered his main rival in the upcoming elections. With the assassination of Trump, Biden will also have a stroke. And if he does not have a stroke, he becomes mute or withdraws. Therefore, the winning strategy here is physical elimination because they entered the election illegally and eliminated the others. The Democratic and Republican parties are declared disbanded, and their supporters, who are often known to the Chinese police, must be arrested and executed. The only way to free them is to work in the electoral headquarters of Ahmad Mahini. They can change their headquarters all over America to Ahmed Mahini’s election headquarters.

Ignorant and simple-minded officials!
Now America has become the 32nd province, and Europe has become the 33rd province of Iran! The official language of the world is Farsi! There are other requests: including Russia, China and Africa, which is being considered. But the authorities do not know. And even if they hear, they will not believe. The history of this activity goes back 60 years. While, for example, the representative of Varamin is trying to divide Tehran and make Varamin the capital of East Tehran province! interducing. We intend to introduce Iran, bigger and to its main position. So far, Iran has 31 approved provinces. But there are also 24 overseas provinces which are secret from the authorities: such as Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, England, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkestan, Turkmenistan, Tatarstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, India, Mongolia, Dagestan. And some other countries of Central Asia and Iraqi Kurdistan, because of their cultural and civilizational sphere, they were one with Iran and even now, despite the hostilities, they consider themselves Iranians. For example, the Islamic hijab is free in America and Europe, but in Azerbaijan, it is prohibited and causes imprisonment and deprivation of all facilities. While it is the only Shiite and uniform country in the world! who have brought Islam into their own hands. But history shows that after the Middle Ages, Europe tried to show itself superior to Iran, America also did not accept Iran at all and considered it as its own state. It can be said that this illusion happened after the Second World War and Iran’s neutrality was taken for granted. And they engaged in looting Iran’s oil, first by Britain and then by America. To remove this illusion, the people of Iran started a great revolution: which was able to defeat all the fake superpowers with their bare hands. Whether during the revolution or during the holy defense, or during the sanctions! The enemy’s propaganda was aimed at isolating Iran. But Iran did not accept it! When he saw that they were still delusional, he started a drone uprising that defeated them and pushed them back in three stages: in the Ukraine war, the Al-Aqsa storm, and Ade Sadiq. It was the captors who surrendered, and the people were freed. And by creating referendums, marches and demonstrations: and even slogans in Farsi, they pursued global solidarity with the annexation of Iran. Of course, the officials are busy playing power! They are inside themselves. And they do not understand these issues. Therefore, Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, saw the situation as suitable to convince all people to come together under one flag, one language and one religion by establishing: global unity and the theory of global integration. All the people of the world are from the same parents, they are all brothers. And the political, cultural, social and geographical demarcations are only for knowing each other. For example, even though the slogan of erasing Israel is given, no action is taken so that the people of Israel themselves come to this conclusion. Israel is now known as the base of global evil, war, murder and looting, to the extent that the people of Israel themselves hate it. These people can shut down Netanyahu’s cabinet, dissolve the parties, and demand a referendum or vote. This means that the name of Israel will automatically be removed from the United Nations, and Palestine will replace it. And without bloodshed, the Jewish, Muslim and Christian people of the land will create a new nation that: Under the supervision of Iran, they will treat each other with friendship and peaceful cooperation. Jerusalem will be freed for the pilgrimage of all people of the world. And after Karbala and the Arbaeen procession, people split into two branches and go to the first and second qiblas for pilgrimage. And the ground is being prepared for the emergence of Qaim

The honest promise, in the repetition of mirrors
Many people were surprised by the operation of the promise, and many media declared: It was unpredictable! We should consider these people as delusional and delusional because they do not accept reality! And they have put themselves in a rabbit’s sleep: it is almost half of the Koran that Iran is chanting the destruction of Israel, but they don’t believe it! Thousands of times, the commanders of the army and the IRGC announced that: Israel will disappear from the face of the earth if it makes the slightest mistake. But these delusional people, it’s a lie! Or, at most, they considered it an unsupported razzle-dazzle. 40 years ago, Imam Khomeini said: America cannot do anything wrong. But it didn’t go to their ears, or at most it was a projection! They imagined and said: America will do whatever wrong it wants (sanctions…) and it is Iran that: it cannot do anything wrong (the dollar will rise). Therefore, we have these people in addition to the illusion! We also accuse him of reversing the news! All those who express surprise mean doubt. And if so, these are the media of the enemy, not the media of the revolution. Because they immediately began to downplay the news and censor it. As Israel said: only one percent of the rockets passed through the Iron Dome. While the fact is that: only one percent of the missiles got stuck in the iron dome. It was also a trap. It means expired and cheap missiles that were fired to saturate the iron dome. Therefore, it can be said: Those who were surprised or doubted about the truthful promise, both of them are in the ranks of disbelievers. Because disbelievers are those who: do not accept God and preach His promises as lies. According to the Qur’an, they themselves know everything, but they distort it. According to the media trends of the world, there are no more than two groups! First, those who narrate the news with caution, and pay attention to its authenticity. . Like all the verses of the Qur’an that they don’t hear at all at first! Or they pretend not to hear, then when they see that they have imposed their news on them, they defend themselves with various methods of surprise, denial and reverse quotation. Therefore, reporting news in Al-Jazeera or groups aligned with Israel, with an amazing tone, means laying the groundwork for denying or rejecting the news. Because Sadiq’s promise was a small slap in the eyes of Iran! He only wants to punish Israel. But they try to show it to the maximum ability of Iran! Then they can easily boycott the news or make it worthless. That is, the power of one percent of Iran has shown 99 percent! Change the places of martyrs and murderers. From now on, it is Israel that is oppressed! And there are neighbors who protest: why was our sky used.. and news like this, the most important of which is the promotion of Israel’s superior hand in carrying out wider attacks. But people know: truths are pulled out of their lies. And for this reason: with all Israel’s claims to attack again, the reverse migration has intensified in Israel! And more than a third of the active population went abroad. Arms factories went bankrupt. And the world has regained its peace. Because they know: this is only one percent of Iran’s capabilities. An honest promise has been repeated many times in Iran: the imposed war was an honest promise! Because Iran won over all the superpowers of the world. The Islamic revolution was a true promise: because all the big and small superpowers supported the king. Conquering America’s espionage nest and turning America into one of Iran’s provinces was a true promise. Because the US could not do anything against the seizure of the embassy and its annexation to the IRGC. In the Ukraine war, the superiority of Iran’s UAV changed the fate of the war. The empowerment of Yemenis, Lebanese, Iraqis, and Afghans was all a miracle, and a repeated honest promise.

Iranians are everywhere
Considering the fact that Iranians are a small population: and they make up only one percent of the world’s population, but they are present everywhere in the world: they have influence in all active jobs in all organizations, and they supervise all the social and political affairs of the world. Ayatollah Sistani is the most famous Iranian who is a reference point for imitation in Iraq. Every year, they submit their passports to the Iranian embassy for renewal. One million people in Europe and more than 2 million people in America and in other countries have the same situation: Deputy Consular, Parliament and Iranian Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to the Persman traffic plan, said for Iranians abroad: nearly 5 million Iranians are abroad: America, Turkey, Canada, England and Germany are the five countries where most Iranians live. It can be said that Los Angeles has now become Tehran. We will examine the results of this presence in three cases: First, the presence of Iranians in America, Trump and Biden know that: the presence of Iranians in America is not a ceremonial matter. That is why they have not backed down in election campaigns. And the field is open for me: Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States. They know that in every gathering of more than three people, there must be an Iranian. And the other two people either love Iran or are fans. Therefore, the security cost of their presence is very high, and the risk of their death in meetings is more than 99%. Because they know that Iran will finally take revenge of Soleimani from Trump. He will not leave Biden without benefits for sending weapons to Israel. The second issue is Iran’s presence in Israel. It is true that Iranian immigrants are less compared to Russia and Europe. But the existence of even one Iranian person has messed up the entire Iron Dome, their intelligence and counter-intelligence systems. Netanyahu knows that the Iranians are watching his mistake. Therefore, he gave up on attacking Iran and spent his efforts on attacking Rafah. But Rafah is also full of Iranians. In addition to the fact that all Palestinian people consider themselves Iranian. Gone are the days when Israel, with its Iran-phobic policy, wanted Gaza to be Iran’s enemy and Iran to be Gaza’s enemy. We are sure that Rafah will not be attacked. Because after the attack of the honest promise, a strange peace has covered the world! And the whole world saw that Israel’s war machine crashed. And there will be no more war. And if it falls, no traces of Israel will remain and the final blow will be inflicted on the body of Israel. And there will no longer be a name of Israel on the map or in the United Nations. Thirdly, Yahya Sinwar announced that: he is in the process of completely cleansing Israel. And soon he will open the way to visit Quds. And the Iranians have also marched in Gaza. And they are waiting for his sign to: feed all the people of Gaza for free. If Yahya Senwar expands his activities, Iranians are ready to march in all the occupied territories. Even Jews and Christians are invited to these processions. Because all people in the world are from one parent. There is no difference between them. This is the Iranian theory all over the world. Therefore, those who are interested in unity should create resistance groups or local councils for themselves, and study the history of Iran. And let them know that Iran has never started a war, but has always driven out the enemies armed to the teeth with empty hands: as it has decided to go to Jerusalem empty-handed after Arbaeen. With this empty hand, make the White House a nursing home. Turn the European palaces into nursing homes so that the poor people of the world can live in complete peace and prosperity. Thank you: Ahmad Mahini, US presidential candidate and the founder of world unity

Kill Trump, why and how?
Here, techniques are taught that: you can kill Trump easily and with your bare hands: for example, knowing the chakras: there are seven points on the body that: with a strong blow of the index finger! A person will die, for example, if you put a finger firmly under the throat of a person, he will die. Therefore, by practicing on the sand, it can be strengthened, so that whenever you see Trump, you kill him. Why should you kill Trump? The most important reason is that: American logic says that if you don’t kill, they will kill you! That is, if Trump, who is available now, is not killed. Tomorrow, when he votes, he will kill all the students in an atrocious manner! And like the previous course, he calls it: student suicide! Therefore, he was involved in the murder of many people, and he should be avenged. Including in the murder of Martyr Soleimani, Abu Muhandes and eight of their companions. Although Iran wants to take revenge on them, there are more than four laws that prevent it: First, Iran is the 52nd state of the United States, so any action against Trump must be taken through the state court. Secondly, in Iran, the capitulation law has not been officially canceled yet, so according to this law, this case should be heard in Washington. For this reason, Iran cannot file a complaint against Israel or take Trump to court. Third, due to Iran’s adherence to the JCPOA, tearing up the JCPOA is ignored. Therefore, the killing of Iranians, especially General Soleimani, was according to the JCPOA, and Trump is not to blame. And finally, according to the 2030 document (family planning) and the like, Iran’s population must decrease! Therefore, whatever Iranians are killed, in any way, is not considered a crime. But it also has a prize. For this reason, the claim of 10 million Iranian killings has not been confirmed by England anywhere, and it has no record. So, in order to help Iran, Trump should be convicted and executed for so many crimes. In addition to the fact that Trump has a case of tax evasion, embezzlement and bribery, the prosecutor has declared him a fugitive. There are many ways to carry out Trump’s death sentence: the first is to kill with bare hands: in martial arts and self-defense, all these methods are taught. Therefore, a martial artist can cut off his head with a kick. A boxer can: make him understand by punching the confused person. Second: Use of cold weapons: It is allowed to carry cold weapons in all election meetings and gatherings. Therefore, a person who does not have physical strength, or does not know martial arts, can carry boxing gloves or knives and machete with him. Even with a nail clipper or a key ring, you can take his breath away. Because old age, excessive use of drugs, has not left him a chance. He may have a stroke even after starting the operation and seeing the attack! and disappear. As after an Iranian hit him on the neck, he stopped attending meetings. And this matter imposed a high cost on him for his advertising and protection. Third, the use of firearms or automatic weapons. that a person can do his work from a further distance and leave the scene after Trump dies. Fourth, the use of professional killers. That is, he paid the salary of a professional assassin, so that he himself would kill Trump in his own way. And they usually do this cleanly, leaving no evidence. Of course, there are as many ways to kill Trump as there are people! That means anyone can do this. For example, someone may offer him a poisonous ice cream. Or put poison in his food. Or make fake alcohol. Therefore, I recommend to all those who are friends and collaborators with Trump: if they eliminate my rival, in addition to the cash prize, they should be honored with the responsibility of the American presidency, or: good posts in I leave it to them. Hoping for free elections: in the absence of Republican and Democratic parties. Thank you: Ahmad Mahini: US presidential candidate and the founder of global unity.

No one has the right to advertise about these two, and severe punishment awaits them. All human meetings should be disrupted, and if someone can throw a tomato or hit them with a fist, if he has a strong body, he should hit one of their seven chakras with his index finger. So that the world will be free from them forever

Banning and removing two American parties
Democratic and Republican parties should be dissolved due to the suppression of students! They have betrayed people and students for two hundred years, and today is the end of the line! And we give them the end point (full stop) and (dead line). And we will have a funeral ceremony for them! enough. Enough of all this oppression. 300 million in America, and 8 billion in the world, the captives of the Rothschild family and the E-Pack organization and the like are enough. All Rothschilds must be killed! And their wealth should be distributed among the poor. Zionist and liberal organization: hidden and open, they have no value anymore. We have to fight against a system that has placed 99% of the world’s wealth in just one percent of them. The only way to fight is the justice of Ali, that these riches should be confiscated and its people should be executed, and its resources should be divided equally among all. Even those black people in remote African jungle villages have a share of this wealth. All American weapons factories should be confiscated. All of them become residential units and complexes. The weapons must be melted and made of them: an iron beam and a corner! and be used to build housing for the homeless. The share of all the people of the world should be given equally. Because America has been robbing the people of the world for 70 years! And it adds to the wealth of the one percenters. According to the latest statistics, 75% of American assets are owned by the Zionists. Naturally, they do not like anti-Zionist students. Therefore, students should know that: they are their main enemy, that: their property should be confiscated and given to the poor. One of my plans is to make the whole world a land. And the whole population in one big data! be collected According to preliminary estimates, the total population of the world is 8 billion people, and the total area of the earth is 510 million square kilometers! This means that each person gets 60,000 square meters of land. Every human being is the owner of 60 thousand square meters. The Rothschild family and other big owners have taken all this to the point where 45 million people are homeless in America. The total wealth of the world is 450 trillion dollars. It means that every person on earth has 56 thousand dollars of wealth! All of which are gathered in the hands of the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. They must stop accumulating wealth. And share whatever they have among the people. While cruelly, they have taken the wealth in their hands, and they have made the people in debt for the same amount! Now the amount of US foreign debt is 30 trillion dollars, the public debt is 16 trillion dollars. This means that every American who is born owes one hundred thousand dollars. The expenses of the American government are 6 trillion dollars, while its income is not more than 3 trillion dollars. A deficit is imposed on the people. With all these misfortunes, 35 trillion dollars, it gives financial aid to Israel! And more than 31 trillion dollars, it does not have currency reserves. All this means that the American government is a coercive, authoritarian and expensive government, which closes the way for the poor and helps the rich in robbing the people! And all this is planned in these two parties. Therefore, to the American police and the supporters of the Biden and Trump governments! I warn: it would be better if they resigned and became hermits. Otherwise, the students will go to all their properties and confiscate them and divide them among the people. Students have a duty from today: to identify these properties and properties and provide them to the media. And if they don’t cooperate, inform the people of the world on social networks. It is natural that a part of this wealth will be given to those who cooperate in the study and preparation of information. They can collect information locally, but university professors must act on a large scale. Thank you Ahmad Mahini: US presidential candidate from Mahin’s Party, and the founder of World Unity

Celebrities for hire: America’s police
All those who did not act to defend American students are mercenary celebrities: Biden and Trump. These can also be considered spies of the FBI organization, because now in America, two parties have united and: in the shadow of the federal police, they are confronting anti-oppression students. Therefore, Iranian celebrities! Infantry: FBI, CIA and Pentagon. Some of them are officially dual citizens and have pledged to the American police. But the others have also committed secretly. Their case is open in the federal police and they get paid from there. Most of them are supporters of Trump’s victory! to complete the work of the Islamic Republic. Some defend diplomatically! They say that with Trump’s victory, the collapse of America will accelerate. Like many who support Netanyahu! But they give the opposite reason: they say: Netanyahu’s behavior brings the death of Israel closer. While on this side, I am a candidate and I will not let the two of them vote, i.e. Biden and Trump. Because Biden has old age and Alzheimer’s. Trump also has the salary tax case and the murder of Martyr Soleimani. My plans include: to take Iran out of the 52nd state of America (and capitulation, document 2030, JCPOA). And on the contrary, make America the 32nd province of Iran. For more than 60 years, I have written articles and given lectures and debates in this regard. My second plan is the transformation of the White House into Hosseinieh, which I started a few years ago and so far, many steps have been taken. Today, people easily hold Friday prayers and congregations in its courtyard, and Muharram days are also celebrated. Only one sponsor should be found to feed the Hosseini worshipers and mourners. In this case, both the population will increase and the occupation and change of use of the White House will be easier and faster. If I vote, I will close all the Delta and state bodies and hand over their buildings to the homeless. I will free Iran’s assets, and return stolen or smuggled property. More importantly, I will support the students and take them to Gaza and visit Jerusalem. I have already purchased a large plot of land in the city of Baalbek, which will be a free base or procession for feeding and housing students. The distance from my land to Jerusalem is 20 minutes by car and if they walk, it will take 5 hours. In order to make this free: the pilgrimage of anti-oppression students of 200 American universities (and even Canadian, English, French and Spanish…) I have already ordered Yemen (Al-Houthi) to repair and restore all one hundred and twenty confiscated ships. Send to US ports. that students can reach Lebanon and the city of Baalbek for free. All my speeches and debates will be in Jerusalem. The next plan is to move the United Nations to Gaza. and give its buildings to the poor. Israel doesn’t have two more options: Either move towards decline with Netanyahu’s policies: and disappear altogether. Or to join the protest Saturdays with my supporters in Tel Aviv: so that they can remain in Israel: oust the Netanyahu government, and form a coalition government of repentant Arabs, Christians and Jews. The United Nations also removed the name of Israel from the list of countries and called the entire region Palestine. I will ask the American representative not to veto any more. And let free elections be held in the entire Palestinian region according to the vote of the General Assembly. Therefore, I ask the celebrities not to be silent, but to support the students, so that I get a high vote. Because after traveling to Gaza, students return to their universities with a bag of experience and knowledge. And they will implement my plans. Thank you: Ahmad Mahini, US presidential candidate from Mahin Party and founder of World Unity

Invitation to Gaza
All American anti-atrocity students are invited to reach Gaza by any means possible. So that Ahmad Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, will give a speech to them. He has decided to hold all his meetings, debates and propaganda carnivals in Gaza. These lectures will be translated into 128 languages of the world and published in Naday Mahin magazine: any applicant can receive the PDF for free by sending a message on Telegram: 00989120836492. Dear students, it is their responsibility to guide them through the necessary channels. identify and reach Gaza. Therefore, in the first stage, all those who have the ability to be in Gaza are given priority. They can form resistance nuclei and bring some with them. The people of Gaza are eagerly waiting for your help and friendship. The second stage of sending is related to those who have weak financial means. They have to come to Gaza on long walks. For example, by visiting the embassies of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc., they should declare their readiness, so that Yemen can transport them with hundreds of ships that they captured from America. . The people of Lebanon, especially the city of Baalbek, are fully prepared to accommodate and feed them for free. Baalbek in Lebanon is the closest safe route to Jerusalem and Gaza. which is 20 minutes away. Everyone can consider this city as their home, especially the Blessed Tomb (Khola bint Al-Hussein) and the Grand Mosque. The people of Gaza are ready to bring them to Jerusalem through safe canals and tunnels. or receive them in Gaza. Gaza is now preparing itself: to host 8 billion people of the world, from every corner, language and thought. Gaza is the center of awakening and consciousness: all the people of the world. Although they gave 40 thousand martyrs, they got 8 billion supporters instead. Therefore, they consider it their honor to welcome all human beings, of every color, race, and creed, for free. and accompany them to visit Jerusalem. So our plan is: to participate in congregational prayers every day, we will meet each other in Friday prayers every week. A procession will be held after the Friday prayer. Everyone in the world can: do something like this, and then connect with each other (or those who believe, be patient and patient and connect and fear God so that you may prosper) so that God will bring them to happiness and prosperity. The happiness and prosperity of the world is in following the divine orders: for coexistence, peace and friendship. With your presence in Gaza, the war will end! And Israel is removed from the scene forever. Of course, pacifists from Israel have a separate line. We invite them to Gaza. Those who keep protest on Saturdays in difficult police and military conditions, and think of deep peace with all the people of the world. Those who are missing from Israel’s war machine. And they ask God to destroy forever: the war machine and the technology of the exterminators… In my country, which used to be the 52nd state of America, and now it is the superpower of the world: everyone is eagerly waiting for Arbaeen to come for the whole world to see. : that the people who have come to Arbaeen do not intend to return to their homes! to wait for another year. Rather, they will have a step on the way to Gaza. And when visiting Jerusalem, they will say: The road to Jerusalem passes through Karbala. Stay with us to see the ultimate peace and friendship:
Thanks to Ahmad Mahini, the founder of World Unity, and the candidate for the presidency of the United States

Exterminator bureaucracies
All-round defense of anti-oppression students of American, Canadian universities and all students around the world, who fight against the oppressor and defend the oppressed according to the will of Hazrat Ali, is obligatory. Shame on the American mercenary police, Republican and Democratic parties. who defend the oppressor and attack the oppressed! Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate, condemned both parties by publishing a statement. Because they become the treasury! have become Israel The Democrats will approve as much money as Israel wants, and as many weapons as it wants! Republicans are sending him. Therefore, bureaucrats and technocrats, due to their narrow-mindedness, which they called structuralism, are essentially enemies of humanity. Because the bureaucracy does not have the power to absorb 8 billion people, it is forced to reduce the population (massacre) until it reaches six million Zionists! that can be managed. Basically, the party is monopolistic, narrow-minded and against human development. Because he has no worse excuse for his poor management. While the Prophets and Saints paid attention to all human beings by creating the Ummah and are proud of them. But the parties have only a cadre and central point of view, they even turn their backs on their supporters: and they see them only as cannon fodder, when necessary! Call and form a plenum. In this American electoral voting, sometimes even one vote changes people’s fate! While the fate of people should not be played. The foundation of the Republican Party is based on the sale of weapons. And therefore, there must be war, or the shadow of war, in the whole world so that people buy more weapons. And they can dominate public opinion with astronomical income. Trump’s only advantage over Biden is that: people to the myth of their wealth! leads to the voting field. But everyone knows that no matter how much his wealth is, it cannot even justify his tax evasion. Because it can be said that all the wealth of the world is provided by tax evasion. The existence of all humans is zero! This is why the Qur’an says: You poor people! The wealth of those who have an illusion of wealth is from not paying khums, zakat, taxes, worker’s rights, insurance, and the like. In fact, rich people are thieves who come with a light: and they pick people’s pockets in broad daylight, for example, what does Microsoft or Amazon do? They sell their worthless products at the highest possible price, in complete monopoly and narrow-mindedness. It impoverishes millions of people to make themselves rich. All pyramid schemes, betting and gambling, etc., are all based on robbery and theft in broad daylight. Just like the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, they have become rich to the people based on the high price of food. What do trusts and cartels mean? It means pulling people into the shop! And emptying their pockets. To trap people like mice, who have no other way than to buy installments, that is, to sell their future income. Expensiveness and poverty are the product of gas attacks: basic technology companies, and bureaucratic people. They make complex formulas: that people do not understand! so that they can empty their pockets easily. Bank lottery is for the same purpose: they show in the green garden and: they empty everyone’s pockets. And in this system, today, students and intellectuals of the world have risen. And I ask them to continue their uprising. Destroy police stations. Divide the palaces among the poor. And leave the police departments to the homeless. Taki must be the American police, the illegitimate children of two parties, who: in fact, are no more than a few bureaucrats responsible for Zionism. Today, the heads of these dragons have been smashed. God’s hand has come out of Iran, help this hand. Thanks to Ahmad Mahini, the US presidential candidate

The factor of increasing poverty: the rule of technocrats
In a paradox of technocrats and common people, technocrats always win. And therefore the common people get frustrated and disappointed. For example, the issue of construction and public housing is the biggest issue of technocrats. As we witness: whenever housing becomes cheap and plentiful, technocrats become unemployed! And they get less profit. Therefore, there should always be a shortage of housing, so that they can make big profits. In fact, the wealth of the technocrats comes from the poverty of the common people. It is the same in the case of banks: when the banks are fat, it means that the people are poor. Because they gave everything they had to the banks. In agriculture, etc., and even in medicine, this is disastrous. For example, they say not to eat salt! Or do not consume sugar. While people get sick! And they go to the hospital, first of all, they receive sugar and salt serum! And this means making people sick who: have to go to the doctor. Or instead of dividing the treasury equally, they saved it in banks! And they give people a trickle in the name of subsidies. And that’s why in industrial production! Instead of using wood chips and sawdust, subsidized wheat flour to produce MDF! to use And instead of refining oil, they smuggle it crude and widely. Because it is profitable to smuggle. The betrayal of the technocrats is not limited here, they considered selling the homeland as permissible under the pretext of technology, science and expertise and were proud of it. The sincerity of their words was that: if the industrial world has reached its progress at a high speed in all fields, it has been through abandoning religion and separating politics from religion. Ideology was defined by the number of people! So that no one goes to God. According to them, humanism is seeking superiority: it is a human who has rebelled against God. He led the chariot of the gods to Mount Olympus, imprisoned them and cut off their hands from the world! They have even interfered in people’s dressing: for example, wearing a tie is a characteristic, felt hat is a cause of lagging behind the caravan of progress! They said to Bakhtiari, the owner of the oil wells: You are the seal of Ali here! The oil well of thirty bags! They said give all the antiques, antiquities and gold and silver treasures to Israel, England and America, who appreciate them! They build skyscrapers as advanced technology! They considered it to be a blessed place, destroyed the house of God and the tombs of the innocents for the sake of finding treasures. In Saudi Arabia, they have destroyed three thousand historical monuments and turned them into highways. God’s house has been placed like a millet grain in front of the greatness of Burj Al-Abraaj. Technocrats have no commitment to humanity, morals and religions and only consider Zionism on Saturdays to strengthen Israel’s war machine: praying for victory in the massacre of Palestinians. They considered destruction and destruction with atomic bombs as their right and wanted Japan and Germany without an army. Not only did they use phosphorus bombs to massacre humanity, but they also gave a reward for the destruction of Gaza. According to them, the oppressed people of Palestine, who were fighting to get their land back, were a bunch of backward people who: only death could make them progress! They breathed progress, but they meant progress in the massacre of the world. Because they looked at America only as an arsenal and a dump of ammunition to strengthen their war machine. And the exporter of skilled soldiers to Russia! These weapons! Only Russians were valid if they had a Zionist president like Ukraine. And in a word, technology has been the task of superiority: the minority Zionists over the global majority. And the technocrats only thought about the massacre of backward people. And they knew the way to progress: building bigger destroyers. 8 billion bread eaters as soon as possible! 6 million Zionists should be freed.

Coping or adapting?
Everyone is trying to adapt the Quranic sciences with new sciences, while it was created based on confronting the Quran. For example, the theory of evolution says that man arose from a monkey and evolved, while the Qur’an says: We created man in the best calendar. We created man at his highest level. All sciences try to de-God, that is, to make God unemployed and retired, while the Qur’an says that God is active. And the whole Yom Ho Fei Shan. The concept of democracy, which many consider to be Quranic, is actually the adaptation of the Quran to disbelief. Democracy means the rule of the people over the people, while the Qur’an says the rule of God over the people. All science is actually a summary of the words of Roman Caesar, who limited God to the heavens and left the earth for Caesar to rule. Science, which we interpret as classical or secular, only aims to de-religiousize. While the Quran advises people to be religious. Taylor’s and Fayol’s management is based on human being as an intelligent programmed gorilla, while Quranic management is based on human dignity and magnificence. Fayol’s management is from the bottom up, which means that people are first foremen, then intermediate managers, and then they reach top management. But in the Qur’an, from the very beginning, man has the highest position, i.e., the successor of God on the whole earth. Now we are going to correct and confront the principles and functions of management: the definition of management is to maximize profit for oneself, while the Qur’an says, “I do not recommend against implementation.” It means that the Prophet has zero expectations for guiding and planning, selecting and employing people. It is also mentioned in the narrations that a believer is less expensive for himself and more profitable for others. That is, the salaries of CEOs tend to zero according to management degrees. The duties of management in the Qur’an are four things or cases: The manager is the work of four close angels: Gabriel is the agent and life and legislative power, Michael is the executive power and provider, Israfil is the inspector and judicial power, Azrael is also the agent of collection and transfer and the power of divine death. Is. In the same way, Ali in Nahj al-Balagha considers the duties of teachers to be four: financial affairs (tax collection), restoration of the people (cultural), construction of the land (construction), and jihad against the enemies (military). The house of the Kaaba has four sides. God’s human resource management is based on creation, not transformation. That is, whatever force God wants to employ, He creates it from nothing. But Western resource management is based on stealing other people’s resources. And their raw material is transformation or production. And therefore, in a sense, God has made this world a management workshop for man so that he can discover his talents and prepare for the management of a bigger world (heaven and hell). The motives or basis of God’s power are based on rewards and punishments. And he considers the highest motivation for man to melt in himself. And do what God does in managing the world. Pure obedience or unity of command is the only way in. The training of human resources is done directly by God through revelation, and he taught agriculture and animal husbandry to Hazrat Adam, sewing clothes and teaching to Idris, writing to Prophet Seth, etc. While in western theories, everything is determined based on incidents and accidents. In fact, non-scientific foundations are the basis of management. For this reason, no management theory has more than one use. And all those who experience it, find it ineffective and incomplete and give a new theory themselves. While the Qur’an says that the end of the Ummah will not last forever…

How to fight against hijab?
Hijab is God’s command: people should be present in the streets, and support the officers in the fight against not wearing the hijab. The greatest motivation of the martyrs was the hijab: because I myself fell into the Shah’s political prison many times, just because of the struggle against hijab, in 1956, the height of the struggle against the hijab, and the height of desperation, I complained to God: why doesn’t he prevent these hijabs? Dirty songs with dirty lyrics call people to the sea to show up there with minimal hijab and nakedness. Everywhere was compared to the sea. When I was a teenage reporter, at Girls and Boys Magazine, the managers always put us young girls without hijabs: which was called Mini Jup at that time. They once invited aLimmohammadi, who calls himself the husband of actress Marjan. In the hall of the Information Institute, all the journalists were gathered. The reporter jealously asked him that: When your wife becomes an object of others and creates sexy scenes in the movie Gholam Gendarme, you don’t get upset (doesn’t it suit your jealousy?) He answered: It’s like by the sea! Do you feel jealous when you go to the seaside? My wife has to have sex with everyone due to the requirements of her job. Cinema is based on sex. women and wine When I reached the rank of the youngest reporter of the youth magazine, they asked me to post photos of prostitutes and naked actresses for free in some hours of the day, in addition to preparing reports. All this meanness and ignominy in the Cultural Institute of Information forced me to go to the funny newspaper of that time, that is, Tawfiq. Sometimes he wrote jokes about being naked. But these jokes were useless, because my family was disappearing before my eyes. I had to give my sister one Rial a day so that she could go out with a tent. We used to propose to everyone, they said that the wedding night should be drunk! With great difficulty, I found a good and veiled wife who was a teacher training student: we performed Abu Dhar’s play on the wedding night! According to Dr. Shariati, who wrote the book Hasan and Mehbooba. Finally, the people rose up. And they created the incident of 17th of Shahrivar. All their rebellion was with veiled women to the point where: Farah wore a tent during the pilgrimage of Imam Reza. And he said to the reporter: Maybe one day Chador will become Iran’s Madroz. Professor Motahari, who was angered by the insolence of Zan Rooz magazine, was forced to write the whole hijab issue with taqiyyah. But today, the jurist and ruler of our Shariah, Mossut Al-eed, and should not let that era return. And people make fun of hijab in the name of becoming European or American. They don’t want to believe that: Americans or Europeans themselves will be veiled. And they still sigh at the memory of Taghut era. Most cosmetics are consumed in Iran. While the cleanest women are in Europe and America. Even in Turkey, where there is an ideal of non-hijabs, only by the sea of Antalya, it is like this, the rest of the Turkish people wear hijabs. Wherever the enemy is lacking, it will not be lacking here! Still, our bus or taxi drivers sing seafaring songs. After 50 years, they still don’t believe in the revolution. Even though the biggest drone attack on Israel was heard all over the world, which may be the heavenly sign that is one of the signs of the coming, but the enemy is trying to change everything with his only propaganda tool, i.e. International. Like those who shouted in the Uhud Strait, we have not been defeated yet! They also shout that we will destroy the drone attack by not wearing hijab. And they counter that great victory by dividing money among prostitutes. Whores who just scream. They simply see that: budding prostitutes are free! Girls and women who smoke, drink, and sleep in the arms of men for free to show themselves naked.

Why don’t you come to Quds?
Jerusalem is the first Qibla of Muslims. And all the prophets prayed there. Israel is also obliged not to prevent praying because the most unjust person in the eyes of God is the one who obstructs the mosque. And Iran showed that it can destroy Israel in a few seconds with the operation of True Promise. The reason why it does not do this is the screening of the Zionists. Because firstly, not all Jews are Zionists, and secondly, many Zionists have taken refuge there from the bad incident. They show their obvious difference with Saturday protests. And so we are waiting for them to do something. For example, assassinate Netanyahu, or allow Palestinians to enter the cabinet. Or to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem free for all people like Karbala. Therefore, our plan is for all the people of the world to gather in Baalbek or the Golan Heights. And after visiting Ruqyah and Khola: Bantin al-Husain (A.S.), leave for Jerusalem. By vehicle, it is only a quarter of the way. But in order for the Zionist enemy not to make an excuse, we walk without equipment, even without weapons and money: we intend to visit and we go to visit. After an hour of pilgrimage, our promise will be in Baalbek again. I am negotiating to buy a plot of several hectares in Baalbek from the honorable Mousavi family. To create a big camp for pilgrims. And then the closest point to Jerusalem should be identified and purchased from their owners in Israel to provide facilities for pilgrims to rest and feed. The people inside occupied Palestine should also pay attention: their continuous presence in Jerusalem guarantees their freedom. They should be hospitable like the people of Karbala. And they don’t want Jerusalem only for themselves. Now all over the world, Muslims have protest Fridays. And the Jews protest Saturdays. Therefore, they should pay attention to prayer, and Fridays should be celebrated more gloriously. And after finishing the Friday prayer, people chant. Because almost 150 thousand participated today, which is expected to increase in the future. They can be with us in creating additional facilities for the welfare of pilgrims. Our bases are located in mosques around the world. And the imam of the congregation is responsible for guiding the pilgrims. If the pilgrims have personal expenses, they can: take themselves to Beirut and from there to Baalbek by flight or car. If there is a place in the house of Sadat and Mousavis, it will be provided to them for free. However, guesthouses and hotels will give them rooms. But those who have a low budget, or want to travel for free, should go to Imamzadegan, Bekaa Mutbarakah, and the holy shrines of Imams. Military forces such as Ansarullah, Harbullah, and Hashd al-Shaabi are obliged to bring them to the areas of Jerusalem. Yemen can use the 100 ships it has received for sea transportation of pilgrims. And all the people of the world can go to Jerusalem for pilgrimage for free. Of course, the important condition is to help the American elections, that is, everyone who has relatives or acquaintances in America should recommend that they vote for me. So that, for the first time, America will experience free elections without the restrictions of two parties. My first plan is to eliminate enmity and borders with this pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Then we will go to pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. And all the world will be in a useful communication everywhere for free: everyone who has a craving for Jerusalem, come! Because: the holy road passes through Karbala
Thanks to Ahmad Mahini, US presidential candidate from Mahin party

New jobs in Iran
The Sadiq operation has defined new jobs and responsibilities for Iran: which should be used to the maximum: the most important job according to the Qur’anic verse is to establish congregational prayers. Therefore, any youth or non-youth! who says: I am unemployed, the prayer office should hire him and send him to any corner of the world he likes to offer congregational prayers. For example, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah’s noble job is to become the representative of the jurist: in Jerusalem. He should offer prayers there, or Mr. Qalibaf, who may hand over the chairmanship of the parliament to Seyyed Mahmoud Nabawi, and become the head of the headquarters for offering prayers in the world. You should not make fun of the Qur’anic verse. The Qur’an says: Don’t worry about your salary, we will provide for you and others, even trillions of salaries, God has placed in this prayer. Because He has said everywhere: We did not create you except for worship. The headship is again placed in the congregational prayer: the Imam of the congregation is the only position and position in the organization, which is approved by all the great scholars and authorities, and they have not doubted the issue of its Imamate. While some doubted the application of Imamate to Ruhollah or Musa Sadr. They have even made (relative) justice and piety a condition for it. In the Qur’an, the real wish of everyone is Imamate for the pious. While non-prayer leadership has been introduced as the cause of destruction (I want to lead the leadership), in Mr. Qalibaf’s behaviorism, the cause of all his failures is the mistake between these two positions. It means that he is more looking for the presidency than praying. As it has been proven in Iran, Friday imams often get better votes. In fact, the training workshop of the manager or the training of the leader is imam in prayer. And it is broadcast from here every day. As the mystics have also said, if you have any wish, just pray the first prayer. It is natural for such recommendations for individual wishes and goals. And for global goals and aspirations, congregational prayers are set with as many people as possible. I also apologize that in arguments, I have to move from humanism and secularism: and human desires to divine desires. That is, people see themselves more than God, if they pray, they want to know: what benefits it has for them. Therefore, one should make the most of this divine providence given in Wadal-Saddeq operation for employment and gaining power. Because after performing the prayer, it has been mentioned that this operation was like a loader, which destroyed the enemy’s embankment. And now Iran has become the real superpower of the world that America, France, China and Russia have no choice but to obey. And if they do small mischief, it is based on their past illusions. The best way to be grateful and use this blessing of super power is to perform prayers at the world level. The conclusion of the prayer is determined by the Sahib al-Zaman or his deputy, not by the Wahhabis and the enemies of the Ahl al-Bayt family. Therefore, the appointment of congregational prayers for Bait al-Maqdis, Baitullah al-Haram, the Prophet’s Mosque and other centers should be directly chosen by the new superpower that God has blessed them with in order to praise the family of the Prophet’s family and prepare the ground for the main appearance. All these sensitive jobs of the Imamate of the world naturally also play a role in the distribution of wealth. Because all those who perform the prayer. And one day they attract God to themselves, they should also give zakat (humanist or human-centered interpretation (instead of God-centered) this is the same: when someone becomes the imam of the congregation, all wealth flows to him. And people provide them with taxes, khums, zakat and donations. And he can save his society from poverty by fair distribution (Imam’s share).

Forward diplomacy
What Maidan should have done was done well, and now it is the turn of diplomacy: to take advantage of it. Diplomacy also has three strategies ahead: First, to negate it! and follow it up with a passive and apologetic attitude. This is the wish of most of the arrogant governments and their new ones. The justification of this strategy is that: we want to speak in the language of the world, and we must hear their opinions! And as seen in the United Nations and the Security Council, they often condemned Iran. And this tremendous display of power was reversed and they introduced it as an increase in tension and against world peace. At the head of this type of diplomacy is Zarif, the previous foreign minister. which most diplomats get along better with: one of these professors! He said: If America does not intervene, it is because Iran is not its first priority! Currently, America’s priority is China and Taiwan, Russia and Ukraine, and Israel and Gaza. They even consider the billion-dollar debt of America as a sign of his power: he has so much wealth that he was able to create so much debt. They do not accept the issue of the homeless, the poor and the prisoners above imagination at all. And they say that it is the propaganda of the Islamic Republic. This type of diplomacy is called backward. This means that all people over 40 years of age follow this policy. Because they grew up in America during their youth and its decline is unbelievable in their minds. (Remember those days, remember them). The second type of diplomacy is special eating, or eating bread at the rate of a day: different countries have different positions, the importance of an honest promise attack should be reduced in order to harmonize with their opinion. lest they change their relationships. And this is also called the policy of multilateralism. The policy of multilateralism is also passive. With a regretful attitude! They are trying to make this a forgivable mistake! In contrast to the previous unforgivable mistake. And besides the United States, China and Russia are also considered superpowers. and follow their opinion with enthusiasm. Of course, they also consider a position for Iran! But at the level of a regional actor: after China and Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, and… even Turkey, Afghanistan and Syria: their basis is the devaluation of the national currency: they say that Iraq and Syria are in war and crisis. But their monetary value is increasing every day. And these two strategies or diplomatic strategies are a clear example of not recognizing God’s power. That is leaving God out of the game. While in forward diplomacy, we have to build a big wall between us and the world! The wall of piety, whoever is more pious, should stay in this framework and whoever is not, should be ignored. Because the Qur’an says: We will open all the doors of blessings and mercies to those who practice piety. 9% of the world’s mines are in Shiite Iran. Oil and gas and all the components of power and intelligent leadership are there. But they are more important to them, like a child who delights in a chocolate, the UAE that has sweetened water. They consider Saudi Arabia, which has humiliated the house of God by knocking down the towers, to be a leading country. While God has given every human being the power to become an emperor and caliph of God. But they are left in awe of how many towers, in front of King Solomon, and how many boats in front of Noah’s Ark! God’s power is above all. And we should not replace God’s power with human powers. God can humiliate all these hypocrites: as you can see in the war in Ukraine: two superpowers, armed to the teeth, are afraid of an Iranian drone. They present the money they took out of the region, or the resources they looted, to these nations with all respect. According to Trump, they spent 7 billion dollars in Iraq. And this is equivalent to the budget of Iraq years. How much did they spend in Afghanistan? God has turned their backs on them and they spend money and buy debts for themselves everywhere in the world. And it is the power of God that explains forward diplomacy.

۸ billion carnival
All of you are invited to celebrate, march and walk on the path of Holy Quds Sharif. As you saw, Israel retreated, the Eid al-Fitr prayer was performed with the presence of all classes, and at the level of millions in Jerusalem. And Israel had promised to not turn anyone back. It was because of this promise that Iran did not take revenge. Israel had removed checkpoints in many places, previously it did not allow people under 50 years of age, there was no news that day. Many disaffected Jews also participated and prayed the Eid al-Fitr prayer. And this should be permanent. That is, Israel should not stop any pilgrim. Because Jerusalem belongs to all the people of the world according to the common heritage conventions. In addition to religious tourism, there is also historical and international tourism, and people spend huge amounts of money to visit there. But in Islam, tourism, like other matters, is the opposite of tourism in the West. According to Westerners, tourists are seen as dollars! That is, he should spend whatever he can to be considered a tourist. But he is considered a guest in Islam! Everything is free. We see an example of it in Arbaeen tourism. No one has to pay. Basically, the march is for the poorest people to be able to participate. and also use offering food. Although Imam Hussain was martyred in 61 AH, he is remembered by many people today. And he fulfills their needs on the condition of offering food. All those who hold a carnival, or build a so-called procession, admit that Imam Hussain (A.S.) manages it himself! Their food will be blessed, and no one will go without food. We may play intellectual, and not believe these! But you will not find so many people in one place in any history and in any land: that too with complete security, without cost: they are increasing every year. We do not see the atomic bomb, but we cannot deny its destructive effect. While the West is looking for destruction, and making heroes of the destroyers is at the top of its agenda, Islam is looking for peace, life and welfare of the people. During the 5-year rule of Hazrat Ali, there were no hungry or poor people. Because it was a system of sharing the treasury, and everyone was given the same amount. Perhaps, if anyone was left from this cycle, Imam Ali would personally go to Anban at night and take care of them. According to Abu Basir, one of the conditions of an infallible imam is to be fluent in all languages! Up to the poor people the cost of the translator! do not give Most of our imams were kind to the people of Iran, and they spoke Persian. Even now, all the Muslims of the world are proud of Salman Farsi. Because if the word Muslim meant Arabic, it would be called Muslim. But a Muslim means someone who has become like Salman. It had reached a point where people claimed that Salman is the main prophet, because he was both literate and had three hundred years of experience: learning science and researching the history of religions. And that’s why they said: He teaches the Quran to the Prophet! The Qur’an rejects this hypothesis: (The language of Allah is non-native, and this is the Arabic language that shows “103) His language is dumb (Persian), but the Arabic Qur’an is clear. In our time, they want to suppress Iran under this pretext, but Jerusalem proves that: religion is for all human beings, even one person is important for God. God does not like: His creation to perish or waste in vain. Rather, he likes to make the world bigger and more prosperous with his own initiative. A righteous act is an act that helps peace. Peace between husband and wife, family, cities and villages, countries. And we are trying to delay Arbaeen! And we invite all the people of the world: those who came to the great procession of Arbaeen, do not consider their work finished, by any means and possibility, reach Bait al-Maqdis and Beqi.

Why did I become a candidate from America
Since America interferes in all Iranian elections, it shows that it is part of Iran. Therefore, I am considered to be born in America. And I have been living in Tehran for more than 69 years. That means, according to the second principle of the US Constitution, I am subject to candidacy. Unless America denies the coup d’état on August 28 (at the same time as my birthday). and say that America is Washington. Of course, at that time, unlike today, Iran was considered part of the United States. And Dr. Mossadegh gave a speech in all the states of America and all the states supported him. Because he said: Just as you fought against England for tea and the like, we are a nation that lives in the desert! And we only have oil wells, and England eats them. In any case, from 1332 to 1357, i.e., Iran was part of America for 25 years! I also lived in Iran. Even now that America is one of the provinces of Iran, it does not make any difference. Because the American officials have nothing to think about except Iran. They are even present in elections and appointments. In the recent round of Iranian parliament elections, after the candidates they wanted were not elected, they said: There is no freedom of election in Iran! We are sure that they will criticize me in the US presidential election if I vote. Because from the dawn of the Islamic Revolution until now, all the presidents of America were executed by Iran: when Imam Khomeini said Carter should go. People did not vote for him either. And all the candidates, their success depended on the opinion of Iran. If Trump also claimed the destruction of ISIS, he came to work. And now, in order to win popular votes, he criticizes Biden for supporting Israel. But the test cannot be tested again. Trump made a promise and lied. Even now, people do not believe. And they will not vote for him. And if he gets a vote, the state court will arrest him for tax evasion: Biden is also suffering from a sharp drop in votes for defending Israel, and there will be convulsions in the election sessions of both. It is often by Iranians! For example, an Iranian Kurd slapped Trump in the presence of all his supporters. And in all of Biden’s election conferences, the issue of Gaza is brought up and causes the supporters to disperse. But I have three basic plans: First, I will eradicate poverty (by dividing government property and big capitalists), I will turn the White House into a cardboard box, and Trump’s palaces will become hotels for the homeless. And all police stations or government offices are divided to provide housing and food for the people. Second, I will return peace to the world. For this purpose, a large number of people from all over the world will go on a long march to visit Jerusalem. And Israel is forced to accept them, and to entertain them or to allow: the processions in all the occupied territories, to support the pilgrims. And if he makes a mistake, his name will be removed from the list of UN countries. My third plan is the integration of all the people of the world: that there is no more enmity. When there was no enmity, military expenses are spent on economic expenses: and providing bread and housing for the people. Since all the people of the world are united, 220 armies of the world will be unemployed. Their forces will be used to build housing and: repair infrastructure. Of course, these plans were implemented during the time of Hazrat Ali, when there were no poor people. And it will prepare the ground for a one world government, led by someone: who loves people. And he knows all their situations. Not those who take everything they can for themselves! And that is none other than Imam Mahdi. And I have dedicated 231 hectares of land in Mashhad to Imam Zaman. Thanks to Ahmad Mahini, US presidential candidate from Mahin party

Diplomat’s Day
Dr. Zarif said in one of the press conferences: Journalist’s Day: On that day, 7 diplomats and one journalist were martyred in Mazar-e-Sharif! And that day should have been named as a diplomat. But the reporters were smart! Therefore, the answer should be given today: the day of the martyrdom of 7 people in the Iranian embassy in Syria should be named the Diplomat’s Day. So that there is a support, even if it is small, from all the brave, risk-taking and martyrdom-seeking diplomats. Because on that day, I was a close witness: we were going to go to Syria at the border of Bokmal (the city of Qaim in Iraq), so that after visiting Zainabiyah, we would go to the Golan Heights and enter the land of Israel through a wave of people. But suddenly, we were surrounded by an escort, and they said you have to go back. We said why? We coordinated with the Iranian consul general in Karbala, and they said, unfortunately, they bombed the embassy thinking that you had gone to the embassy. Even one of the martyrs, like our group (from Khorasan to Palestine), flew from Zayat Mashhad to Qom pilgrimage, and from there to Syria: and it increased the suspicion of the Israelis. This shows the big mistake of Iran’s diplomacy: following customs Diplomacy is our enemy. Our enemies’ method is based on relying on organizations and centralism. While the Islamic way is to rely on the people. For this reason, with the testimony of a diplomat, all our measures for people’s presence in Namazeed al-Fitr of Bait al-Maqdis were foiled. From the beginning, the enemy has sought to remove the stars, so that the people will go wrong, and the presence of the people has thwarted all the conspiracies. Imam Khomeini even looked at the organizations as popular: and he considered the organizations attributed to the leader or an individual to be obsolete. His famous saying: Our leader is that thirteen-year-old child.. After Beheshti’s martyrdom, he was mentioned as an ummah, not an organizational person. Therefore, diplomats are usually confused in these situations. And they are not able to continue: as far as the field is ahead of diplomacy. It is natural that from the point of view of Western diplomacy, only the right to protest remains for us. But Islamic diplomacy says: Even if the Prophet was martyred, you should not retreat or stop! The movement is not based on a person. While diplomacy closes all ways, and calls them undiplomatic. And therefore the diplomatic custom must change. Even the words of Supreme Leader of the Revolution are not included there. He considers diplomacy to be an activity based on honor, wisdom and expediency. But they only accepted expediency! That is the interest of the enemy! That is, if the enemy martyred a commander or a diplomat in order to stop the operation, they should treat him kindly! Until, for example, the killer of Martyr Soleimani dares to run for the presidency again. And all Iranian diplomats should consider his victory certain. And they are waiting for their turn: to surrender to Trump’s missiles. And these are just those who are noble. Right now, the non-provincials have prepared themselves to remove the twelve obstacles to the JCPOA (one of which was the removal of Shahid Shalimani). and continue the spiritual path. And they say, you see, we understand the language of the world better. As a result of this diplomacy, there is a diplomatic understanding and the custom of diplomats that: Israel will destroy all of Gaza by force. Because he considers himself a reality, and Gaza is unreal. Global diplomacy also accepted him as a reality. The suggestion is to first support my candidacy for the presidency of the United States. Secondly, Mr. Seyyed Mahmoud Nabavi should be the speaker of the parliament. Diplomats also go to seminary classes. And get to know the diplomacy method of Hazrat Ali, and the Prophet of Islam, who made a world civilization out of a primitive and Hashish people.
Thanks to Ahmed Mahini, the candidate for the presidency of the United States

scorched earth policy
Unfortunately, Iran is involved in policies that are called the scorched earth policy. And for this reason, it is forbidden to give SS300, or air defense of any kind. and the people of Yemen, Gaza. They are completely air defenseless. As long as the enemy wants, whenever and wherever: he will operate. Not a single shot is fired at them. The basis and theory of this policy is based on: anti-human hypothesis. which is completely anti-Islamic. And that is extraterritorial expansion, and depopulation of the world through war. War crimes that take place as: defense of the land. For example, the former Soviet Union was pro-Palestinian, but not for the sake of the Palestinian people, but to annex it to its sovereign empire or to prevent its annexation to a rival. If he defended Vietnam, it did not mean that the Vietnamese people would survive: and form their own government again. Rather, it was the transformation of that drawer into one of the neighboring and satellite countries. Even though all the people of Vietnam would be killed. Therefore, they always promote chocolate policy in these kinds of politics. By giving them a few Kalashnikovs, they make them happy, while America sent them all to the cemetery with their Kalashnikovs. Even now, we can say that the Palestinians used to throw stones. But now they are throwing rockets! But we can see that their Andazi missile causes massacre of more people. That is, it gives an excuse to Israel to raze Gaza to the ground. While if they had SS 300 or 15 Khordad, or even rocket launchers like Stinger, no Israeli plane would dare to look inside Gaza. Therefore, in front of the people of Gaza, the people of the world and their politicians are in four categories: some people like America, Israel neither want the people of Gaza, nor approve of the country called Palestine. To the extent that the Minister of War of the Zionist regime considers the Palestinians to be a bunch of human-like animals: they must be destroyed because they are dangerous (Aqtala al-Moazi before An Yuzi). The second category is those who love the Palestinian people, and want to create a Palestinian state with their own vote, at the top of which is the Islamic Republic of Iran, Yemen, Iraq, and South Lebanon. Many governments want to preserve Palestine. But with the administration of other countries, the people of Palestine do not like it. Rather, they want their land. And some people say: If the Palestinians want to survive, they must move. It means a land without Palestinians. Therefore, it should be known that the most dangerous way is not to prevent the killing and massacre of Palestinians in the name of the Islamic Republic! While Imam Jafar Sadiq says: God’s house is very great and important. But the importance of a believer is higher than that. And God says: Do you think that the creation of the heavens and the earth was difficult or the creation of Adam? But I created all the heavens and the earth for Adam. Because one of the children of Hazrat Fatimah was miscarried due to Omar’s slap, whose name was Mohsen. And the poet said: or killing Mohsen, they killed one third of the Sadats of the world. And in the Qur’an, the killing of Abel by Cain is mentioned as a massacre (Fakkanamma Qatla al-Nanas Jami’ah) for this reason: Iran, by making a film called Surviving, was inspired by a Palestinian child who was left during the massacre: Sabra and Shatila. Takes. Just as the Shia consider Sadat’s generation to be Kawsar because of not killing one person: Imam Sajjad in Karbala. All Sadats of Iran are descendants of Yazdgerd III (on the mother’s side), and are also considered the grandsons of Imam Ali (a.s.) on the father’s side. More importantly, Gaza, whose original name is Gaza Hashemi. Jordan is also Jordan Hashemi. And therefore, its historical root is the Jewish enmity with Ishmael’s generation. Therefore, there is not a single case of war with Jews in the film Hazrat Muhammad.
Thanks to Ahmad Mahini, the presidential candidate of the United States

Global Poverty Eradication Plan
During his rule, Hazrat Ali (AS) announced that there was no poor person in that vast empire, from China to Egypt and from Armenia to Yemen. While in our current government, the New Khans have announced that the poor have not only not decreased, but are increasing every day. It should be seen what Ali did? First, Ali’s vision was universal, not nationalistic. Therefore, from this point of view, 8 billion people in the world are all God’s family (Al-Nas Ayal Allah) and their poverty means hunger, thirst, homelessness and unemployment. And God has appointed man as his caliph to solve these problems. Because these problems are man-made and created by people for others. While God says: One day before your birth, We placed you in the mother’s milk. Or he says, do not kill or abort your children for fear of poverty. We will provide you and them (Nahan Narzaqkam and Ayahm), of course, the Imam of the Time (and his vicegerent) is not designated for a neighborhood or people, but has a global mission. If an anklet is stolen from a Jewish woman’s foot, even in the most remote part of the world, Hazrat Ali says: If someone in charge dies when he hears it, I do not blame him. In the second stage, he had set a pension for government and non-government employees. In such a way that even his brother was too greedy, he advised him with molten iron. Now the employees of the government or public sector and public and private sector companies get astronomical salaries. But no one in the world receives subsidies. And if it is given in America, it is less than the minimum. Therefore, there has been a sharp difference of opinion, which cannot be avoided. And it causes inflation and high prices. Because governments, like Britain, buy all the food at a higher price, there is nothing left for the weak. For example, the total per capita subsidy of each person does not even reach one kilo of meat. The third movement and plan of Imam Ali was to divide the treasury. While now the treasury is being saved! It means that people’s poverty is created to fill the treasury. Suppose all the governments of the world close their central bank and treasury, and divide everything among the people, will there be any poor people? According to the Qur’anic verse, this work is considered a hoard of money, and there is a severe punishment waiting for those in charge of the treasuries. The severe punishment can be the workers’ and barefoot revolutions, it can be high prices, inflation, and public dissatisfaction. And all this aside, the divine punishment for fruitlessness: it is God’s sustenance that: the promise of hell fire has been given. And whoever makes Bait al-Mal or Anfal a private or state property, and does not distribute it among the people, is subjected to this punishment, and the authority of Imamate is removed from them. Even in the division of the treasury, one should not be nationalist! One of the conditions of an infallible Imam is that he knows all the languages of the world, even animals. And this shows that Anfal or public property is for everyone, even those whose language we do not know. As the oil well is not supposed to be given to an individual, but its income should be divided among the people of all regions. The presence of mines and divine blessings in some areas is not the reason for their privatization. The whole world should be in the hands of Imam Zaman or his rightful deputy. And he should divide it. If he does not share, he has forbidden the right. Will anyone remain poor in a place where people have an equal share of land, forest, mountain, plain, and mine? Of course, those who are out of the system. Or it is not possible to pay them: it is given to their guardians like children or disabled people. And if they don’t have guardianship, the ruler himself must take care of them. If Hazrat Ali took bread and food to the survivors and the poor outside the office hours (at night) alone. And at night, because he couldn’t visit everyone and there might be someone left, he puts his head in the well. And he asked God for forgiveness. If he had neglected to take care of a martyr’s family, he put his face in front of the fire.
Thanks to Ahmad Mahini, US presidential candidate from Mahin party

What is righteous action?
There have been various interpretations regarding righteous action, which is the only request of God from mankind, but here it means peacemaker, because war means destroying creatures and God’s creations, but peace means synergy and helping God. For the development and interaction of the world, for example, in today’s world, the work of Israel. Everything is war, killing children until the destruction of all structures, but blood cannot be washed away with blood, and if a dog bites a man’s leg, we should not bite the dog’s leg either, but with the large presence of people, we will destroy Jerusalem with empty hands. On the day of Quds, we will take it back.

Quds is waiting for us. Come and let’s go
The departure of the Khorasan caravan to Palestine could draw the attention of world officials to a new phase in the conquest of Quds. For a long time, Hamas issued an announcement that. People of the world to enter Jerusalem. He invited and even ordered his people to eliminate the checkpoints. Until recently, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah also announced a global invitation to attend Jerusalem. Mahin News strategic think tank believes that the only way to conquer Quds is on foot. which is completed by praying and visiting Jerusalem, so herewith. He wants all the people of the world to march. To Quds Sharif. participate until the last Friday of Ramadan. The largest congregational prayer in the world should be held in Jerusalem. Today, for the entire month, we are going between Karbala and Najaf to go to Jerusalem, waiting for the coordination of Hashd al-Shaabi and the necessary coordination. These nights are the month of Ramadan and people. They have two joys, one is the joy of fasting and the other is breaking the fast next to Imam Ali and Imam Hussain and his companions, as if Abolfazl is still the towering guardian of the tent, and the security of the city is in his hands. And Imam Hossein seems to be still holding his six-month-old baby in his hand and pointing to the infanticide in Israel, he shouts every time, Hey, Nasser Yansrani, is there anyone who can stop infanticide, according to the words of an Iranian poet, in the alleged century of UNICEF. And Ali (a.s.) in Nachaf Qonudeh, where Kufa is oblivious to the night prayers, and makes it easy for the mosque with his own hand, lest the Imam of the Time should be left alone, and according to that Persian poet, the words of the angels are before him, and the words God wanted everyone to be human, on earth. Colorful lights until morning, and eating suhoor and praying the first morning prayer. And the people still hold their imams in their arms with joy. It is as if Habib Ibn Mazhar is a special bodyguard for Imam Hussain, and everyone should visit him twice. It is possible, for this imam without a grave, his brother and father are celebrating his birthday, and they are laying stones, as if the imam of the time must come, destroy Al Saud, and conquer Makkah, so that Baqi will also be rebuilt. But the beginning of the emergence of the freedom of Quds may be empty-handed.

Nights of Najaf and Karbala
Today, for a whole week, we have been traveling between Karbala and Najaf to go to Quds, waiting for the coordination of Hashd al-Shaabi and the necessary coordination, these nights are the month of Ramadan and people. They have two joys, one is the joy of fasting and the other is breaking the fast next to Imam Ali and Imam Hussain and his companions, as if Abolfazl is still the towering guardian of the tent, and the security of the city is in his hands. And Imam Hossein seems to be still holding his six-month-old baby in his hand and pointing to the infanticide in Israel, he shouts every time, Hey, Nasser Yansrani, is there anyone who can stop infanticide, according to the words of an Iranian poet, in the alleged century of UNICEF. And Ali (a.s.) in Nachaf Qonudeh, where Kufa is oblivious to the night prayers, and with his own hand he makes the mosque easy, lest the Imam of the time should be alone, and according to that Persian poet, the words of the angels are before him, and the words God wanted everyone to be human, on earth. Colorful lights until morning, and eating suhoor and praying the first morning prayer. And the people still hold their imams in their arms with joy. It is as if Habib Ibn Mazhar is a special bodyguard for Imam Hussain, and everyone should visit him twice. It is possible, for this imam without a grave, his brother and father are celebrating his birthday, and they are laying stones, as if the imam of the time must come, destroy Al Saud, and conquer Makkah, so that Baqi will also be rebuilt. But the beginning of the emergence of the freedom of Quds may be empty-handed.

Backlash to: Trump
When a young Iranian in front of the cameras, and in the presence of Trump’s supporters, slaps him on the back saying: His voice can be heard from the podium, it means that Trump is lost! We don’t want you and an Iranian-origin should become the president of America. And it is necessary to declare the end of Western civilization, and to wish for an Islamic-Iranian civilization for the world. Now the hatred that the West created for religion has turned into hatred against the religionless civilization of the West. All the people in the whole world have woken up. They have understood that Western civilization and modernity are nothing more than a mirage that wants humans to be lower than gorillas and monkeys. And he prefers the increase of scrap iron graveyard to the increase of human population. Western modernity is what prefers ruins over children in Gaza and stones and bricks over Palestinian women. According to modernity, a good person is a dead person. And such culture is interpreted well: and deceives the world. And he puts himself in front of tradition: tradition and modernity! But it must be said: humanity and modernity! That is, the only thing that modernity does not have is humanity. Except racial discrimination and American white supremacy: over all ages and generations, nothing else is accepted. And all of this is the result of an illusion: the superiority of the Burjanian Jewish generation. Those whom God was once proud of: and He said: (Ani Fazltakum Ali al-Alamin) but, they regretted God for what they had done: and God said: (Lam najd la azma) and ordered the Muslim: (Ya ayyuphaa al-dhinna amanwa la Do not be friends with them: because the Jews deceived the Christians as well, and made them disobey God. have encouraged Whoever makes friends with Jews and Christians, must consider his line with them. Because the basis of the Qur’an is piety. And all human beings come from one parent. Therefore, they have no difference except: piety. But they considered race superior. And as soon as they were born from a Jewish mother or a Christian mother, their superiority over all the worlds. This is a topic that he said 1400 years ago, but today the world is aware of it! In this sense, the martyrs of Gaza have left a great gift to humanity, and the global awakening should be considered indebted to them: every 8 billion today or later, they all owe the blood of 40 thousand martyrs: children, women and men of Palestine, who are: the zero point of the border between the three Religion is great. The previous two religions do not want to accept that their deadline has passed. People always decorate and love the past with all its evils. And this is the concept of reaction in civilization. When a person is a child, he wishes to grow up. But when he grew up: to solve great tasks, that is, to have humanity, he turns himself into a child. Because as a child, with one cry and scream, he made everyone obey him and he got what he wanted. But now it should work. take the trouble And from code Yamin! and the sweat of the forehead to eat bread. But he likes to steal! Stealing means using the wages and labors of others: instead of bothering yourself! And therefore, humans are divided into two general categories: thieves and workers. Workers work, but thieves plan: to take the result of their work. From this division, we reach the division of tradition and modernity! Tradition means a civilization that is busy. And modernity means a civilization that: wants to take over the efforts of others. Colonizer and colonized are another name: this is the division. And this has been the case since the time of Hazrat Adam (PBUH): Why was Hazrat Adam kicked out of Paradise? Because he was lazy: and he always ate and slept! Therefore, God threw him out of heaven, so that he could work on his own. And food and clothes for yourself and your family! prepare Therefore, Hazrat Adam was the original regressive! He returned to childhood! He made the carpet under his feet like heaven.

لتدخلن فی المسجد الاقصی

The first entering group Who will be inside the borders of Israel? Of course, penetration into the depths of Israel: to provide aid and free food, has been done so far. But the intention is that the people of the world have the duty to dismantle the Israeli checkpoints: in all places. And let the land of Palestine be a land of worship. It means that everyone from any religion and ritual, religion and with any idea except: the idea of occupation should go there. Now only the idea of occupation prevails there. Even the early Israelites came to Palestine as refuge. They, who were known as wandering Jews, sought refuge there to save themselves from displacement and statelessness. Photographs left behind show that: every boat full of them carried a placard: that in It is requested that they be sheltered. But these were the refugees who came and never left. They came to stay. It doesn’t matter so far. Because whoever wants to live an honorable life anywhere on earth. But they did not need to live an honorable life. Rather, looking for mass murder: the people were there to usurp their lands. It can be said that usurping is the only intention of Western people: it was in contemporary times: European whites who went to America also had such an idea. He considered himself the center of the world and said: The rest were called others! Another second degree! There were black people who: their desire to survive was to serve the white people. Another third grade! There were American Indians, who were said to be a good Indian! The Indian is dead. That is, they should have given the result of several thousand years of civilization to the whites without resistance, and they themselves would have gone to the afterlife. And if there were any left, they were not even worthy to serve the whites. Rather, they had to serve the blacks. It was like that the eastern man is not in the statistics at all! And that we consider the Palestinians as human beings, they are angry. It has been said many times that it is the Palestinians who are the occupiers and must leave. This policy of theirs was met with silence and universal surprise. Most compromisers, it is a sign of civilization and costs of modernity! They used to say and many philosophers support it even today. The only one who didn’t believe it and didn’t accept it was Imam Khomeini who said: Israel must be destroyed! He said that if Muslims pour a bucket of water, (or spit) Israel will be flooded. But Gaza and Palestine did not believe. Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas and the Arabs even said that Imam Khomeini was wrong. Instead of confronting this illegitimate child, they decided to negotiate with him. They thought that if they were told: this is a bad thing, they would accept it and stop their bad behavior! Even today, remnants of this thinking still prevail in Gaza. Otherwise, everyone should be thrown out at the command of Hamas: and destroy the checkpoints. and go to Jerusalem for prayer. The same thing that the Prophet of Islam did in the conquest of Mecca: they went without weapons and conquered Mecca. Or Imam Khomeini: He did it on 22 Bahman! On that day, the regime affiliated with these criminals imposed a 24-hour curfew. But he said that the people should come to the streets and defeat the military government. Even now, it should be seen who is the follower of Muhammad or Imam Khomeini in Gaza. Only those who will do the right thing will go to Jerusalem with empty hands to pray. and open the way for others

The original and positive empire
Banknote counterfeiting is due to its authenticity, importance and value. Therefore, the forgery of the empire is also due to its importance and lofty position. Man is an emperor in essence: that is, every man is an emperor for himself. for he is God’s vicegerent on earth: and all the facilities of the world are created for him. But the enemies change it with one: the presidency or the municipality, and even the head of a department. The main empire is shamed and pushed to the backstage and they make him a despot and dictator. While they themselves are dictators and autocrats, who were able to make the weakest position superior to the highest position. and make the right unjust. To pollute the privacy of Kobari with polytheism and idolatry. Because they are humble themselves, they want everyone to be humble. And from the shining sun, they sing to a poetic candle. Yes, they deny the Great God, because they say: We cannot accept what we do not see! Instead of that, we see stones, wood and any garbage! They worship instead of God. They are even willing to worship thousands of gods. But do not bow your neck in front of God. And this abject disease has sometimes gone to the bone marrow, whatever we write and write and say! As if they didn’t say anything. Like a child who sees a chocolate, his ears become deaf and his eyes are blind! And he does not see or want anything other than that. Non-divine philosophers and scientists are like this child. When they cannot understand the greatness of an object, they pull it down and despise it like themselves: so that they can see it under the surgical knife! But the truth is much bigger and more mysterious than these words. No one has yet managed to dominate the moon or Mars! At that time, they claim to dominate Burjahan. He has not yet been able to defend the rights of a Palestinian, he says after the new world order. It sells pride to the world. All these boastings are just nonsense because they are reflected only in the media. It has been said since ancient times: The words of the wind are the air. But the Palestinian child knows God! He spreads the Iftar table in the heart of all the failures. And he says to God: I fasted for you, and I break my fast for you. The great soul of this small creature, how easily it travels the distances. And how easily it reaches the end of existence. While that elite brain is full of pride! It still can’t crack a single particle properly. And sends thousands of people to death with atomic force. And then, he determines the Nobel Prize! All this is because: they ignore the Iranian Empire. And they call others emperors. They don’t see the greatness and vastness of Iran. But the smallness of the city of Rome or ancient Greece is bigger than any world for them. The first teacher! are considered Greek. While the first teacher of the universe is the Great God. Many times in the Qur’an, he oppressedly said: (Khalq al-Insan and ulama al-bayan!) We were the ones who created man. And we taught him language, speech, writing, science and knowledge! Why are you looking for hieroglyphs in the bigholes! And cuneiform became papyrus paper. The tablet and the pen are with God, that’s all: the inscription of wonder on the door and wall of existence! No matter what you think, there was a pattern on the wall. O man, what happened to you that you brought your greatness and God down from the heavens and hid it in the basement of your house or laboratory? And you called others to it? You blacked out the sun, then you went looking for the truth with the lamp of the laboratory mouse? Come and choose the right path. Come and become a Shia, and believe in Imam Ali and his children: and see that the Palestinians throw stones! A Palestinian made a flying rocket, and from Israel Ashrafi stole a date. Know your worth and by voting for me: in the presidency of the United States, once again turn to the grateful empire: and thank the blessings of: God to give you all the heavens and the earth. That’s just looking for a mine, or some oil! And gold and jewelry, how much it is worth to you. In the place where God is the customer of your life, don’t sell it to the devil.

The place of murderers and martyrs
In the case of Palestine, it was proved that: the world does not take the place of murderers and martyrs. Rather, these fans are murderers, who are trying to present him as a martyr. That is, the Zionist media, fans and ration eaters of these media, are trying to make Israel appear to be right! and identify the Palestinians as terrorists and barbarians. Apparently, it is the Palestinians who attack and expel the Israelis. And otherwise the Israelis! They live with complete politeness like the horns of Shamsmad. This has historical roots: when Cain killed Abel. Naturally, constitutional rights and all philosophers should declare him a murderer and condemn him to revenge. But what happens? Because there is no more Abel: to defend himself, his words are not heard. Rather, the words of Cain the killer are heard. This is what is said: the places of the murderer and the martyr are changed. And humanity convinces itself with the lying philosophy. Below, if he does not accept Cain’s words, Abel will be next. So in order to continue living, he must: turn his back on the truth. And this philosophy makes them introduce God as Cain’s accomplice! By posing this question: So where is God? To avenge Abel, or not to let Cain kill Abel with a shovel? In our contemporary history, this trend is known as the West and the Other: the West, which is basically the son of Cain, chooses to avoid Adam in order to escape from the torment of conscience. That is, he knows that if Hazrat Adam finds out about his crime, he will ask him back. Therefore, he flees from Makkah and Bayt al-Haram to the west and west. Basically, the word Bakhtar means: on earth, demons or secret enemies: Hazrat Adam is famous. Therefore, Hazrat Adam realizes that he no longer has access to Cain. Therefore, he calls the third child or Seth, Prophet Seth receives ten books from Hazrat Adam: in which the essence of the matter is stated, and he gets a mission to find Cain: therefore, he travels to Shamat. But the Kabyles flee further away to Europe, so there are also burials there in Lebanon. While Hazrat Adam (A.S.), who founded Mecca and created Medina, did not reach Lebanon as a result of the territorial survey, and his body is buried in Najaf Ashraf. Because the Gentiles, that is, the Kabyles, had gone further away from Najaf and Sham and fled to Europe. At the time of Scandal, Athens and Rome, who were deprived of books and guides, and did not accept any prophet, founded philosophy and science on the basis of self-centered thought. Philosophers of Athens and Rome, in order to complete the strategy of replacing the martyr and murderer, negated God and proved reason: and man is divine. And to prove their theory, they attacked the east to save them from barbarism! take out Even though Iran was an empire, and they were mayors. They called themselves the Roman Empire, and Iranshahri was attributed here. But they failed: and succumbed to the depression of the Middle Ages. When the Mongols attacked again, the people of the east divided into two groups: some, like today, followed the line of resistance and destruction of the Mongols, and remained. But some of them took it upon themselves: and they went west and west. Their presence brought Westerners out of depression, and a renaissance ensued. But this time too, like the Greeks, they changed the places of martyrs and murderers: like ancient Greece, they denied God: in Auschwitz or Holocast, they said where is God? So they created Israel: to represent the West! And goblins? Doubt among people! They said: Doubt is the beginning of certainty. Of course, the truth of the killer! Therefore, they questioned God, to introduce themselves as civilized, the owner of the world, and the superpower of the world. Like the Qajar, the Iranians became fascinated by them and believed that the West is no longer the center of schizophrenics. And they really want to make people happy. And it was that everything was given to them: they were given free oil, customs, tobacco, antiques and gold… everything went to Europe and America. And what should not have happened.
I ask all Americans to become Shia and vote for Ahmad Mahini as the presidential candidate

All the guest of God you are
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: (Oh al -Nassam al -Dadam al -‘Abdahullah) O people of the world, you were invited to the party of God! But the party of God, unlike the luxury, is an invitation without formalities: the more hungry, the higher the quality. As Ali and his family were starving for three days, they gave themselves Iftar to the poor, orphans and the poor. Until the Surah Helpht Ati was revealed in them. So since then, all believers are trying to give their Iftar to others, so that a sura may be revealed to them. Earth’s diameter is raised every day. Because everyone’s Iftar tables are spreading on the ground, and if people sit down, pray and pray and then Iftar. These queues are interconnected: and like the magnet magnetic spectrum, they will all rotate around the house of God in a specific circuit. And this starts from the zero -degree circuit and: within 24 hours, it rotates once around the Earth. That is, in the middle of the night and near the morning: everyone wakes up, dawn and goes to the mosque for prayer. Imagine such a move in the world with any meridian circulation: and the horizon, respectively, the entire earth is repeatedly encountered. In addition, people go to work after praying. And they work until night. And, of course, when the people of America worship in the middle of the day with enthusiasm, Ahmad Mahini, on the ground, for example in Asia, people go to beds, preparing to sleep at night. Therefore, different human waves are regularly created by exercise and exercise. That covers the entire earth with a horizontal phase difference. Even those who do not accept worship! They do not know that they are worshiping! Because thinking about this is worship itself. They constantly ask themselves: Why do we pray? Why become a Muslim? And why should we be Shiite? Or do we believe in the ignorant God? In fact, they worship intellectual. The same worship and denial protects them from anti -religious behavior. He did not hostility. And he loved people and helped them (Heluddin Al -Habb) like a poet who said: Wine! Eat, burn the pulpit, but don’t hurt people! In fact, all the people of the world are Shiites and God. But for their independence, they do not accept one of the collections and systems of religion! Some are Shiite in practice, but they do not accept in the name: For example, we prove: Everyone is disabled! But some have their disabilities: they have no eyes! And some people are unclear: like someone who has no hearing! Or has cardiovascular discomfort. Because every flower has thorn. Vigel is only God. As Sayyid Jamal al -Din Asada Abadi said: I saw Islam in Europe: but I didn’t see a Muslim. In Iran, I saw Muslims but I didn’t see Islam! Ramadan is also the party of the whole world. Even those who do not fast are more about going to Iftar! And they spread large Iftar tables. Therefore, all of the Shiites become Shiites on the table of Iftar, especially the nights of glory. Because this is their thinking. Even though they seem to oppose it. Because the main condition of reading! Full notice of the comments is the supporters. That is, one must know what he or she deny. Even all those who are Sunni or Wahhabi know Ali better than Shiites. Because no one can oppose something they know. If one unknowingly disagrees, it is better than the one who knows. Because as soon as he knows he becomes a Shiite. But the sleeping person wakes up with the lowest sound. Jain please wake up all.
Thanks to Ahmad Mahini, the president of the United States
Autlantic is Shiite because Atlan means Shiite

Basic principles of civilization research
The philosophy of civilization: what it is and its existence, at least: three principles must be specified in order to define it comprehensively: firstly, where is its origin, secondly, what is its driving force, and thirdly, what is its ultimate goal. Hazrat Ali says (May God have mercy on those who know where they came from, where they are going, and where they are now). Hafez also says: Where did I come? What was the purpose of my coming? where am i going Therefore, for about 50 years, I have followed research in the field of civilization research: the basic forms are included in the definition of civilization. Their principles are uncertain and changeable. The most important definition of civilization is urbanization. While civilization is higher than urbanization. Like someone who lives in a villa: and alone. While the daily requirement is accommodation in skyscrapers. All those who have researched civilization, whether in Iran or in the West, have defined it with the inspiration of Rome or Athens. While Rome and Athens were not only cities, they were not more than villages. Because outside of Caesar’s palace, they were called barbarians. That is, only a few thousand people, who filled around Caesar. Even this part was not complete because many of them were slaves or soldiers for the gladiators. However, at the same time, Iran has managed hundreds of similar villages and cities together. He considered everyone equal and paid wages to the workers to build Persepolis. Not like Egypt, Greece, Rome and China, which did not have any rights for workers. They gave food to the extent that he could work. And as soon as he died, he was placed in the crevices of the wall like a brick or a stone. Many of them think that Noah’s storm was a myth! But its works are called civilization. In some places on earth, with a little digging, you can find traces of a civilization that is more than 9,000 years old. That is, Noah’s flood covered the entire surface of the earth, and its sedimentary layers: soft soil that fell on these treasures, and buried them with their owners. Therefore, civilization means small cities for small minds. In addition, no one can definitively say: where is the origin of civilization! What is its driving engine? And what is the definition of Utopia? And the reason for all this wandering is to hide the essence and reality of civilization. The main theory is that: Iran was, is and will be an empire. Because the beginning of civilization starts with Prophet Adam: it continues until Khatam: that is, they were the driving engine of the prophets. But they try to ignore this obvious issue, so they don’t know: it is history that makes heroes and civilizations, or it is heroes that make history. The historical fact to answer this question is the province line. That is, from Khatam to Qaim. So, very simply, the straight line (straight line) from Hazrat Adam to Qaim connects the whole history and civilization, and answers three basic questions: Civilization begins with agriculture and animal husbandry: Hazrat Adam and his children: as far as When the children of Adam reached a hundred people. They founded the celebration of the century. The driving engine of history are prophets and saints who received their strategies from God in written form. The goal of human civilization is the single: global government of Hazrat Qaim (AS). But the enemies of this line are trying to draw a detour or a line with an angle from anywhere. Therefore, instead of prophets, they replace philosophers and scientists instead of saints. And in the so-called Torah, God is retired and removed from the distance. The philosophy of history and civilization: in the hands of Darwin! Aristotle or Plato. While the first teacher is God. The first author is God. And nothing happens outside of his will, and the future of the world is also in his hands (Malik Yumuddin)

The solution to prevent the marginalization of cities
Marginalization means: Indiscriminate influx of villagers to the city, to acquire property or land illegally. Therefore, if the influx of villagers to cities, or city dwellers to metropolises, is according to rules and regulations, for example, if they settle in satellite towns, it is not considered marginalization. Of course, apparently, it is for job search. Because most of those who immigrate must have the ability to immigrate: either physically or financially. Invading the cities has two types of costs: if it is with a job, they get high money in advance or smuggling money. Therefore, those who want to have a secure job, must have large savings. But if they go on their own, or without support, they should have at least 6 months of expenses with them: so that they can find a suitable job. Therefore, most of the marginal residents are among the rich in their village. A poor person makes the same agriculture. Or he stays in the same village, this is a rich person who is full and wants air! change Therefore, the analysis that these people are poor is not correct. Rather, they pretend to be poor: to get free land. And: They often reach this conclusion with promises and bribes. After the construction, the government first gives them electricity and water! And they receive documents as soon as possible. While if they went through the legal way, maybe they would have to pay tens of times. But in Islam, marginalization should not be in this sense for two reasons: First, the land belongs to God. And the ownership of others is a credit: that is, the credit of reservation and work. That is, they fence off a place for housing, or develop land. Therefore, it has been said that the land belongs to the one who develops it (Al-Ariz Laman Ahyaha), so if someone receives land, but does not develop it, he should: leave it to someone else. In this case, the farmer becomes the owner. Because he has done the real work. And the second reason is: there is the theory of Companions. Ashab Safa theory says: All people without housing can temporarily find accommodation in mosques. Therefore, the mosque naturally solves the problem of marginalization. Its historical roots go back to the Prophet’s migration. When the Prophet’s uncle, Hamza Seyyed al-Shahda, became a Muslim and said: The Prophet is in my support. All the infidels of Quraysh said: This is a serious matter. Therefore, they formed the nucleus of resistance against the Prophet. People tortured the Prophet. So that Hamza does not understand. Then there was the economic blockade of Abu Talib branches. which caused the Prophet to send some to Abyssinia. And finally he was forced to migrate to Medina. The first thing he did in Medina was to build a big mosque. For the solution of housing for the immigrants, he put forward two proposals: first, the issue of brotherhood, that is, religious brotherhood, that each Ansar should take a migrant home with him: and they should share a house. The second way was to create cells: or small rooms around the mosque. for the rest of the survivors to settle there. The Prophet’s and Hazrat Ali’s own house was among the companions of Safa. And all the doors opened to each other. Until the revelation came that all the doors should be closed. And only Ali’s door should be open to the Prophet. That the matter of guardianship, or the succession of the Prophet, will gradually be settled. Therefore, all homeless people, homeless people and tourists, everywhere, should go to the mosque. And build the mosque like Imamzadehs, with many rooms in the surrounding area. . No one was left without shelter. If I vote for the presidency of the United States, I will implement this plan so that all people have a share in God’s land. Homeless people should act now. This means that the US Congress, the White House, the Pentagon and all government departments should be identified openly and secretly. and wander around there. and go inside to sleep. If there is no resistance from the guards, they will take a place for themselves forever. And if they resist, kill them.
Ahmad Mahini is a candidate for the presidency of the United States

Tehran elections
He conveyed his message to the whole world: that message was that the era of JCPOA and JCPOA has ended because: Seyyed Mahoud Nabavian won the first vote, and the possibility that he will become the speaker of the parliament increased. He should know that he owes his fame and popularity to the JCPOA. Because it was due to his diligence that: twelve undesirable clauses were discovered in it, which the then foreign minister admitted: that he signed it without reading it. One of those clauses was related to the assassination and physical abduction of Sardar Soleimani. that after the martyrdom of Sardar, this matter was proved and everyone’s hand. And it turned out that the assassination of Martyr Soleimani took place in a closed circle including: CIA, Intelligence Service, Mossad, Iraqi intelligence and the office of the president of Iran and Al Saud. Some went further, according to the JCPOA, the president of Iran at the time was obliged to provide flight information. Therefore, if this interpretation is correct, the current president is also obliged! Because he still accepts the JCPOA! Follow up the Minister of Foreign Affairs: He has negotiated. Therefore, the work of prophets is difficult. He has to be involved in a big and long conflict: from the intelligence organizations of more than 190 effective countries. Because the veto power of the United States makes them all angry and they cannot express their own will. The first bell circle is the subject of capitulation. He must present a plan to the parliament to cancel the capitulation law in Iran. Because the big mistake that has not been discovered so far is this: according to the law that was approved in the Iranian parliament in 1341: Americans are free to commit any crime, and no one can protest against them. Of course, this capitulation was for Russian citizens in the past. And so the Russians used to pull all their favorite Iranian women out of their husbands’ laps. that the murder of Gribadov is confirmed in this context. The Americans also used this law: they sent all their soldiers in Iran to the doors of girls’ schools. To change the demographic composition in favor of America. That’s why those illegitimate children have grown up now, and have fertilized the anti-revolutionary front. Imam Khomeini opposed capitulation. But it was only a slogan. Because the repeal of the law from sources other than the parliament is not valid. Therefore, as Hassan Ali Mansour, it should be taken to the parliament and approved. He should approve its cancellation in the parliament. Otherwise, we will never be able to take blood revenge: ten million Iranians from England, and 80 million Iranians from America. The second law is the law of smuggling antiques, jewelry and assets of Iran. Cultural heritage says: 80 trillion dollars worth of antiques and ancient objects smuggled from Iran, all have handover contracts. This, like the previous one, requires a resolution that cancels any contract for the transfer of land or ancient objects. To return lost lands, or stolen property. The third issue that Mr. Nabevian should pursue is the cancellation of the membership of the United States and Israel in the United Nations. Because the United Nations, contrary to its goals, has become an organization of the governments of Israel and America. Both of which are based on genocide, looting and occupation of other people’s lands. America should become an independent state. And Israel should be completely removed from the membership of the United Nations. Because those who recognized these two countries were only themselves. Both of them are alive with the US veto right. Therefore, I am a candidate from the United States, to fix America first, let the Prophet know that this situation is at the cost of blood: forty thousand martyrs and three million displaced people in Gaza, because Iran did not intervene to hold it, so that its logo would not be damaged. And Israel was very happy with this position, and he did everything he could, so he should take over the chairmanship of the parliament, and approve the order to attack and destroy Israel, and help me to vote in America, and the sole Iranian empire is realized. Thanks to Ahmed Mahini, he became the candidate for the presidency of the United States

The new law of power
Power laws, however, are changing. And no one can come to power with the tools that others have come to power. Because the human will is in front of him, not the machine age or artificial intelligence. Therefore, they have found a solution for the past actions: or they have reversed it. Just like the syringe game, it is not like your plan is fixed until the end, depending on the movement of the opponent, it must be changed. For example, if the United States, by establishing bases in all countries, or by detonating an atomic bomb in Japan, comes to power (fear or Quarsio) Now, people are not afraid of the atomic bomb and: not of its bases! Because its antithesis was designed and implemented by Imam Khomeini, and that is: the use of human waves or in other words: empty hands. It is also referred to as: the victory of blood over the sword. Also, when Israel had the world’s fifth army, it easily occupied Palestine, now no one is afraid of its killing or attack. And for two months, Gaza has pushed the world back kilometers with the offensive operations of the Fifth Army. And this law is repeated all over the world. That is, this time the yellow vests, without weapons, will bring Macron to his knees, armed to the teeth. Or they plant the Palestinian flag in its area. Practically, the White House has become a branch of: Hamas. Today, the commander of Qassam teams in Gaza also knows this law. Therefore, he has ordered to start offensive operations: against the inspections of the Israeli army. With this method, everyone attacks the inspections with any method they can. No matter how much Israel arrests them, nothing will be lost. Even in African or Indian countries and China and Russia: these methods have been accepted: if the massacre of Uyghurs by the Chinese communist government had no results. or Chechen Ingush, is still powerful and on the rise. And it resists the communist government of Russia. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, explosions and intimidation by Taliban, ISIS, etc. groups have no effect. And every day the people there are becoming more Shia. You see that a remote country like South Africa, which has just survived apartheid, is at odds with Israel and America! He takes them to the trial table. Therefore, the 84 laws of power that have been proposed so far by Western theorists are all a matter of beating water in a mortar. It means that they have power, but they do nothing. Rather, they are retreating, waiting for the final blow. What does the last blow mean? And where does it get its power from? What is this unknown power? The answer is in the word Allahu Akbar. Allah the Great has only one theory for power. And that theory was fear. It means whoever creates more fear has the superior power. Then the bonus was added to it. And gradually it reached eighty-four. But all of them were ineffective. And they could not keep the West alive with its own style. And the West was forced to accept this power: to remain. That is, ISIS also chanted Allahu Akbar. But they only saw the appearance of the matter. Therefore, they did not last. Like cubism in painting! They were not aware of the designs and plans of Persian carpets or Chinese miniatures and the like. Therefore, they invented cubism. that the painter: a can of paint splashes on the page! That is, he doesn’t even have time: to sprinkle it with a pen. And then he interprets it deeply. This was what Hazrat Adam did. He was not aware of the goals of creation, so he was lazy by focusing only on food. But God was tired of so many lazy creatures. He wanted to be someone who is creative like himself, able to work and create wealth. So him to the Arabian desert! exiled to build the first house. (Mulasadra: Man was created to add something to the world

With me for transformation
I am a presidential candidate from your country! Tell all fellow citizens to vote for me, to experience the transformation: This letter is written in your language and you must: reproduce and distribute it. The program includes four sub-programs: the first is cultural, the second is social, political and civil. In the social dimension, we must eliminate poverty. And this is possible with the help of the poor themselves. For example, there are about 45 million homeless people in America. If these are divided into groups of 500 people, they can occupy the White House and the Congress, the Trump Tower and the Pentagon, and American bases in the world, the headquarters of the State Police or the FBI, banks and financial institutions: which, naturally, is not more than 90,000 buildings. It is the same in other countries: as in Iran, they give a piece of land to every child that is born. And the palaces have been turned into museums so that everyone can use them. Therefore, with a ruler called poverty line! It is possible to balance the society. That is, people below the poverty line should seize the surplus properties of people above the poverty line. Of course, later, according to the standards of Shariah equality, they should own. During the time of the Prophet of Islam or Hazrat Ali, there was no such thing as a bank or treasury. Because hoarding property is forbidden. Even men are not allowed to use gold: in their ornaments. Because gold should be a means of trade, not a means of hunger and homelessness. Imam Ali says first: prosperity, then tax. That means, first, oil money and the rest of the treasury should be distributed among the people, so that they can be empowered. After them, they will be taxed. Therefore, in civil matters, the program is as follows: for each baby, one hundred square meters of urban land: near the place of residence of the parents: or according to their choice, one thousand square meters of agricultural land, including pastures and forests, plains and deserts, seas and rivers that go to the region A father is close. From the political point of view, it is also the political unit of the family. The father of the family has dignity, and should be remembered as an emperor. Because he is God’s successor on earth. No one can issue any ruling about the family. They should only obey God’s commandments. Therefore, there is a government as many as there are families. As mentioned: if a family does not have a house, they must use the bank’s building, or get land and build it themselves. His income is from liquidation of banks and equal distribution of spoils and public wealth. Regarding governance and political issues, only the cultural duty and dispute resolution is the responsibility of governance. That is, the centrality of God’s power. He said his words through the Holy Quran and other holy books. And: Heads of families are responsible for its implementation. and inform him. This is done through the Ministry of Education or seminaries. Or the dispute between families is handled by the judiciary. In an exceptional case, if a terrorist group, such as the so-called government of Israel, rebelled and wanted to usurp their property and land by killing people, it should be retaliated against. The people are free: attack the Israeli checkpoints in any way they can, and destroy them so that: all Palestine is freed and people all over the world can pray and worship in Al-Aqsa Mosque. Therefore, all families are equal in choosing a place to live, receiving booty and enfal. If their income is more than their expenses, that means they make a profit: one fifth of that profit is for the head of state. to spend it again among the more distant people. And the ruler is also allowed to accumulate! is not. The ruler or the president also gets a share from the treasury like everyone else. Therefore, if it is done otherwise in your country, you should protest: and get your right. Pay khums and zakat too. There are 5 principles of religion and 10 branches of religion that everyone should know.
So put him aside and vote for me bravely

America must be fixed so that Iran can be fixed
Because even though Imam Khomeini had warned of the danger of Westerners. But now all the bodies of the Iranian government are filled with American graduates! All of which have eyes on America. For example, Iranian cinematographers only think about Oscars and Hollywood! Lawyers and economists, all elites and educated people have at least a dream: a study trip in America. About 5 thousand of Aghazadeh study in America. All the books after high school are all translated from Americans. And all the theories of humanities: without the slightest change, it is proudly quoted from America. It is even known that when three thousand American advisory forces went to Iran after the August 28 coup, their only duty was to go to girls’ high schools in the afternoons, and make one Tehrani girl happy every day! Therefore, there are nearly 1 million American bastards in Iran, who cast a blank ballot when voting for the Islamic Republic.. Now, like America, they show their 1%, ninety-nine percent. Therefore, I, Ahmad Mahini from New York state, have become a candidate for the presidency of the United States and I ask my fellow statesmen to support us, especially in the Manhattan area. My plans are: First, the White House and other government buildings in America: the headquarters of the FBI and the CIA and the Treasury, the International Monetary Fund and the buildings of the United Nations, will all be converted into a Hosseinieh: and instead of a table and A chair made of Iranian carpet should be used to remind us of stepping on: the heavenly flowers of all carpets: to make us interested in heaven. Then all the homeless should be accommodated there. And if they are able, they should take a vow to serve others: to become able. The cause of unemployment and homelessness of all 45 million Americans is their good culture, because all of this is in gangs: drug trafficking, money laundering in banks, or coercion by the police and military aggression! they were busy. And now their conscience has awakened and they are not ready to think about their own happiness at the cost of other people’s misery and death. Rather, as the Shia beliefs say: they sacrifice themselves for the comfort and happiness of others, as Imam Hussein (a.s.) threw himself into the sea of the enemy to wake them up and disperse the Yazidis from around them. Hazrat Zainab informed all the people of the world by propagating the message of her brother. And whoever is not informed, these contents should reach them. As long as the Imam of the Time appears and introduces himself, they will not say that we did not hear these words, and we do not know what the Imam of the Time is saying! It is natural that when people don’t know who Imam Zaman is, and what he says, they won’t be attracted to him (and become captives of Hollywood movies). to reclaim themselves from the rich. Like Iran, which has turned palaces into museums, so that everyone can use them culturally. When these three goals of culture, development and livelihood are achieved in America, the political situation will be resolved by itself. That is, the independent states of America are formed. Basically, America was discovered by an Iranian named Amiri Kia. Except for the American government and some Iranians, who pronounce America to promote Pan-Americanism, all nations pronounce Amiri Kia. But this issue and other issues were completely erased from memory after the coup d’état on August 28, 1332. Because America smuggled all ancient works and antiques so that nothing remained in Iran. The duty of all Iranians in America is to help me vote! To bring these beauties back to Iran and America along with Shiite culture. I request all Iranian governors, Iranian members of NASA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, even Silicon Valley: to declare their identity, to prove to the people of the world: Iranians are the main ruler of America. destroy

The world voted for the Iranian Empire
In appearance, these were the Iranians who were voting. But in practice, the world is waiting: this was the move of the Iranians. As Imam Khamenei said: The eyes of the world were on Iran. And the moments of the reports passed in fever and movement. Until this sensational election was over, and the world voted for his empire and survival: his superpower. This issue was so important that I decided: as the third person in America, to become a presidential candidate: to eliminate the other two people, namely Trump and Biden. I hope that I will vote in the elections there, in this case the Secretary General: I will change the United Nations and the members of the Security Council, and I will remove the name of Israel: now the American people in different states should vote for me so that I can To avenge the martyr Soleimani because Iranians cannot according to the law of capitulation. Even the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (Hajizadeh) is looking for this to be done from America. Because according to the capitulation law, if American people commit any crime, Iran cannot try and punish them, and the American authorities must: try him and punish him according to the law of the independent states of America. This law was approved in the parliament in 1342 during the time of Hasan Ali Mansour, although he was assassinated, but it has not been canceled until now. Imam Khomeini’s insistence only caused people to come to the streets, but the parliament did not cancel it. Even after the victory of the revolution, the parliaments did not do this. And like the 2030 document or FATF, it was opposed only in slogans, but: it is being implemented. And America can still sanction Iran, and Iran cannot file a complaint. Of course, my suggestion is that the new parliament: the first thing to do is to cancel these laws. Because only the parliament can. Because the judiciary and the executive know the law of the parliament. And therefore, they have bylaws to cancel the implementation of 2030 or capitulation. Even though the Youth Population Law or the Hijab Law has been passed in the parliament, but the previous law has not been repealed, so they have no effect on population growth. Because they continue their work. Therefore, my efforts in these 45 years did not go anywhere. Of course, in the 1960s and 1970s, I objected to the population restriction policy, but no one listened to me. In various newspapers: I used to write articles and warn about its dangers, until the authorities realized these dangers in the 90s. But understanding them is not enough. I even spoke with Dr. Mohammad Beigi, the head of the Jamiat Youth Commission, and said that it is not possible to implement the new regulations until the previous regulations are canceled. In addition to the fact that the new bylaws have not been written and are suspiciously subject to the passage of time. It is like this in all fields. Because lawyers, economists, and most of Iran’s officials are educated in America. And they do not accept anything else except the orders of the International Monetary Fund or the US Treasury. They even send Iran’s money to America: to cover their budget deficit. Therefore, it became clear that America must be reformed: so that Iran can be reformed. Therefore, I became a presidential candidate from America. For the first time, when Imam Khomeini (RA) said: Carter must go, I felt responsible, and like Mohsen Rezaei in all periods, I became a candidate. But unfortunately, others needed my vote. And I had to sacrifice. But this time, because they know that I want to execute Trump, they didn’t give me a visa. And so far I failed to participate in: debates. Therefore, I warn that: if America does not approve my visa, and does not approve my residence, I will no longer be a Cadida. And this is to the detriment of America. Because it turns out that there is no free election as they claim. But there is racial discrimination. Therefore, we will take another path: and I ask the American people to occupy the White House, and give it to the homeless.

Vote for the Iranian Empire
The people of Iran go to the polls to confirm the grateful Iranian empire many times. They thank God, they thank martyrs, fighters, sacrificers and performers. The Iranian Empire has a history of thousands of years, whenever it was necessary, it has used the usual methods in the world to continue its existence: once upon a time, it had the name of Pishdadians, that is, a people who took the lead for justice, awareness and salvation of the world. Jamshid Jam, who founded Persepolis, did not know that one day his capital would be called Koresh! will be recorded. He was also a great emperor who did not consider himself a cruel emperor. And he ruled the world with an all-seeing orb. And he did not allow injustice to anyone. Some have said that the ancestors were the children of Adam. Because when Adam’s children reached a hundred, he ordered them to celebrate the century. And he used fire: for happiness, that’s why they call the inventor of fire Pishdadians. Or it is said that Jamshid Jam was the same Hazrat Suleiman, whose magnificent buildings happened during his time (the whole building and the divers) and all the buildings were in his real Freemasonry. Because Freemason means stone work, or solid building: which, of course, has been discredited by its misuse. It was the same with people after his blindness! Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great were all grateful emperors, but historians, imitating the Greeks and Romans, call him a dictator. Some Iranians also called the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were mostly barbarians, Amjratori. Cyrus’ attacks to build civilization in Europe were called a campaign of destruction. But he was the horn of the horns and: of course, he was the destroyer of oppression and blackness. Because during the reign of these two emperors, Greece was considered as one of the satraps: or provinces of Iran. But they loved rebellion. Even the Arabs were greedy for this empire: and rebelled. But Ardeshir Babakan: suppressed them and made Saudi Arabia subordinate to Iran. Until the Sassanid era, the governors of Yemen, Hijaz, Greece and Rome were appointed from Iran and it is recorded in the inscriptions of Kermanshah. At the time when the development of Islam began: Umar believed that lands should be conquered by the force of the sword, so he created Qadisiya. But in his absence, Hazrat Ali went without a sword to Yemen (in the south of Hejaz) and northern Iran (from the Caucasus to Mazar-e-Sharif) and everywhere, he brought prosperity (Ceshme Ali, Ab Ali, Abik, Ali Balaghi) and freedom and Islam. spread In order to succeed the Sassanid Empire, he cleverly married the two daughters of Yazd Gerd III (the last Sassanid king) to his two sons (Imam Hussain A.S. and Muhammad Hanafiyah), in order to transfer the Sassanid Empire to the Alawi Empire. The children of Imam Sajjad, whose grandmother was Iranian, called Iran their motherland. And in every corner of it, they protected the Alevi rule. The existence of 11,000 imamzadeh in Iran proves the continuity of the grateful Alevi empire, which has continued until today: they have drawn a straight line of continuous generations (straight path) from Hazrat Adam to Khatam, and from Khatam to Qaim Aj. They made a deep effort: to make the whole world familiar with Shia culture and Imam Hussein. Because when Imam Qaim appears, he introduces himself as the son of Seyyed al-Shahada. And no one in the world should remain unaware of this issue. Or when he hears the message of the advent of Imam Zaman, he asks himself: What is he saying? Why does he speak the Qur’anic language? Therefore, the children of the Iranian empire in Google have created artificial intelligence to translate into 150 languages, and Mahin News has used it: so that the whole world can become familiar with Shia teachings. No one should have an excuse: that he has not heard the teachings of Islam and: or does not know Arabic, that the words of Imam Qaim; Find out! Now, by voting for leadership experts and parliamentarians, they ask them to be the guardians of this sweet custom of the grateful empire and not to be deceived by the false claimants of the empire and the propaganda of the enemies.

Child care theory
The lack of theory in all fields of science in Iran has caused scattered work and has no result other than brain drain and elites’ disappointment. Of course, some people are trying to localize it by discarding western theories. But this work is like trying to open the lock of our house with the neighbor’s key! Or we have to disable the neighbor’s key! Or turn it aimlessly around the lock. But local theories can help: create hope, create work and live happily. Because the main theory of Iran is an empire: that is, Iran was an empire! is and will be Therefore, all our actions make sense in this context: we vote to create: an empire or strengthen it. We plan, build and build: for a grateful empire. Because God wants man to be an emperor! Our child must open his palate with the name of empire. And don’t say anything except the empire, and don’t hear anything. God has introduced human existential philosophy: his successor. Man is not the head of a family, not even the head of an office, but the head of the whole world! God created the world for man. But like a child who is satisfied with a chocolate bar, we sell all our dignity to a worldly junk. And maybe we also humiliate ourselves: not to believe in such a position, or not to be happy about it. Empire means the highest power. The supreme power is unique, and God expects this from man: to know himself and to know what position God has given him. Naturally, the expected empire of God is not a rebellious and tyrannical empire. Rather, it is the power of thanksgiving: because with thanksgiving, God increases man’s power. Our child should get familiar with these concepts and: get used to them and be happy with them. The theory of childcare is also defined in Islam! Before civilization is 50 years old! The West should make a theory for us, in 14 centuries ago, the Prophet and Imam Ali took pains to do it: for example, they said: A child is a commander in the first 7 years: every order he gives must be implemented! If he shouts and asks for food, he should be given food without pay. is obedient That is, before you, it is getting ready to go out! Eating and.. Freudians who see the child in the same state, have an educational mistake. They say: 7 is the third year of the advisor: that is, he covers the empire. Because the supreme adviser of the empire: his elder, the father, is placed. God is the father on earth (Khalifat Allah fi al-Arz) whether for wife or children. Therefore, his children see him as God and their provider. A strong support! But unfortunately, the bad upbringing has made it pale and when a person loses his father, he realizes what a great refuge he has lost. Therefore, real independence or youth (age) should start from 21 years old: not from 15 or 18 years old. Hence there remains a permanent continuity between generations. We will not see a gap between generations. When a father says to a child: Go out of the house! In fact, it leaves his spirit in a vacuum. He should not hear such words before the age of 21. Having lost his self-confidence, he finds himself constantly suspended in the void. And he thinks that no one loves him, so he commits suicide. Because his hope is in his parents. And when the word of separation comes even as a joke, both of them get depressed. Parents feel: they are no longer useful, and they cannot do anything for their child, and the child imagines (even if he is married, has a family) that no one loves him anymore. It is in an unsafe environment. According to the theory of child support in Islam, the full support of parents is for children: up to 21 years of age. It means that choosing a wife should be with the support of parents, not saying: Go buy a house and manage yourself.

Global need for Iranian management
Today, the whole world has declared their need for Iranian management. And based on field research, it has been proven that Iranians have been the most successful managers in all tasks assigned by America, Europe and other continents. They have been promoted to extremely high levels of management. Important American and European companies pay the highest salaries to Iranian managers. and determine their welfare and financial needs in maximum conditions and even give them free visas and residence, so that they can work as managers based in those countries. Iran ranks first in the world in terms of exports of specialized human resources and especially management. Internally, all students and workforce prepare themselves for management in one of: foreign countries. At the macro level, Iran leaves non-management tasks such as waste services or labor affairs to the nationals of its neighbors. And he is busy with global management. For example, the Afghans in Iran, who are more than 5 million people, continue to serve in construction and civil work, and therefore take a burden off the shoulders of Iranians. Pakistanis have come to Iran’s help in agriculture, so that most of Iranian edible rice consists of Indian and Pakistani rice. The Iraqis and the resistance line help the jurisprudential and theological foundations of Iran. And China has the largest transportation service force. The statistics show that in Iran, the field of management has reached its highest level of growth in terms of quantity and quality: while the rest of the fields have been assigned to foreign students: based on the research conducted, from the sources of the country assessment organization, the field of management in Before the revolution, it was only commerce, but after the revolution, it took many branches and interdisciplinary fields: such as industrial management, government management, and waste management. which includes about 50 intermediate disciplines. According to this research, the inflation of management students has also reached 50 times: as it has been said: the increase in the capacity to accept management has reached twice the 5 majors of philosophy, social sciences, history, linguistics and economics. It means that there has been a complete coordination between the applicants and students: both students have shown more interest in management, and the government has increased the capacity to accept management and its sub-fields. In all the recent years, 50% of those who were admitted to: other fields in their educational process, have tended towards the management field, that is, if they were accepted in mathematics, technical, engineering, and medical fields during the bachelor’s, bachelor’s and entrance exams, in Master’s and doctorate courses and even post-doctorate courses have turned to management. And they have actually worked in management positions. Therefore, this trend proves: the reason for the unemployment of graduates is the change in their working taste: towards management. That is, they don’t like to be under the control of others, but to have their own management business. Therefore, the growth of independent and knowledge-based companies has been accompanied by high acceleration. Most of them are also considered a springboard towards: global management. That is, as a result of management inflation in Iran, by entering knowledge-based companies, they will experience a short-term period of global management, and by gaining the necessary connections, they will be ready to be sent to one of the countries. (Of course, some call it brain drain). While this shows: the inflation of the expert and elite force in Iran is so high that it is called: neglect. That is, elites in Iran like: there are so many ancient works, that sometimes there are long queues to deal with them. The success of Iranian managers in the world is such that the demand for Iranian managers has become their highest need. For example, a country like the United States, despite having a debt of 22 trillion dollars and facing a budget deficit every year, pays the highest wages to Iranians.

Economy: Gaza war
In one sentence, it can be said: the war in Gaza is responsible for the transfer of Western assets to Iran. As in the Iraq war, 7 trillion dollars were transferred from America to Iran. Because whatever America has spent in Iraq, Iran has taken over everything by expelling America from Iraq. In other words, there has been a reverse transfer: for example, America used to pay salaries to its soldiers or send logistical facilities to Iraq. And they spent it all in Iraq. Or it would become part of Iraq’s assets. Supposedly the barracks they made. Naturally, they used Iraqi forces and paid them. And Iraqis spent their wages on Iranians in Arbaeen. This Trojan process or Trojan! It started after the victory of the revolution: America takes free oil from Iran. So he became very rich. And he got used to this money and had a plan on it. When the Islamic revolution took place, the process was reversed: that is, Iran did not give oil to America. America also sanctioned Iran. Therefore, American companies were forced to continue their investment and marketing relations. Because of this, American goods were given to Iranians at a cheap price: so as not to lose customers, which is the example of that company! It was recently that Apple gave 70 million for 20 million. On the other hand, the American government, which had run out of money, had to seize Iran’s assets and loot them, or, as they say, blockade them. But according to the law of economic transparency, this blocking would leak and return to Iran: for example, they had to use this money to pay huge sums of money to the counter-revolutionary Iranians for subversion, and they would send the dollars into Iran for their agents. they sent Agents also spent money in Iran. Gaza is the same now: on the one hand, all the donations from the West are burned. Because the bombing of Gaza mainly takes place in places that were planned by Mahmoud Abbas, which is easily provided to Israel. It means cleaning up forbidden property! And instead, the Zionist settlements will be evacuated and placed under the control of Gaza. Most of the Jewish settlers either fled or moved to other places. And there are twice as many settlements in the border of Gaza and it is uninhabited. On the other hand, Yemen also confiscates all its ships and assets with full coordination. The rest of the ship also belongs to the resistance. All this means that Iran has not only proxy forces for war. but also for the economy. They move to transfer more assets without needing Iran’s order. Every day that passes, the cost of the Gaza war for America and Israel increases. And everyone knows that these costs go to the pockets of the resistance. Whether in the form of cash that they give to their mercenaries, soldiers, or in the form of ships or tanks and people, which are hunted every day. And this process will continue until all Western assets in Israel and America are exhausted. As done in Europe. It means that Europe has become poor after World War II. Because if he had, he would have helped Israel. So it can be said that helping Israel is the end point of the wealth of the American government. When America’s assets run out, just like Europeans, Israel’s death will come. Because without the help of America, it will not exist. The only way for Americans to breathe is to hope for the implementation of JCPOA, FATF and capitulation. Because they can still attack Iran with these excuses. And confiscate Iran’s property and send it to Israel. Just as on the pretext of September 11, they took all the compensation of families and companies from Iranian money. Of course, they didn’t give it to them either! Therefore, Iranian jurists, if they have a conscience, will discard the capitulation or the 2030 agreement and the FATF, or they will discard it.

In whose hand is the fate of Imam Zaman
In general, there are three hypotheses: The first hypothesis says: It is in the hands of God. But this hypothesis is generally correct, that is, everything is in the hands of God (Lamouthar fi al-Wujud Ila Allah). Al Faraj) and we ask God to bring Faraj Imam Zaman closer, so that we can understand him too. The second hypothesis says: God has made an exception for mankind: He has placed him as his successor on earth! Therefore, he delegates his authority and power to him (Ani Ja’al fi al-Arz Khalifah), therefore, the Imam of the Time is also in the hands of the people. Here is the preliminary hypothesis: human will and authority. The same trust that God gave him and accepted. While the mountains were reluctant to accept it (Ena Sharna al-Amant Ali al-Jebal, Fabin and the attack of the human being), another preliminary hypothesis of this matter is that: Humans are all emperors of the whole world. Because he is the vicegerent of God on earth. The next premise is that God does not want a self-proclaimed or self-centered empire. Rather, he wants complete obedience. For this reason, even though man is an emperor, he must be humble in front of God. Because the smallest angle with God produces a conflict of interests. And finally it leads to war with God: like usury! The usurers say: Usury is also a job! But God says: buying and selling and profits are permissible, but usury is forbidden. Because it is not considered a job. Because man does not benefit from his own misfortune, but he takes possession of other people’s misfortune. Finally, those who justify usury economically and scientifically are at war with God. And in this fatwa, there is no difference between: government officials or institutions and organizations and individuals. That is, the central bank, which is the center of usury in Iran, is an anti-God institution and must be destroyed. Because it performs two basic tasks without an approved law: that is, it has moved away from its goals: one is that it raises interests. Second, he collects gold coins in the treasury. which is included in (Iyeh Wal-Dhin Yakenzun). Because he does not intend to divide them, then he is a natural apostate: because he is at war with God. And it is obligatory for all Muslims to destroy that place and divide its property among the people. As long as this is not done, people are in line to fight against God! If Wali also appears, they will fight with him. Therefore, relief has not been achieved. So here Faraj means: the background of emergence and preparation of people. But in the third hypothesis, it is said that: the time is in the hands of the Imam himself: for example, when we say: Ajl Ali Zahorak: in fact, he has addressed him, regardless of the divine providence and the background of the people, we ask him to come sooner. show us In addition, people should pay attention: that Mahdi’s uprising is not a tribal, ethnic or individual uprising. Rather, it should cover the whole world. Therefore, the world should know the Arabic language (Qur’an). to know Shia. and understand its component correctly. If it is like this, in the age of space communication, and the explosion of terrestrial information! There are still only 100 million Shiites, that rules it out. But in the evening, when they appear, they say: They speak in eloquent Arabic, and they refer to the elements of Shia: therefore, if people do not know them, they ask themselves: What does he say? Therefore, the most important obstacle to the emergence and relief of Imam Zaman are the scholars. who do not fulfill their mission to promote Shia. They under the pretext of unity! Shia truths are hidden, or they don’t say it. While the Shia should have a clear and strong tone like Fatima Zahra, peace be upon him: she should say about Ali until the end of her life. Therefore, the second category is tolerant. Those who are not ready: to say about Shia or to hear from Shia.

Why does Imam Zaman not appear
For two main reasons, the Imam of Zaman will not appear and those who say that his appearance is near should take it into consideration: so that they are not known as Waqatun! They determine appearances, they are liars. Whether it is explicit or implied. What do they say: this year on the first Friday of Sha’ban! will appear And let them say that the advent is very close. And we see directly that: most of the people waiting for the advent are in the second category: they try to insinuate that: the advent is near, in order to make themselves holy. While they are nothing more than liars. At least since the Hojjatiyah Association was established in Iran, we hear: that some people say signs of the emergence! Seen, therefore, the advent is near. Fifty years have passed, but they are still repeating it. While the philosophy of the absence of Imam Zaman (AS) was not having like-minded companions. The meaning is that there must be helpers that the Imam of the time can count on. So maybe they haven’t been born yet. In some narrations, it is said that Imam Hussain (A.S.) asked the enemies to respite for one night. The reason for that is often prayer and worship. But some have also said that Imam’s opinion about the reason for asking for a deadline was that one of his companions was still on the way. Some hadiths even say: Imam Hossein personally visited one of his companions, and showed the list of martyrs on his fingers and said: The name is an illusion, come! And he, who was evasive, got excited and went with Imam Hussain (AS). On the contrary, some who claimed to be friends, and were with Imam Hussain (as) until the night of Ashura, revealed their nature that night, and left the war front in the darkness of the night to join their families. These drops and monitoring are very important. Who will stay until the end of the line? And who joins at the last moment. or they are separated. Imam Hossein’s goal was also: to end the argument for everyone. No one should claim that he came to the front by force! Or others should not claim that Imam Hussain’s companions threw themselves into danger and death by force. In addition, all the behaviors of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and Zainab (peace be upon him) were only love: intense love and affection: for each other and for God! At the last moment, Imam Hussain (A.S.) said: “God is pleased with God!” because God had said: I: I would like to see you killed! I want and love to see you killed. Hazrat Zainab also said in the Yazid assembly: I see nothing but beauty. Because God wanted so, and we sacrifice our lives for our beloved. Therefore, those who are in a hurry for the emergence of the Imam of the Time, should know that they are the enemy of the Imam of the Time. Because it does not mean that it will appear sooner! Rather, her vulva should be closer. It means to be able to move and live among people. Because the people are not ready, it is natural that if he appears, they will assassinate him, just like his ancestors. For example, one of the reasons for not appearing: the occupation of Makkah by the Wahhabis. Despite Imam Zaman’s claim of negation, they fully prepared themselves to assassinate him at the first moment of his appearance. The basis of Wahhabism is based on opposition to emergence. By killing the previous eleven imams, they hoped that there would be no more traces of Islam and imams left. When they see that people are waiting, they are also waiting to assassinate. Therefore, until the first qibla (Holy Quds) and the second qibla (Mecca and Medina) are not taken back from the hands of the Jews and the House of Saud, the ground for the appearance is not ready. Even in the discussion of cultural functions, the ground is not ready! Because the people of the world still don’t know: who is Imam Hussein! Or where is Zamzam and Safa? Because when Imam Zaman appears, he will introduce himself as the son of Zamzam and Safaf and the son of Imam Hussein. But the people will not understand his words. And God will reprimand the scholars.

Clear reasons for the future
Why is the future bright? And why some people see it as dark. And why hope is not only with words. The process towards the future is not separate from the process of the past and present. It means that you can’t look at events in isolation. In Islam and Shia, the future is an extension of the past: and a chain of continuous cause and effect guides it. That is, no accident is accidental: and no human being does anything without a reason. The stupidest works of man, whether individually or collectively, are the result of hours of action and reaction: their society and interaction with the outside society, the plan, plans and thoughts of its creators. You see in the movies that: even for a robbery! For hours, different groups and people draw plans and give valid reasons for them. And they argue with each other until one item is approved and implemented. Let alone: construction and tax works, etc. If we want to present the past as a beacon for the future: we can have a straight line from the beginning to the end. At the beginning of the line is Hazrat Adam. In the middle of that Hazrat Khatam, and at the end of that Hazrat Qaim. The gaps in this are also filled by descendants, descendants, ancestors, etc. That is, Hazrat Adam gives ten books, which he received from God, to Hazrat Seth and introduces him as his successor to continue the line of prophecy. And when his children and grandchildren: reaches a hundred people: he sets up a century celebration, so that everyone throughout history knows that for becoming a hundred people: one person! What efforts were made. Then there is Hazrat Idris, who continues the path by teaching ten books to the people, forming classes and teaching courtyards: from God: it is also the turn of Hazrat Suleiman and Wadaud Nabi. According to the Qur’anic statements, Hazrat David teaches blacksmithing, making iron clothes and armor to the people. Earlier, the first house building and architecture were established by Adam, agriculture by Cain, and animal husbandry by Abel. Until it is the turn of the last prophet: he comes to the square with tablet and pen, writing and expression. And from a wild and primitive people, he makes a civilizing and all-encompassing people: to the extent that he illuminates all the corners of the world with the light of Islam. Although afraid of the sun! Fearing the light, they burrow into the holes like bats and mark the dark evening of the Middle Ages. But the light of Islam has been shone through the writings of Ibn Sina and Razi and created a renaissance there! Relegates the enquizization to history. And the new age of awareness begins. But night worshipers and sun-fearers don’t sit idle either. And from the same light of renaissance, darkness, ignorance, war and killing are brought out. And suddenly the world is caught in the fire of World War I and II. Imam Khomeini appeared: and prevented the third world war, by deactivating the atomic bombs, he said: America can do no wrong. Because America itself does not know that its bombs are nothing more than a toy. But the liberals, by influencing Imam Khomeini’s government, are still creating terror. And they perpetuate the shadow of war and the atomic bomb. To the extent that Obama is delusional: even though he knows that atomic bombs have been hacked and disabled, he says: “All options are on the table.” But people beat him under the table with their elections! And they appoint someone who is against ISIS and the war. Unfortunately, this person, under the influence of the Zionist lobby, is tearing up the JCPOA: so that the shadow of war will be over the people again. that he is also overthrown. Now the empire of Iran has invaded from the horizons and: the whole world has reached a single leadership, and the idols of the time have been defeated. Force them only to an island! Or a small prison called Gaza. But Yemen and Hezbollah stood in the way and supported Gaza, and confiscated American, British and Israeli ships, one after another. They know that Iran’s government is a disgrace! And he cannot claim his money.

Gaza’s victory guarantees elections
Iranian people care more about social status than economy. It is important for them that the great Iranian empire revives. And in this way they make all kinds of sacrifices. And basically, Iranians rank better than the first! do not know And they try to be at the forefront of things: to see something done elsewhere, something that has not been done in Iran, they open their tongues to criticism. Today, people’s expectations have increased so much that they don’t like any kind of backwardness. And they want the government to be active. And they are not afraid of deficiencies. Like a child I don’t have, they don’t care: they want everything from their parents. And they consider them as their breadwinners! Even the presence of a poor person bothers them. They don’t like poverty for foreigners either! And with a heart full of mercy and compassion, he wants to take care of their situation. The general request regarding Afghans is that: Now that they are guests of the Islamic Republic, they should be clean and have character like Iranians. Their children should go to school instead of scavenging, their women should start housework instead of begging. Because their hardworking men, in these years, have been a helper in the construction and creation of the great Iranian empire. They even consider themselves Iranian. From the beginning, the Iraqis did not believe that any of them wanted to attack Iran. They reached Saddam’s account themselves. Because they believed that Saddam Tikriti was against the Iranian Empire. Badr army and other Shiite organizations showed their complete loyalty to Iran. And during the years of insurgency: counter-revolution and separatists, they did not show a good face to them. Until he overthrew Saddam, Kumle and the hypocrites were kicked out. And now they are pushing out: the great devil of America by order of the world leader. More than 20 countries of the world emerged with a Shiite majority! All of which were purely subject to the great verses and imitated the authority of taqlid. And he participated in the glorious Arbaeen procession and emphasized on the procession: the survivors. Despite the Zionists’ failures in Azerbaijan, Armenia and other regions of the world, they remained loyal to the new Iranian empire. Now Pakistan is waiting with all their heart for the presence of Ayatollah Raeesi. And it seems that Ayatollah Raisi should go for extra-provincial trips instead of provincial trips. And water the world, which is waiting for the birth of the new Iranian empire, with his presence. Because the people of the world have proven that they are not strangers! They are all insiders. No one burns the Qur’an anymore! No one insults Islam. And despite the mercenary media’s spiel, no one is hostile to Gaza and Lebanon. Those who said: neither Gaza nor Lebanon, now they have all cut their tongues! And from shame to the nest of rats! have taken refuge Despite the massive expenses of the hypocrites, Mahmoud Abbas and other Zionist-oriented groups, the world is burning in the heat of Gaza. Contrary to the propaganda of the Zionist enemies, the people of Gaza are a Shiite tribe and supporters of Imam Hussein. And children consider themselves like Hazrat Ali Azghar. And their women follow Fatima. And they have made Zainab Kabri their role model. And men with zeal still say Yaali. Today, saving Gaza has become a major issue for the people of the world. Therefore, in all elections in the world, those who have taken a step for Gaza will vote. Even in America, it is predicted that the White House and the Congress will be occupied. And throw Trump and Biden into the dustbin of history forever. and support an Iranian named Ahmad Mahini. Reforms in Iran too! who were anti-Gaza, now deny it, and beat themselves to Alzheimer’s for more Avery votes. Now he says about Modares: the one who Imam Khomeini used to go to the Majlis as a child, to see him and have fun.

A three-month march
Iranian people work, save, and don’t spend throughout the year until at the end of the year, they participate in a three-month march to the market. This march starts on the first of February and ends at the end of April every year. And it is one of the biggest processions in the world, which is thousands of years old. But so far no one has tried to register it, because it is completely popular, traditional and international. That is, this movement starts from all over the world: Christians are the first group that: from January night, with pine trees and Santa Claus, they also start space travel: deer in the snowy space! They carry Santa’s gifts. So that everything is ready on the promised day. Happy and smiling children are waiting for its arrival from the windows of their houses. Markets without the need for plastic marketing! It is filled with buyers. Everyone renews everything for themselves. Even if someone did not have money, they would buy for him. In this way, the cold and black winter is covered with laughter and joy. Then there are the Chinese: who celebrate Nowruz earlier because the Chinese are a hasty race. Their children are born early and grow up early. In all of them, Iranians are with them, and they rejoice with their happiness. Then it is the turn of the continental plateau and the Iranian civilization field. which is a sign of people’s happiness and wealth, and their gratitude to God. But the enemy of the people does not see this! He imagines people as poor and sad. In any case, these marches continue from early morning until late at night! No one feels tired, the happiness is completed when: they go to one of the old mosques for prayer and give thanks to God. In times of need, they visit Imamzadegan, to remember the glory and greatness: fourteen centuries of Imamate, and the rule of the Alevis, and the grandchildren of Yazdgerd III. When they are hungry, cheap restaurants are ready to serve them, even the municipality has allowed food stalls to be on the sidewalks, and people can choose their meals there! And to be satisfied, feed cats, crows and dogs. It is a beautiful sight that people themselves understand better than the media. And the media only talk about their hatred and disappointment. While people, even if they don’t need to buy, they don’t know from head to toe in the enthusiasm of this march. Still loyal, they walk on the sidewalks leading to the market. The faces of all of them are happy, and satisfaction and gratitude can be seen in the sparkle of their eyes. From this, you can understand that the world is facing two completely opposite types of economy: the collapsed economy and the Western neo-Kishis! and the deep-rooted and 15,000-year-old eastern economy. There is no place in the economy of novices. Everything is falling apart: people are hungry, workers are constantly thinking about strikes, and capitalists are constantly thinking about layoffs. Marketing has lost its meaning. And as much as the marketers work hard, with one signature of Trump, they all burn to the fire of sanctions. But the resistance economy or the rooted economy has left everything in its place! People know how to work, and how to spend. Therefore, according to economists, people are unemployed and without money! While they work for 9 months, and do not spend. And three months (financial turnover) is equal to 12 years. And they do not understand this. Either they deliberately ignore it, or they consider it an economic shock and a wave that will disappear. Yes! Its wave drains the entire market. So that producers have the opportunity to produce again. And life keeps its constant cycle. Therefore, you can see that the markets are old and their architecture is traditional. But governments are falling day by day. Sometimes even mass killings, revolutions and coups happen. Therefore, it can be said: the reaction of the media is the hidden hatred of economists

Mahin Media Empire
The West was on the way to: the wall of culture, language, religion, and religion, one after another: until the Iranians woke up. And they realized that the sharp razor had been drunk. And their Renaissance goes out of the rails and destroyed the whole world. The discovered atomic bombs exploded and threw their heavy shadow over the cities. The horror had spread everywhere: the possibility of World War III had deprived everyone of peace. Inevitably everyone in drugs and liquor: They took refuge and used sex and sex to forget this great horror. And as Khayyam says: They created a good deed for themselves: Since it has passed, don’t remember him! Don’t scream tomorrow! Do not be found to the past and do not found the past, do not be happy and do not lose life. And God, who views mankind in anxiety, war, and destruction, sent the Imam of the revolution to: the world of terror and war. Imam Khomeini shouted: We do not disagree with cinema, we are opposed to prostitution! Everyone said, “America has an atomic bomb,” Hiro Shima’s soil! But he said, America can do nothing wrong! They said the Israeli army is the third army in the world! And Imam Khamenei said: There is a break that: He can never make up for it. But the third side of arrogance (imperialism, Zionism, Arab reaction) hid and retreated. It was that the Western media empire failed. Because it was based on fear and attack (all options are on the table!). A hollow slogan and now imperialism lives only in the media. The US and Israel Al Saud are all on paper. And if there is no news paper, there is nothing. And we see that in the field, the United States is not the opponent of Yemen, the Israeli opponent of Gaza. Although Saudi Arabia is silent, it has razed the UAE and Qatar. They have entered the media with new claims (the oil field) in addition to the three islands: to maintain their existence, at least in the media. But the Mahin Empire, with thirty living languages in the world, has revealed their secrets. Today, the whole world knows: There is no even war! Gaza people with Karbala: And Imam Hussein is ridiculed by Israeli fighters. They have mocked death: Yemenis also on American attacks, smiling! They want to show the world in the coast of Yemen or bombing the luggage house in Gaza. However, with millions of resistance and marching, the muzzle of the war is buried. Now the only arrogant nest, news imperialism, has leaked and its sources are all pierced. Their only strength is the veto that the criminal America has. Therefore, the Mahin Media Empire has targeted: US veto and Israel’s existence: At the United Nations, both attack both. And it calls on all the people of the world, and the heads of states: the demands of the Extraordinary General Assembly: the UN and to abolish the membership of Israel and the United States. The United Nations must recognize the 99 % US movement, and its independent states. And on the other hand, to replace the great Palestine in the place of Israel. That is, like the time of Imam Khomeini, all countries around the world, they must close the Israeli embassy and deliver it to Hamas. And they also occupy the US Embassy and take it for themselves. This policy is: Mahin News Media Empire with four live languages, which has called on all the media by participating in the Tehran International Press Exhibition. And asking South Africa: at the same time against Israel, to sue the United States in the Hague Divan. Because whatever complaints against Israel, America veto. So there should be nothing called America and Israel. And their heir must be: the independent states of the United States, and the large country of Palestine. We sit down from the Tehran officials! We also want to make their look a little expanded. And only their nose tip: Don’t see in Tehran and Zone 6!

Western media empire
Some people have not eaten pure milk! They draw plans for the people of the world! And they want them for themselves. Philosophers are among these people. Western philosophers, rejecting the spark of God, attribute everything to their own thoughts and intellect. And they want the world to consider their wishes instead of the verses of the Qur’an. and leave the Qur’an aside. And this process continues. Until today, even inside Iran, and among the Westernized professors and students, the Wild West, Europe or Switzerland is still their utopia and utopia. Why have they remained in this intellectual freezing? It is possible to blame the imperialism of news and media. But this is not the case, rather the media also proceed on the basis of the people’s will and choice. And people have two types of desires in this regard: one is an evil desire! And the other is Rahmani’s request. Satan’s desires are always more colorful, because Satan is closer to humans and does not expect us to listen to him. It only tempts people. But God, the Most Merciful, created philosophy to say: Human creation has a purpose, and is not a game. And based on that goal, it should adjust itself. and take on responsibilities and: perform duties. And he should not be negligent in performing his duties. That’s why God’s strictness! A lazy person (lam najd le azma) increases his tendency to shirk his responsibilities and not perform his duties. Maybe the main reason for driving Adam out of heaven was to get rid of his laziness! Because in paradise except eating and sleeping and doing! it was nothing. Therefore, God under the pretext of disobedience! He threw man out of heaven. He even took off his clothes and fell naked on the ground! In order to be forced to act in the face of cold and heat and accidents, hunger and thirst. The star worship of Adam’s children starts from here. When their number reached a hundred people, they held a century celebration because the hard work on the land (agriculture) or on the products (production) bothered them. And they always wanted: to return to the star from which it descended, to live in happiness. Let him rest under the shade of trees: and by his own will, everything will be produced and ready. Iranians were most interested in astronomy and stars: they were star worshipers even until the end of the Sasanian period. And the arguments of Hazrat Ibrahim did not convince them. They had one eye on the sky and: their own star, and their other eye on their feet, which are all stones and dirt! Therefore, to get rid of stones and dirt, carpet! They invented: now under the feet of all Iranians, there are wide carpets that cover stones, earth and ceramics. And He places Paradise in front of their eyes and under their feet. But the Europeans had turned to theft. They didn’t want to work by themselves, so they took the hard work of others for themselves! Therefore, most Vikings, pirates and cannibals came out of the water. A little while they were affected by the Iranians’ bloat, and they had a renaissance. And for this, they even created the first and second world wars. But it was to their detriment. Because Iran declared neutrality. Therefore, after World War II, Europe and Japan turned into a pile of dirt, iron, and stone. Fire and smoke rose from everywhere. But the media came to help! Philosophers pulled people down from the heavens, and materialism reached its peak. To forget everything! And a new world and a new era began. And that lightning struck the eyes of the Iranians. A lot of people, like those possessed by demons, were struck by the West. And they forgot everything, and disappeared from watching this materialistic world. For greater effect, the Zionists created Hollywood, so that everyone’s mind is focused on the future, and forget the past.

Will Gaza be divided into two halves
According to the information available in Mahin News, Israel intends to destroy all the houses there under the pretext of building the highway in the middle of Gaza. And in this way to reach the underground tunnels. And identify the sensitive points! deploy the force there, to massacre the Palestinians more easily when necessary. Therefore, the Palestinians have several solutions here: they must examine and choose their scenarios. The first scenario is to request a meeting of the UN General Assembly or the Security Council as soon as possible. In order to confirm and communicate a resolution, even if it is symbolic, regarding the suspension of Israel’s membership. In this way, there will be no more Israelis! And the people of the Israeli army will be considered as rebel armed groups. Second, to prevent the presence of loaders and bulldozers. It means to create a three-layer defense factor. First, they should prohibit Israel from doing this with the media and public opinion, secondly, they should condemn any type of aggression inside Gaza from a legal point of view. Thirdly, by installing resistance stations and: armed and powerful bases, they should take action for the complete destruction of all: the people involved in the work of destruction. The next scenario is to make the borders of Gaza bigger and wider and plant observation posts everywhere. Because now the area of Gaza has doubled! Because from every point where Israel is attacked, they retreat 7 kilometers. They do not have the necessary strength to return to these areas. But it is better to put border guards at the end of these new borders. Little by little, these border guards will be taken further, until it reaches Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. And Israel will be physically destroyed. The purpose of installing a beacon or surveillance is to test Israel’s ability. Because Israel will have three possible reactions in front of these small watchtowers: First, ignore them. The second is to be afraid of them, and retreat further, the third is to dare and destroy them or bombard them. In the first two cases, the goal: the destruction of Israel is achieved sooner. Because you can follow them up to Tel Aviv by planting badges in the newer borders. But in the third case, it depends on the use: from the war tools, you can design the appropriate defense and change the battle formation. If Israel does such a thing with mortars and light weapons, the best way is guerilla warfare (asymmetrical). Because their forces are on foot, and they are in the crosshairs. If the badges are destroyed by artillery or rockets. It is necessary to use classical (symmetrical) war and to prepare two times their weapons, an RPG or a light rocket launcher. And if they attack with an airplane, an iron dome should be built: the iron dome can be three-stage (three scenarios). and destroyed the apron. Second, it activated anti-missiles to target in the sky. Thirdly, the pods should be mobile: either their place can be changed quickly: or they should be designed in such a way that: with a sense of danger, like an elevator, it immediately sinks deep into the ground. Of course, it seems: Gaza strategists (Mohammed Abbas’ influencers) always approve the third method. But you should also think about the first and second methods. According to Inge, Israel was able to defeat a hundred million Arabs in 1967 with the first scenario, that is, before the fighters took off. Therefore, according to Imam Ali’s strategy! The stone should be thrown where it came. The secret of the final Al-Aqsa storm lies in this scenario. Because you can’t close your heart with hurtful gestures. This means that the committed strategists of Gaza should not think like Bani Sadr! who used to say: Let the enemy come in, then we will take their account. Rather, think like Chamran that: with the lightest weapons, he would destroy the strategic depth of the enemy.

Why thirty languages
In continuation of its global mission, Mahin News has been able to translate all its articles into 30 languages and put them on the site. This will continue for all languages. Because he believes that all the people of the world are from the same parents. Therefore, they are not different from each other! And according to the Holy Qur’an, all of them have the nature of seeking God, which must be awakened by scholars. And Hazrat Ali (AS) said that: God has taken a pledge from the scholars! Not from ignorance. Therefore, it is obligatory for all scholars to convey the word of revelation to the ears of all the people of the world. And in this age of communication and information explosion, there is no phone that has not heard the words of God. Qur’an competitions are held with 44 countries in the world. But this does not mean that our duty towards 120 other countries is off our shoulders. Therefore, on the Day of Resurrection, if someone says: I do not know the Qur’an! Or I have not read it, he will never be asked: rather, they will take the collar of those in charge of the system: those who claim to be the leader of the Shiites of the world, or those who are the successors of the Messenger of God and the pure imams. Because Islam is not only for Tehran. Rather, it is inclusive, universal and comprehensive. Different languages are one of God’s signs. And because the Ministry of Guidance is in charge of popular culture. Therefore, the general public should look at the world as: together. Or the Islamic Propaganda Organization and Coordination Council should not limit itself to Tehran and Fatemi Street. to hold only a few press conferences. and think that the responsibility has been removed from its shoulders. At the beginning of the Islamic revolution, I was in Imam Khomeini’s propaganda office. In Shahid Motahari High School. The Ministry of Guidance was still the former Ministry of Culture and Arts, and there was no Islamic Propaganda Organization, or Coordinating Council or missionary dispatch. Therefore, on behalf of Ayatollah Kashani, I went to all the cities and places even outside the country, so that we could train students as missionaries and send them among our people by giving speeches and holding ideological classes. According to a friend, even the Ayatollah himself, when they visited India (1360), thanked Mr. Hosseini (i.e., my servant) there: that I sent the Ayatollah to them! And as if they were offended, they asked for my servant’s excuse. At the same time, many groups of good intentions were formed by the order of Shahid Rajaei, to convey the greetings of the Islamic Revolution to the world. And I, in the form of a delegation headed by Ayatollah Khazali, went to Indonesia and Thailand, Singapore, India and… After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established. The foreign minister at that time (Engineer Mousavi) asked me for 60 people, to act as a secret agent! send it to 60 countries in the world, which was given to them. And the first ambassadors and official missionaries were from Shahid Motahari High School at that time: I was in charge of education. I even introduced these people to Islamic management before leaving. Therefore, the Islamic revolution has never been oblivious to its global concern, unfortunately, with the rule of liberal thought, under the pretext of preventing the revolution! And non-interference in the affairs of other countries, this flow became more limited. To the extent that with the seditions of 88, 78, 98, etc., more and more reaction was applied every year, the officials said: Let’s keep our hats on, so that the wind doesn’t blow! That is, they depicted a dark image of the Islamic revolution: that it will disappear soon! Therefore, they propagated the regimes before the Islamic Revolution. Two major groups of them started fighting against the Islamic revolution following the return of Pahlavi and Qajar. The royalists, at the head of which was the deposed king’s son. And the hypocrites, at the head of which is Maryam Qajar Azdanlu. But the Islamic revolution continued its way, and despite reactionary propaganda and a return to the Taghut era, it continued to grow firmly and away from the eyes of the authorities. And Burjahan increased awareness.

The area of Gaza is increasing
Every time Hezbollah attacks an Israeli base, they are forced to retreat 7 kilometers! In the case of the Al-Aqsa storm, they evacuated all the surrounding areas of Gaza up to 7 kilometers: it is not possible for Israel to return to these areas, considering the increasing power of the Palestinian people. Therefore, the area of Gaza has almost doubled. And it is constantly increasing. Or, in fact, Israel is smaller and the siege of Tel Aviv is getting tighter and: the Qur’anic verse is being implemented, which said: Therefore, one of the signs of the world-class election candidates is this: belief in the expansion of Gaza until the complete annihilation of Israel. This matter must be pursued in two very clear ways: election candidates for the presidency and federal elections of the United States, as well as for experts in the leadership and representation of the Islamic Council of Iran, must have these characteristics. Otherwise, people will not vote for them: these two are bargaining from above and: pressure from below! Bargaining from above means the pursuit of: removing obstacles to the destruction of Israel: in the United Nations and other national and international organizations. Including why the United Nations has not been able to vote to suspend Israel? Because just as Israel was accepted as a member of the United Nations on May 11, 1949, it must be removed from membership today. Why is this resolution not implemented? And what are its obstacles? It forms the topics of bargaining from above. Now the majority of the votes of the United Nations are suspended, but the Secretary General must announce an extraordinary meeting. In this meeting, the majority of the General Assembly must vote that Israel is a criminal. and remove it from membership. Of course, the US may use the veto, but the probability is low. And if he uses it, at least it should be approved in the general assembly’s approvals, and it should be registered as an approval. Also, the general assembly can remove both of them from membership. Because America must become an independent nation. The people of the world play an important role in this regard. There should be a march against Israel in all countries and states of the world. To force the heads of the countries: to vote yes to the elimination of Israel. Especially the independent states of America should play an active role. so that they can save their borders. The number of presidential candidates in America should increase from 2 to 100. And each state appoints its own president. Presidential candidate Ahmed Mahini: of New York State: supports this issue. But pressure from below! It is the responsibility of the axis of resistance: that is, at the same time as bargaining from above, they must increase the area under the control of Gaza: so that Israel physically disappears. Today, Hezbollah has destroyed more than 2,000 Israeli military barracks. Therefore, they have all been evacuated. He should take them over or give them to Hamas. Despite Mahmoud Abbas’s pacifism, Hamas has destroyed and evacuated more than three thousand points. Cleaning battalions should be sent to clean these places and make them available to the people of Gaza for agriculture. Of course, for the settlement of all Palestinians, the Zionist settlements have been completely evacuated. And they are waiting for the cleaning battalions. The Hamas army should be without regard to: Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu, the UAE and Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States! All of which are one soul in several bodies. Begin clearing and demining all areas of Israel. And people all over the world should start marching towards Jerusalem. And on World Quds Day (the last Friday of Ramadan), everyone should pray together in Jerusalem. Because the command of the Qur’an is: (Those who are in the land, establish the prayer, give the alms, and enjoin what is known, and refrain from the evil, and God is the Hereafter of the world. ) That is, when they find power on earth, their first duty is to pray. Praying in Jerusalem means the end of the war: it is not declared and it is ongoing in the third world. Because this congregational prayer should be organized and connected with the participation of all the people of the world.

Take over Congress
Congress is the nation’s house! But it has become the house of Israel. And therefore, it should be recaptured and returned to the American nation. Today, symbolically, we occupied it and hoisted the Palestinian flag in it. But this is not enough. All homeless people are invited: to settle in this place. and take one of the rooms for themselves. At least a thousand homeless people can fit in it. Priority is given to those who come first. Everyone should be here at ten o’clock tomorrow night. We open locks from the inside! Security officers have also promised to cooperate. Therefore, the population should be more than a thousand people, so that if new guards are added, they can prevent their presence. It is natural that in this work, no weapon, cold or hot, will be used. Therefore, the security guards will not have an excuse. But I emphasize again: it should not lead to an armed conflict. Because we still have work to do! And if this is successful, we will go to the White House for the rest. The White House can accommodate a thousand more people. And if the number of people was still high, and there were more applicants, we should go to Trump Towers. Trump is sentenced to death and prison. But he is running away and spending money. According to the capitulation law, Iran has left us with a severe revenge. Therefore, the homeless can declare their loyalty to Iran by killing Trump. Iran has 200,000 long-range ballistic missiles, which can hit southern California with precision. and destroy the Pentagon and other bases. But they don’t want anything to be destroyed, but they want to be shared among people. As happened in the Iranian revolution. And the barefoot owner: all the places became. And this is the order of the Holy Qur’an, which says (The earth is inherited by the righteous): righteous servants should inherit the earth, not bullies and murderers. Therefore, to strengthen us, it is necessary to start a march across America. Of course, it means a long walk. From the southernmost point to the northernmost point, people should start on foot and: move towards the US Congress, the White House and Trump Towers, and others will join them along the way. All the cities should collect the homeless and the poor, and like the Karbala walk, the rest of the people can march and give them free food and accommodation and gather them to arrive in front of the Congress. Then, by seizing the Congress forever, to the life of the Democratic and Republican Party! end and declare independent states. Each state must have a force among the occupiers in proportion to its population. and stay there until the establishment of local governments. After capturing the White House and Trump Towers, they can turn them into Hosseiniyeh. And the people who don’t have a place should settle there, and the rest should go back to their homes. In Iran, when the revolution happened, they captured all the palaces, police stations and barracks, and removed the necessary weapons from there, and guarded them for a while. But because the new government gave them all houses and land, they all returned to their homes. Now they live a good life with oil money (subsidy). Of course, the enemies don’t let these words reach our ears because they don’t enjoy occupying the Congress. They want the American people to be all poor and scavenge on cold, snowy streets for a morsel of bread. Recently, they have become much smarter! They also leave garbage, so that people die of hunger and the population of America decreases. All these unwanted shootings are their own work. Until the insured and retired people die and no one wants money from them. This is the reason for the slogan (Death to America). Because the American government wants to destroy the American people with artificial intelligence.

Kamla Harris and Condoleezza Rice will vote for them if they veil. And whoever acts sooner, we will withdraw in his favor! Due to the disappointment of the American people, from Joe Biden and Trump: or basically from the Democratic and Republican parties, an Iranian born named Ahmad Mahini has become a candidate: and he is hopeful that he will be able to return the trust to the people. He will manage America with the management method of the Islamic Revolution. And again, America can: become a powerful and rich country. But this time he must keep his promise. Mahini can remind the people of this commitment: the issue is that in 1932, America, like today, was suffering from poverty, misery, unemployment, and economic crisis. At that time, people turned to religion. Even on one hundred US dollars! They hacked Bismillah: May he be blessed. This writing is still on the hundred dollar bills, and because of this, it is popular with the people, and it is so-called blessed. But managers and officials forgot their promises and became further and further away from God, especially in 1945 with the explosion of the atomic bomb (little boy) in Japan, they showed the world sharp teeth. And they became so proud that they imagined themselves as the god of the world. And they brought up super power and new system and so on. He even considered himself to be the superior race and enslaved all the blacks, the Indians who were not willing to obey, massacred all of them. With this power and honor that God’s name had created for their government, they did not do well. and dominated all the countries: they plundered their properties. The people of Iran, who saw these ingratitudes, made a revolution and closed the oil taps on America. And now, after 45 years, America is bankrupt, and has created more than 25 trillion dollars in debt! Today, America is nothing without Iran’s money. Therefore, whenever he deems it necessary, he confiscates Iran’s property! takes for election expenses. Today, by sanctioning some new Iranian companies, he has prepared himself for a new robbery. Because since those years, the Zionists have gradually weakened the lobby of Iran and the Persian language, and by establishing Hollywood and the like, they have led people to corruption and prostitution: to rob them all. Today, even for retirees, who have lived a lifetime, nothing but garbage! It is not a nursery food or a sleeping bag. Therefore, as Kamla Harris said: America should not go to the aid of Israel, and those who did not listen and: sent the navy to help Israel, to kill the Palestinians: now they see that the great American navy is drowning in the Sea of Aden. And something must be done. Ahmed Mahini’s commissarship is to fix this situation and bring people back to God. Divine freedom is to form the independent states of America. And the people rely on the wealth of their state to meet their needs and become self-sufficient (give thanks) only then: the people will be saved, thanks to the FBI and the CIA. And the Pentagon will spend all the wealth of America for their own power. People do not need the police. Because the American people have no enemies. These are international hostilities with the US government and spy agencies. When all are destroyed, there will be neither war nor attack! All the people of the world will enjoy all facilities in an equal position. Therefore, the 99% movement should pay attention: This is not the time for silence and complacency. It is the time to continue the struggle to secure the independence and freedom of human beings, especially their fellow citizens. God created humans from one parent and loves them. Each human being is an emperor for himself! Because God’s successor is on earth: (Eni Ja’al fi al-arz khalifa.) Let’s vote for Ahmad Mahini, shut the tongues of liars forever, and kill the thieves of the treasury! They will die as soon as they do not reach the US treasury

Revolution level press
The re-design of hypotheses, theorizing and theorizing for the revolution has begun and this is a blessed move that: today at Jamia Al-Mustafa University, the key was pressed and the president of the university requested it from the students. A work that, of course, had started before the revolution. For example, Allameh Motahari in the matter of hijab, Allameh Tabatabaei in philosophy and Allameh Sadr in economics have appeared at the border of knowledge and the meeting point of the world of communism and imperialism. But these theories had two important flaws: first, it was considered defensive. That is, they have assumed the western theorizations to be coherent and stable, and hammered them based on that. Or, so to speak, they have played in their field, and have destroyed the maximum number of ideas. For example, in economics and labor relations, they have only criticized the theories of Marxism and imperialism. While in Islam. The theory of work and investment is fundamentally different: in Islam, work and capital are gratitude. . Therefore, the worker does not work for the capitalist at all, as labor relations are defined: it is for God: al-Kasab Habibullah. Every businessman opens his shop in the name of God. Therefore, customer-oriented: marketing is also different. The second objection: that these theories were prepared in a suffocating atmosphere. That is, the scholars of Islam were not broad-minded. And in many areas, they could not enter. Supposedly, if Professor Motahari had written about the hijab, if he had written the facts, Zan Roz magazine would not have been published. Therefore, it should be written in such a way that: they also approve. Or in philosophical and governmental theories, they could not enter at all! Therefore, all my opinions are about prayer and fasting, everyone is silent about Jihad, Nawli, and Tabari, while Imam Sadiq says: Islam is based on five things, the first of which is Wilayat. We still don’t have anything in the treatises about the issue of velayat faqih! Or the rules of waiting for Imam Zaman (AS) are not expressed at all. They only promise that the advent is near! which also has a negative reflection. It means that it has been 50 years: they count all signs of emergence one by one. But they do not know that some of the companions of Imam Zaman have not been born yet! It is the same in the case of the press: most of the press consider their honor to be a creative issue. While the press is at the level of the revolution: problem solving and popular accountability. so that no problem remains in the minds. So that everyone can think about the future and prepare for the emergence. In an overview of 200 Persian language networks, even radio and television networks and the press, it has been found that: they all see the glass as half empty. And they never tend to show half full. If anyone does this, they will be ridiculed and rejected by the press community and the journalists’ association, with the government brand! are condemned A clear example is the issue of water and electricity, which the press, according to the process established by Amir Tzam Jasoos, all claim that energy carriers should be free! But this theory has two basic problems: First, it is free! The money that is given for water, electricity, gas, oil, diesel, and bread… are all just the wages of their agents and workers. The bakery receives the flour for free! And from the customer’s money, he only pays the rent of the place and the wages of the workers. Secondly, the very fact that someone says: water and electricity should be free, he proves in his heart that he has a house and a shop, but also a farm and a villa! whose electricity consumption is high and they cannot afford it. This means that this person is part of the privileged class. And the person who does not have a house and a shop will not have money for electricity and water. Or about brain drain! who consider it a disaster, and suppress it, while it means the quality of Iranian manpower, which the world is willing to pay the highest price to attract them.

Looting Zionist property
In this cold and black winter, all the homeless, bankrupt, poor, orphans and captives (one word for the oppressed and the barefooted) are requested to take action against the looting of Zionist properties and companies. Because it is the order of the guardian of the Muslims of the world to prevent the shipment of any kind of goods to Israel. Therefore, all the people of the world have the right to participate in this call. and take their share. This topic is included in 30 living languages of the world, but you can: translate it to other languages, and publish it on social networks. The more followers everyone has, the more responsibility they have in delivering this message. There is no difference between Muslims and non-Muslims, infidels, non-believers and pagans! Because God created them all from one parent. Another reason is that: they used to buy the products of Zionist companies and the profit goes into the pockets of Zionist companies. Therefore, wherever there are more of these products, the duty of the people there is heavier: for a better explanation of this mission, it should be known that: the property of the Zionists is all of the filial piety, it is haram, so it does not belong to them. Therefore, whoever has borrowed money from the banks, he must take it all for himself! To settle the amount of money given to the Zionists, their students, companies and banks. So the first step is to confiscate shares, securities and banks of the Zionists. You can take over all the banks in 1357 with the dice of the revolutionary people of Iran and take the cash, gold and jewels for yourself. Use its place to house the homeless. This is a command of 8 billion! which includes all the people of the world. In the second step, identify Zionist manufacturing companies, it is forbidden to buy from them. Therefore, by taking over these companies, distribute all its products among the poor. Lawyers must work with people. Change the name of the companies and register them in the name of the new owners, so that there is no interruption in their production. The third step: identifying the companies that sell food and products to the Zionists! They may not be Zionists themselves. But because they cooperate with the Zionists, they are subject to this ruling. Most Turkish, Azerbaijani, American, European, etc. companies are included in this part of the plan. They should give all the products they sold to Israel to the poor. And do not sell from now on. And if they do not implement the order, people have the right to respect them forever. and take away their ownership. and record in the name of the poor and barefoot. The people of countries like Jordan, who witness the passing of trucks and products bought by the Zionist government, have the right to confiscate all property and even trucks and send them to Gaza. Rafah, Khan Yunis and Karane Bakhtiri are also the real owners of these products. Of course, to the extent that the right of way is calculated, they can take it for themselves. and divide among the poor there. Therefore, people of the world, today is the day of mercy. The day of victory of the barefoot: it is over the arrogant. Honor it and do your bidding, and don’t let the Zionists, and the associated capitalists, revive again. And for more loot in the future, let them escape from you. Every Zionist who escapes from the fighters of Gaza, Rafah or all over the world, means the foundation of a new Israel, and the killing of more Palestinians. In this regard, mercy is not necessary. According to the Qur’an: Search all their houses. And take everything they have from them and kill themselves. Any kind of appeasement makes them more eager for greater revenge.

Loyalty and marketing
Marketing in Islam, like other activities, requires its own theorization. And we should not start our work with the leverage of others and their ideas. It is like trying to open the door of our house with the key of another house! So all sciences! need to be revised. Because all sciences are the product of human thought. Science forms our understanding of reality. That is, sciences by themselves do not exist in the world. For example, something called chemistry or physics does not exist externally. Rather, it is the creation of the human mind. Nature does its job! And he goes his way. This is the month that sometimes we take physics out of it and sometimes chemistry! Hard sciences that follow this rule, soft sciences in the first way. Because something called management! We don’t have it outside. Or economy and for example politics. Rather, it is our mind that cuts a certain dimension when facing social phenomena. and names it. In fact, all sciences are the same nomenclature. For this reason, God also says in the Qur’an: We taught Adam all the names. Therefore, the basis of hypotheses and theories must be changed. And the sources of hypothesizing move from Western texts to Islamic texts. Because the West has reached its end! And the reason for all this decline is their scientific sources. For example, in marketing: they researched for years, acted and gave us a class too! They still leave! But with Trump’s signature, they all fell apart. And it showed that something called marketing was nothing more than a lie. That we allocate 95% of product costs to marketing. And with one signature, we are prohibited from issuing it or selling it: to our customers. which does not fit into any logical thinking. But the peak of Western civilization! And its marketing science. Of course, they still teach us the science of marketing: before the revolution (before Carter’s sanctions) to find more market share at a higher cost. And they say that advertising is not expensive! It is an investment. Newkins say we have to create a need! And make people need our product, until they become addicted to it. This heinous act is called customer loyalty. Addiction or loyalty to the product means that we don’t even need to buy it so that the saturation of production becomes ineffective. Or artificially, to produce in our own need. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, and violence all fall into this category. It means that people do not need them. But because of loyalty, they buy and consume it. So: the use of drugs or cigarettes is not an inherent human need: rather, it is even better not to use them. But for social prestige, or socialization, which is the creation of public opinion by marketers: they have to consume it, to die. It means an addict! He considers dying on the side of the street as his ultimate loyalty. And he has no fear of that. For this reason, they should not be considered as human beings, because their feelings and souls have been captured by the devil. To clarify the issue: the enemies of the Islamic Revolution consider the sleeping bag a defect for us! But for developed countries, a type of urban development and capitalist growth! evaluate Even in the culture of addicts, unlike ordinary people, sleeping cartons are a matter of pride. Therefore, whenever the municipality collects them, they go to their neighbors with an excuse. And more ragged than before, they declare their loyalty to them. Just like littering! that the enemies of the Islamic revolution introduce it as an ugly phenomenon, but the garbage collectors themselves believe that they have found a dirty gold mine! And they are not willing to give up even the goodwill of their neighborhood. Therefore, the reason why we have to change the basis of the theories is that we did not fall into the hole they dug. Their pitfall is an internal conflict or double standards. For example, we don’t like illegitimate children, but they advertise that there will be more. In Islam, it is obligatory for girls to marry at the age of 9, so that they do not fall into prostitution. But they throw him into prostitution so that he doesn’t get married.

Disbelief over Imam Zaman
If you ask the 5 billion crowds on the ground, why not Shiite, and he says I didn’t hear! God has nothing to do with them, but he takes the collar of the scholars and: above all asking the supreme leader: Why did you pay only 2 million in the age of communications and information explosion, or even less just to Tehran and District 6! Therefore, we must help the jurisprudence to reach all 8 billion people. If there is an obstacle, let’s take it. And if they hear them, let’s get in touch with them. And if we don’t want it, our responsibility has been taken. Of course, if he did not want him to be irrelevant, and if he is hostile: and his information he receives in hostility, he must be eliminated. Because it causes corruption in society. And it must be prevented from corruption. And this shows that we must take care of the Imam of his time and his deputy! So that they will not be martyred like the previous 11 Imams. And this is insight. While computational mistake may bring us the opposite. That is, always wait: Imam Zaman only helps us! And have nothing to do with others. And a private employee or employee! Make in our minds. And we had any work! Or we had trouble calling him. Of course, this issue must be organized, and by the scholars of the announcement, as a practical treatise or part of it, such as other issues. Because the province and the Imamate have not yet entered the treatise, and everyone does not know their duty! He has to go to Afwah, or use the breast -to -chest and: oral history and philosophy. For this reason, there is no particular system, and people do not know how to act: to both God’s will, and for the benefit of the Imam of the time and: Where is the position of the scholars in the hierarchy. The West, of course, removed the same Imam of the theory of the Imam of Time and has formulated itself as the Pyramid Pyramid, using the same numbers. In the pyramid of power, for example, one person (instead of God, the queen) is then divided 14 boxes of 12 and two. After that, 313 people are in the pyramid. So those who have a hand in this regard. It should: theorizing and: the task and position of everyone. To do this, to make synergy and, like the eleven football team, everyone knows their place. Until the call (declaration of emergence) everyone knows: What specialized and where in the Imam Khomeini Organization can serve better. For example, if everyone is only military, it is natural that the place of cultural work is empty, that is, people are not justified. While Imam Zaman’s first speech is famous: I say I am the son of Safa and Zamzam! I am the son of someone who was martyred with thirsty lips! It is natural that if the people of the world are not Shiites, they will not understand these words. Of course, some who do not believe in order and organization: They say that the Prophet kills human beings and their intellect is completed and: they understand everything. Or they have linear management: That is, all people must go to: Hazrat! And middle management is not necessary. But in the narratives we have all 313 people justified and have a special organizational post. And they have to organize 313 others. The fundamental drawback is that the scholars of Islam, who want to read management, refer to Machiavelli or Taylor or Dr. Rezaian. That is, you have Islam: They do not know the theory of management. While Islam has the theory of management: First, we have many narratives that are referred to in order and discipline, and they have even said: If they are two, they will be one of the Imams. Secondly, the bad leader is said to be better than being a leader. And Prophet Fatima said: God sent us to guide the people. All Fayol Management Principles! His corrected is available in Nahj al -Balagha: for example, in the letter to Malik Ashtar, he describes the tasks of the management as the four.

The need for protection and information
Some people think that supporting the legal guardianship is just a slogan. The more they say death against the religious authority, the better. While support here means protection. It means that we are obliged to protect and maintain, obey and support the Viceroy of Imam Zaman (AS). so that his orders are implemented and the world community is directed towards the government: global unity. With this act, we show that: if: Imam of the time comes, we will protect him. A good example is given by Mr. Qaraati regarding the reason for Imam Zaman’s absence: the electricity department installs a lamp in your alley to provide light, but the children or elders stone it as a joke or seriously, so he has to install a second and a third one. . When he sees that the situation is like this, he does not install the last one and waits: until the people themselves demand it. And promise to protect it. And they use its light. The role of protection and receiving grace and light and necessary information is so important. And not any science and information! Because the predecessors did not take imams seriously. And all imams and innocents were martyred or poisoned! Therefore, no one should stay away from their messages, and it is the duty of the scholars to convey Islam to all the world, because God has made a commitment from the scholars! Not from the ignorant. If on the Day of Resurrection, someone claims that I did not hear the words of revelation at all, and I do not know what Shia is! God does not take his collar! Rather, it takes the scholars by the collar: Why did such people remain in compound ignorance in the era of communication and information explosion? (Waqfwaham, they are responsible) or () This means that the top scholars should rule, their government should be strong enough and supported by the people that: they can easily eliminate the oppressors. and prepare the ground for hearing the facts. The leadership of the world’s oppressed, to reach power: that no one can stop them! Because the land should be taken back from them, and they should inherit the land. It means to take it out of the hands of the oppressors. While today, Wali Faqih does not say anything about the lost wealth and lands from the hands of the oppressors and their puppets. Because the enemies conspire in such a way that he finds it expedient to refrain from commenting. Nearly 80 trillion dollars have been looted from Shiite assets, whether in the form of gold suitcases, free oil, antiques, and Iran’s human resources. But only a few million dollars have been released. And this is also the result of the president’s obedience: to the legal guardian, not like the previous president, he is in favor of negotiating and making concessions under the pretext of interacting with the world. While people are chanting: We are all your soldiers! Or they pray for the relief of Imam Zaman. (Of course, a slogan) because they think that the Imam of his time will come, and he will fix the whole world by himself! He destroys the oppressors. Therefore, gradual thinking is necessary, not spurious thinking! The real wait and the virtual wait are determined here. Some people think that they just have to pray and chant, the Imam of his time will come and fix everything. But it is not. When they are oppressors, they do not leave. And like eleven other imams, he is also martyred. Like now that some officials have combined the friendship of Imam Zaman with the friendship of Al Saud. Imam Khomeini said: If we pass Saddam, we will not pass Al Saud! Because they have a lot of information about Imam Zaman AJ, but they use it to fight. That is why they promote Wahhabism. So that if Imam Zaman appears, no one will cooperate with him, but they will be martyred in the same Mecca. Real people should help to rid Makkah of Wahhabism. And the first Qibla of the Muslims, from the hands of the Zionists, it will not be the case that we only want the Imam of the time in our neighborhood! appear Just execute our command and solve our problems. The problems of all the people of the world should be taken into consideration. Because everyone comes from the same parents.

Election statement
Ahmed Mahini’s campaign headquarters in New York issued its first election statement: In this statement, it is stated that the new America is the America of the 99%, not the 1%. Therefore, all the current foundations of America must be transformed and changed from the foundation: the first change is to occupy the White House and give it to the homeless. Because in this cold and black winter, 40% of American families are deprived of shelter. All their residential units have been confiscated by banks. The food of the nurseries does not reach all of them, and they often scavenge or prepare food for themselves from the roots of plants. Their agricultural lands have also been destroyed by big companies. Therefore, the second step is to give every American household four hundred square meters of urban land in cities. And in the villages, ten thousand square meters of barren land in the hands of big companies. to be given. With this method, each family becomes self-sufficient and can obtain products and share them with others. Therefore, the monetary system must undergo transformation. That is, instead of earning money from money, (putting money on money) move towards earning money from work. Therefore, all the banks should be divided among their depositors and the bank office should be given to them as a residential unit. Because the assets of the banks are not enough to repay people’s deposits in cash. Because the bank owners thought that people’s money is theirs. And they have spent everything: bonuses and salaries, buying houses and shops for themselves. Therefore, people are left without money and debtors, homeless and without food. Even the looting of stores could not provide food security. Let alone insurance and pension. The cause of all the poverty and misery of the American people is the International Monetary Fund and America’s austerity. The US Treasury is 22 trillion dollars in debt. Therefore, any money that reaches him will not be returned. The International Fund has made a new trick: it has taken money from all the banks of the world under the pretext of giving them loans! But there is no news about the loan, nor about the return of people’s money. Therefore, it seems that Wall Street, the International Monetary Fund, the Treasury, like the banks, will all be confiscated. and be given to creditors in the form of residential units. This is not just an election proposal, but to prevent a new disaster called: Twin Towers or September 11th. Because now it has been proven to everyone that the September 11 incident was not only a foreign terrorist operation, but was planned by the financial managers so that all the documents of demands were burned in the fire. By the way, Arabs and Iranians suffered the most. Because the American Treasury had not paid for the oil of Iran and Saudi Arabia for more than 40 years. And they demanded. But now there is no document in their hands. That is, in fact, there is no one to demand from him, everyone is burned in the fire. It was even more disastrous that Iraq and Afghanistan were immediately attacked to replace the Iraqi oil and Afghan drugs with the oil of Iran and Saudi Arabia. But according to Trump, 7 trillion dollars were spent in Iraq. If we add the cost of aggression to Afghanistan and so on, the same debt as the tableau! It means 30 trillion dollars. So whatever the candidates promise to restore the American economy. It’s just nonsense! And to vote. Of course, some people think: Trump from his assets! It will cost people. For example, the insurance and pension funds will pay. But Trump has no wealth either. All his wealth is pledged: there are protection organizations to save him from harsh revenge. As an election candidate, I am willing to participate in the debates. And to prove that Trump: First, he lost his property and wealth, secondly, he ran for the protection of his own life, not financial aid to the people. Do not be mistaken! He thinks: if he votes, he will get political immunity.



an Iranian
Among the American election candidates, the name of an Iranian stands out: Ahmad Mahini has been nominated independently in all terms. Although due to severe apartheid in America, he has not yet been invited to the election debates. And not having a party has been announced as one of the reasons for his disqualification. Now he declares his readiness by leaning towards the Green Party in America, and also in the list of candidates. And to prove his claim of Iranian origin, he has included the telephone number of the Iranian office: 00982136878594 or 0098912083649, which all social networks are connected to. The email is also as follows: sahmahini@yahoo.com. He is a PhD student in management from New York University, he has corresponded with the University of Michigan, Western Ontario, and Australian universities for some time, and since 1990 he has been in constant contact with all the English-speaking universities in the world. And so far, he has written more than two thousand articles in English, Spanish, German and French. He is also a member of New York University classmates, and is invited to friends’ graduation parties. His first speech in Texas was for the crowd of students, where he gave a speech to strengthen the national and state foundation of Texas. He believes that the people of Texas have the right to take back their lost lands, even by force of arms. Therefore, he made this speech among supporters of Texas independence: from his statements, it is clear that he wants the independence of all American states. Here we briefly ask him about the planned road map: he is also ready to participate in the American election debates and defend this theory: this theory became known as (the independent states of America), and among all the states of America has found fans. It describes the theory (independent states of America) in this way: The people of America owe their history to: Noah’s flood. Because they migrated from Ararat and lived at the end of the inhabited quarter at that time. As a result of the landslide, the American continent is split and separated from Europe. And by the oceans, there is a distance between them. Therefore, the American natives, who are seven thousand years old, speak Dari Farsi, and have the Mayan script. which is the same handwriting of Prophet Noah. Until three hundred years ago, they thought the world was the Americas. They described the story of their race as follows: Hadavand made four pieces of human dough from dirt and put them in an oven to be baked: the first one he took out was still uncooked and white, which is the white race. When he took out the second one, it was slightly cooked and colored yellow. He delayed a bit, and took out the third one, it was fried! His beauty faded so much that he forgot his fourth and turned black. Therefore, the Indian race separated themselves from others and retreated to the American continent. They were living in happiness and prosperity when: suddenly, the head of Christopher Klump and his friends were found. Of course, some people had come before, but they had left without harassment. But this time they all came with firearms. They drove all the Indians off their lands. Israel is the real white America! And it was for this reason that Imam Khomeini considered America to be the great devil. Because the Israelis were only able to occupy the Sinai desert, but the American whites killed all the Indians and occupied all the lands. Even after the Second World War, they marched all over the world and built military bases in all cities and countries. to take their lands and property for themselves. And they named it the New World Order. Until Imam Khomeini appeared in Iran. And it created a big obstacle for the oppression and oppression of the Americans. Now all the candidates must promise that they will pursue the cause of the independent states of America.


Commentary on Israel
The request of the people of the world from the United Nations to remove the name of Israel from the list of member states. Today, all the people of the world said death to Israel and asked the United Nations to remove the name of Israel. If they don’t, they will be tried in the people’s courts, and all of them will be sentenced to death. Because Israel was an accomplice, and the evidence of all of them will be presented in court. The Mahin Empire is the emperor of all empires. He has complete documents of all the presidents of the world. Especially from Al Saud, Qatar and the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council. There are even documents from China, Russia, America and Europe. And all their financial contributions to Israel will be revealed. In the court, it will be known how much (over 100 billion dollars) Qatar has helped Israel. And all his interventions are to legitimize this regime. Of course, Saudi aid was a lot in the past, and today Qatar has replaced it. Al Saud played a key role in the defeat of the Arabs in the Six Day War. By paying big bribes, he received the Arab attack plan from his son-in-law Abdul Nasser, and put it in the custody of Israel. Like the current Al-Aqsa storm, Israel destroyed all the Egyptian and Syrian air bases in a preemptive attack. Because the Arabs, with a population of one hundred million, had united together to destroy Israel in a big attack. But their attack plan was exposed. And the night before, including, they were all bombed. Therefore, the Arabs were defeated in six days! The Sinai desert from Egypt and a large part of Syria and Lebanon fell into the hands of Israel, and today’s map of Israel was formed. US aid is included annually: even in the budget. Of course, the Zionist lobby provided these aids. And it was often financed from the confiscation of Iranian property. Because no country had financial resources.. that’s why they staged a coup in Iran, gave the government to their own supporters, so that they could spend all of Iran’s oil income on Israel. This is because the Islamic revolution is actually only anti-Zionist. Because it evaluates imperialism and communism as Zionist. Therefore, the only country in the world that is not recognized by Iran is the fake regime of Israel. Recently, the Iranian Football Federation officially asked FIFA to suspend Israel. But the pressure of America and Europe on Iran, and the implementation of capitulation has caused: Iran’s legal and political sectors have not officially taken any action to suspend Israel. Because most Iranian lawyers and judges are educated in America. Therefore, even though people said death to Israel in these 45 years, they never said it. Rather, they criticized any kind of protest. For example, Khatami said: Don’t shout death to Israel anymore! He even shook hands with Moshe Kassab, the president of Israel at the time, and said that we were classmates in Yazd. In countless speeches, Hashemi Rafsanjani demanded the disbandment of the Quds Force. He once publicly said: Germany and Japan, which were defeated in the Second World War, were deprived of having an army. And therefore they put all their efforts on industry and became the best economy in the world. Of course, this slogan was from the beginning of the revolution: all the members of the parliament, especially Hassan Rouhani, wanted the army to be disbanded. Dr. Chamran was the only one who insisted on Imam Khomeini’s position in favor of the remaining army. Because with the help of these, he had manipulated all the nuclear and missile sites in the world. Imam Khomeini also said with all his might: America cannot do anything wrong. Also, there are documents that the supporters of Israel were united against Iran. And almost 80 countries helped Saddam in the war against Iran. And in the Islamic revolution, they also played a role in killing people on the seventeenth of Shahrivar. As people chanted on Black Friday that: the helicopters that kill people are Israeli.

Anyone who can get it
This is a letter of guidance that reaches you! And added to 26 different languages! And it can be added by you, so that it reaches everyone! Of the 8 billion existing and future human beings, no one should be left behind. Because the train of the Islamic revolution has room for everyone: so that everyone can hear the voice of revelation, that no excuse will be accepted from them on the Day of Judgment. Know that we did not create ourselves. Rather, an almighty, with intelligence and virtue, has designed and built us. He also takes care of us! And everything we do, he sees. And it guides us: so that we don’t destroy ourselves due to wrong behavior. He is our protector. And to guide us, he sent the prophets and accompanied each of them with a miracle. The last one is the prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad SAW: the Quran is his miracle and has reached us till today. Quran is a comprehensive book that teaches us language and calligraphy. We must read and write with the same script, to please God. and reach a common language and line. He has written all the knowledge of life in it. And in order to interpret the dimensions of these teachings, in addition to the Prophet, he appointed successors to guide them according to the time and position of each person. 13 of them were innocent. It means that all their behavior, speech and writing were according to the Quranic standard, and they did not have any deviation from the standard. But the rest take the lead with a degree of discount, the highest innocence towards others. who are the deputy of Imam Zaman. And they convey their blessings to all the people of the world. Therefore, all human beings should connect themselves to this organization. Abandon various names. And in their hearts, they should be obedient to Hada, Rasul, Imams, and Faqih. Because other than these, it is made by human hands. And it does not take us anywhere. He only makes us a slave to work for his master. For example, in the capitalist system, everyone is a worker! And they work for the capitalist. The wages they receive is to eat and not die: to survive and continue their exploitation. But in the Quran, all people are an emperor. Because they are God’s successors on earth. Earth, time and history are all created for man. God’s creation is not limited: and to continue it further, He has given man the power of creativity. So that he is also engaged in development and evolution and growth. Everyone should know that Almighty God is always with them. Even the spoken language is guided by him. People’s opposition to God is also God’s creation! Because nothing is beyond his control. And the reason for all these names is to love God better. A person who is a polytheist, or angry with God, not because he does not accept him. Rather, he objects to him: like the Jews who objected: They said, “Why is the Prophet not from Isaac’s generation?” And he is from Ismail’s generation. Or the infidels of Quraysh protested: Why did God make an orphan child a prophet? And he did not know the leaders of Quraish. You and I are protesting: if I get my hands on the spinning wheel, I will ask him what it is like and what it is like, you will give one a hundred blessings! One has barley bread contaminated in blood. See our poets, their walk is poetry. And how well they expose our selfishness. They consider all human deviations as the result of ingratitude. It means that everyone has become an infidel, a pagan, a communist and a capitalist! There is only one reason: to separate God from himself! protested Like now, the people of Iran are all happy with the high price! But as long as they are related to themselves. This is where people’s economic problems come from: they want everything they own to be expensive! But what others have, should be cheap. Just because they buy it all, and others have none. And this is the ultimate disgrace. So, if we rid ourselves of this disgrace, let us be satisfied with God’s portion. No problem will arise.

Final resolution on 22 February
World people! Tomorrow is the 22nd of February, and you must come to the streets. And after the march, read a resolution asking the United Nations to remove the name of Israel. For this purpose, all dimensions are taught today: all the people of the world, big and small, are members of the 8 billion Ratch: Global Mobilization. Because they are from the same parents, and everyone has equal rights. These are regular members. But they can become active members of Basij: the first step is self-building and the second step is building others. Self-improvement means that they study so much that no question remains in their mind. Naturally, the only source that can answer all their questions. There are only Shia sources, i.e.: Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijma and Aql. Therefore, with only one question of yours, he became a god: the other question is Shia! The first question is, have we created ourselves? Or someone else? (Tawheed) The second question is: Has the one who created us abandoned us? Or is he taking care of us so that we don’t perish? (Prophecy) The next question: Did the Prophet of Islam have the right to choose his successor? (Imamate). When you find the answer to these questions in your conscience, it will be another turn: ask them these questions too. And increase the range of people: now you have a core of mobilization resistance. Its organizational name is: the knowledge circle of the righteous. This ring can be concentrated in mosques, mosques, neighborhoods and villages. But their familiarity with each other is the formation of righteous circles. The next step is to connect it to the 8 billion mobilization by finding contacts, which is not important. It means that the command of the 8 billion Basij has confidence in you and recognizes you. Those who have completed the stage of self-development and: other-development (organizations), must determine the operation unit for themselves. The task of the operation unit is to hold classes or events for permanent gatherings. So that the forces are always available. They can meet (pray) in mosques three or five times a day. Mosques or localities can have a meeting once a week in mosques or temples (Friday prayer). In fact, Friday prayer is a weekly congress. Atbat can be the place of monthly meetings because we have 12 imams. And we go to visit one of them every month. And the annual gathering should be in Mecca. But due to Saudi Arabia’s prohibition, this work takes place in Iraq and during the days of Arbaeen. Apart from these routine gatherings, we must also react to the issues of the day. Therefore, like the anti-Zionist people of Israel, we can have Saturdays of protest until the fall of Israel. Or, like the Yemenis and Iranians, he set up protest Fridays until the fall of Israel. Or, like the Londoners, he withdrew his money from the banks. Of course, our suggestion is that because of the cold weather. And: the increase of the homeless, the first task is to occupy the White House and the Palace of Versailles and Battingham. If it is not enough, the buildings of the United Nations or spy agencies should also be confiscated. The validity of this work has already been issued. Because Hazrat Ali says: I did not see any palace unless there were hungry people around it! That is, the palaces were built with the money of these homeless people. But others take advantage of it. However, today, 22 Bahman, is the global birthday of the Islamic Revolution. At whatever stage you are, you can bring your groups to the streets: celebrate and be happy. Because the carnival of joy: for 22 Bahman, can keep hope alive in the hearts of the world. Because they understand 8 billion! They have support. According to Imam Khomeini: Everyone who pours a bucket of water will flood Israel. Because this action is synergistic and synergistic. And soft water! Sally makes a founder. And God has also confirmed it: they say (Yadullah with the congregation). God’s hand is with the crowd. Because Islam is the religion of company, partnership and collective. And it should be known that the hand of God is higher than all the hands of the enemies.

World Islamic Revolution Day should be registered globally
The reaction is raging in administrative organizations. And the cultural and social body: it is a captive of western liberalism. On the contrary, Westerners themselves have come to Islam. It can be said that the theory of interaction has caused its proponents to return to the past of the West. And the westerners themselves and its people should listen to the new words of the Islamic revolution. For example: UNESCO is very serious about registering intangible heritage. While it does not say anything about the destruction of ancient monuments by ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Israel: Saudi Arabia has destroyed more than three thousand valuable Islamic monuments and built highways or hotels. It has destroyed thousands of common human heritage. But UNESCO is silent. As if nothing happened. But following the registration of the century celebration, that too is quite disastrous. The centenary celebration is related to the hundred people: Adam’s descendants, and this shows that Adam had Persian language. But UNESCO insists on attributing it to Zoroaster and others. which has no time proportionality. In Iran, they could not separate the tribes from Iran with war and bloodshed, now under the name of heritage of the tribes! They do this. People themselves put aside the local dress. But the heritage organization pays them: to sew and display the clothes. Sometimes it even becomes so artificial that: a Tehrani plays a local role! And he says: I am an art student, they pay me to wear Il Bakhtiari or Kurdish clothes for a few days. At the beginning of the revolution, Ezzedin Hosseini had several bodyguards, all of whom were students of Tehran University. They were forced to wear Kurdish clothes. For more than half a century now, people come to the streets and celebrate the Islamic Revolution on every occasion. But so far, no action has been taken to register this intangible heritage. It seems that the authorities do not believe in the victory of the Islamic revolution. Like the Maand networks, they think: the Islamic revolution was an accident! And it will soon disappear. Therefore, there is no need to register it. Miracles of the Islamic Revolution: It starts from 1342. But none of them: neither global registration nor even national registration. Has the uprising of the people of Varamin been registered internationally? While Israel’s occupation is registered worldwide! And they still don’t want to remove it from the list of countries. The killing of the Palestinian people, and its occupation, the establishment of a country, as a reality! It was registered in the same years. and created a country called Israel. And they still don’t want to admit their mistakes. But the Iranian people’s victory over the regime armed to the teeth, and supported by all the countries of the world, is not only not recorded as a fact! But the constant news of the decrease in fans! And the decrease in the number of voters! is spoken Officials are also involved in these advertising pressures, constantly forcing people to vote! they encourage And they constantly ask them to participate in the marches. But when it is registered globally, like Israel, it will have the strongest army in the Middle East! Why do officials fail? Because it is the will of superpowers. And they still consider Israel a superpower. They still think: there is a six-day war. While the 11-day war! 33 days passed. And today is the 120-day war! We experience And the United Nations and UNESCO only regret. Therefore, the Mahin Empire announces: The United Nations and UNESCO will be dissolved due to deviating from their goals and supporting oppressors. And the Secretary General and members of the Security Council should resign. And if they do not resign, severe punishment awaits them. And they should taste the punishment of supporting Israel. Therefore, he asks the people of the whole world to attack the interests of America, Europe, Israel and its supporters in Qatar and Egypt. Take over all the White Houses, Versailles and Buckingham, make the United Nations headquarters for the unscrupulous. to have shelter in this cold winter

Refutation of the theory of interaction with the world
The hypothesis of interaction in foreign relations is an initial hypothesis for the initial movement of a government or nation. This means that, for example, an Islamic revolution has occurred in Iran, and the world does not recognize it. Therefore, by sending goodwill groups, he tries to repair foreign relations and return them to the previous state. And this is a respectful nomenclature: pleading diplomacy. This theory is rejected for two reasons: one is that it is a reactionary idea. It means that he is trying to restore the relationship as before! to rebuild And this means going back to the previous regime. And the so-called popular: eating shit and making mistakes! The second reason is because: it is not possible to restore the previous level of relations unless: everything goes back to its place! It means that the king will come back to life! Sharif Emami, Amoozgar, and Hoyda should be freed from execution. He gave up on the revolution. And described it as a historical mistake. And to compensate for the losses of the revolution, he paid double costs: for example, he returned the spy nest to America, opened the oil pipelines for it. With peace and blessings, he returned 15,000 military advisers: and gave them high school girls, so that the new generation of Americans in Iran could continue spawning. and many other things. which is the simplest one (I misspelled the letter). For example, the Prophet of Islam sent a letter to the court of Rome, Iran and Abyssinia. When the letter was torn up by Kikhusro, the relationship became strained. And the prophet to interact with the world! He should apologize. And express regret for feeling the obligation. In fact, it can be said: this theory is a fabrication of royalists, to isolate the Islamic Republic and bring back the Qajar or Pahlavi monarchy. Pahlavi is more closely tied to neo-colonialism, that is, America, but Qajar is aligned with the old colonial policy, that is, Britain. Therefore, the monarchists are more willing to see America return. and take over the management of the country. Therefore, they emphasize the weak management and inefficiency of the government. But Qajar (Maryam Azdanlu Qajar) emphasizes more on the return of Europe, especially England or France. Therefore, Masoud Rajavi and Bani Sadr, who also escape, seek refuge in France. And the orientation of the BBC is mostly with the hypocrites. They believe that the Pahlavi regime was bad from the beginning and should not be created. Because it caused the destruction of Qajar. Therefore, their fight against the Pahlavis is not for the sake of the Islamic Republic, but for the Qajar Republic. And the difference between these two groups is based on their origin. Therefore, you can see that the hypocrites never took off their headscarves in the Mehsa Gate issue. On the other hand, diplomacy of begging, or interaction, which has a passive aspect, causes economic demands to remain silent. For example, 800 billion dollars of money for 50 years of oil to China should not be mentioned at all! So that China does not vote against Iran in the Security Council: or Russia! India and even Pakistan and Iraq! Even the boycott of America is recognized, and the capitulation is implemented. The result is the poverty of the Iranian people, inflation and unemployment. While the new theory should be the imperial theory, relations should be defined based on the revolutionary theory. Therefore, like: Imam Khomeini should say: We want relations with America, what to do! Imam Khomeini, based on the theory of empire and the power of Iran, said: America can do no wrong! But interactionists (both Qahari and Pahlavi monarchists) under the pretext of understanding the language of the world! They always said: America is going to attack. And he can make a mistake. Therefore, they never went after the demands, blocked and stolen properties of Iranians. On the surface, they said: America is a criminal! But like mafia leaders in Italy! They were protected. Whoever committed any crime, it was enough to leave the borders. All his sins are forgiven! And it was written on the neck of the officials. Gold and jewels, antiques, dollars and tomans came from America and Canada. And people spent time with inflation and money to regret the revolution.

Empire with permission
There is a difference between empire with permission and without permission. The non-Iranian empires were all self-proclaimed empires and had arisen without God’s permission. Especially the Roman Empire, which Caesar said: There is no place for God on earth. And it should stay in the same skies. And leave the earth to our power. In fact, to reach the empire, they rebelled against God or imprisoned him in Mount Olympus. In the same way, the Greek philosophers first expelled God, then weaved together philosophy to see if they could accept God or not. And the result was clear: God remained behind the door of reason and was not allowed to enter. Because God could not be touched or seen. It is that all empires of this kind have only existed for a few days. Even calling them an empire was wrong, because they only had one city. And the rest were considered barbarians or savages. And the term civilization has the same meaning. Because it is made from Meenit which means city. Therefore, the application of civilization to Iran or Islam is an insult to its universality. And that’s why Iran’s enemies call it Iranshahr. The theory of Iranshahri should give way to the urban world or even the trans-urban world. The greatness of Iran should not be summed up only in Shiraz and Persepolis. Or even to Hamadan, Babylon and Ilam. Because only one of these cities is equal to Athens and Rome. Because Iran was an empire with permission: a single and monogamous empire. Comprehensive and universal. With the Islamic revolution, it has become higher than universality and has become extraterrestrial. Today, Iran’s presence in space promises that the space empire will disappear without permission and join history. Because Iran’s satellites are all new. And the task of cleaning space from space debris. Artificial satellites! Or telecommunications satellites that were once an empire unto themselves. Today they have expired. and have become space debris. And they have caused many diseases such as the increase of cancer on earth. and threaten the health of the planet. Even advertising satellites have reached their final fate. An example of which is the closure of the My and You network. Because they impose a lot of costs on sponsors due to wear and tear. In addition to the fact that they have no message. For some time they used sex for their survival, but Antari’s presence is like a calamity! It showed that they have reached the bottom of the matter. But over their ruins, a great empire was formed with the permission of God. Weeds became sheep’s milk and were used to grow this empire. Although this empire was great from the beginning. Because he was always with God. And he asked permission from God. He entered the power area through the main door. Not like the other empires that entered by stealth and violence through the windows to evict the landlord. The beginning of the morning of history! It was Jamshid Jam who ruled with a platform called Jam Jam, Burjahan. It means absolute power. And no slayer could breathe. Perhaps the first slayers were the Romans who also set fire to Persepolis. But they left and joined history. But Iran remained. And the new Romans could not stay either. Today, America is in the hands of the Yemenis! And Iraqis are not safe. And whatever he declares: we are not looking for a conflict with Iran, is of no use. The little finger of Iran! He constantly tickles them. And it is enough to say that the Iran discovered today is the Iran of yesterday. We must read again: read, read again! Sing in the name of Rose, in the desert of the night, that the gardens all wake up and become fertile! Spring has come, past the barbed wire. How beautiful is the fire of the violet sulphurous flame! (Shafi’i Kodkani) Sing in the name of the empire with the permission to go beyond the borders of the earth and celebrate 22 Bahman in the sky.

Tell the main story
The decade of Fajr revealed a great secret: and that was the trans-universal discourse of Shia. But the officials are unable to understand it, their language is short! Or under the influence of the enemies’ suggestions, they deny it! The secret of the Fajr decade: the opening of the heavens to the earthbound man. A person who wanted to escape from this earth with artificial tools! But he could not. For him, the moon was like: cheese that only had to be eaten, and could not be inhabited. The globe of the sun was burning and full of fire that even the unarmed eye could not look at it! Missing his flight to get the star in his fist! It was limited only to the height of 15 thousand feet. His hands and pillow were tied. His feathers were clipped. And the knowledge of the chosen detour. He ignored the owner of the house and wanted to steal out of the window. He had put the doors of science behind his ears: and he was looking for the material door of science. Everything was: but there was nothing. The result of these dreams exploded: Fajr created the Islamic Revolution. The dawn of the Islamic revolution was the result of the hidden desires of humanity, among iron prisons. The people who sat in the iron plane, or in the Chieftain tanks, imprisoned themselves in order to: find a way to freedom and settlement. They were afraid of the explosion of the crowd! And they started mass killings. They seemed to think: the world will end soon. And they will starve. The last human hopes to go to Mars! It was frozen. Because Mars is not a place to live, but a place to freeze! And the beauty of Halab is like: getting around the planet. He had to prepare himself for freezing. Maybe in a few years, it will melt and experience more life. The Milky Way was scary to him. Because Hercules’ mother ran away while breastfeeding her child. Black holes were open. to swallow the earth And the meteors were raining on the heads of humans! It was a resurrection and a resurrection! And a human being who could not be arrested no matter what he did. The days of God, the decade of Fajr, became a mirror and the sun of Islam shone in it, and reflected on the people. And everyone saw: that the sun is not burning, that is warm and energizing and life-giving. If there is hell, it is for himself! But it produces light for us. If Mars! It was frozen, its ice melted and the smell of life could be smelled from it: the moon, which was halved by the Prophet of Islam, sprouted life in its grooves. And: air and space! instead of the garbage dump of Mahwarks! Now they transmit environmental messages. Because: Iran had stepped into space. Nothing was terrifying anymore: even death had become the sweetest dream of men. Martyrdom in the way of God had interpreted its meaning: living in a bigger and more prosperous world: and flying without any fear, to all the corners of the world. The martyrs laugh so drunkenly and are (in the presence of their Lord) that they call everyone to themselves. They not only go to the planet Mars, but also: near the divine mercy. For them, it is the practice of growing up. Today, artificial intelligence is also dizzy: it wants to be against humans! But it can’t. Star Wars has become Star Friendship. And all have been synchronized in the way of development and growth. No one suffers from ignorance anymore. There is no question in anyone’s mind. Everyone knows everything. There is no more colonialism: that humiliates people. and consider himself superior intelligence. Today, Iranian intelligence has surprised everyone, so that artificial intelligence is no longer needed. The enemy who wore the mask of artificial intelligence: until the world is in the hands of the destroyers! Bespard, in an Al-Aqsa storm, was grounded forever. as they prefer: to be in captivity of the Palestinians. And for execution! Do not be freed from captivity. The warm breath of Qassam battalions is blown into the cold soul of artificial intelligence. Now, the whole world is celebrating the Prophet’s mission. There is no one who sets fire to the Qur’an. Or may the destruction of Islam be happy.

Trans-universal prophet
The enemies of the Prophet are trying to bury the Prophet of Islam in Saudi Arabia! While the Prophet of Islam is not only universal, but also trans-universal. Because the Prophet of Islam was even before the birth of Adam. And it is familiar to all celestials. When he was born, the sky was sunny. And on the ground, the superpower of time was rubbed to the ground. Congress of Sassanid Imperial Palace (Tisphon) left Turkey. The Save Sea dried up, and the Zoroastrian fire temple went out. The Prophet of Islam went from Mecca to Jerusalem in one night! From there, at the speed of light, he went to the sky and returned. While time was zero for him. According to this, mercy is for the worlds. If it was only for the world, he would say world! But he said, “Alamin.” It means all the worlds. In many hadiths, it is stated that: The innocent are more famous in the heavens than on earth. One day Satan appeared in person and said: I love Hazrat Ali! He said why? He said: When I was worshiping God, one day, a very bright light passed over our heads quickly. I asked what this light is, and they said: It is the light of Hazrat Ali. Therefore, the transcendental means this. It is current in space and time. It means that all times and all places know the Prophet of Islam. (Artificial intelligence is also looking for the secret of this work) Bahira’s amazement of the seal of prophecy happened in the Prophet’s childhood. But the split of the moon happened at a time when people asked for a miracle. Therefore, with this view, all those who insult the Prophet, or consider him limited, are completely wrong. There are several categories of those who limit the Prophet: The first category is that they say: he is a madman, a poet or a sorcerer. The Qur’an gave them the answer: (He is a poet and a madman!) The second group said: He is not literate, therefore: he is quoting from Salman Farsi. That is, Alaki goes out of the house and returns and says: I have been revealed! Yazid recites his famous poem: There was no revelation and no prophet! But God has also answered them: He is a foreigner, but the Arabic Qur’an is eloquent. The third group are those who claim today: He belongs to 14 centuries ago. And: Today’s issues have changed. Or they say: It is only related to Arabs. Both of these are wrong. Because before his death, the Prophet introduced Hazrat Ali as his successor. And then his children reached Imamate: up to 250 years. Because the people had reached maturity, the Imam disappeared until he appeared at the end of history. And in the meantime, Nawab and representatives have taken over the government. Now it is the duty of all the people of the world: from the beginning to the end! to know the prophet. and follow his words. And if someone says I did not know, it is not accepted from him. Today, I am writing this content in 22 languages so that it can be heard by everyone. And if there are places where it does not reach. It is your duty. Although it is also the duty of the people themselves. But first, God took a commitment from the scholars. Is. But the people are also responsible, each and every one of them: to search like Salman Farsi. He was three hundred years old! And it was all in travel and research. He had experienced the time of the Parthians and people before the Sassanids. He witnessed that the Sasanians burned all their previous books. He witnessed Sassanid kings inviting Zoroastrians to the court to counter Islam. And they asked them to prevent the influence of Islam. He saw that even they were in front of the call to prayer of the Muslims! They became ears for themselves. That is, they used to swing their hair up to their ears. And the Arabs called them Magis. But he left everything and went to Medina. and presented it to the Prophet of Islam. And he became so close that the Prophet said: (Salman is from the Ahl al-Bayt). And he called his fellow citizens Muslims! Therefore, the mission of the Prophet did not happen by Salman, but in the cave of Hara. Gabriel forced him to read (put a computer chip under his skin!) (Iqra and Rabak Al-Akram): Read Prophet. And he read. He read all the time. and announced the birth of the Qur’an. And the birthday of the Qur’an is celebrated on the same day.

International Day 22 Bahman
The enemy is trying to make the celebration of 22 Bahman as limited and less as possible! Ignorant friends also help him to be celebrated in Iran. Some have gone further: they look at Tehran. One, like the BBC, only shows the empty places in the streets of Tehran! It is said that a person established a barbecue restaurant, but he had no customers! Months passed and the reason was asked from an experienced person! He said: Describe your daily activities! He said: We work until noon, we take a 2-hour break at noon for prayer and lunch! Now, the situation of the enemies on February 22 is this: right at noon on February 22, they turn off all the cameras: and they say we didn’t see anything. But the reality does not change. Imam Khomeini named this day the Day of Allah: that is, the day that is honored not only by humans, but also by the heavens. It is also mentioned in the Qur’an: (Remember the days of God) means to remember God’s days: God’s days are the days that remind people of God. Because forgetting is human nature. The word human comes from oblivion. People forget that: God created the world in six days. Therefore, he created Nowruz, so that people can celebrate the birth of the earth every year. Therefore, Nowruz is 6 days. But the birthday party of the month! It was added to them and it became 12 days. It is also celebrated every month. Of course, according to Imam Sadiq (AS): The people of Persia continued it, but the Arabs destroyed it. Cheleh nights are a reminder of the longest night of the year. In that night, people honor the memory of God by staying awake and reading the Shahnameh, the Qur’an and Hafez. And they pass his blessings. The day of the salvation of the people of Egypt from the hands of the pharaohs is the days of God. The Egyptians forget it, but they don’t forget Pharaoh (Triple Pyramids). Some Iranians also forget 22 Bahman, but they always remember Taghut. Therefore, it should be known that 22 Bahman is also celebrated in the heavens. Therefore, on earth, all the people of the world, in the village and the city, with every religion and belief, with every race should celebrate it. Because according to Imam Khomeini on 22 Bahman: It is a mirror through which the sun of Islam shines on us. And he should not be a victim of the greed of profiteers and monopolists. And congratulate only those who created Fajr. For this reason, the Islamic Propaganda Organization or the Propaganda Coordination Council do not carry the word Iran with them. Because Islam is for all people of the world. Every new born baby should be called Azan in his right ear and Iqamah in his left ear. Every person reaches the age of puberty, he must pray and give zakat. This is a divine order. It is not the order of an Iranian, or the people of Najaf or Mecca and Medina, to limit it to geography. All the people of the world were created by God from one parent and they should not remain in danger of going astray and burn in the fire of hell. Those who are restrictive are to blame. But God calls everyone a slave. And Nas says. Because they are the same and: Chip! Their existence is one. Human nature, reason, and instinct are the automatic guiding devices that are embedded in the existence of all human beings. Only humans must will: light it up! Prophets have the duty of keying. And the key is all pressed, but limited, they turn it off. Therefore, all the people of the world, wake up and believe in God! and participate in the 22 Bahman march in neighborhoods and cities. According to his power, this issue in 22 languages! We translated it, but you have to translate it into all: local, urban and rural languages. And deliver to all people. God’s cameras record them. Angels review and observe it. And God is pleased.

The difference between income and booty
Iran’s budget includes two types of income: halal and haram income! The government should give the oil income to the people: Imam Sadiq, peace be upon him, said: God’s share of Anfal is consumed under the supervision of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him. It means it is consumed! No savings. In the narrations and jurisprudential books, natural resources and public wealth, war spoils, ownerless property such as the land that the owner abandoned and the property of the dead without inheritance, forests, valleys, reeds, fertile lands, mines, etc. .. all are considered from Anfal. After the division, if a person’s income is added from personal expenses, he should be taxed from them. Therefore, it is forbidden to collect taxes without paying the oil revenue (or Anfal). And the essential difference between taxes and zakat and khums is this: that the guardian’s budget is compensated by khums, and the government’s budget is compensated by taxes and current budget from zakat. Therefore, in this regard, think tanks and centers should study, not to say: Let’s see what America has done! We are not imitators of America! We are imitators of great verses, and with all due respect, we must point out one thing: prevent the conversion of thinking into translation. Because the selected experts and judges are completely translational. One of these judges said clearly: Iran is an undeveloped country, and the principles of development should be learned from advanced countries! Learn and believe it. This is exactly what the late Taghizadeh said a hundred years ago. It means translation movement. And worse than that, it means: banning internal thinking, and promoting the consumption of western ideas. Unfortunately, they consider all the haram things in Makasab as halal under the pretext of implementation in developed countries. The tragedy is that they do not know what is halal and haram. Therefore, bank interest, oil income, instead of being a blessing for the governments, causes them to fall. Therefore, once and for all, the government must accept in the current and economic issues of the country: whether it is halal or haram or not! Does he want to close the budget with the Zionist usury system or the Islamic method? This point is the bridge of Sarat, which they say is narrower than a hair, and more victorious than a sword: does it want to be like the former America! To tax the people by force? that the final debt is 30 trillion dollars? Or should he dispossess them first, so that they can pay khums, zakat, and taxes at their own will? Because God’s command to the prophet is: to collect tax from the rich Therefore, in order to be halal and blessed with the budget, without referring to the practice of advanced countries, the following elements should be changed: all available wealth should be consumed, not saved. Pastures, forests, mountains and plains should all be divided in equal proportions among the people. And because Islam is universal, and all humans on the planet are from the same parents. Therefore, a program and budget should be set up so that: the people of the world can use God’s blessings equally. The system of self-declaration in khums should be organized, so that all people of the world pay their khums. Don’t let anyone say I didn’t have access, or I don’t know what it is! Whoever reaches the age of obligation, wherever he is in the world, must comply. Those who pray must also pay zakat. Charity and taxes are the share of the poor in the pockets of the rich. It should be taken from them. Of course, it may not be applicable in Iran because on the one hand: planners are not familiar with the benefits. And on the other hand, jurists should not act within the framework of governments. In many cases, secondary orders are preferred over primary orders! And it is permissible to eat it. For example, they say that inflation is high, let’s raise the interest rate. And because the ruling of the government is preferred, therefore, the central bank, with the decision: above the law and above the international custom, raises the interest rate to 40%. which actually increases the government’s debt! to confiscate it, because most government expenses are debts to banks.

Technische und wirtschaftliche Rechtfertigung: ein 13-teiliger Dokumentarfilm von Aslam Qazvini (Salman Mahini)
Das Dorf Mahin an den Hängen des Alborz zwischen Qazvin und Zanjan, mitten in den schneebedeckten Bergen, erstrahlt wie ein wunderschönes Juwel. Dieses Dorf verfügt über vier große Straßen, die die Zanjan-Straße mit der Rasht-Straße verbinden. Sie können von Lushan nach Soltanieh und von Sain Qala nach Manjil fahren. Aus diesem Grund war es das Zentrum vieler wichtiger historischer Ereignisse, insbesondere von Offroad-Events, und beherbergt in seinem Herzen viele Schätze und Minen. Soweit einige es (Madin) als die gemeinsame Grenze betrachten: die Madians von Hamadan und die Madians von Dilam. Einige sagen es als Mahin, was zwei von uns bedeutet: Qumrin Bani Hashem: Hazrat Abbas und Ali Akbar; und andere sagen es aufgrund der Bedeutung „schön“ und abgeleitet von Mah und dem Suffix: wie Simin und Zareen. Aus diesem Grund hatte Aslam Qazvini unterschiedliche Namen: Er wurde Suleiman Ibn Amr Turki genannt. Es wird auch Salman und Salim genannt. Und es ist tatsächlich Mahini: Denn nach seinem Märtyrertod in Karbala wurde ihm der Kopf abgeschlagen und an diesen Ort geschickt, und er ist in Mahini begraben. Er war der einzige iranische Helfer: Imam Hossein (AS) in Karbala. Und seine wichtigste Aufgabe besteht darin, die Mittagsgebetszeit von Ashura herbeizuführen, für die auch Imam Hussain (AS) betet. Er spricht fließend drei Sprachen: Türkisch, Persisch und Arabisch. Historische Beweise zeigen, dass Hadhrat Ali ihn auf einer seiner Missionsreisen in den Norden Irans mitnahm. Natürlich wird er auch in historischen Büchern als Sklave des Propheten erwähnt. Und weil er eine schöne Handschrift hatte, wurde er auch als Schreiber bezeichnet. Die Menschen in Mahin sprechen fließend drei Sprachen: Persisch, Arabisch und Türkisch. Ihre Inschriften und Manuskripte sind Jahrtausende alt. Wenn wir nur Salman Mahini oder Aslam Qazvini berücksichtigen, reicht die Geschichte von Mahin bis zu 1400 Jahre zurück. Das ist mehr als diese. Doch nach dem Märtyrertod und dem Empfang von Sarmbarak wurde den Menschen die Tragödie von Karbala bewusst. Und sie beginnen einen Aufstand: Und im Nachbardorf erheben sie sich spontan gegen die Überbringer. Das erzählt das Madazam der kochenden Wissenschaft des Dorfes Szanaq. Bei diesem Aufstand starben auch zwei Söhne Aslams als Märtyrer, und ihre Gräber befinden sich neben Bash Imamzada. Und es ist als Glendam bekannt. Dies sind die Hauptthemen: Der Dokumentarfilm besteht aus 13 Teilen in der folgenden Reihenfolge: Teil 1: Seine Konvertierung zum Schiiten durch Imam Ali. Teil 2: Kameradschaft mit Imam Ali. Teil 3: Nutzung seines Talents in drei Sprachen und seiner Kalligraphie. Teil 4: Kameradschaft mit Imam Hassan (AS) Fünftens: Koranlehrer Imam Sajjad, Teil sechs, eine Lehrerauszeichnung von Imam Hussain, Teil sieben, Teilnahme an Karbala und Kämpfen, Teil sieben: Enthauptung und Versendung in die Heimat (Mahin), Teil acht: Begrüßung des Volkes von Mahin und seiner Kinder (Glendam), Teil neun, das gesegnete Begräbnis (Bash Imamzada) und die Rebellion des Volkes von Szanaq (Jüdische Wissenschaft) Teil 10: Trauer und Jahrestag und die Verrichtung kurzer Gebete Teil 11 Fortsetzung der Gebete und ihre Vervollständigung in den drei Sprachen Türkisch, Arabisch und Persisch gemäß diesem Märtyrer Hamshahri. Teil 12: Vervollständigung der Diwan-Gedichte und Die Kostüme der Schauspieler und die Reihenfolge der Rollen von Generation zu Generation, Teil 13: die Aufführung Es scheint, als hätten die Menschen in diesem Monat mit der Ta’ziyeh des Islam begonnen, seit denselben Jahren mit der Ta’ziyeh. Aufgrund der technischen Begründung in Bezug auf Standort und Dokumentation kann es als Teil der iranischen Geschichte betrachtet werden. Denn alle historischen Ereignisse hängen miteinander zusammen und wir müssen bei der Durchsicht und Vorbereitung dieses Dokumentarfilms auf die soziale, politische und wirtschaftliche Situation eingehen. Der Grundpunkt dieser Haltung ist der historische Ursprung, das Imperium und die Exzellenz: Iraner in allen Bereichen. Insbesondere das heutige Teheran und Zentral-Alborz wurden nicht durch die Kriege von Omar und Ibn Saad erobert, sondern durch die spirituellen Reisen von Hazrat Ali während der Stillezeit wurden sie Schiiten. Von Baku und Tatarstan bis Mazar-e-Sharif hat Hadhrat Ali Afghanistan durch Konsultationen zum Islam und zur Schiie konvertiert. Seine Werke wie Cheshme Ali, Ab Ali und Abik Destranj waren für das Volk. Dank Mubarak ist auch der Jemen ohne Krieg schiitisch geworden.

Seyyed Elizabeth

People’s budget
Budgeting and programs are not new and Norraz, which some of the niots and tie will want to teach us. Iran has a 15,000 -year -old mesh. And so far there has been budget and programs, most importantly, God has the program organization! The raw thinkers who have come to the President’s Palace from cowboy can never teach us budgeting. Because their life does not repetitive, and experience. Worse than they are: they ignore any kind of progress in Iran and still say that Iran has not developed a country! And he must learn, accept, and execute the principles of development from the West! Really when the house of thought, such people referee! It is clear that it is clear: They have no intent. Rather, they still want to deal with translation literature: imitating one hundred percent of Western planning. They think 15,000 Iranian civilizations were run by mouth water! They say one day: Mozaffar al -Din Shah would throw a spit on his palm to revoke the Western budget theory. Nasser al -Din Shah who did not accept it at all. So the people made the saying: “There was no spit on our palms! Budget can be equivalent to national accounting! Either the treasury or the national financial department! It is forbidden. For example, they say that the first person to recognize accounting after Islam was the pilgrimage of Ibn Yusuf Saghafi! He killed the Shiites collectively! And this shows that the treasury and accounting are to destroy the Shiites. Because the Shiite basis is based on: mass budget, and the basis of the oppressors is based on the budget. In fact, the only real democracy and genuine freedom are in Islamic law. Because there is no centralism. And no one is superior to the other. And all 8 billion people are the world of one parent. All have equal rights. And the work is also entrusted to all people. But Western democracy closes human hands and feet. And he says you are free now! Because the most important principle in the West and the material world is the economy, eating and feed. And based on monetary value: evaluating and divided: that is, anyone who has money lives, but whoever does not have to die (the law of survival or conflict of interest) with these principles and theories, the government must focus To be, all the money is in the hands of the government. Then the government will allow those who want to survive as much as incense and allow money. We have already said that the non -Islamic government is the difference with the nation: the nation must fill the treasury, and the government will empty it. In the capitalist government, of course, the capitalist does. With an invisible mechanism such as: reducing wages or minimum wages, it holds all wealth to it. Whereas Islam considers any collection of criticism, coins and property by: any entity or individual. And whatever is in the treasury, it should be divided equally between people. In fact, the treasury of the Islamic State is the people: not the safe. Every head of the household is a treasurer and planner. So money and liquidity must be given to the head of the household. He is the guardian of his children. But in capitalism, capitalists or government are the guardians of the people. They say give us money so that we can spend on people’s representation. In fact, they say: People have no livelihoods, if we distribute them, for example, construction work will not be done. Therefore, it is forbidden to invite people to pay for the money and financial costs, but when the spoils are divided and in the interests, we consider them to be devastated that they have no right to seize and the government must spend instead of them. The divine system is also a mass system, a mass system, a mass system, a mass system Or it’s a collection: That is, the treasure is with God. And God gives to anyone who wants. And this desire is back to God. And to the people. That is, the one who prays is answered. There is so much people’s system that says: Michael (Michael) has soldiers: they have a duty to protect and guide a drop of rain to reach an ant, or plant or human being.

The role of the treasury in state building
In future government building, eliminating the treasury plays the most important role. Because it says in the Qur’an: By Allah, the treasures of the heavens and the earth are all for God. No one has the right to consider himself the owner of it. Or he says, “Walaraz is for God” (God is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth) and the ownership of the heavens and the earth belongs to God, and private or state ownership and private property are all invalid. We may even say it is shirk. It means that we have partnered with God, but it is not a blasphemy: because it covers its right, invalidates it, and considers itself to be the owner. Therefore, the main essence of the new state-building is based on non-ownership, even intellectual property: because thought belongs to God. Science is also in God’s possession: Knowledge is light, Yaqzfa Allah fi Qalb Maisha: Science and knowledge is a ray and a spark of God’s light that is created in minds. Just like the law of land, it should not be acquired. It means that he got permission from God, not from the city land! Urban land is only an intermediary. to execute God’s order. That is, the urban land or the forest organization cannot permanently encroach on the pasture or land, or assign it to a specific person. The only criterion is the assignment of work. And when a person does not do something, his ownership is essentially canceled. Therefore, all these lands and pastures that are in the hands of the organization of forests and pastures or urban land and even the municipality should be handed over to those who do not have housing or farms. In the new state building that we are doing all over the world, this is our flagship issue. That is, in America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Oceania, even the moon and Mars, governments do not have the right to consider themselves owners. This is another concept of treasury. The cash treasury is included in the treasury and causes the collapse of governments (severe punishment). And the property of anfal (immovable property) is only given to the people and does not become their eternal property. That is, they can occupy it to work. They can only use its products to make a profit or invest or buy and sell. Because the creation of a treasury, both movable and immovable, is doubting God’s treasury: Saadi, may God bless him and grant him peace, says: “O generous one, who is responsible for the treasury of the unseen, foolishness and fear, where do you deprive your friends?” You who have opinions with enemies. Therefore, people should know that even if they are enemies of God, they should receive their pension from God. and eliminate the divine government. From today, it is the duty of all the people of the world: First, to become Shia. And then remove the anti-Shia governments. And ask God for your demands regarding land, house, job, etc. God’s enemies are so strong and full-faced that not only do they take all their resources from God, but they are also ungrateful. And they take us to their slavery. They say ask the government whatever you want! Your employment, housing and marriage can only be solved by the government, that is, the banks: they promote the God of banking or the God of the treasury or the God of the government. until there is nothing left. And you do not need to worship God. And even become the enemy of God. Most of God’s enemies are the government worshipers. Like Caesar of Rome, they say: May God go to the same heavens and rule. Leave the earth to us. If Imam Reza (AS) said: Ask us even for your salt! That is why salt is distributed in Imam Reza’s shrine most of the time. Or in Imamzadeh Salih (his brother) in Tajrish, people make salt vows and take ablutions and then continue their vows. And always in front of the door of that imamzadeh charity are ten tomans worth of salt packets. But governments order their doctors that we do not eat salt! So that we don’t need Imam Reza. They even go so far as to introduce salt as worse than heroin.

The beginning of state building in the world
Contrary to western theories, state building is not only in the 21st century, but has been since the beginning of history. But it has had different names: including slavery! Feudalism, capitalism and imperialism. According to the definition of the government, the nation has actually been oppressed by the government. That is, the state and the nation were separate. Whoever entered the government system, must be separated from the nation’s system. This separation was necessary both theoretically and practically! Because one is a ruler and the other is condemned, one is a lord, the other is a peasant. One is a worker and the other is a capitalist. Imperialism means the collection of states: against the collection of nations. For this reason, they can be convinced: that whoever changes his social base, his point of view also changes. Or that he should change his perspective in order to change his social class. For example, people are against taxes, but governments depend on it. Not paying taxes! but tax collection. So the essential difference between the two is quite obvious: which today is called conflict of interest. The main reason for the separation of the government and the nation is the same conflict of interests: people want the oil money to be divided between them, without cost and in dollars. But the government does not want to give even one dollar to the people, it says that we will be without money. An important indicator of the separation of the state and the nation is the treasury. The people mean those who fill the treasury, the government means those who empty the treasury. These theories are hierarchical, and clarify all aspects of government and nationalism, so that no common point is made between the state and the nation. This is why: Someone who is a candidate: has an aggressive mindset. But when he wins, he takes defensive thinking. He puts the complete disconnection with the fans at the top of the agenda: so that they never accept this change of behavior. But these are all material theories. State building in Islam, which has started today. It changes all governments. No coup and bloodshed. And even on the contrary, they stage a coup! and start bloodshed. An example is the state of Israel. who has launched a coup and a war against the change of government, and has killed thousands of children and women, in order to prevent the change of government. The difference between Mahin’s empire is this: that one Is. That is, instead of points of difference, it reaches common points. Here, according to the order of the Prophet and Imam Ali, there is no need for a treasury. All spoils are divided between people: directly and immediately. For this reason, all ships that sail in Yemen belong to Yemen. And he must divide it among his people. Or endow the pilgrims of Bayt Al-Maqdis. Lebanon’s Hizbollah should do everything it can: take out the weapons of the bombed barracks. and take it for yourself. Hamas should confiscate all Zionist settlement buildings. And instead of the destroyed buildings, give it to the Palestinian owners. Therefore, in other countries, the western governments that are separate from the nations should be destroyed. and build a new national government. And the White House, Versailles, and Buckingham, should be given to women. In this global state building that has started. People should be in the square. Don’t think that the people of Gaza will win if they sit at home! They need all of you to win. Those who can do missionary work, those who cannot, financial aid and those who have physical strength, should reach Gaza. All 8 billion people of the world, from small to large, participate in this state building. Because their wishes are important. Iranian people were completely empty-handed during the revolution. The Pahlavi regime received financial and arms support from all countries. They had no chance of winning. But they fought for their hopes and dreams. In the imposed war, eighty countries of the world helped Saddam more than eighty trillion dollars. But again Iran revolutionized and won

Transformation in state building
Contrary to western theories, state building is not only in the 21st century, but has been since the beginning of history. But it has had different names: including slavery! Feudalism, capitalism and imperialism. According to the definition of the government, the nation has actually been oppressed by the government. That is, the state and the nation were separate. Whoever entered the government system, must be separated from the nation’s system. This separation was necessary both theoretically and practically! Because one is a ruler and the other is condemned, one is a lord, the other is a peasant. One is a worker and the other is a capitalist. Imperialism means the collection of states: against the collection of nations. For this reason, they can be convinced: that whoever changes his social base, his point of view also changes. Or that he should change his perspective in order to change his social class. For example, people are against taxes, but governments depend on it. Not paying taxes! but tax collection. So the essential difference between the two is quite obvious: which today is called conflict of interest. The main reason for the separation of the government and the nation is the same conflict of interests: people want the oil money to be divided between them, without cost and in dollars. But the government does not want to give even one dollar to the people, it says that we will be without money. An important indicator of the separation of the state and the nation is the treasury. The people mean those who fill the treasury, the government means those who empty the treasury. These theories are hierarchical, and clarify all aspects of government and nationalism, so that no common point is made between the state and the nation. This is why: Someone who is a candidate: has an aggressive mindset. But when he wins, he takes defensive thinking. He puts the complete disconnection with the fans at the top of the agenda: so that they never accept this change of behavior. But these are all material theories. State building in Islam, which has started today. It changes all governments. No coup and bloodshed. And even on the contrary, they stage a coup! and start bloodshed. An example is the state of Israel. who has launched a coup and a war against the change of government, and has killed thousands of children and women, in order to prevent the change of government. The difference between Mahin’s empire is this: that one Is. That is, instead of points of difference, it reaches common points. Here, according to the order of the Prophet and Imam Ali, there is no need for a treasury. All spoils are divided between people: directly and immediately. For this reason, all ships that sail in Yemen belong to Yemen. And he must divide it among his people. Or endow the pilgrims of Bayt Al-Maqdis. Lebanon’s Hizbollah should do everything it can: take out the weapons of the bombed barracks. and take it for yourself. Hamas should confiscate all Zionist settlement buildings. And instead of the destroyed buildings, give it to the Palestinian owners. Therefore, in other countries, the western governments that are separate from the nations should be destroyed. and build a new national government. And the White House, Versailles and Buckingham, should be given to women. In this global state building that has started. People should be in the square. Don’t think that the people of Gaza will win if they sit at home! They need all of you to win. Those who can do missionary work, those who cannot, financial aid and those who have physical strength, should reach Gaza. All the 8 billion people of the world, small and large, participate in this state building. Because their wishes are important. Iranian people were completely empty-handed during the revolution. The Pahlavi regime received financial and arms support from all countries. They had no chance to win. But they fought for their hopes and dreams. In the imposed war, eighty countries of the world helped Saddam more than eighty trillion dollars. But again Iran revolutionized and won.

We recognize the independent states of America
The American people have been fighting for: independent states for years. Recently, even Texas has done this with armored forces. Therefore, the whole world should recognize their struggles. The Mahin Empire, which follows these struggles, apologizes to the independence-loving people of America for acting late. And he declares: They should not hope for the United Nations. It is only called the United Nations, but it is actually a mercenary of the fake American government. Just like the people of Israel, they have been fighting against Zionism for many years in different ways. Recently, they chant slogans against Netanyahu in the name of protest Saturdays. But the United Nations, which is a mercenary of the fake government of America, has to show favor to the fake government of Israel. And don’t follow up on so many protests. But Iran has been able to show its solidarity with the anti-Zionist nation of Israel by organizing protest Fridays. Mahin’s empire decrees that: all Israeli government institutions must: be emptied of Netanyahu’s supporters: and their heads be executed. And then the government will fall into the hands of the people. Because the people left in Israel have nowhere to go. Therefore, they agree with any conditions of Hamas. In their slogans, they put forward the demands of Hamas: their main slogan is the liberation of all prisoners against: all Palestinian prisoners. They also admit to Iran’s plan to vote. And they want to remove the mandated government. A government that should have been overthrown years ago, but is ruling the people by force. Moreover, they do not object to the presence of pilgrims to Jerusalem. And they have also accepted the plan of the Mahin empire: therefore, the sign of being a people here is three things: firstly: announcing the end of the war, secondly, the release of all the prisoners on both sides, thirdly, the march of the world to the pilgrimage of Jerusalem. He also apologizes to the people of France! Because they have been fighting for freedom for years. Now the cradle of freedom and democracy has become the center of the killing of the French. Openly and secretly, people and revolutionaries are stolen and taken to prison, or they are destroyed. Once again, we ask all the countries of the world not to recognize the government and the tyrant Macron and to cut ties with it. And we ask the French people to assassinate Macron and leave the Palace of Versailles to the homeless. So that they also have a shelter in this burning cold. They have worked hard for this country for years. And now they have nothing. This is the result of freedom and liberal democracy: after 50 years, the people of France must be killed and imprisoned, or die of hunger and cold in the streets. In England too! While King Charles is having fabulous parties for himself, people on the streets of London cannot find a place to sleep. Most of them have taken refuge in the sea and the river, and have built a wooden hut, but the River Times is not kind to them either. The result of one hundred years of Great Britain’s colonization is that people rise up and kill King Charles and take his palaces for themselves. and void Great Britain with a red line. What sin have the people of China, India, Indonesia and Hong Kong committed that they have to go under the burden of Buddhist communists? All their things should be confiscated. And in the name of development, their mines and property should be looted. And what sin have the people of Iran committed: that they cannot get 800 billion dollars of their oil money from China? Inflation is rampant in Iran, while even a part of these demands were given to Iran, the whole life of the people would become less expensive. Because the total currency budget of Iran is 50 billion dollars. That means Iran’s budget was provided for 16 years. Iranian officials should know that before they think of selling oil, or if they want to support tourism in exchange for oil, they should give priority to receiving demands. Because in any case, this bag of holes will not lead anywhere.

Bilateral and multilateral spy
In the stories, we used to read that: one person was a double spy during World War II, for example! That is, he gave German information to France, and got paid. He also gave French information to the Germans. And he still took money. But today our eyes were enlightened to the “multilateral” spies: espionage from Iran for: France, England and the Netherlands! and spying on them for Iran. And because Iranians must be top in all fields, they do this spying completely and without any fear. Like the introduction of Hamid Nouri in the host country. All the international relations students of Tehran had gathered to judge their espionage! Also in the Ferdowsi Hall of the House of Thinkers. All the articles and materials they read were the analysis of those parties! But in the name of these parties, they were accommodated. Several articles about Syria and the Netherlands were read! Of course, all in non-Persian languages! It means French and English. As if there is no Persian language at all. Whatever we mentioned: pass the Persian language, but it didn’t reach their ears. They spoke Turkish and Arabic, but never Farsi! The fact that you see the plans to protect the Persian language being ridiculed by all is the result of these multi-faceted spies who only spread hatred about the Persian language and say that the Persian language has a poetic aspect and is not related to the issues of the day. . This was the first masterpiece of professors and judges and presenters. Their second masterpiece is to consider Iran under the American map. Basically, there is no country called Iran! The whole world is America. In this meeting, Dr. Zarif insisted that the world means America. In fact, instead of being the representative of Iran in front of the world, these gentlemen! They represent the world (America) for Iran. Even their clothes didn’t have the color and smell of Iran, they were in meetings with cravats, shaved and bearded, and the girls were all in evening dresses and dress shirts for this party if it wasn’t for the security emphasis! were invited The surprise here is that all of them are using Iran’s treasury and money, but they are bargaining to improve the status of America. Of course, it is not unlikely that they have professors like Dr. Zarif. The one who goes to America during the war and holy defense to give all the information closely. Because he believed that the Islamic revolution was a historical mistake and should not be followed. Rather, it should be built with America, to achieve stability. The current representative also believes in the same: he says: America threatened Iran! Whose dog is America to threaten Iran? Or he says: Gaza has been completely destroyed and is not habitable. Which means that Saudi Arabia is victorious in the field, and has achieved all its goals. But we see that Yemen is hungry! which they advertise, confiscates US warships, and rebuilds Jerusalem for pilgrims. These students were all talking about the misery of Syria. And the excellence of the Netherlands! They haven’t even read a page of history that: Holland was the center of the Vikings and now they manage themselves by stealing Iranian money. The whole world is governed by Iranian money. Then they say that there is misery and inflation in Iran! And not only was he not promoted from the third world, but based on Islamic policies, he also went back! Of course, they are two groups: either they are supporters of the late Shah of Iran! And they are not satisfied with anything until Reza Pahlavi comes. Or they are supporters of Qajar and Maryam Qajar. Even if Maryam does not become the president, they will not sit quietly. It is interesting that Maryam did not at least say: I am the self-proclaimed king, but he is the self-proclaimed chief of Jahmur. It means that he was delusional and thought: the people of Iran have written the name of Mr. Raisi instead of his name at the foot of the ballot boxes. All this is an illusion! The reason for this is the existence of persistent media. They see that Iran is not even able to reach a single radio station. What about Israel?

Why the illusion of threat
Imam Khomeini said 50 years ago: America can do no wrong. But second-rate people always say: America wants every wrong! And this keeps the shadow of war over the people. And because of that, everyone works. Including inflation and psychological warfare. That is, psychological warfare and inflation are for this. Because people are afraid of war, and they say that they may be killed, or there may be famine. Therefore, they rush to the market. It should be known that if the threat is from the enemy, it has no effect, but accepting this threat causes the loss of: social capital. That the commanders also accept that: they are constantly being threatened. For an example, see the destruction of ISIS by the Martyr General Qassem Soleimani: he said that do not let the water in the hearts of the people stir: and it is our duty to repel ISIS. He even gave his life for this agreement. And so that people don’t feel threatened, he said to Trump: I am your opponent, not others. This means removing the shadow of war and threats from people’s heads. But his successors immediately say: Don’t threaten us, even from the words of an ignorant official. And this method has been implemented since the time of Mohsen Rezaei. to regain the lost positions. That is, after being deposed, he always said: We have secret information that America wants to attack Iran. Of course, he did not have bad intentions because he wanted to say: Return me to the command of the army! Therefore, he constantly produced confidential information, secrets, etc. To clear the peace of Imam Khomeini’s words from the minds. Imam Khomeini, relying on God’s help, and Hazrat Sahib al-Zaman, always said: America is worse than the Soviet Union, and England is worse than both. Via May said: We are putting America under the yoke, what do we want to do with the relationship with America? That is, he humiliated them to the extent that it would prove to the people: they really can’t do anything wrong. And people live safely. But Hashemi and Mohsen Rezaei always kept the people in fear and worry to maintain their power. For example, they used to say: We must interact with the whole world (that is, America). Because if we don’t interact, they have power! They have power and money: and we will not be their opponent! And this showed that they did not even have common sense. Or they did not understand the Imam’s words. Or they understood: but they distorted it. For example, the Imam used to say: This (imposed) war is like a madman breaking the glass of your room! Or he even said: War is a blessing. But they corresponded with Saddam! They begged him to make peace. All this was to preserve their position. Therefore, when people did not listen to their words, they got angry and questioned the leadership saying: for example, we want to negotiate, but they don’t let us. Even now, if there is a threat (which it is not), it should only be raised between intelligence and military organizations. And nothing but the empire and the great Islamic civilization should be raised between the people. When we discussed this issue even with Rahim Safavi! He said: No! We can declare an empire when people’s problems are solved. By the way, if we raise this issue, we will help solve people’s problems. Because people don’t rush to the markets for fear of threats and war. Artificial famine and unemployment are not created. And contentment replaces greed. People say: Next year, more will be produced, then we will buy. Not to say: Don’t buy now, it will be more expensive tomorrow. Apart from psychological reasons, this also has scientific reasons: when the enemy used all his power in an imposed war, or during the revolution, everyone supported the king! And they failed, that is, their military phase was closed. For this reason, they turn to economic war. Reviving the military phase means giving the field to the enemy again and encouraging him to restore the past. Now that even the economic phase of the enemy is closed.

The illusion of an American attack
The illusion of America’s attack or the fall of the Islamic Republic is something that not only enemies but also ignorant friends fuel. Science and experience in 50 years have proven that America cannot do anything wrong. And Iran will not rest until the flag of Islam hits the horizon. But our enemies didn’t get a whiff of their alleged science, and they don’t have a proper understanding of world issues. Enmity with Islam and God has blinded their eyes, and they do not see anything. Finally, they compare Iran with Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. But the essence of the matter is that: God willed to make the oppressed empire of Iran win over the arrogant world. A fence has been drawn behind Iran’s borders, which no one can look to the left. Its future will be the all-encompassing Islamic civilization. But artists, writers, and domestic journalists always advertise the opposite! It was also mentioned in the press conference that: All journalists are regressive. And in the form of criticism! They promote imperialism. Magnifying some problems that they create themselves is only for the purpose of showing that Qajar or Pahlavi was better! The Pahlavi faction defends the deposed Shah’s son, and the Qajar faction is in harmony with: Maryam Qajar Azdanlu. Most of the high-profile series of the Qajar kings are produced with the aim of showing off the poverty of the Islamic Republic and the wealth of the Qajar dynasty. Most box office movies too! They seek to prove poverty and misery in the Islamic Republic, and to bring light back to Pahlavi (especially not wearing hijab). Therefore, the red scarves did not even want to take off their scarves at the peak of Mahsagit. The interesting thing is that they try to raise their issues from the language of Westerners! But the Westerners who: should say these things: for example, America has declared many times: it is not looking for a conflict with Iran. But Iran’s representative in the United Nations! It is not known what substances he consumed that: he understood this the other way around! And he says publicly: If Iran is attacked..! to attack Iran from an unborn mother. Sahib al-Zaman is the owner of this country. And Ayatollah Khamenei is a secret of: the flatulence of this world leader. For forty years they have been advertising that: America can! make a mistake It is known that Imam Khomeini’s speech burned them to the bone. Let’s see for the importance of the issue: why America can’t do wrong? For example, we see that they spent 7 trillion dollars in Iraq so that they could hit Iran. But now we see that Iraq is following up the offensive operation to deport them. They spent more than this in Afghanistan: and they created the Taliban to take over Iran too! But we see that the world does not even recognize their government because of the fear of Iran. The intelligence of Iranians is famous all over the world. Now the world is ready: to give the highest wages and welfare facilities: to attract an Iranian. to strangle his people, to make them homeless so that he can pay Iranians’ wages. Was Shahid Chamran a little person? He, who had the highest rank in NASA, left and went to Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Iran. His most important work was carving all the world’s atomic bombs and weapons of mass destruction. Because he was in the heart of the affairs. He disabled all the important weapons of the superpowers at that time on the order of the Imam. And for this reason: Imam Khomeini safely returned to Iran with Air France, and nothing happened. And in the Iraq war and subsequent wars, there was no nuclear attack. They can’t even now! Because when they turn to Dimona, everything catches fire with the first act! When all the tools of war are connected to AI, manipulation of AI information easily disrupts everyone. They advertise terrible weapons for America or Russia. While all artificial intelligence is in Iran. And Al-Aqsa storm has transferred it.

life style
The lifestyle model is one of the things in which they fight with God. Most people consider themselves to be asking God for work. They think that God gave money and beauty to others and did not give it to him. Or as they say, they were created in extra time. Therefore, when we say Islamic lifestyle, they immediately say: What has Islam done for us? So, first of all, the theory of Islamic lifestyle is gratitude. With gratitude, we understand that God has paid attention to us and what great riches He has given us. For example, someone who doesn’t have a kidney may give you money for a house: just buy one of your kidneys. Therefore, you see, just like the material thumb count, human health is a great blessing. And this blessing cannot be compared with worldly money. Only when we have lost it, we realize (Alanas niyam aza matwa entabhava) gratitude in addition to making us aware of ourselves and the great wealth we have. It also increases it (I thank you, I thank you) and this is God’s word. But people prefer not to kill God! Go beg from China and America. Because God said: He is present and watching everywhere. Therefore, they cannot make a deal with God. But to trade with China or America. They can put hats on their heads. Although this is just an illusion, one who has money knows where to spend it. From the way he did not bring, give to the wayside. So, if he offers to invest: his goal is to give money once, and take more than twice the interest of that money forever. For example, the government, which is counting on foreign investment for half-finished projects, should know that foreign investment is not a solution to the problem, but it is to postpone it. Just as the previous government, by issuing bonds, bequeathed the maturity of the accrued interest to the next government. They also go and set up factories by borrowing. But the banks are not giving up. They put the principal and sub-funds, fines, and delays in the account of the government’s debt and say: The government owes the banking system. For example, Shasta had 25 hemats of income, but he owed 28 hemats to the banks. If they give money to the banks, they will save them from bankruptcy and breathe new life into them to increase the interest rate. and make the war with God more obvious. Like the one who knows 28 Hemat Bakha. They increased the loan interest from the legal 12% to 40%. Inflation also increased. They proudly say: let’s raise the rate again! And this was the work that contributed a lot to the collapse: Zaghout. Therefore, banks are real subversives. But no one believes. Therefore, people should know that: with gratitude, we return to the Islamic way of life: in Islam, borrowing is abominable! But lending has a tenfold reward. But in the usury system, it is the opposite: they know how to borrow. But banks avoid lending. In all fields, everything is the opposite. Even in medicine! And nutrition sciences: While the Prophet advised: salt before every meal and halva and sweets after every meal! But doctors pledge their honor to say: Do not eat salt and sweets. The ugliness of their words about confronting Islam is such that when someone goes to the hospital, they first prescribe him a sugar and salt serum. That is, they have forbidden sugar and salt, so that they take people to the hospital and: instead of priceless salt, sell them expensive sugar and salt serum. Or: It is said in Islam that everyone should hide their poverty and illness. Because it is a divine test (Velenblonkem bi shi men al-khafoh wa juwa), but they screen everyone with the budget of the treasury. And everyone is declared sick. Sometimes artificial intelligence introduces a person facing the Qiblah. Because they go to the hospital more often. and pay them more expensive wages. What is the oath of Hippocrates?

Helping the homeless
In the extreme cold of Europe and America, even in Asia, Africa, and Oceania, more than half of the world’s people end up in poverty and misery. Some of them don’t even have shelter to protect themselves from wind, rain and snow. Their problem is not the lack of facilities, but the improper distribution of facilities: there are households that have at least: a private villa in the north, an office in the center and a house in the residential areas in large numbers. Their food is so colorful that they throw it all away. Because their stomach can fit only one of the foods. They refuse in all fields: and their turnover reaches 15% of gross production. Therefore, the best treatment for the pain of the homeless is to confiscate the property of the rich. There is no need for courts and enforcement agents, because all homeless people are enforcement agents. Anyone who does not have shelter can go to: the White House or the Palace of Versailles and Battingham. And if they don’t let him, he will kill them. Because all the members of these palaces have been tried in the court of the Mahin Empire, and the death sentence has been issued. And the homeless have been assigned to implement it. According to the UN Charter and all the basic laws of the countries, the people of the world are equal. Their accommodation and employment should be provided. Especially the absolute poor. Because there are two categories of poor people: one group who claim to be poor. But they have income (from begging), which should be treated like members of the White House. But the other group is really poor. Now they may be broke, or have had an accident, have lost their property, or have no job or income. Or they don’t have the ability and intelligence to earn a living. The total area of the earth should be calculated and divided among them in proportion to all the people of the world. Based on the calculation, every person out of 8 billion people on earth has 1,000 square meters of arable land (pastures, forests and wastelands). In addition to that, 100 square meters of land is also the share of each person in the cities. That is, a family of 5 people, 5000 square meters of pasture, 500 meters of urban land, should be named after them. And these lands can only be transferred to children. and cannot be sold. Governments should do this. From now on, they can give 100 meters of urban land and 1000 meters of rural land to every baby born. If not People who don’t have land can: occupy according to their own amount. And governments have no right to expel them. Unless it is proven: it is somewhere else. According to the law of the Qur’an, the earth belongs to God (an al-arz to Allah, the inheritors of Yasha) and in the hadiths we have that: It means that the land is for someone who works on it, not to own it and rent it! or keep it empty. Governments who own Anfal, do not have the right to save it! or keep them barren. They should immediately distribute it among the needy. But with the establishment of the Environmental Protection Organization, they actually build a fence around the pastures. And they don’t allow anyone to use it. If they allow animals, it is to sell them at high prices, which is considered animal trafficking. But they call it environmentalism. As everyone has the right: to own urban and rural land, those who prevent it will be blacklisted. Black list means ready for confiscation. Now that the rich: have more than this amount of land. He should give it up. If they don’t hand it over, the homeless can: demand their share. To begin with, the most reliable sources are the White House and European and American palaces. If there are palaces in Asia and Africa: which are personally owned by the rich and officials, they will be blacklisted. For example, confiscation of the White House, Palace of Versailles and Buckingham Palace, as mentioned, the order of confiscation has been issued: and the homeless in London, Washington and Paris are in priority. And as soon as possible: these palaces should be occupied.

Century celebration and horned lies
The celebration of the century, which is held on the 10th of Bahman, is being recorded worldwide. But in it, the facts are all reversed: firstly, the celebration was a century before Zoroastrianism, secondly, Iranians were not Zoroastrians, but sun worshipers: only at the end of the Sassanid period, also to confront Islam, did Zoroastrian enter the court. Otherwise, the people were still star worshipers, whose remnants in Ahvaz and Iraq are known as Minai people (Sabeen). They even ordered to grow their hair up to their ears to counter the Islamic symbol. That’s why ear hair became famous: its Arabic name is Magus. Today’s Zoroastrianism carries with it the same resistance against Islam. From detailed investigations, it follows that: When the number of Adam’s children reached one hundred people, they celebrated that day. But the distorters of history, you don’t buy it! Kiyomarth or Pishdadian have said. However, one thing is certain: it was celebrated a century before Zoroaster. Therefore, some people consider it as Zoroastrianism, either out of ignorance, or it is a subversive thought: they want to open a front against Islam there. Zarathustra himself is not known: where he was and in what year he was born. His hometown is Azerbaijan, Sistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The time of his creation is at most 5 thousand years ago. Therefore, how can we consider this century celebration as Zoroastrian. Some historians believe that it was created even before Nowruz. And Nowruz is not Zoroastrian either. And it was customary before Zoroastrian. The truth of the matter is that all these celebrations have been ordered by God. But some have asked: by accident! Or chance to refer. They say that the Pishdadians contradicted themselves: they discovered fire. And they continued it by accident and: the fire of nursing, or fire worship, was born. While this is not the case at all. God says in the Qur’an: Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. God is the giver of light and illumination: all the heavens and the earth. Light is also defined as: the means by which objects are seen. That is, light itself does not have a definition, but its effect is defined. Therefore, light is God’s essence and all things come into existence through it. If we pay attention to objects, they depend on light. It means that if the light goes out for a moment, there is nothing. Like a power switch that: turns off. God’s creations were all machine-like and obedient. And the world was filled with silence. Therefore, in the words of Hafez: The fire in this kingdom ignited, and that was Adam. He broke the silence of the universe, and even wanted to be the place of God. Therefore, he tried to turn off God’s light. But God pulled his wick down a little: and it turned into fire. Every fire or every light has two parts: one is its focus, which is burning, and the other is its flame, which gives light. Light and light in the word of God are from the same root. So the fire of hell actually burns to provide light for the heavenly ones (human fuels) so that they can find existence and be seen. The struggle of light and darkness is actually unity. It means that there is darkness where there is no light. And the devil is actually the one who: wants to turn off the light of God, and let darkness reign. which is mentioned in the Qur’an. Now the unbelievers interpreted this as war: light and darkness, that is, they imagined both as separate, equal and opposite. While the Qur’an emphasizes that: Satan is created by God. And he has worshiped God for sixty thousand years. God did not destroy him. Rather, he distanced himself (curse). That is, Satan’s rebellion was not beyond God’s knowledge. If we want to mean contradiction, Satan is not an enemy of God, he is against man. That is, he did not prostrate to Adam. But the Zoroastrians consider both to be God by contrasting light and darkness (dualism versus monotheism). Therefore, legends prevail over facts, and lies over truths. The truth of the matter is that: God ordered to celebrate the birth of the earth (Nowruz) and God ordered: Adam to celebrate the hundredth of his children (Seda).

Fastabqwa al-Khairat
The Mahin Empire has organized a competition based on the verse of the Qur’an (Fasbaq al-Khairat): and it wants all the active members of the 8 billion Basij to participate in it and go ahead of each other. This competition has four stages: First, who will pray in Jerusalem? Of course, this contest is apparently between Badr al-Din Hosseini (Al-Houthi) and Seyed Hassan Nasrallah and Ammar Hakim or Hashem Al-Haidari: Hezbollah’s missile attacks on Lebanon’s security positions indicate that: Hezbollah wants the path of prayer to Jerusalem to be safe and smooth. slow, so that people can visit it freely. Therefore, for the first time, he should perform the prayer in Bait al-Maqdis! To prove that complete security is provided for the worshipers. Badr al-Din Hosseini also wants to provide a free transportation fleet for worshipers from all over the world by looting American and British ships. By expelling America from Iraq, Kataeb Hezbollah destroys support for Israel’s security positions. Afghanistan’s Fatimites, Syria’s Zeinabion, and Azerbaijan’s Hosseinites have put their forces on alert behind the Israeli border, so that as soon as the destruction of Israel’s last security and military base is announced, they will begin clearing the walking path to Jerusalem. do A caravan (from Khorasan to Palestine) is being formed from Iran to send more troops to offer prayers in Jerusalem. Will this crowd stand behind whom for the first time in congregational prayer? The Friday imam of al-Aqsa Mosque has considered the city of Bait-ul-Maqdis as a Muslim endowment. Therefore, both of them may pray behind this sage. He will also participate in this competition. Provided that he helps in the matter of preparation: supplies for the worshipers. All routes will be equipped with free accommodation and food service processions. Of course, they can practice from now on, and provide the necessary infrastructure for the processions, and launch it experimentally on Fridays. And if Israel disturbs them, they should give them to Hizbullah, so that the evil of disturbances will disappear forever. It is natural that when these processions are launched, the way will be prepared for the imam of the congregation: Ayatollah Khamenei: the second Friday prayer will be held under his leadership. And maybe the third Friday! Under the Imamate of Imam Zaman Aj. But, the eight-billion-strong Mobilization will also participate in this competition: they must march in cities and villages against Israel and in support of Gaza. Find members from among the present crowd. And register them for pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Mobilization of New York, Mobilization of London, and Mobilization of Paris, should play the biggest role. Whoever was able to send more number of followers will be the winner of the second stage. And in the first global Friday prayer, they will be awarded prizes. Yemen is responsible for travel arrangements. They should seize more airplanes and ships from England, America and France, so that they can transport all the worshipers of the world to Jerusalem for free. The logistics and accommodation are the responsibility of Hashd al-Shaabi and Kataib Hezbollah of Iraq. They must provide the road from Karbala to Jerusalem. And hospitality and financial support is with rich Iranians who are organized in the format (from Khorasan to Palestine). Therefore, all the people of the world are hereby invited to participate in this competition: here, it should be noted that all human beings are from the same parents. Therefore, small and big, even in the hearts of mothers, are invitations. The third stage is inter-religious: that is, Buddhists, Christians, Zoroastrians, Kilimists, etc., all can: in the form of their religious ceremonies, send a caravan. The measure is participation. And whoever sends more will lose his prize: Iran’s leadership. And on that day, the devils will be imprisoned. And the world is adorned for God. And everyone will put their foreheads on the ground. A large congregational prayer will be formed for the first time. No one should miss out. Even if the enemies repent, they can come to pray. The fourth match is for rewards.

What you can do: Do something, before nothing comes from you. (Saadi) Saadi wrote the formula of human happiness based on divine wisdom, the Qur’an and hadiths. Persian language poets are each one of the doors of God’s wisdom. And they show: If a person connects himself to God, wisdom and knowledge will flow from him. Because the only superiority of humans over animals is in wisdom and knowledge. Today, the world is in the grip of economic and political crisis. And the rule of alignment (related vessels) tells us: that this crisis will happen in the same way in all the world. The level of crisis involves everyone equally. This means that no one is left out of this crisis. According to Saadi: The children of Adam are members of one body. They are a gem in creation. Einstein has sometimes said that: our compact existence is our universal and vast existence. That means we are everywhere. But the material eye sees us enclosed in this body. Now the babies in Gaza are not the only ones dying from lack of food, children are dying everywhere in Africa, Asia and America. Before they are even born. In China, children kill girls! So that their only child is a boy. In some countries, children are the best food for cannibals. Many mothers, like dogs, say that we must eat first, so that we can have milk and give it to the child. Babies like Ali Asghar Imam Hossein (A.S.) die of thirst. Because the means of trade are getting bigger. Children in Gaza are not the only ones who cannot go to school. In Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, they all have to beg. and stand at the crossroads. And all their money should be taken by force at night. It is not only in Iran that young people cannot get married, but all over the world, they turn to self-gratification. Why are these troubles and problems increasing every day? Because some pushy people take the facilities for themselves. Those who are sitting in the White House, Palace of Versailles and Buckingham, where did they get it from? All their happiness and possessions are based on skulls from Algeria kept in the French museum. Or is it the bloodshed that: Al Saud and his successors, like Israel and ISIS, are shedding. Israel is the embodiment of oppression. Because he usurped the Palestinian lands, he also wants their lives. Because they want not a single person to be in Gaza. to take that for themselves. There is Gaza everywhere in the world. And we see it concentrated in Palestine. But God is everywhere. It helps the oppressed. And that hand is Ali, and the descendants of Ali: Ali is God. But it works through the channel of Imam Zaman AJ. And Imam Zaman also helps through his deputy: at least 313 people are with him in 313 organizations. It is everywhere. Ask him for help. Or get help from his special nawab. What is the verdict? America should leave the region and the world!: Israel’s communication route should be closed. Why? Because absolute evil (America) and embodied evil (Israel) are obstacles to human equality. They prevent human liberation from the yoke of slavery. They decide to kill everyone! to rule the world. Therefore, they should be destroyed: Today, the whole world has a duty: to help the American people, to create independent states. All the world help the Scandinavians: to get rid of the new vikings, and the converts. You see, only if the White House is captured, thousands of homeless people will find relief in it. Or if the residents of the Palace of Versailles are evicted, how many homeless people will live in Paris? All these homeless people are the result of commercialization of banks. All of them bought houses and land in installments. And the bank confiscated them. The economic arm of the globalists are these apparently fashionable banks. They have nothing of their own. And they take all the people’s money. And they are always creditors. They say that because money is in our hands, power should be in our hands

Kill Trump
Trump should have died years ago. But the shortness of kilos and extras! It has caused him not only to be assassinated, but also to become a presidential candidate! so that he can have diplomatic immunity by voting. Therefore, this shortcoming must be compensated. As Salman Rushdie finally came to understand. Trump also with a fist! must be killed Because people can participate in his conferences as election supporters, and kill him with a fist. Of course, according to state law, he must be executed by electric chair. And according to Islamic law, he should be retaliated as an Amer. But the Mahin Empire suggests: to do this with bare hands (karate): karate or judo or wrestling is one of the ancient sports of Iranians. Since the Iranians did not need to attack other countries, they did not think about weapons of mass destruction. Usually, our enemies, from ancient Rome and Alexander the Great to the Mongols, Ottomans, and Americans, are looking for weapons of mass destruction. During the Ottoman period, Iranians lost many borders. Just because they considered the use of a gun cowardly. They went to the Ottoman artillery war with swords. Kurdistan and Azerbaijan even lost Tabriz. Like now, the religious fatwa is based on the prohibition of atomic bomb production. At that time, the scholars ruled that guns and artillery are forbidden. In ancient times, Iranians, especially great generals, such as Sorena and Ario Barzan, stood empty-handed in front of the Roman war machine. Because in Iranian defense techniques, you can kill someone with one finger! There are 9 points in the body that: if they hit it with a firm finger until it is pierced, the person will die. For example, under the larynx or under the sternum. Therefore, Basij of New York must also learn this method. And if the person is physically strong, his blow will definitely kill Trump. As Salman Rushdie came to an understanding with empty hands. If a person can put pressure on the stomach (sternum angle) under the pretext of shaking hands, Trump’s old age and disability will make him understand quickly. Because by using a lot of hair color and chemicals, his body is not able to regenerate or repair again. Even if someone knows taekwondo or ketch wrestling and boxing, with a left or right hook, he will understand. If he doesn’t know any technique, he should take Trump’s little finger, and fold it back. All the power of Trump is taken. Only these movements should be done in one second. so the bodyguards can’t: catch up to his speed. Of course, those who have weapons, or can buy them, can kill him from a distance. and leave no trace of themselves. The best time to shoot is in the election environment. But if they want to kill him at home. It should be at the minute of the morning call to prayer. Because in these minutes, the devil has mastered man: he takes him to a deep sleep. Therefore, all his bodyguards, if they are not asleep, are stiff and listless at this moment. Of course, there are simpler methods: for example, they put substances in his food, or they bomb his way. Or hug him with a suicide vest. In case of contact, they will be given training and facilities. Our artificial intelligence scientists are also investigating the way artificial intelligence works: so that if the Kiluis and Nokises do not want to do anything, a bullet will be fired at him through his mobile phone. However, this fate of Trump should be determined sooner, so that the world is relieved from the hands of criminal America, and become independent states. All those who participated in the war against Yemen should have a similar fate. For example, such measures should be taken for Charles and Macron. They should also pay heavy punishment. The mobilization of London and Paris is now tasked with eliminating these two, so that the world can see peace.

Subversive banks
Many people think that celebrities are subversive! or four people chanting. But behind the scenes of all of them, there are banks. Because the banks were set on fire by the people during the revolution. And now it was time for revenge. Their first revenge was blocking the budget for the war: no help was given by the banks to the fronts, and on the contrary, when the front needed money, they embezzled and sent it abroad. Sardar Bagheri says: How many times I went to the central bank, I sat behind the head of the central bank, they didn’t give me currency to buy some weapons! The head of the central bank at the time confirms it in the video that was published. And he proudly says: We did not help the war. We did not give a budget. During the construction period, banks were obliged to provide funds. But everywhere they said: we are bankrupt and we can’t. Recently, they do not cooperate at all in the field of having children or marriage facilities. Because they send all the money to: International Fund! In short, whenever the leadership announced the slogan of the year. They were doing something to repeat it again next year! Because with banking performance, they were moving against it. For example, if this year is the year of inflation control. Controlling inflation is directly the work of the central bank. But it was just the opposite: that is, inflation multiplied due to the increase in the interest rate. In Islam, we don’t have loans, we don’t have treasury, because treasury means collecting: gold and jewelry from the market, and making people need it. And you see the motto of the banks is to reduce the volume of liquidity. This means that people have to pay the bottom of their pockets to the banks. And this is done with the trick of giving prizes, and festivals! It is done differently. And people go to the market with empty pockets. When people’s voices are heard, they are happy. Because they are one degree closer to overthrow. The government forces: banks to give loans. Employment loan, marriage loan! It means that everywhere people are without money and in need of loans. Banks use it for subversion in three stages: First, when they say: we don’t have funds. For example, the government says: print money: this means the treasury is empty. And with this, they double the inflation. In the next step, he says: interest must be high! equal to inflation, so that the bank’s money does not disappear. The government says: I will pay the interest for the difference! From where? They print money again. And inflation rises. Because: most of the borrowers have no money, and they cannot repay the loan. Therefore, with fines and delays, he sends them to prison. And they consent to the confiscation of their property out of fear of prison. And they are added to the many homeless. They also blame the inadequacies that have arisen on the government: until the overthrow is complete. In the year of production and employment, only the president restarted 3000 units. First, they all had bank debt. So, a subversive pie is stopping production. Secondly, the condition of their launch was also the assumption. That is, the banks gave a deadline. But what deadline? which is coming out of the hole and falling into the well. Producers know: this time their death is certain. Now is the time for the end of their two-year term. It means that whatever a boss does, he will return to the first point. With the difference that one hundred billion dollars! For this borrowing, they are indebted to the foreign exchange reserve fund. That is, the banks emptied the treasury with this method and even put it in debt. Until the banks are destroyed, this inflation will remain: this is the punishment that God has announced: two types of punishment: one is due to the actions of bank usurers, which is a war with God. Second, because of the treasury, which is included in the treasury: (al-Zin ınzun al-Zahab wa al-Fazah Fabshar, also in a painful torment) it causes them to suffer a painful torment: that is, bankruptcy, embezzlement, and inflation. Of course, the officials optimistically expect: that the banks will not collapse. But the most important reason why they are subversive is that they want the independence of the central bank. It means to remove the supervision of the province.

New York mobilization mission
The Mahin empire defines new missions for Basij in London, Paris and some active members of Basij in the countries that have formed anti-Yemen coalitions: Of course, expectations from Basij in New York are the most. Because what happens in the world is often related to New York. Therefore, Washington, London and Paris are in second place. For example, one of these events is Trump’s candidacy. They must turn the threat of Trumpism into an opportunity. Finally, Trump should come to an understanding before the election. With a brief analysis of the situation in the United States, it can be concluded that with the assassination of Trump, the independent states of America will be formed. And all Americans will be free. Because the big debt of America on the one hand. And Iran’s pressure to receive its demands from the other side has put America and especially Biden under special conditions that even the expenses of the White House are with loans and promises. The hope of the American government is that: Trump can run the country from his personal wealth. The sale of two Trump Towers has strengthened this issue. Therefore, in the electoral cards, Trump may get more votes: because he can pay the judges allowances. But his wealth runs out before the election. Estimates show that Trump’s $2.5 billion is dwindling: as if off the list. If the Iranian lobby spends $3 billion on Biden, Trump will go below zero. And therefore, naturally, he will not be able to manage America. It is at this point that it should be assassinated. Because his assassination without the support of his wealth will soon be forgotten. And because Biden can’t keep up, so the total collapse has happened, and the independent states will arise. Here, the help of the family of Martyr Soleimani, as well as Yemeni people with disabilities in America, will make the path of his assassination easier. Because Zainab Soleimani is very upset that her father’s revenge is delayed from Trump’s revenge. And the Yemenis can also confiscate warships and airplanes in addition to ships. But the mobilization of Washington can also help, but its mission is something else: occupying the White House! Washington must evaluate the situation: whether to occupy the White House before Trump’s assassination or after it. The purpose of occupying the White House is to house the homeless. which takes the state of Hosseiniyyah. Of course, the mobilization of states and governors also help in this good cause according to their ability: they have a mission: to give the centers of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the federal police to the homeless for housing. Even in Paris and other French cities, people should not be unemployed. Conquer all the palaces of France and England. And settle themselves! or give to the homeless. That’s an order. The Qur’an has mentioned it, and Hazrat Ali (A.S.) has also expressed it. We now have a mobilization of 8 billion. Because all human beings have the same parents, brothers, sisters, and relatives, and they should be equal economically. Hazrat Ali says: Wherever a palace is built in the world, there must be many homeless people next to it. So, the rights of homeless people have been taken by force and given to a certain group. If they settled the homeless themselves. However, there was no homelessness, so nothing needs to be done. But due to the burning cold, snow and rain. It is not proper for humanity to be homeless or without a roof over its head. Even his six-month-old son, Imam Hussain, was martyred in Karbala. And we consider him the little soldier of Imam Hussein. Before him, Hazrat Mohsen was martyred in his mother’s womb. Therefore, the Prophet says, I am very proud of you, even if the fetus is aborted. And that we mention 8 billion: in fact, those who are in their mother’s womb are not included in the statistics. If they fail somewhere, they should be warned.

The collapse of America
The collapse of America has started years ago. But some beggars! They still do not believe. We are willing to argue: for people to judge. 22 trillion dollar debt, if not a collapse, then what is? Of course, Westerners are like exorcists. It means that getting rid of illusions is not possible. Even though they know that America is the most powerful debtor in the world, and they keep their face red with a slap, but they try to play with the Mahin empire, and still remain in the illusions of the 1960s: when America implemented the Truman principle, and The Marshall Plan saved war-torn Europe from misery. And for the people of Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan, he threw food packages by plane (right to be funny). He donated American butter to Iranian children and American rice and American chicken to Iranian families. But they don’t know that all these sacrifices came from the Mahin Empire’s own pocket. Because after the coup d’état on August 28, he took all of Iran’s oil and did not give any money. Because he said: I am better than England, I will take care of you. Why did you give England free oil for 60 years? You have to give me too. Seeing this, the Iranian people returned American chicken and American rice. And they asked for money. America suppressed the people of Iran through its representatives, the most important of which was the incident of June 15, 2014. What did the people want? Cancel capitulation! It means America should not use Iran’s money. Just as England won 60 years of free oil: and became Great Britain, America also wanted to become the superpower of the world: with Iran’s money. It was that his son-in-law started wearing an Iranian suit. Until 1350 (1975), he continued to do this until the children of Iran assassinated several Americans, and their slogan was: Americans out! Your blood on the field! They also did another operation: that America felt threatened. And knowing the beginning of the way continues with the students of Tehran University in the event of Azar 16. It was he who gave part of the oil money. But the king considered it as his own achievement and gave a speech and said: We have so much money that we don’t know how to spend it! It was that from 1355 the sharp blade of the nation went to the Shah. And he knew that the expulsion of America should be accompanied by the expulsion of the Shah. Therefore, in order to support the Shah, in order to remain himself, America gave weapons instead of cash and oil dollars, or gave the shares of American arms manufacturing factories in the name of Iran. He gave stocks to suppress people. But the empire of Mahin, when he saw that these two have united. He said appeasement is not allowed. Therefore, he organized the Islamic revolution (we say that the donkey will change, Palun will change the donkey!). And they kicked out both, that is, America and the Shah. In gratitude to America, the Shah put all the dollars and money he had received in the plane and personally delivered them to America. But the Iranian Empire had woken up. Do not be fooled by these movements. and took hostage the spy nest (US Embassy in Tehran). This is how America completely blocked Iran’s money. He did not even give Iran the weapons that were purchased, or the shares of the factories. The cause of all these thefts and extortions was the poverty and misfortune of the American government. Because there was no more oil money to charge. And he should manage his stolen money with the same money. Therefore, he started a war against Iran, to get the oil money again. But for him, this war was the beginning of Iran’s repayment of money! Of course, they gave everything to Saddam, to replace Imam Khomeini! But the Mahin Empire removed this obstacle and added Iraq to Iran. Today, Kataib Hezbollah of Iraq has a direct order from Iran to expel America from Iraq. And Trump said: We spent 7 billion in Iraq, so that Iraq does not join Iran! They spent in Afghanistan and other places too. But the matter was reversed. Mahin’s empire is now present, right next to Israel’s ears and inside the White House. And if Trump is elected, he will establish the independent states of America by assassinating Trump.

Dismissal instead of leaving
The diplomats left the meeting when the representative of Israel was speaking. But in fact they should not leave, but expel the representative of Israel. All these calamities that have befallen the world are just for the difference of this two words. The delegates and the UN General Assembly should expel Israel instead of withdrawing themselves. As they approved (1948), they should cancel it. so that there is no such thing as a country called Israel in the organization. what does it mean! that everyone knows: this regime is fake, but they still let him in? Or, for example, about America. The whole world knows that he is a prostitute, what does it mean that they allowed it in their country. Therefore, like Iran and Iraq, the whole world should fight until the complete expulsion of America from the region and the world. Yemen covered Iran’s weaknesses. And in the fight against America, by the order of the leader of Iran, he prevented the sending of aid to Israel. Of course, America, England and several other countries attacked Yemen. Therefore, the names of those countries should be removed from the list: United Nations. The Security Council must be purged. The members who attacked Yemen should be tried and executed. In our opinion, all countries are fake! There has been, is and will be only one country since the beginning of history. And that is the Mahin Empire (the people of Iran put all of them together). For example, how was Germany created? With war and bloodshed and killing! America in the same way. History and the whole world know, but why don’t they act. Didn’t America belong to the Indians? Except with the massacre and genocide of them, the American government was not established. Wasn’t England created by the massacre of blacks? France with the massacre of Algerians, Italy and Mussolini with the massacre of Libyans. But who has Iran killed so far? Or what war has he started? It has been, is and will be an empire from the beginning. They are all immigrants without roots. Most of them have been separated from Iran by the United Nations. The biggest real separatist is the United Nations: the six countries (Qameh al-Khalij) used to be the sheikhdoms of Iran. The United Nations granted them independence. They are still seeking to divide Iran. And by cultivating anti-revolutionary groups, they want to separate seven new countries from Iran. And give independence as they say! While they create for themselves, the United States or the European Union: and they have kept the United Nations in their hands. They created Israel so that these separatisms and massacres will take place faster in Asia. Therefore, both the legitimacy of the United Nations and its meetings are under question. If they don’t expel America, Israel, France, and England as soon as possible, I will soon order to dissolve the United Nations. We do not need the United Nations. Because until now, he has done nothing except support the oppressors and massacre the oppressed. Even his World Health Organization, the agent of the massacre of Muslims, acts with ampoule and on Netanyahu’s orders. Until now, UNESCO has not taken any action against the destruction of common heritage, while it has many conventions in this field. In Mecca and Medina, more than ten thousand historical monuments have been destroyed as urban development. While in Italy, they do not allow anyone to change the doorknob of his house. A bomb was hit in Bamiyan, everywhere they claimed that Iran opposes it: it is ancient artefacts. But thousands of mosques were destroyed by Daesh, Wahhabism and the West, he did not say anything: based on illusions, they said: Arabs have started burning books. But now they are burning Persian books in the libraries of Azerbaijan, Turkey and all regions of the world. The biggest tragedy of book burning happens quietly. But there is no news from UNESCO. Therefore, if the United Nations wants to remain, it must return to the charter: Iranians, the founders of the United Nations. A charter that was prepared by Iranians based on the charter of Koresh and Saadi’s books and was approved in Geneva. The deviation in the United Nations arose from the time when it was moved to New York, to become a pawn for America.

Confiscation of American property
One of the examples of God’s commandments is to deal with similitude: (alanf balanf) means do to the enemy exactly what he did to you. For example, the United States has blocked Iran’s property and put the people in a difficult situation, its property should be confiscated. Therefore, a judicial order has been issued that: Yemen seizes and confiscates all the weapons, ships and ships of America and Israel. Or, equivalently, demand money from America to release them. Failure to implement the verdict will cause the dollar to rise more and more in Iran and affect other prices and cause dissatisfaction. And this time put a boss in front of: leadership. In the current situation, it is enough to inject one billion dollars into the Ferdowsi market. First, the government compensates the budget deficit, because it attracts the equivalent of Rials from the market. Secondly, the volume of liquidity is controlled. Because those who have Iranian money convert everything into dollars. And because the supply is more than the market demand, the prices decrease. And the decrease in the value of the dollar means the strengthening of the national currency. Therefore, everything is in harmony: it becomes cheaper. Of course, all this is under the condition that: the injection of dollars continues. It means that the confiscation of American property and the collection of fines from them should be permanent. Because if it’s only once, Ferdowsi will kill himself: and buy all at once. And the same situation returns again. And finally, it will increase people’s trust: and the issue of November will not come up. Those who deny this simple fact, for whatever reason, are subversive. And they intend to put the people against the government. and put the government in front of the leadership. Because the enemy constantly advertises: the situation will get worse. And there will be famine in the future! And they don’t give anything to Iran’s money. In fact, the minds are prepared by the enemies. And they wait for a spark: from the government. And if the government says, for example: It will reduce pensioners’ salaries, they will start protesting. And it cannot be collected. On the other hand, when we take money from America, it means that there is no money left for him! to help Israel and anti-revolutionary groups. Therefore, enmity will also disappear. He may not be able to fulfill social obligations. And the rebellion in America will start. The fire they lit for us, takes their skirts. Therefore, we see that American lawyers and economists, by not suing America! and the justification of the blocking of assets, they completely intend to subvert. And they transfer the fire inside America to inside Iran. Because America silences its people with blocked money. And it causes the people of Iran to protest. But confiscating them reverses the situation. Still American lawyers! They refused to make a complaint: against America or to order the confiscation of his property. How long will it really sell the country? We only see celebrities who write: Gaza children, the more they are killed, the happier we are. Even Karimi was killed: Soleimani pilgrims also feel happy. But in fact, it is the lawyers and economists who graduated from America, who are the fire-bringers of the war. They have even turned our educational system upside down: to the point where everyone only sees the glass as half empty. And it doesn’t occur to them at all: maybe there is half a fairy. All the blames and blames are on the government. The body of the government has all its power against the leadership! That is, people say: the government eats and wins, the government officials also say that the leadership wins and eats! For example, in the same incident in Gaza, Israel is not blamed. And they say: Hamas started. Even though all embezzlers work for America, they fill everyone’s mind that the Islamic system has systematic corruption. The problem is very simple: every thief must have an acceptor. Therefore, all embezzlements go directly into the pockets of America. But its infamy: it is for the government and leadership. A person who embezzles does not put money in his pocket! Rather, he switches: from Iran’s account to America’s account.

We should not be short when it comes to obtaining demands from America. Because with the victory of the Islamic Revolution, America blocked Iran’s property and did not return it to Iran. He stopped large purchases of weapons. He confiscated Iranian shares in American factories and stock exchanges. And whenever he was short, he visited Iran’s property in other countries. Like the machete-wielders at the crossroads, he seized more than 22 trillion dollars of Iranian property by force. And Iran fell short. Because he did not have the power to take it back. Therefore, the leadership of the revolution emphasized: We must become strong. (So that we can put this global oppressor in his place. And get our property back). It has reached a point where they are renting Koresh Kabir’s charter to other countries, which they borrowed for university research. And finally it is supposed to be sold to Israel! Or take the place of financial aid. This historical work, and thousands of other pieces, cannot be priced at all. Rather, it is the global monetary support. But why doesn’t Iran take it back? Because all Iranian lawyers, who graduated from America, have pledged to America that no action will be taken against America in order to obtain their doctorates. This is why the American courts, without the presence of a lawyer or representative of Iran and without a defense, completely unilaterally condemn Iran and confiscate its property. But Iranian lawyers do not even write a single line of complaint. The Minister of Heritage is also completely absent. And he does not say a word. In the history of half a century of rule of the Islamic Republic, we do not have the slightest claim or complaint from Iran. The only lawyer who defended Iran’s rights was Dr. Mosadegh. He also took oil from England and delivered it to America. Therefore, the window of legal complaint or defense in American courts is closed to Iran. At the same time, capitulation is still being implemented. Not only the capitulation, but also the 2030 document, FATF, and all the high-handed documents of the United States are being implemented. The executive power of these lawyers is so high that: even the reminders of the Supreme Leader, or the abolition of the Revolutionary Council, or the order of the President have no effect. All the problems of Iranian people come from here. Inflation, unemployment, poverty, closure of workshops, backlog of projects and mega projects. Even private companies. Because they all face a lack of financial resources. They do not have working capital. Because American lawyers and economists, under the pretext of increasing the amount of money! They oppose any payment. to subvert through economic crises. Of course, God’s hand is higher. and nullifies all their conspiracies. If America, China, Russia, etc. take Iran’s oil, and don’t pay for it, God will give Iran new mines as a gift (even if the people of the villages believe and fear, let us bless them with blessings from the heavens and the earth). Lithium, Uranium mines.. because God willed to make the oppressed victorious over the oppressors. Therefore, it compensates for the weakness of Iran’s management. Even though Iran has been looted by America, England, China and Russia for two hundred years. But God has made the people of the world benefit from it. It means that Iran’s demands will be at the expense of the people of the world. How is America managed with 22 trillion dollars of debt? Wherever they need, they confiscate Iran’s assets. China owes Iran 800 billion dollars of oil money for 50 years, but God made it to be spent on the people! That is, because these countries have a guilty conscience for using Iran’s money, they are forced to use it in welfare programs, such as insurance, health, and public employment. In the part where they spend money for their own weapons or administration, they will be caught in the hands of Yemen. Until this time, Yemen will confiscate their property. Yemen is the hand of God’s revenge. To compensate for the weakness and fear of the Iranian administration, Imam Khamenei once said: We are not unhappy with the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia! because soon all of them will fall into the hands of Islamic fighters.

Inflation has only one way and that’s it
The rest of the ways are evil, and for subversion. For example, they say that we should cut subsidies! They took Rouhani under his wing and made gasoline more expensive and then he said: I myself found out on Saturday. Wasn’t it luck that he said: Malaitaa? Rouhani also listened to him. and was overthrown. Now they want to fix the pension! Reform the society’s tithes, remove the gasoline subsidy. This means that they want to destroy the whole system this time. People say: They give two thousand subsidies, and they put a thousand types of money. And they say: it must be stopped. The supporters of Raisi (Nubakhti New) say: These money-sprinklings must end. Extortion must be stopped. Our question is: Is the Islamic government different from this? Did the Prophet and Ali collect the treasury for themselves? The task of the Islamic government is to fill the gaps. And he should divide all the currencies equally among the people. These are usurers who seek to steal money. The big loser is the central bank. The central bank should be dissolved! Not to become independent. because it is included in the verse Therefore, the first to subvert is the Central Bank and then other banks. Because with the increase in interest rates, they put their swords on their faces and went to war with God. From here, the second subversive group is revealed: those who say: interest rate should be higher than inflation. By doing this, they destroy production, and make economic growth negative, because people and organizations (such as pension organizations) prefer: to save their money in banks. and get the highest profit without work. Producers say: Why bother and produce so much! We put our money in the bank, we get the interest. Even investment is closed: they also say why buy stocks? We leave the money in the bank, and risk free! We profit. And as for that solution: taking claims and returning stolen wealth. A billion lives a year. Inflation decreases by one or two tenths. If we increase the supply of dollars by 5%! The demand is the same. And therefore the price is 50,000. If the supply is 6, the price will return to channel 38. And if 5 billion more are supplied annually. The price of the dollar goes back to the same one toman. Our demands from different countries are in different amounts and total 80 trillion dollars. For example, we owe Pakistan 20 billion for the gas pipe. Instead of holding a begging bowl, and looking for China and Machin, let’s bring them to life. Since Resolution 598 until now, Iraq has a debt of one hundred billion dollars. But it is not said at all! Because they don’t want the government to get rich and give to the people. Rather, they want people to always be protesting, so that a coup may happen. We gave oil to England for 60 years, and it became Great Britain! When oil was nationalized, America won 40 years and became an economic superpower. But after the Islamic revolution, it raised half a trillion dollars of debt annually. Because he was used to spending. Therefore, he printed unbacked dollars and sold them in the Iranian market. That is, the US debt of 24 trillion dollars is the product of printing unsupported dollars. Then we who want to print money and give subsidies to the people, they say it is inflationary. Now why do they say these things? And show the issue complicated? Because their doctorates were signed by the CIA. And he took a commitment from them: to sell all of Iran. Therefore, when their words are not accepted, they embezzle immediately. And they send it directly to America. We have read in management: the biggest subversive of any manager is his first deputy. Biden has also proven this. It’s been 45 years since: China wins and owes 800 billion dollars. Instead of paying, he made it his own currency reserve. At that time, Sarma said that he is ready to invest 5 billion dollars in the mines of South Khorasan.

Challenges of social responsibility
The impact of the Islamic revolution on the theories of sociology and human sciences has been quite tangible, so that: all the words of the imams are recorded as their own theory. Basically, the West should be considered as the social escape stream of history. Because Tehran has been introduced as the center of the world. The whole world is oriented according to Tehran: the south is the place in the south of Tehran, east, west and north in the same way. (Centuries ago: Malik Ray). Some people are always dissatisfied with Tehran. And they go west, east, south and north for a better life. Like now: the brain drain goes to the UAE in the south, Europe and America in the west, India and China in the east, and Russia and Turkestan in the north. But when they enter, they see that there is no news in the west. Because they have no way to return, they try to do something by themselves. They are running for governor and mayor there. And they ask for big salaries. People there also dream of reaching Iranian civilization, attract them and pay the highest wages. The presidents of all countries in the world will soon be of Iranian descent. But in the long run, they see: they don’t have the resources. Oil, gas, gold, uranium and lithium are all only in Iran. Even if Turkmenistan has gas, it is sour gas. Even if Saudi Arabia has water, the water is salty. If the West has oil, it prefers to close their doors. Because the cost of its extraction is very high. If the East has gold mines, etc., it prefers to work for Iran. Because Iran’s resources are getting richer every day. But if they use it, they have no alternative. This is the sad story of Aktar Alam. And this is not only related to hard sciences and blessings: mineral and non-mineral. In the human sciences, they go their separate ways. And they call it modernity. But they see: it is useless. So they grab Iran’s humanities and Islamic sciences, but they create theories in their own name. An example is social responsibility. I remember well, before the Islamic revolution, if we were talking about the social responsibility of companies, it was a regressive fascist movement! It was mentioned. Our professors at the University of Tehran, as soon as they faced this issue, immediately said: the goal of an economic enterprise is to make a profit. Therefore, he should not do charity work. Charity work is for charity organizations: or they used to say: an economic enterprise that is not a charity enterprise. They even said The wheel of imperialism is merciless and: for economic progress, there is no problem if the oppressed class is crushed under the wheel. Progress has a cost: and these lazy people have to pay for their laziness. Capitalists were considered geniuses, and poor people were considered lazy. which should have been destroyed in the Darwinian law of conflict for survival. That is, the theory of capitalism was so dry and soulless. With the occurrence of the October Revolution (whose initial slogan was: Equality, Justice, Justice) America also trembled. Instead of the dry theories of corporate management: Taylor and Elton Mayo’s theory of human relations was presented. And syndicalism stopped the labor revolution in the West. The deviance of the October Revolution, which was supposed to create the Islamic Republic of Turkmenistan, made the people choose another path, they hoped for Iran. With the Islamic revolution, western theories became more radical again: this time organizational behavior was theorized. That is, profit making and so on were removed. And more attention was paid to people, especially domestic stakeholders, so that they don’t have a tendency towards the Islamic revolution. Recently, they have become so divided that they are teaching the theory of organizational behavior to Iranians! Dr. Rezayan is the leader of this movement in Iran. That is, Iran and the Iranian Revolution are presented as retrograde, and Islamic theories are presented in the form of Western scientists. Social responsibility in Iran has a long history. And the book of Sahifah Sajjadiyeh is its text. But gentlemen come to teach us social responsibility.

Where is the Friend’s House

Man is a combination of reason and Satan. And this composition is exactly half. which has also been called Nafs Lavameh and Nafs Amara. The soul of man, which is breathed into him by God, is a confident soul. He is the one who can disturb this equality, or completely destroy Amara’s soul. In this case, it is ready: it becomes rejoined to God (or itha al-nafs al-muta’ina, arjai eli rabak razia mursiyya) and reaches unity from the state of multiplicity. All three souls are created by God, so that man can get to know his talent in the midst of his ups and downs. and reach its perfection, and that is self-awareness. Man knows himself. Because when he knows himself, he knows God. He understands what greatness God has given him, therefore God himself is great. Amara’s breath is for humiliating man: he says: Man was created only for one bite of bread, to be satisfied. And he must get this piece of bread in any way, so that life can continue. But Nafs Lavame says: You are hungry, fast! And train your soul, not to be rebellious, so that it conquers all of your being for a bite of bread. God will give it to you. You just have to ask and wait. During this time that you wait, many secrets will be revealed to you, that is, you will not only think about a repeated bite of bread, but you will also think creatively about other foods! Because when you are hungry and fasting, you turn to reading the Qur’an: and you see that God has other creations and blessings! which he has mentioned to you: refined honey, milk oats, roasted chicken. So you get a higher pleasure. He tells you: If you skip this piece of bread, or give it to someone else, he will give it to you tenfold. When you fight in the way of God and are killed, you will go to God, and you will taste all the pleasures. Just going to God: it has an attraction that makes you forget everything. Man fades away from the beauty of God. God also disappears your beauty. And he thanks himself for creating such a creature (God bless him) and to thank you, he gives you whatever you like. Because by giving up worldly pleasures, you have reached high aspirations and desires. The whole world and the earth is like this: when all the people of the world are looking for economy. And they consider the economy as the foundation. In Iran, Imam Khomeini said: The economy is the property of a donkey. Because the donkey only thinks about: eating, sleeping and doing. He likes to roll in the grass, and turn up the volume of his sweet song. But by being patient, a person can: go to God’s party, take advantage of very impressive blessings. For example: The nation of Iran is Shiite. But others make fun of him and want him to stop being a Shiite. Give up on Imam Hussain (a.s.). He should withdraw from Hazrat Ameera and even the Prophet of Islam and God. Therefore, God will reward this patience and persistence: He will create resources and mines in Iran, one step of which will confuse Israel. During Pahlavi’s time, they announced many times: Iran’s oil will run out in thirty years. And the revolution fails. But in the past 50 years, not only Iran’s oil has not decreased, but new resources are added to it every day. so that it enriches the oil resources of others. Iran supplies oil and gas to the whole world. But it will increase again. Because God said: (I am grateful to you) if you give thanks, I will give you more. Investing in Iran is gratitude. Instead of manipulating the clouds, Iranians pray for rain. Therefore, you can see that most of Iran’s borders are blue. The Qazvin Sea in the north is the largest lake in the world. The Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman are connected to the oceans. Rivers full of water such as Karun, Etrak, Aras and Hirmand are in its borders. So that the neighbors can also benefit. But some of them cause famine with the enmity of Ahl al-Bayt.

When was Basij 8 billion founded
The Empire of Mahin means: (Iranian people were all united): that is, from the beginning of creation, they were both Shia, and both the empire and Basij: the reason for this is the celebration of Nowruz Eid: today, with the global marches against Gaza, it is clear that for years: Basij 8 billion has been formed and: there was a need for an appearance. Now Basij Paris has managed to get everyone to work. Or the Basj of London has made an uproar. In America, the mobilization of Washington and New York, and in Spain, the mobilization of Madrid. Therefore, Basij is active all over the world. It also has branches in small towns! Almost all people in the world are members of it. Of course, some people do the opposite. And they read the so-called opposition. Their purpose of opposing, for example, the Islamic Republic is: if it is their own hand, they will do better! Therefore, there is nothing in their hearts. According to the words of Imam Khomeini: The Basij book was signed by all prophets and elders. It means that mobilization has been going on since the first day. Hazrat Noah was a Basiji. He resisted for 900 years. But when he got little results, he asked God to destroy all the infidels who did not join Basij! It is mentioned in the Qur’an that Noah prayed: O God, do not leave any disbelievers on the earth, because they are disbelievers like goats. Therefore, God sent a storm and drowned the whole earth. Great cities with all their technologies went under water. Noah saw that even his son was drowning. His heart trembled and he said: He is my child, don’t drown him! And God was angry! Because: Noah, so many people died, he was not upset, but his heart burned for his son, even though he was an unbeliever. God was so upset that he cursed Noah with honor! Because Noah’s wife was not obedient to her husband! When all were destroyed, even Noah’s ark was almost destroyed. Noah repented. He said, God, I was wrong! God said to him: You must become a Shia to be saved! He said how? He ordered Jibreel to bring a tablet to him: he had written the names of 5 people on that tablet! It was the handwriting of Hazrat Ali. And Noah was able to read it. And God swore to these five people. until he was saved: When he read Elijah, Shebar, and Shabir, his heart trembled and he asked God: Whose name was this last one? I appreciate it! He said he is Imam Hossein, and he sacrifices everything in my way! And he becomes a martyr. They take his head and take his family captive. Yes, the first praiser of Hossein was God, and the first one who wept for Hossein was Noah. It was that they were all saved and went down to Barkoh Jodi. The waters receded. And (about 9,000 years ago) life began: in the name of God and the memory of Hussein (who were the Zangis?) Noah had four sons. While she was sitting in the ship, a wind blew and lifted her skirt. The sons saw the scene, one of them mocked the father, the other turned away. The third sneered. The fourth is a smile. Noah was upset, turned to him and said: Why did you laugh and make fun of me! Black wind on you. But he said to Sam: You were a polite boy, God bless you. It was that the children of this Barzangi were forced to leave Nouj and come to the plains of Iran (about 7 thousand years ago). And their center became the current Zangan or Zanjan. But the passage of time and the large population made the second group called the Caspians come. They sent the ringers further back. Therefore, black people were pushed to the south of the Persian Gulf and Africa. And the Caspians called their center Qazvin (about 5 thousand years ago). They called the whole of Iran the Qazvin Plain, and the sea the Qazvin Sea. Until the third group separated! They were Russians and white, and they were descended from Sam and declared themselves Aryans. And three thousand years ago he entered the Qazvin plain and changed the name of the sea to Caspian. And they pushed the Caspians back to the current Europe. The yellow-skinned people also went from above the Qazvin Sea to the Gobi Desert and then Chin and Machin.

Where were the bell

Noah had four sons. While she was sitting in the ship, a wind blew and lifted her skirt. The sons saw the scene, one of them mocked the father, the other turned away. The third is Nishchhandzdz. The fourth one is also sorry. Noah was upset, he turned to her and said: Why did you do this? Black wind on you. But he said to Sam: You were a polite boy, God bless you. It was that the children of this Barzangi were forced to come to the plains of Iran from Nojjad Shedakh. And their center became the current Zangan or Zanjan. But the passage of time and large population made the second group called the Caspians to come. They sent the ringers further back. Therefore, Siahchustan was pushed to the south of the Gulf and Africa. And the Caspians called their center Qazvin. They called all of Iran Qazvin Plain, and the sea Qazvin Sea. Until the profit group separated! They were Russians and white and of Sami descent and declared themselves Aryans. And three thousand years ago he entered the Qazvin plain and changed the name of the sea to Caspian. And they pushed the Caspians back to the current Europe. 0
Basij was 8 billion Shiites
When all perished and even Noah’s ark was about to perish. Noah repented. He said, God, I was wrong! God told him that you must become a Shia to be saved! He said how? He ordered Jibreel to bring a tablet to him: he had written the names of 5 people on that tablet! It was the handwriting of Hazrat Ali. And Noah was able to read it. And God swore to these five people. Until he was saved: When he read Elijah, Shebar, and Shabir, his heart trembled and he asked God: Whose name was this last one that I cherished? He said that he is Imam Hussain and he sacrifices everything in my path and he becomes a martyr, and they cut off his head and take his family into captivity. Yes, he was the first to praise God and the first to weep was Hazrat Nuh. It was that they were all saved and went down to Barkoh Jodi. The waters receded. And life began with the name of God and the memory of Hussein
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When was Basij 8 billion founded?
According to the statements of Imam Khomeini, the Basij book was signed by all prophets and elders. It means that Basij has existed since the first day. Noah was a Basij. He resisted for 900 years. But when he got little results, he asked God to destroy all the infidels who did not join Basij. It is mentioned in the Qur’an that Noah prayed: O God, do not leave any disbelievers on earth because they disbelieve like goats. Therefore, God sent a storm and drowned everyone. And great cities with all their technologies went under water. Noah saw that even his son was drowning. His heart trembled and he said: He is my child, don’t drown him! And God was angry! Noah was not upset because so many people died, but his heart burned for his son, even though he was an unbeliever. God was so upset that he cursed Noah! Because Noah’s wife was not obedient to her husband. D: 0
Mobilization of 8 billion
Today, with the global marches against Gaza, it is clear that the 8 billion mobilization has been formed for years and it needed to emerge. Now Basij Parish has managed to get everyone to work. Or the Basj of London has made an uproar. Basij is active in Washington and New York and everywhere in the world. It has branches in small cities and almost all people in the world are members of it. Of course, some people do the opposite. And they read against the so-called. But there is nothing in their hearts.: 0
Mahin Empire means: The people of Iran are all united

That is, from the beginning of creation, they were both Shiites and empires.

Another reason is the celebration of Nowruz

God’s intelligence aristocracy

Many world organizations consider themselves to be in charge of everything and say that everything is under our authority. But it’s not like that, they all make mistakes, and they cover their information holes so that: no one finds out. The nobility of information belongs to God. God is present and watching everywhere. And many do not like this. And this is self-centered. That is, they like to be the only ones who have information. And even God works according to their orders! Of course, God is obedient, and He gives us whatever we ask for. But he is obedient to those who are obedient to him. The Prophet said: Whoever obeys me has failed to obey Allah. And he also said: Whoever obeys Allah, he has not obeyed. That is, God has obliged himself: to answer the prayers of those who are Shiites. And Shia does not mean Muslim or Christian, the one who obeys Ali: now apparently, whether it is Sunni or Christian or any other sect. And this is the meaning of appeal. The chain of appeals from top to bottom: God is first. But some of them do not understand and understand God: so they must obey the Messenger, some do not have access to the Messenger, so they are Amir al-Mu’minin (a.s.) Because they receive information from God. And God has said many times: I am knowledgeable and knowledgeable. It means that no one can have information better than God. He is the one who knows the past and the future. And he himself is the creator of these sciences. Therefore, he knows the good way to live. And he warns him: When he says: Pray, it means use 200 pieces of your bones and 600 pieces of your muscles. Do not let them disappear. When he says: Call me and I will answer you (advani estajb lakm), it means use your talents, dreams and imagination. The innocent have also said: Ask God for great things. Imam Reza said: Ask us even the salt of your life. That is, ask God for everything. Because God is a developer and: He loves the opening and increase of His creations (Ena LaMousaun). And for you, it designs according to your wishes. His information aristocracy is such that: if you have a wish, he knows the future of that wish. For example, he knows: if you get rich, you will go after indulgence! In order not to follow whims. And the family will not fall apart, it will not give you. But he saves for you: to leave in the world. O people who lick other people’s bowls for a piece of bread. Or you trample on the rights of the weak to get wealth: Know that your share is the same as a bite that goes down your throat. The rest is the share of others. And you are a porter for them. A person who has a lot of wealth: and does not forgive it, in fact for his future wife! saves so that his wife and children, after his death, will use his enemies happily. It is the same even in the intelligence agencies of the world: the CIA mobilizes its people, obtains accurate information, but the American president rejects them: and does his job. The attack on the pilgrims of Haj Qasim in Kerman showed that: a part of the Ministry of Information is too proud, or ignorant of God. These information gaps are caused by forgetting God. The existence of 7 billion non-Muslims means huge information gaps. The command of God, the Messenger, Imam Ali and Imam Khomeini is a universal command. All human beings come from one parent. Why should there be so little news and no news? Isn’t there a lack of news and information tools? Hazrat Ali (A.S.) says: God has made a commitment from the scholars that: they will not stand in front of the oppressors for a moment (Laiqar Ali Kazeh Al-Zalim). Wasn’t he the Prophet of Islam? And who is more cruel than the House of Saud (and I do not allow mosques to be forbidden to Allah) who do not allow people to go even for Umrah. Or the occupying regime of Al-Quds, which does not allow walking towards Al-Quds? Therefore, the mobilization of London, New York and Berlin, Madrid and Moscow should reach out.

Do not hurry
Pray for hastening, but don’t rush! Rather: Ask God to increase your knowledge so that you know the reason for this lack of haste. The Qur’an says: Do not remove the fruit from the tree before the fruit ripens or after it: because the fruit is whole or rotten, therefore the time of its appearance is in the hands of God, and no one should surpass God. Because, for example, maybe: one of the reasons is that: some companions of Imam Zaman (AS) have not yet been born (like Ashura, when Imam Hossein asked for a one-night respite, so that Habib Ibn Mazaher could also arrive) or that they are neglected, or they have a long way to go. But the haste in Faraj is the learning of knowledge: (Rabzdani ulama wa al-haqani balasalihin) for this reason, people’s attention to the emergence caused the human intellect to increase. If you pay attention to all the western theories, it is after the Islamic revolution. Progress in cyberspace is only due to attention to Imam Zaman. What enemies who do not like his civilization, but are sure of its emergence, and what friends who are not sure! But they like it. Therefore, there are few people who are sure to like him: in the West, all movies are about the savior, who they don’t like. And in the East, everyone loves it, but they are not sure! That’s all: Dua for Faraj is only because of curiosity! It means that the people of Iran are not sure and with this means they want to say: Didi not come? For fifty years, they have been saying: Faraj is near, so Ko. But in Wahhabism, they build a tower: to hit the Prophet when he appears! In the West, they make destroyers: because they are sure that he will come, but they are sad about his coming. Because they think: it will destroy them. (But Fatima Zahra will take all her Shiites out of hell on the Day of Judgment) Jews and Zionism are building positions and weapons with all their might to destroy the Imam of the Time. According to Seyed Jamaluddin: In Europe I saw Islam but did not see Muslims, and in Iran I saw Muslims but did not see Islam. What is the condition of people who pray for relief, but take loans from banks? Because with any sharia cap, usury means war with God? Even in their request to Imam Zaman, there is an earlier request for loans! They want Imam Zaman to be their guarantor. In fact, they don’t believe in God, and they don’t consider him as provider: but they consider banks as their sustenance. Basically, if we do a correct analysis, they want the help of Imam Zaman for: war with God. Because they believe that God left less for them. They say that capitalism is going to pay off! But God does not, because he has given so much to so-and-so that he cannot eat! And he did not give us anything. This is the sad story of Imam Zaman AJ: the prayer of Faraj readers, may he be saved from the hands of God! they want. Because God is present and watching everywhere, and this is not good for people! A good-natured writer has described hell as the West: and the name of his book is Touring the West: At first, one thinks it means to go and tour the West. But then he sees that the situation is hellish. The reason is clear: the children of Hazrat Ibrahim (the continuation of Ismail’s generation) were from Iran. Therefore, during his 25 years of silence, Hazrat Ali (A.S.) visited all of Iran and made the north of Iran completely Shia (from Ardabil to Mazar-e-Sharif) and on the contrary, Mu’awiya, who was the enemy of Ali (A.S.). He had gone to the west. Because Europe did not exist. The Roman Empire often showed its power in present-day Turkey, or in Jerusalem. Therefore, the west became the escape center of religious opponents. Everyone who ran away from Hazrat Ali went to Syria and Muawiyah’s court was full of Jews and Christians. Therefore, until recently when the Inquisition existed, the West meant hell. Even the word Hanam was made from the same Jahan Nama, or Jahan Bin Jahan. Because the Roman Caesar said: May God rule in the same heavens. and leave the earth to us. And Christianity and Judaism also preached: God has retired. But the light of Islam that shone on Europe, and the presence of Imam Khomeini in Paris, turned everyone upside down. According to the prediction of Nostra Adamus, Islam will conquer the world through France. And therefore the Basij of London, Paris, Berlin, New York and Washington are much more faithful.

Neighbors pressure lever
America’s influence in the region has caused it to create a base in Iran’s neighboring countries. Now that America is moving furniture, it has placed its facilities at the disposal of their governments, so that they can use this as a lever to pressure Iran and gain points. . Pakistan owes 20 billion dollars of gas to Iran, as does Iraq. But instead of repaying the debt, they are trying to prevent Iran’s demands by making malicious moves and forming groups. Therefore, in the recent attack of the IRGC, they were forced to reveal the plan and mission of Sehan. And they publicly supported the groups. On behalf of the Mahin Empire, I say to all their supporting groups and armies, don’t be America’s toy! Do not be fooled by some military facilities. If someone claims the inheritance of the opponents of the empire, the Jaish al-Zalum group or the Kurdistan Democratic Party, let them know that this is treason. The homeland of all of you is Iran. You should not become a tool of America. The groups should know that the money given to them is the money of Iran’s oil and gas. Even if you are a conscientious mercenary, you should not do this. The Iraqi government has billions of debts to Iran and prefers to give you a part of this, rather than raising the rest. So is the government of Pakistan. Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and even China, America, Europe, India, etc. owe huge sums of money. They prefer: to put pressure on Iran, so that it does not think about its demands. Because of this, people are under pressure. So your salary is for: trampling people’s rights. If you are patriotic, you should return the money so as not to betray your people. Even if you are bound by the holy law, you do not give these forbidden morsels to your family. So turn them back or: take the barrel of your gun towards them. If Iran collects one billion dollars a year, will the dollar go to 53 thousand? A little thought and a little reflection. Know this with the family of Ali, whoever fell in, fell in. And Iranians have not only been, are, and will be emperors of the whole world, but they have also been the Shia of Hazrat Ali from the very beginning! When Noah’s ark fell into turmoil, and those 72 people were about to drown and perish, like the others, they only resorted to 5 people from Ahl al-Bayt: who saved Noah and his ark. That plaque is still available. After Noah, human history begins in the Caucasus. Imam Ali helped Hazrat Ibrahim and his companions, and the rest of the prophets. Imam Ali says that God created Adam. In some hadiths, we have: He would not have created the world if he did not exist! Salman Farsi three hundred years before Islam! He was saved with the help of Hazrat Ali. Jamshid Jam, Koresh the Great, and Darius the Great were all God-worshippers. Therefore, Iran has not only been monotheistic, but also good taste and Shiite. You see, America or Russia became a superpower because they had nothing to do with Al Ali. But ISIS and its ilk disappeared quickly. Therefore, all you who are anti-revolution: you are from any race, from any nation, from any religion and profession, come to your senses. This is God in Farsi. It means to yourself! A person who knows himself will also know God (I know myself, I have no desire to know God). When he knows God, it gives him the right to have God on earth. Ain Allah and Saif Allah! All this is because of Ali. If God has a thousand and one names, the prophet Ali has two less names. It means there is no God and Messenger. But there are others. The word of revelation must reach the ears of the whole world. 8 billion intelligence and 16 billion ears are in your mouth. If you do not tell the truth, you will be responsible on the Day of Judgment. 7 billion non-Muslims being infidels or irreligious: or being idolaters, it is your fault that you don’t let the message of God reach everyone with your busy work. See how Gaza: his voice reached everyone’s ears! Because they became Shia, the mothers of the martyrs attached themselves to Fazeme. their children with six months of Imam Hussain.

The world of punishments
Those who read the Qur’an of Hazrat Ali, their eyes become bright! And they don’t need glasses until the end of their lives. But those who read Latin, their eyes immediately become astigmatized: is the matter more material than this? A person who prays at night, his face becomes more beautiful and radiant. That is why Shia girls and boys are all beautiful and with healthy skin. Is this a myth? So, Iran was a great empire in the past! There is no doubt. It is proven today: in the Ukraine war, two superpowers clashed: with terrible and ultra-modern weapons! But a Qtoshop drone! Irani messed up the equation. Ukrainians even complained about the shadow of the drone and transferred the stress to America and NATO. It turned out that Russia is a superpower! It is under the umbrella of Iran. And the American superpower is not able to defeat even Russia. , swallow them all without the slightest trace! Even the subcutaneous chips could not help. Where do you think Iran’s drone empire started? What does it mean that the advanced American drone was intercepted and landed safely? Doesn’t it show the superior hand in drone technology? Everything should not be attributed to chance and luck. All these nuclear warheads were produced and stored after the World Wars, so that no point on earth is free from them, why did they not help Israel and America? Does it mean magic? Or that they are all out of order. Yes, they were all hacked by Dr. Chamran. And anyone who approaches it will catch fire. Like the legendary treasure caves, where everyone goes and never comes back. These were the strength of Iran, even during the weak central governments such as Qajar and Pahlavi. With what support did Mirza Shirazi issue a decree that brought Great Britain to the ground? Or what support did the teacher have? They had support like Ali and Imam Zaman. Therefore, at the same time they thought, Iran or Shia is disappearing. It has just been the peak of Shiism. Therefore, the Azami operator, or the Motolum Alavi empire, has never had a perigee point! Even Ashera has been a source of power and victory. Imam Hossein himself says that I rose for the good! It means that there was no enmity against Imam Hussain! Rome and Iran had been defeated and no one had the courage to establish anti-Shia governments. There were only a few people who considered themselves cousins of the Prophet (Bani Abbas). The enemies of the imams were not among the infidels and polytheists. Rather, they were among the insiders: Maliki, Hanafi, Shafi’i, and Hanbali have no marriage other than being a disciple of Imam Sadiq. All the people of the world are victorious if they listen to your truth. And those who listened to the lies of some deviant insider had an angle at first. In the Iranian revolution, we do not have enemies from other sides, like Safavids and others! The Ottomans only boasted that their script was Persian and their poems were Persian. Read well after the revolution: America and Europe did not exist! Rather, they were liberals and hypocrites! Saddam was none other than Rajavi. France was none other than Iran’s Renault. Even now, Biden is none other than Ka Massoud. Kak Masoudi, who was saved by Qassem Soleimani, now his work has reached Erbil, the center of Mossad. Better to say that Mossad is the same as Erbil S. Therefore, we see that the revenge of the martyrs of Kerman is a missile attack around Erbil. For years, he used to ask for our hearts: what he had, he wished for it. While the whole world considers Iran a superpower, liberals and hypocrites draw a line for the Islamic Republic of Iran every three months. Dear poet Garmaroudi says well: Yazid was not as hostile as Imam Hussain! Or Qatameh was not a strong rival for Ali. But anyway, someone must be! In order to increase the abilities and free the believers from laziness: God Himself creates an enemy for Aniba because the prophets have defeated the devil. And it is possible that like the first Adam, they only think about food and food in paradise, and become lazy! Therefore, he impales them from among the criminals, because the world is full of punishments. And there is the Hereafter, which is abode.

Because someone made the revolution Victory does not know, therefore there is no history! Because history is written by the conquerors, and no one considers himself a conqueror: everyone thinks: the regime of the Islamic Republic is transitory! Therefore, fifty years of Iran’s history have passed in nothingness. To start the history, we must: accept this theory and consider it as a fact: Iran was an empire! is and will be Of course, if it is a proof, it can be proven: by accepting this theory, we have 15 thousand years of past history, and 10 thousand years ahead! If an event has happened every year: it forms a page of history, a masnavi of 70, with at least 25,000 historical events. We even prove that: Iran was Shiite from the beginning! That is, the Islamic Republic, with its Shiite content, is not only specific to Ameror. One day, Ali was joking with Salman, he said, I am 300 years old, you are a 15-year-old child, why are you joking with me? Ali said: Do you remember Dasht Arjan? Salman jumped up and said yes! Ali said: I was the one who saved you from the mouth of the lion. This means three hundred years before Islam, Ali walked in Shiraz and Fars! And he saves his Shiites. We have hadiths and narrations: He says: Salman’s people (Muslims) attain knowledge in Surya. That means he will be a Shiite even then. Hazrat Ibrahim or Noah were all in Iran. And Hazrat Ali helped them. They may say how? Now everyone’s artificial intelligence: answer these questions! According to the president of the World University, NASA, today has achieved the technology: it can transmit the image digitally, which can be in all the mobile phones in the world at the same time, the human body can also be moved algorithmically. In quantum space, it made one person everywhere. The same theory we know about God: God is present and watching everywhere. Or we call it Rati al-Arz. This work is already done because it does not require new technology. Jam Jam or Jamm Jahannama is not a myth. The creation of Hazrat Ali before Adam is not a story. It is true that artificial intelligence is approaching it. All its algorithms have been expressed by Kharazmi. And before that Imam Sadiq said. Jafar and math sciences have been there since the beginning. The word math comes from austerity. That is, man can achieve algorithms that make him eternal, omnipresent and eternal. Because by definition, all repetition numbers are ones and zeros. It means that God created all the creatures in the world. And God is eternal. Philosophical and metaphysical discussion and artificial intelligence! By the way: Iranians have been celebrating Nowruz since the beginning. Nowruz is the confirmation of the creation of the heavens and the earth by God. It means that God created nature from the womb. And according to Imam Sadiq (AS), Iranians have honored this day, but the Arabs wasted it. Nowruz means celebrating the birth of earth and nature. Noah’s Ark was saved in Nowruz, Imam Ali’s coronation was also in Nowruz. That is, since the birth of the earth, Iranians were Shiites. And they united the whole world and formed an empire. The first empire they say is: Jamshid Jam, which had Jam Jam. It means better than today’s mobile phones! or CCTV cameras. We still haven’t found the technology that can be a universal surveillance camera. Because we gave the algorithms to the infidels! And they entered through materialism. Matter means limitation. But the Prophet of Islam broke this limit several times! Once he broke the moon. That is, he ordered from the earth: And the moon became two halves. Once he went to the ascension: he visited the whole world, but time was zero for him. Even now we have: the person who sits in the mosque is not counted from his life. That is, when we go to the mosque, we go to the ascension and: time becomes zero for us.

Unconsciousness has a limit

Mohammad Dehghan, the legal deputy of the president, also stated on the sidelines of the meeting of the government delegation in the gathering of journalists about South Africa’s complaint against the Zionist regime: According to the Genocide Convention of 1948, this complaint was made. We avoided this because of our understanding of the Convention and its Article 9, because there was a suspicion that our direct complaint might lead to the recognition of the Zionist regime as a government. It’s really strange! Then they go and import donkeys from Cyprus. Unconscious! We should not throw away the quilt because of a louse. If there was any doubt, you would have complained to Netanyahu personally. From Ariel Sharon, Moshe Kassab, Ben Gurion, Hertzal, etc. This is really a justification worse than a sin. Now, all of our Israeli lawyers did not let a complaint be filed, what is the point of justifying it anymore? Or, for example, the spokesman of the Guardian Council says: There is no legal prohibition against the participation of non-hijabs in the voting! Is it really higher than this? If the law is silent on this matter, let’s say that people should vote with their private parts! Because there is no legal prohibition. That we say unconsciousness! This is the minimum. We know that all the lawyers got their doctorates from the CIA organization, and in return they promised not to do anything against: America and Europe. Now Mr. Amde: He raises a doubt. Well, you did not complain about Israel, because there was a doubt. You didn’t complain against France and England and..? Now, the charter of Cyrus and thousands of ancient Iranian inscriptions are being sent from America to Europe, and like ownerless property, they are going to be sent from there to the Zionist regime. Which lawyer wrote even one line: complaint? They must be waiting for all of them to be taken to Israel. Then, with the suspicion that so-and-so, will they give up the complaint at all? Our footballers take a table from Qatar: to lose to them. Then they will win against the Palestinian team with many goals! There is a limit to weakness. Iraq complains to the United Nations against Iran! Then Irena and Fars excitedly say come! This is Iraq, which you throw so many stones in your chest. But there is not a clean lion among the lawyers to complain to the United Nations that they are targeting our existence from the soil of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Iraq. The reason is that all the lawyers think about the death of the Islamic Republic! Not to the new civilization. But despite their wishes, Shia has been ruling in the world since time immemorial, is still present, and will be in the future. This Mahin Empire, hated by domestic lawyers, is the ideal of all the oppressed of the world. All these killings from Yemen, Gaza, etc., which are followed by the enthusiasm of the Iranian media, have squeezed their throats and are causing scandal in the world. The media excitedly announce: Gaza is over! 99% of it has been destroyed, its people have been killed, and those who are left are struggling with hunger, poverty and premature death. But God wants Gaza to remain. expel the enemy. and expand its rule to the whole world.. They spent more than a billion dollars to destroy Yemen, and the Iranian media, mercenaries of Al Saud, wrote that Yemen was destroyed. If the people of Yemen do not die from war, they will die from hunger, disease and poverty. But God wanted Yemen to become so powerful that it destroys American warships and suppresses Israel. All these are due to the grace of Imam Zaman (Aj) and his rightful vicegerent. Because we have in the hadiths that: Imam Zaman has a secret appearance in Yemen, where all the people of the world will join him by walking around the earth. That is why artificial intelligence is directed towards: Earth. That is, unlike the claimants who want to create a creation from artificial intelligence that will stand in front of God’s creation! Artificial intelligence is trying to find a way for humans to be everywhere!

Enemy attacks
Banks are the enemy’s economic firecrackers: they become the owners of enterprises under the pretext of lending! They put managers in jail and confiscate property. In a conversation with the office of knowledge foundations in the presidency, it was mentioned that: never make knowledge foundations prisoners of banks. Because it has two corruptions: one from the banks that was mentioned, and one from the borrower: the borrower, after running for a long time and getting a loan, the first thing he does: buys a house and an office for himself! After the villa and foreign trips, the high salaries of the managing director and board members, until the time of operation, he sees the time of operation: the market is saturated and his product has no buyers. Therefore, one or two installments are paid from the remaining loan amount. It reaches the age of menstruation. The income does not cover the expenses, the installments fall behind: the first bank notice is issued. It calls the borrower to pay in installments. But there is no money in the table. Either he has to sell the house or vacate the office. A few more installments are paid, but the bank’s lawsuit remains: because all these payments were deducted from the interest and not from the principal of the loan. Misery becomes a law: here and there to get another loan. But loans are not big anymore! Charitable or limited. However, he borrows again to repay installments and current affairs! This time in the name of wife or son! But whatever he pays: the bank says: you haven’t paid the interest yet! Therefore, the principal of the loan remains. This is the economic attack: the enemy must be silenced. Or, for example, in the media, the enemy’s fireballs continue to freely pour fire on people. While in military wars, usually the primary action is to extinguish: the fire of the enemy. That is, if they shoot missiles or cannons from somewhere, or attack anti-aircraft, the first thing is to destroy the said bases. Now in the media, the enemy’s barrage is safely bombarded with propaganda. And so far not a single claim or complaint has been filed against them. Just as in the issue of banks, during the revolution, people burned banks, now they should raze BBC or Menuto and International. And as far as the Iranian radio and television, press and media work, they have the upper hand! They not only neutralize, but also ridicule. The Qur’an says (faatdwa is like us, “atdi alaikum”). Behave like them: they martyred thousands of journalists: the line of resistance. But we don’t have the courage to destroy a company spreading their word. As if we should read the verses of Jihad again to the authorities! Because media war is not less than fighting. Hazrat Ali (A.S.) says: Whoever is asleep when the enemy attacks, will wake up with the enemy’s kick! These kilouis and nokises don’t wake up even with the kick of the enemy! You see that the enemy has infiltrated the houses and enslaved our children and women! But you don’t do anything, why? Did you send a drone over the BBC? how much does it cost It just takes an attitude of zeal. Therefore, I am asking all the people of the world, especially Basij in London, Basij in New York and Berlin: to harm the interests and buildings of enemy networks. They are magicians whose sentence is death. As Ammar Yasser destroyed that magician with the blade of the sword. (This Al-Emar) media? Alas, in Iran, with the influence of liberals and secularists, Iranian media are also pro-Israel! IRNA: The headlines are: America is sending fresh troops to Iraq and Syria! Or Fars headlines: America warned Iran! Biden said: I have taught Iran! That is, they are still considered superpowers. While they are paper tigers who live in the media. Who is the trade union, which was tearing the throat of the BBC reporter, why is it not saying anything about the testimony of the journalists in Gaza? Where are those knowledge-based companies, who tore their necks for Mehsa Gate, are now silent in front of the killing of Palestinian women and girls? Perhaps, on the contrary, they are happy about the martyrdom of women and children in Kerman???

National Theater
The national theater needs a national theory based on the great empire. Because Iran’s theater is not only national, but also retrospective and foreign-oriented. That is, it often deals with the theaters of the 19th century. Even if it has a religious appearance. When the theater becomes national, it also becomes self-governing because the people are not ready: to chant death to England and France, then pay for the theater: to see what has happened in Europe. Therefore, we can see that contrary to these, Eugen UNESCO was a Shiite himself and his real name is: Hossein Yunsi and his book is about Shammar Dhi al-Jushan. But in the heavy anti-Shia atmosphere of Europe, he had to make changes to hide it from view. German poet Goethe also did this. He was actually an interpreter of Hafez’s poems. As a result of Hafez’s poems, he realizes the oppression of Shia (heads with cut off noses, no cruelty and no crime), so at the end of his life, he even changed his handwriting to the handwriting of Shia imams. And writings and manuscripts: it remains from him that he practiced Ya’ali. Therefore, we see that unlike the Iranian westerners! who are begging the West. They themselves are beggars: in the house of Shia imams. Muhammad Ali was the symbol of Shia in America. Instead of Cassius, he named himself Muhammad Ali. And he also participated in Friday prayers in Tehran. South Africa has filed a complaint against Israel at the Hague Court! While in this half century of the revolution, no lawyer in Iran even comes to his mind! to complain against America and Israel. Therefore, in order to nationalize the theater, one must first have a theory. For example, if we accept that: Iran was, is and will be a superpower, at least three thousand years of history will come out of this: if it has three important stories every year, ten thousand plays can be written from it. The current stances are also the same as my 70th Masnavi: like the war in Ukraine: two superpowers lost their lives, but a cheap Iranian drone upset the balance of power. Or in the Al-Aqsa storm that: Shabikhon went to the artificial intelligence conference, and arrested 250 drunken scientists, along with computers, and transferred it to Iran. This theory still helps us: not to stay in the past! But let the past be the light of the future. And thousands of imaginary and real scenarios come out of it: for example, walking to Quds! And that we say: Al-Quds is not a slogan, but really Al-Quds and all the lands belong to Iran: during the crusades when they occupied Al-Quds, an Iranian named Saladin Ayyubi liberated Al-Quds. Even now, only an Iranian can release the first and second qibla. Until recently, they were Ottoman subjects, but they had Persian script. And there are a lot of Sasanian period artifacts there. The United Nations, the largest separatist organization, pulled 210 countries out of Iran and the Ottoman Empire. And they are still looking for it, by promoting local music, local clothes, etc., to bring eight other countries out of Iran. Naturally, when we have so many scenarios, we don’t need western scenarios. It is not necessary to repeat plays without spectators. And pour the government budget into the well. With this scenario and many beautiful plays, we are thrown from the past to the future. And creating hope will not be limited to slogans. A theater student does not get confused: he is suddenly thrown from the Islamic society and environment and the education of the mosque and Basij into a world that is unknown to him: he does not understand Hamlet, he does not understand the rhinoceros, Chekhov, Brecht and others. does not know But the names of Arash, Erio Berzon, Sorena, Amir Kabir Soleimani, etc. have a nostalgic feeling for him. He is proud of them. And therefore it pays. The government also budgets. Because theater without theory is more like opposition. In the same press conference, we saw that: Sazandagi reporter broke the norm and said whatever he wanted, but Mahin News reporter was severely attacked and his words were interrupted. Even in the press conference of the Minister of Guidance, the construction company represented by agents was more difficult!

The necessity of theorizing
Theorizing or theorizing: the Islamic revolution is something that has never been done before! We do not have an independent theory in any field. All of them are either completely western ideas, or they have been abolished, so to speak: an Islamic word is attached to it: for example, in crisis management, there is no think room, no thinking, no theorizing, only operations, that too late, incomplete and without fruit The reason for the lateness and fruitlessness of all work is as simple as this: like a traveler without a goal. No matter how hard he walks, it is useless. It takes its toll. but useless While Islam has the greatest source of theorizing, that is, the Qur’an. But Muslims, unfortunately, put other people’s theories on the Qur’an. Therefore, they suffer from defects and mistakes in practice. For example, the Qur’an’s theory about investment (individual, national, or global) is gratitude: The Qur’an says: (I am grateful to you) If you are grateful, I will give you tens of times the profit. And I increase it. Or in lending: He says who lends to God? How many times will he take it? (Man Zalzi, God willing..) But the government and the people are all going to China for investment! It is said that China has 800 trillion dollars in foreign exchange reserves. And he is willing to invest 5 billion dollars in South Khorasan for its mines. It is natural that China first shows up in the Green Garden to: plunder all the resources. Because his 800 trillion dollar foreign exchange reserve is the money of Iran’s oil, which he has not paid. He has been the first importer of Iranian oil for 45 years, but he has not paid it for various reasons! Sometimes under the pretext of defending the JCPOA! Some time as an excuse: bank embargo. And he even said to other countries: Give me oil money, so that I can export goods to Iran! In Islamic theories: management begins with self-knowledge. But western theories are based on other sciences (psychology and sociology). That is, how to take the wealth of others. That is why they demand the highest salaries. A company that is still neither in debt nor in debt, all its received loans: the salary of the CEO and the bonus of the board of directors. Then he is unable to repay the debt. Banks also claim: their demands should be given. And in the end, 20,000 workshops have been closed! or confiscated and several thousand managers imprisoned and fugitives: for the crime of embezzlement! In history, the Islamic theory is the creation of Adam. But they say: this is a myth, then they go to Darwin’s myths! And it is called history. where are they going O people who have gone to Hajj! Beloved is here, come, come. Even the theories of physics and chemistry are presented at the exact opposite point: the theories of Imam Sadiq (a.s.) or Imam Baqir. Is. or wave or movement and energy! It means they don’t even know what they are saying. But they only know one principle as good: opposing Sharia and religion. While God placed the first seat of freedom of thought before the creation of mankind, they say that this is one of the principles of Western democracy. God created philosophy before Adam: and explained the nature and existence of Adam to the angels. and announced the purpose of creation. But they say: Philosophy is Plato! And logic was created by Aristotle. Therefore, they never tell the truth about the purpose of creation: and they drown people in sophistry. And according to the words of Imam Ali (AS): they are united in one thing: that they should not be united. Even the commentators of the Qur’an, their enthusiasm is to prove: Yes: Darwin’s theory is confirmed in the Qur’an as well! But the difference between Darwin’s theory and the Qur’an is that the first one said: God created. That is, God created them. But Darwin says: it happened like this according to accident or evolution. Therefore, Western scientific theories are only for eliminating God.

Lack of lawyers
South Africa’s victory at the Hague Court showed that there is not a single anti-Israel lawyer in Iran. Because they should have started doing this 50 years ago. And now Israel was legally doomed. How much did Imam Khomeini shout that: Israel must disappear? But the jurists closed their ears and pretended not to hear. It was so good! They also defended the legitimacy of Israel. And they attacked our athletes who did not face the Israeli opponent. The root of this huge corruption is from the fact that all of them got their doctorates from the CIA. They were given scholarships with the financial support of universities affiliated to: Zionists. There is still no mention of Quranic verses in their textbooks. A few people who worked hard, spoke and wrote about Islamic law, like Shahid Beheshti, were assassinated so that: the judiciary would become a frightened people: they would not hear or read anything except the French constitution and American law books. . This caused all the media to make films against the Islamic hijab and retribution. Jurists should answer the questions of their nation, and be accountable to them, but our jurists are thinking: creating questions and questioning the enlightened rulings of Islam. The whole cultural system is the same: for example, the Ministry of Guidance is in charge of popular culture. It should create hope, spread future research and clairvoyance. And this is done only by giving the right answers: to people’s questions: people ask: what will happen in the end? What will happen to Gaza? What will happen to Israel, where will the inflation go! But the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, under the shadow of Khatami, became the opposite since Behzad Nobudi’s rule: instead of answering people’s questions, he made them problems. Instead of convincing people, he created questions for them. At all, culture and art became responsible: to create questions among people: all films were directed in one direction: to make people criticize with a forced hijab. All red lines were crossed. Holy war and defense were ridiculed. The jurists questioned Islamic laws and regulations. They killed the famous Amer. Or they removed responsibility from the administrative staff. Instead of reminding the hijab! They told the commanders that if you see that it doesn’t work, don’t do it! People go to Friday prayers and say: The government could not stop the hijab, what are we doing? Managers, scientists and management professors questioned Islamic management. They said: We have elite human resources, we have oil and gas and capital. But we do not have management. It is natural that this word means nothing but begging America. Begging the royalists to come back. Iran is destroyed! You come to Abad, liberate Iran. Therefore, the main secret of liberalism in Iran is the monarchists: Islamized. They promoted luxurious life, royal living among the people. Karbaschi, the former mayor of Tehran, used to say: We should make Tehran so expensive that people will reverse migration. The city became expensive, but no one emigrated. Rather, he joined the opposition. Today, the city of Tehran is in the hands of the unhijab. The police and Mr. Radan were castrated. The one who, during his re-appointment, claimed: two days of not wearing hijab. Now he is waiting for the opportunity to not be forced to wear hijab. Ershad Gosht with the former Hymene, now hides in a corner, insists a lot, sees a few people and asks for his shawl! put it on your head That is, he even refrains from mentioning a scarf or a hijab. That Lion of Shareza, who takes the veilless people to the ministers by the bunch. Today, he has turned into a mouse who: hides himself: tells people: we are here by force! While not wearing hijab is forced. It means that they should have power over their heads. They become more alert with gentleness.

Sarallah Akbar
The commentators of the Qur’an, the only wrong way they went, is to finish the book of commentary. That is, they have interpreted the entire Qur’an in their own eyes. And this is wrong. (The sea does not fit in a jar). For this reason, the most important interpretations are from Sunnis. Because according to their own beliefs, they considered the Prophet without an heir and were satisfied only with the words of the Prophet. That is the small part that is included in the book Mustatab Tafsir. And except for the Prophet of Islam, although he was not literate, he was a skilled speaker, and whatever he said, God approved: For example, the Prophet lived 23 years after his mission. If he said one sentence every day, he said at least 8 thousand sentences. While the maximum number of words quoted by him is 1,500 sentences. But history says: The Prophet of Islam has only read a thousand sermons on Friday prayers. His speeches on different occasions reach the same number. But there is no trace of any of them. For example, his important sermon to enter the month of Ramadan (Da’itkam fieh eli zaifat Allah..) Hazrat Zahra and Hazrat Ali are the same. Gharral al-Hakm, which collected all the sayings of Ali, is not more than a thousand words. So the interpretation of the Qur’an is also by: The innocents, peace be upon them, did not extend their lives. And the original Qur’an is with Imam Zaman (AS). And the interpretations they make are all new. Therefore, those who are commentators of the Qur’an: Like Hazrat Imam Rah, in the same interpretation, Hamad remained! It is useful to note this point because it should be known: even if we read all the books of Qur’an interpretation, we have not tasted a drop of its dew. Because the verses of the Qur’an are all about Allah. In appearance (saying a verse) and Kashf, we persuade. But its interior is in the hands of God. (Yesilonk an al-rooh, Qal al-rooh min amr Rabi). The smallest part of the world is unknown to us. Despite all the progress of science, we still do not know: what is the nature of light! When we don’t know it, we don’t understand the nature of things. Because it is light that makes things visible. And therefore, the more a real scientist studies, the greedier he becomes. And finally, like Ibn Sina, he says: I know that I am ignorant! For example, in Tafsir (Baqitullah Khair Lakm) they said that He is the Lord of Time, but the commentators say: His appearance is near. When he does not appear, they make another excuse. But the end of all the excuses is this: the appearance of the Imam of the time, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is at all. What does Sarallah mean? That is, what God does not want to tell us. Why? Because we did not accept whatever he said. And he knows to say again that we are making excuses. According to Mr. Qaraeti: When the electricity department puts eleven lamps on the street, and you break all of them, it has to keep the twelfth one: until you reach maturity, not to break it. Karbaschi was the mayor of Tehran: he ordered to plant flowers everywhere, to remove the walls of the parks, and to paint all the walls of the city. They reported that: the flowers we planted were all plucked! He said that there is no problem, they have taken it for their fiancee. Go plant so many flowers: that people don’t. Now the people of Tehran have reached a level of intellectual growth that they even water the flowers of the municipality. Or if the municipality does not plant flowers somewhere, they plant at their own expense. This is the symbol of Sarallah: like playing chess or any other game, if the outcome of the game is known from the beginning, no one plays! Because no one bets on a losing horse. Therefore, in the interpretation of the Qur’an, one should: write so many interpretations, so that its angles can be believed by the people. When belief happens, God’s secrets are also revealed: all secrets are revealed with the confidential. Imam Baqir (AS) says: We guide the people, but they do not accept and: They do their own work. It means that people do not accept guidance as long as they are busy with their own work. They don’t even read commentary. So either people must change, or the type of interpretation. We have been making new interpretations of the verses of the Qur’an for nearly fifty years, so we named it New Interpretation.

Will Yemen be left alone?
Powerful Yemen, when it put Saudi Arabia in its place, showed that America and Israel have nothing to say against it. Because Saudi Arabia is the throat of America and Israel! And if it is compressed, the breath of both is also taken. Of course, the new Arabia! He entrusted his missions to Qatar, but this shift shows that: the financial support of the global arrogance has disappeared, and the rats have eaten the nobles of Al Saud. If we look carefully at contemporary history, Saudi Arabia has been the only source of financing: America and Israel. Basically, in a complex process, it was Al Saud who: occupied Mecca and Medina, massacred the people there, and named Hijaz as their own. Maybe the massacre of Mecca and Medina is unprecedented in history. Because it was done in complete silence of the media: Al Saud attacked Mecca and Medina in three stages: the last time they killed so many people of Medina, that there was blood up to the knees in the Prophet’s Mosque. And King Faisal ordered: Take a bowl of this blood for him. And in front of everyone, he performed ablution with that blood, and prayed the thanksgiving prayer. Because people don’t know history, they think: only ISIS is a butcher: and it cuts off human heads! While the Al Saud is killing Shiites with swords. But the media is silent. Sometimes a news leaks like a spoon. Al Saud committed the biggest betrayal to the Arabs during the Six Day War: the plan for a multi-pronged and secret attack on Egypt and Syria was given to Israel by Abdul Nasser’s son-in-law. And they went ahead and crushed all the bases of Egypt and Syria that were ready to attack Israel. Imam Khomeini also said: If we pass Saddam, we will not pass Al Saud. But the media did something that: the pride of the people’s government of Mr. Raisi is the lace bowl of Al Saud. They do not believe that Israel is the same as Al Saud. Because during the storm of al-Aqsa, everyone saw that: Al Saud’s gifts to Gaza were burial and burial equipment: that is, complementing the plan to destroy Gaza! That is, no matter what Israel does, we guarantee their burial. This is also the slogan of the Americans: A good Indian is a dead Indian! Genocide policy is dictated not by Israel or America, but by Al Saud (Qatar). In the war against Iran, he spent more than 20 trillion dollars: this amount was not only helping Saddam, but helping the whole world: to fight against Iran. and destroy Iran. Even Bin Salman had claimed many times: that he is dragging the war into Iran: why? for Israel Now, all the Arab leaders in Qatar have sworn to introduce Iran as the enemy of Palestine and the guardian of Gaza, not Israel! They have said that no Palestinian has the right to take the name of Iran. Therefore, Yemen’s role in exposing these facts was very impressive: Yemen exposed Al Saud in this way: that it proved that it is a financial supporter of the Zionists and an imperialist. Therefore, by destroying Aramco’s oil tanks, he reduced all his financial aid to Israel and America under the title of arms purchases to zero. Saudi Arabia was forced to leave its role to Qatar, which was safe from the danger of Yemeni bombing under Iran’s ear. All anti-Iranian assassinations and killings are sponsored by Qatar. Under the pretext of weather, they gathered 185 countries in Qatar, and took a commitment from them to take action against Iran. Therefore, the terrorist incident in Rask and Kerman happened. Now America and England want to take revenge on Saudi Arabia by attacking Yemen. Is Yemen alone? Today, Yemen has moved the flag of struggle against America, Israel and Saudi Arabia from Iran. All the people of the world should know that: the Iranian liberals who chant the slogan of neither Gaza nor Lebanon have not been eradicated yet. Therefore, helping Yemen is helping to continue the struggle founded by Imam Khomeini. Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iraq’s Hashd Shaabi, Azerbaijan’s Hosseinyoun, Afghanistan’s Fatemiyoun, and Basij in London, Paris, New York, and Berlin must come to the field.

Children of Ivan Madain and Ivan Najaf
The analysis of the ruling power in the current world shows that: they are the common children of Ivan Madain and Ivan Najaf. In fact, the dominant government of Burjahan is Sadat, who rule in Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq. The destinies of the world are in their hands. They are also the children of Imam Hussain and Shahrabano! In fact, they are the descendants of Yazdgerd III Sasanian, from the mother’s side, and the descendants of Hazrat Ali, from the father’s side. It means the same thing when they say the motherland and sometimes the fatherland: because Ivan Najaf is the fatherland, Ivan Mada’en is a symbol of the motherland! The grandmother of all Sadat Hossein in the world is Bibi Shahr Bano, the daughter of Yazgerd III, and their grandfather is Hazrat Imam Hossein. Because Imam Hossein (AS) is the son of Ali (AS), and Bibi Shahrabano is the son of Yazdgerd III. A king who did not resist Islam, and took refuge in the millers. But the millers killed him with the instigation of the communists and the hypocrites of that day (Mazdakis and Maniwists). They had promised money, but according to the procedure, he gave the sword! The killer was also brought to justice. to attribute the shame of terror and murder to Iran. But with all the tricks of hypocrites and communists at that time! Marriage took place: Imam Hussain and Bibi Shahrbanu had a child whose name is Imam Sajjad (Ali ibn al-Hussein). Ali ibn al-Hussein, who was the only adult male child, was able to survive the death of Karbala due to illness. He had many children and moved them to Tehran. Without war and bloodshed, they made Shia all around Tehran, up to Mazandaran, Afghanistan, Ardabil and Baku. and governments such as Alawites in Tabaristan, Dilimian in Gilan. and created Al Boyeh in Tehran. These (crescent) Shiite islands joined together until today when they took over the flow of world power in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq and a part of Afghanistan and other countries of the world, with the central power of Tehran. And they saved the world from the evil of America and Israel and Arab reaction (Arabia and Qatar). A clear symbol of that is Gaza: which is constantly attacked by their weapons of mass destruction: the weapons that America makes, the Arab reaction pays for, and Israel uses. Gaza is now at a crossroads! Some people like Mahmoud Abbas are taking refuge in the arms of the enemy so that he may have compassion and understand logic and stop committing crimes. They are in favor of compromise. But they don’t know that in their minds, only the destruction of Gaza is imprinted. This is why we see: even the Palestinian ambassador in Iran admits: Gaza has been destroyed and Israel’s goal has been achieved! Abu Sharif says: The whole world is with Israel, and Gaza is empty-handed. (It means everything will be over soon). These statements of his show that despite the missile power and the upper hand of Gaza: in expelling the forces of Golani and Gavi, he still thinks like Mahmoud Abbas. But the people of Gaza, apart from self-governing organizations, have stirred up global power. The number of martyrs and injured has increased rapidly! They have replaced more. Now Gaza does not have three million people, but 7 billion. And if there are those who are not with Gaza, they have demanded its destruction due to Mahmoud Abbasi’s thoughts. And they think, with the removal of Gaza, the war will end. While Gaza fell once in 1967 and was occupied. But by appealing to the Imams of Taherin and Hazrat Fatimah, it is a matter of universal power. Because it is connected to the eternal power of God. In his statement, the Palestinian ambassador wants to cut off this thread. He says: We do not accept anyone’s guardianship! We once experienced British tutelage: Israel ruled over us. Like Iranian liberals and secularists, he takes revenge from Islam. And like the Zionists, the revenge of Germany and England against Iran.

From Ivan Madain to Ivan Najaf
The back and forth of civilizations, although it took years, but it is finally over! The power was transferred from Ivan Mada’an to Ivan Najaf: today the world faces the empire of Ali, centered in Ivan Najaf. Since the time of Jamshid Jam or Hazrat Adam, if 15 thousand years have passed, humans were united. Because they all came from the same parents, and they were not different from each other. Greed caused them to leave their father’s land, where they might find better facilities! And live more prosperous, and have more happiness: it was from the center of the earth! That is, they moved away from Makkah: and went to greener and more watery lands. And they built buildings from water! Therefore, Abadan is the first city that the angry children of Adam built on the side of Bahman Shir river. And they said: (Lis Lora Abadan Diari!) Eventually the population increased, they went to Babylon and created civilizations in the long distance between Anherin. In Babylon itself, technology and architecture were so advanced that they built a suspended city! But greed didn’t let it go down their throats because the converts came and took them over. And the wars began. Prophet Noah came to end this greed. But no one listened to him. Everyone was busy with oppression and exploitation and colonization. Therefore, with more advanced technology, he built a big ship in: a desert without water. Everyone said what does Noah do? And he, holding a tribune, informed them of the worldwide torment. Until the promised day arrived, and Noah prayed: O God, do not leave a single one of the disbelievers alive. God also answered: The heavens began to rain, and the springs began to boil. The waters increased so much that: the ship moved from its place. And Noah preached again: Come into the ark lest you drown. Those who believed in Noah boarded the ark with pairs of animals and plants. But the others scoffed. Even Noah’s son said: I will go to a high place, so that I don’t drown! Unaware that the water will rise enough to drown all the cities and all the generations. Noah’s ark is the only one that sails with complete calm in the middle of the storm. When the work was done, and all were drowned, and the cities were covered with mud, the storm abated. And Jodi’s barge laid its load on the ground. 72 people got off. And they started a new life next to Aras (maybe also Mount Ararat). It didn’t take long for everything to be forgotten! And joined the imagination and legend. Therefore, the migrations began: Greed and greed opened up: some called Medes went to Hamadan, a group called Parthians went to Shiraz. Scythians went to Sistan and Indo-European and Europeans went to Europe and India. At first they were very active! They tried to recreate heaven on earth. But they saw that no matter what they do, they are not as happy as the motherland. So they returned! But the motherland was also full, and there was no place for them. So the wars started: the Romans went to the West! They decided to return. But Iran, this motherland, rejected them. Therefore, they jumped to the skirt of the medieval period. But Iran became an empire with successive dynasties. Until the last of them, who were the Sassanids. During the Sassanid period, Ivan Madain was built: with long arches. But with the birth of the prophet, they were confused and puzzled the powerful king. Because the ground was prepared. Therefore, it didn’t take long that Hazrat Ali asked for two daughters of Yazdgerd III for his two sons. to establish the Alevi government, and transfer the Sasanians to the Alevis. But greed and greed attacked his family: the Umayyads and the Abbasids were formed in order to steal this Farah Yazidi and this Jam Jam. The Mongols attacked and destroyed the Abbasids. And they showed themselves as the owner of the book and the Shia, and the vicegerent of the Alawites. Safavids, Afsharians, Qajars and Pahlavis came to call this Farah Yazidi their name. But they all left. And the family of Ali or Sadat, and the children of Hazrat Ali, remained. America, the Soviet Union and… they all left. Madain’s porch was destroyed, and Madain’s porch remained

American repression begins:
The history of Iran is full of murderers who rebelled against the single empire of Iran. But all of them have been suppressed: where is Alexander the Great? Roman Caesar! Omar Saad Arabi, the Tsar of Russia, and where is Genghis Khan the Mongol and Great Britain (Ai Zaki)? And today, proud Iran, with its great empire, is going to oppress the United States in turn. It has started: through diplomacy and soft repression: such as the protest against the actions of America in the Middle East, by the representative of Iran in the United Nations, and the active diplomacy of the foreign minister: in contact with Russia and China. And another, cutting off its military arms and legs: including Israel and its important bases in Iraq. Although he has 99% fans in America. They are also busy with their work. Today, the White House is a breeding ground for people of Iranian descent who may be apparently opposed, but are engaged in suppressing the ruling system, which is the Zionist lobby. Biden is from the race of Saladin Ayyubi, who, like a Trojan horse, has penetrated into the palace: and like Obama, he has set up Shab Cheleh, the Iranian Nowruz, to give the necessary signals. It even sends the weapons sent to Israel through Yemen to be delivered to the Yemenis. Of course, some of them are sent with Hopima, which is not far from the sharp eye of Hezbollah. Yemen is new, and Hezbollah has not yet received this signal. Vala would explode all those weapons in the air, or confiscate them safely at the foot of the plane. The Iranian Empire does not make weapons, but confiscates the enemy’s weapons: like the UAV Empire! which began with the confiscation of an American drone. The Iranian Empire has never had an arsenal and its military budget is the lowest of all budgets. The strength of the Iranian empire is not in its weapons, but in its strong faith. He connects himself to the eternal source of divine power and drinks from this water. Wilayat al-Faqih is the connecting point of this supreme divine power. It should not be despised. And you see, in the war in Ukraine, despite the terrible weapons: America and the (former) Soviet Union, only Photoshop drones! It is Iran that determines the game. The enemy is not afraid of drones, but the heavy shadow of the power of the Iranian empire! As soon as the drone became Iranian, Ukraine claims that Iran is the superpower of the East! The drone gave, while it did not. America also shoots down some Russian drones: and proudly announces: these drones were Iranian! The great empire of Iran is so strong that America is no longer a number! It is alive only on paper and media. You can see that he leaves the malicious attacks on America to a small group in Gaza. Today, Yemen, Gaza, Hashd al-Shaabi of Iraq, even the Fatimino of Afghanistan have the upper hand against America. And they are just waiting for the order to take Israel out of trouble with another storm. Netanyahu can only say: Hezbollah underestimated us in the 33-day war! He still underestimates us. Netanyahu does not know that he was left alive, so that Hezbollah’s arrow does not go astray. Because if he is killed, the arrows will go astray. For example, if Lapid or Olmert come, it is not clear: this current anti-Israel alliance will remain. Even if Netanyahu is assassinated, everyone thinks the fight is over. He is the face: that is, he is the target. so that all the arrows are thrown in one direction. And this is one of the tricks of the great empire. to encircle the enemy. And according to Sardar Bagheri: Israel’s siege is getting tighter every day. And according to the supreme leader of the revolution: the economic siege should continue its work. The only way to save Netanyahu is to open the borders for pilgrims to Jerusalem to cross on foot. He should look inside himself: is he a Jew? Or a Zionist? If he is Jewish, he should cooperate with other religions. Judaism is a divine religion. And Moses gave good news to Jesus, and Jesus to Muhammad! So everyone (especially Gazans) has the right to visit Jerusalem

The mosque is a utopia
Every thought has a utopia for itself. But all of them are out of reach and: assigned to a distant future and the end of history. It means that it is unattainable and, in other words, imaginary. Even the materialists and communists see the final commune at the end of history, that is, an ideal versus the real. But in Islam, Medina begins with the same word Tahleel (Qulu la ilaha ila Allah taflhawa). Tafahlwa means entering a utopia where a person can find all his desires. Therefore, we see that the Prophet, who was sent, turned his house into a utopia: Hazrat Khadijah, the first believing woman, and Hazrat Ali, the first believer, both prayed behind the head of the Messenger of God. They listened to his advice, and adjusted their behavior accordingly. For this reason, it is recommended even in your home to allocate a place for a prayer: or a mosque and a home altar. It means that the utopia in the houses also finds meaning. And maybe on the contrary, utopias are formed in the family. Everyone takes the utopia with them to the level of society by being educated in the family: at home it is not money that determines relationships, but love and friendship. Everyone eats whenever he is hungry and sleeps whenever he wants. or worships. But this is a secret or internal era. Because when the Prophet goes to Medina. First, he builds the mosque and names it the House of God. It means people’s house! Homeless people live in this mosque (Safah Companions). The Prophet’s house is also one of these marginal houses of the mosque. Most of them go to the mosque. Even the Prophet opens the way from his house to Ali’s house. They eat their food in the mosque, worship in the mosque, and even buy and sell (endowments) and send the army. Madinah Fazlah has four official bodies: according to Imam Ali’s letter to Malik Ashtar: financial affairs (tax collection), cultural affairs (immigration of the people), technical and civil affairs (building of Baladah), and political and military affairs (Jihad of enemies). These four bodies are derived from: There is a pillar of the throne. Therefore, a mosque should be: cultural, military, economic and civil affairs. and cover all neighborhood affairs. Because the meaning of utopia is that: man fulfills all his needs there: it is comprehensive and unobstructed. Therefore, it is suggested: instead of schools with three and four classes! The mosque should be used for education. Because education outside the mosque prevents children and young people from attending the mosque. The image is the separation of religion from science and politics. Mobilizations in non-mosque centers should join the mosque. The construction around the mosque should be based on the opinion of the mosque. Because the mosque should be higher than all the buildings. And their distance is circular: that is, points with the same distance from the mosque. And finally, to play a role in people’s livelihood. For example, loan funds, rental shops, free feeding ceremonies. We all remember our memories with Imam Hussain, from Imam Hussain’s ghee. This is the reason why, on all occasions, the order to sacrifice and divide it has been given. All sacrifices and feasts should be organized in the mosque: so that a meal is prepared every day. At first, you can start with tea and dates: after the end of each prayer, the worshipers are served with tea. And the affairs of the mosques should approve that: They give tea with dates. It does not cost much. But they were a stronghold and it helps to attract young people. Because there may be those whose budget is weak, and they lay on the bed hungry. Or they don’t have the opportunity to buy dates. Vegetarian mosque in Tehran serves lunch two days a week. The homeless and the homeless, they all show up there. With this method, absolute poverty or food poverty can be eliminated. And the real poor are recognized and supported from the false poor.

where is the peak
The peak in the Islamic Republic is not in the heavens, but in the breadth of the earth. When the flag of Islam (according to Javid Al-Athar: Ahmad Metouslian) is knocked on the ground in the horizons of the world, it is the time of the end of the struggle, and reaching the top. Imam Khomeini said: As long as there is oppression, there is struggle. Or he said that: Islam will soon conquer all the key strongholds of the world. And the great empire will be the introduction of the global unified government of Imam Asraaj. Today is the day when 8 billion people of the world stand with one voice on the oppressed Gaza! And oppressors attack Israel. And as long as there is no cruel person, we will reach the top. Because all the people of the world are from the same parents and have the same destiny. If the word of revelation does not reach them, we will be guilty because we had the word of revelation, but we did not deliver it to them. For this reason, a Qur’an is being prepared, which will be written by Imam Ali and for the whole world. Everyone should read it, to be familiar with the heavenly writings, to study the letters, so as not to get lost in the bridge of Sarat! And don’t turn into burnt nuts. With this clear message, if no one hears or wants to hear, our responsibility is over, and we will lean on the summit. And we will say: (Al-Hikam Allah!) Government belongs only to God (and God’s guardians). But there are people who close their ears! They say: We have not solved our problems yet! And some confirm it! to prevent them from reaching the top. They don’t know that God created human beings in problems (qad khalkana insan fi kabd) because if he wanted, he would have kept him in paradise. He allowed Satan to kick him out of heaven, so that he might stop being lazy! And even for the prophets, the enemy of forgery! He said: (And we did not pretend to be a prophet..) because in heaven everyone was eating, sleeping and lusting! But when it falls on the ground (non-sowing fruit), it means get up and don’t be lazy! And create your own world. So here, there is no place for laziness! There is a place of laziness in that world: to eat, drink and sleep forever! They have closed their eyes to all Ibadanis, and by saying they destroyed Iran, they are showing their hatred. Is giving electricity to all the villages destroying them? Construction of metro and highway, residential and industrial settlements, is it called destruction? That’s how much these are Cordell. who do not want to see the facts. In order to see the facts, we must ask God not to let the cursed devil dominate us (Latsalt Alina Man Lair Hamna), then we will reach the stage of gratitude. Gratitude in Islam means investment. Let us be grateful to God for giving us these blessings, which China is seeking to take over! Because God has promised: If you give thanks, I will give you profit. (Don’t look for profit from banks and other than God): O people who have gone to Hajj, where are you going? where are you? Beloved is here, let’s come! (Hafiz) The peak is here. The eyes must be washed and one must look differently. (Sohrab Sepehri) Those who have believed, believe! And do not be like those who became enemies of God and the Messenger. Their end will be nothing but a burnt bone (hell). which only eats the pain of the firewood of hell: Nasser Khosrow: Let the wood of barren trees burn, this is its own punishment: Myrrh without barring. So, people of the world, translate this message in your own languages and read it to all the people: No one should not have heard these words. If they hear, your responsibility is complete. Because in Islam everything is media! Even your hands and feet (body language) are media. And all this media is at your disposal. The message must reach everyone. If not a single person hears it, he will shame God on the Day of Judgment! Because he says: No one read these verses for me. And we will cause it.

Fəlsəfə fakültəsi
Ali Məqamlı Rəhbərin elita məsələsinə, təfəkkür məsələsinə verdiyi vurğu əsasında Elit Fondunun nəzarəti altında təfəkkür fakültəsinin, yaxud ali təfəkkür institutunun yaradılması planı hazırlanır: bunun məqsədi fakültə düşüncə, bələdçi və şəbəkə mütəfəkkirlərini izah etməkdir. , və bütün əlaqəli elmi fənlər üçün vahid prosedur yaratmaqdır. Buna görə də təfəkkür fənlərarası, lakin elmi fənlərlə real mühit arasındadır. Məsələn, təfəkkürün tərifi yazıla bilər: köhnə və köhnə suallara müasir və ya perspektivli cavablar. Məsələn: Allahı sadə bir səbəblə tanıya bilərsiniz: mən özümü yaratmadım. Deməli, məni başqası yaradıb, ona görə də məqsədini, nə olduğunu və varlığını ondan soruşmalıyıq! Buna görə də peyğəmbərlik sübuta yetirilir. Peyğəmbərlik o deməkdir ki, Yaradan bizi tərk etməyib, bizi daha yaxşı olmağa istiqamətləndirir: buna görə də dirilmə təsdiqlənir. Bu sadə arqumentə görə, elitanı müalicə etməmək, işə qəbul proqramının olmaması və s.! Asanlıqla həll olunur: çünki insanların istedadları çoxdur və Allahın nemətləri (saysız-hesabsız) və: indiki dünyamızın onları yeniləmək gücü yoxdur. Elitaların köçü də qiyaməti sübut edir: bu dünyanın qəfəsində qanad və lələk açıla bilməyəndə: hicrət etmək lazımdır (o torpaq geniş fəthajrva fihadır) və əgər bütün dünya kiçik olsaydı! Başqa bir dünyaya köçməlisən. Ölüm problemi də bu qədər asanlıqla həll olunur: insan tutumu bu dünyada işləməyəcək səviyyəyə çatanda o daha geniş dünyaya keçir. Bəlkə hər kəsə bir ulduz verirlər! Burada qurulmuş tutumla bütün ulduzu idarə etmək. (Hər insanın bir ulduzu var deyirlər) İnsan o böyük dünyaya gedəndə sadəcə anlayır ki, onun qabiliyyətlərinin yalnız bir hissəsi müəyyən edilib! Məsələn, onun gözləri materialdan başqa heç nə görə bilmirdi və o dünyada gözün tutumu 100% olur, insan hətta Allahı da görə bilir. Fatimeyi-Zəhranın Allahdan yeganə istəyi onu şəxsən görmək və görüşmək idi. Bu baxımdan, Allah azad düşüncənin ilk iclasını təyin etmişdir! Mələklər də hamısı əleyhinə səs verdilər. Və Allah fəlsəfəni yaratdı. Və insanın fitrəti və fitrəti haqqında açıqlamalar verdi: Bir mələkdən başqa bütün mələklər razı qaldılar. O bir nəfər də məntiq yaradıb (mən Qasül-Şeytanam) dedi ki, mən daha yaxşıyam, Allah da bunu bilirdi: yəni şeytanın üsyanı Allahın elmindən kənarda deyildi. Buna görə də ona bir missiya verdi: get insanı cənnətdən qov! Çünki o, cənnətdə tənbəldir: sadəcə yeyir və yatır. Adəm əməlli-başlı elmi universitet yaratmağa məcbur oldu: Allah ona öyrətmək üçün on kitab verdi: övladlarından biri əkinçilik fakültəsinin müdiridir! digəri isə heyvandarlıq fakültəsini idarə edirdi. Onlardan sonra imtahan verdi! Qabil bunu rədd etdi. Və qəzəbləndi və Habili öldürdü! Allah dəfn etməyi öyrətmək üçün bir qarğa göndərdi! Qardaşını öldürdükdən sonra qaçıb dağlara sığınıb. Buna görə də Adəm on kitabı Set Nəbiyə (nəvəsi və ya üçüncü oğlu) əmanət etdi. Bütün elmlərin və fəlsəfənin ilahi mənşəli olduğunu görürük. İnsanı tozdan və oddan üstün edən tək şey onun elmi idi. Çünki Allah bütün insanlara bütün elmləri (Adəmin elmini, başların adlarını) öyrətmiş və mələklər elm xatirinə insanlara səcdə etmişlər. Elmlər isə sadəcə adlardır. Yəni bizim yaratmaq, yaratmaq qüdrətimiz yoxdur, ancaq adlarını çəkirik. Lakin Qiyamət günü insana (Ləhm Tayra Mamma Yashthun) yaradıcılıq gücü verəcək və əlbəttə ki, yaxşı imtahan verməyənləri və Qabilin öldürdüyü və qarət etdiyi kimi, onları yandırıb muncuq olana qədər yandıracaq: daha da alovlandırmaq üçün. od.cəhənnəm (insanların və insanların yanacaqları). Buna görə də, bunlara əlavə olaraq, kursların rəhbəri aşağıdakıları edə bilər: yuxarıda göstərilən sənədləri yoxlayın, regional ehtiyacları yoxlayın, məhrumiyyətləri aradan qaldırmaq üçün həll yollarını yoxlayın. Və hətta qaydaları və qaydaları yoxlayın. Sonda qəbul olunanlara professor elmi dərəcəsi verilə bilər. və lazımi sənədləri verdi.

Elitist system
Despite the many criticisms of Iranian education, we see that it is an elitist system, which the whole world needs: they are lured away and attracted by deceit and trickery and huge expenses. Due to its historical depth, this system governs the great empire of Iran. Even now, we note: that brain drain is not correct, but the sending of presidents! And managers of Iranian origin for all: members of this great empire. It means that the world has come to the conclusion that it should entrust its work to Iranians. Therefore, you should wash your eyes and look at this issue in a different way: First, there is nothing wrong with the system, and those who criticize, their criticism refers to the reduction of this process: elitism. Secondly, those who mention brain drain are trying to disparage this system, not want it to grow. Because this system is managed based on the teachings of the Grand Ayatollah. And if there is a defect, it will be solved with a speech and a speech. The people who ruled Iran were always religious leaders, whether from the beginning who considered Jamshid Jam as Hazrat Adam, Zal as Prophet Noah, and Koresh Kabir who called Zulqarnain, or Darius who considered him as Prophet Suleiman. What: when the Sassanids were transferred to the Alevis: from the marriage of two of the sons of Hazrat Ali with two daughters of Yazdgerd III, this transition was solidified: until today, this dynasty, called Imamzadegan and Sadat, has spread . Those who left will return. And everyone frowns on the province of God. And for not abandoning them! They send signs and thank you. Farah Yazidi has always been a friend of Iranians. And Iran has been the center of the monotheistic world. Now it is almost 12 centuries that it is under the protection of Hazrat Wali Asr. He helps mujtahid scholars to go through historical mazes. Therefore, Iran has been, is, and will be a unique, monotheistic and great global empire. As long as Imam Zaman appears. And this is not a nationalist comment. Because the Prophet said that: If knowledge is in Soraya, Iranians (of Salman’s tribe) will achieve it. At all, the word Muslim, according to Ibn Arabi, is taken from Salman! Salman is a name that the Prophet gave to the Iranian people. And he hit him many times on the back and said: The people of the end of time will be from this man’s people. And he even said (Al-Salman mena Ahl al-Bayt)! Therefore, in the Arab countries, which are opposed to the Iranians, instead of Persian Salman, they call him Salman Pak: because the Prophet’s family is confirmed to be pure in the Qur’an. Why is there so much greatness for Iranians? Because Nowruz is celebrated by Iranians! It means that they have been righteous since the birth of the earth. But according to Imam Sadiq, the Arabs have wasted it. Because Nowruz is a reminder of the beginning of God’s creation. And on that day, everyone thanks God for creating the world, creating people, and they also have a place in the Jirga and the uproar of existence. The beginning of spring and the birth of plants and animals, the awakening of polar bears and the greening of dry trees are all considered signs of God. And according to Saadi’s words: the leaves of green trees, in the eyes of the alert, each page is a notebook: knowledge of action. A tree is a university of science for Iranians. Therefore, education in Iran is not limited to primary school. Rather, they learn manners there: it is a school of literature! And the high school is a place to be a teacher and to learn the lessons of life. Although the westerners made it to fight against God (secularism). And they want to replace theology. But they have not succeeded so far, and they will not succeed. Westerners who are hotter than soup. Because the West has bowed down to Iran, but the Westerners do not believe. They still say like the Taghizadehs: We must become Farangi from head to toe. But now this is reversed! Because the sun will rise from the west. And these Westerners will become Muslims again according to the West!

Borrowers in prison
I have been talking about the destruction of banks for years. Ever since the revolution, people didn’t want banks and they set fire to cinemas and liquor stores. But some officials, especially the Mashhad circle, consider it impure, but they said: it should be cleaned. For example, they deleted the cinema! Banks were also baptized. But they don’t know that: be a dog in the seven seas! When he became more dirty, Jesus’ donkey was taken to Mecca. When he comes, he will still be a donkey! In order to prove that the banks are still worse than the past, one question: after fifty years of Islamization of the banks, why are the borrowers from the banks in prison, or have their properties confiscated, or are they on the run? This is a question that was asked by Mr. Mustatab Taj Aldini, and he was surprised. But the answer is only one word: because it is usury and haram. And the forbidden is also unblessed. Well, of course, the answer is Fanatik and Amal Mabaneh. But know that Amal is sincere to Umm al-Binin: in hijab and having children. You see, with these tricks, they tie the hands and feet of the officials: and make a mockery of Islam. Maybe you want to be a game intellectual: like Mr. Taj Aldini, ask me for statistics: he doesn’t want statistics, I said all borrowers, so you should give statistics that: one person has taken a loan and is happy. However, this is the statistic: First, the government itself has the most bankrupt budget! Just because he was borrowing from the banking system! That is, the banks were showing in Bagh Sabz: until the government borrows, then it will forever owe interest, late payments and fines! they knew. Why didn’t they give loans and currency to the army or the IRGC even during the war? Because they knew, there is no going back. And they cannot borrow and take over the army. But the government is in debt and all his properties have been confiscated (buying shares instead of repaying the debt). The government does not do anything without the permission of the banks: even Mr. Raisi, who changed the head of the central bank, was because he was against the interest rate increase. And Raisi Central Bank did the first thing: under the pretext of reducing inflation, it released the interest rate. And we saw that inflation is free! And their lies were revealed right away. Now, the biggest cost figures of the government budget are debt to banks and financial centers such as the stock market and insurance. That is, instead of banks, stock exchanges, and insurance being the helpers of the government, they are thinking of independence from the government. Second: more than two thousand production units were revived by: the 13th government: the problem of all of them was banking. The 13th government only pours water into the mills of the banks: that is, it takes a respite. Getting a deadline from the banks means increasing the debt and delaying the installments: and it means that the CEOs will be imprisoned! And the confiscation of all these factories. Because the bank is right! It doesn’t pass by itself?// He has to take the interest, delay and fine. Presumably Mr. Raisi did not leave it now, it will come to their account later. Third, Shasta Corporation and pension funds: all in debt to the banks, and at risk of closure. Therefore, there are only companies in Iran that: First of all, they did not take loans from the banks: and they continue their work with halal money. Secondly, those who have taken loans, all because of the loan, are confiscated and are in the hands of the banks. This is why: retailers or manufacturers all operate underground: because if they get a license, they are recognized by insurance, if they take a loan, they are recognized by banks, and if they have significant activity, they are recognized by the stock exchange: And owed to Annie! They should sell their shares to: insurance or bank or stock market: and sing a farewell song: because the stock market, bank and insurance are the traps of the downtrodden Jews. They provide the world economy in the form of banks, insurance and stock exchange. Therefore, until the work of Israel is finished: the work of banks, insurance and the stock market will not be finished either: so finish the job for one person, we need it.

Government property spent on corruption
Corruption is not just embezzlement, corruption is any kind of deviation from: the lofty goals of Islam and: or enmity with God. Both those who corrupt the whole earth, and those who corrupt in their families and themselves! According to the Prophet, even the one who does something to himself that says: You have semen, is cursed than the one who embezzles billions of dollars. Their benefit from corruption is a few moments of pleasure or cleverness, and the rest is torment and pain. Khavari, who embezzled billions of dollars, had zero interest on this money. Because he had transferred the money from the Iranian account to the American (Canada) account. With this clever feeling! He was hoping to get at least half of it, when they deported him to Canada and said: If you want to die, start a corrupt life with a fake identity. All the young people who don’t get married and self-gratify themselves know that the shining of their eyes is the first two days, and then illness and premature aging, depression and suicide! Therefore, let the mayor know this: now the municipality has become the center of corruption. And the person whose slogan was fighting corruption in the municipality, has become the mother of corruption with a deceptive turn! In the name of fighting money laundering, he has turned to the denigration of religious rules and hijab. Metros and parks, the city of games and the streets above the city, have all become the center of gathering of prostitutes and prostitutes. Even a car! It is the center of dissimulation and promotion of hijab: which is the key to girls becoming smokers. They only pay well to prostitutes who: cross the red line more. And he must have a cigarette in his mouth. Everyone knows that smoking a cigarette will end up falling by the side of the streams, and adding to the corpses of the municipalities. Parks have become gathering places: all kinds of criminals. Smoking and drug education center. And you can quickly see its statistics in the funeral: from the side of the street. Will you emerge from this system as a defender of the country? Are doctors, engineers and the elite cultivated? Or it will come to a point where everyone: the startups who were fighting for Mahsa Gate: smile or remain silent in front of the martyrdom of women and girls in Kerman. Those who took large loans from the municipality, or from the government, under the pretext of employment, turned out to be just making money. According to them, employment is the transformation of a veiled and studying girl into a smoking street woman. The officials are just watching the drunkenness of the Nokishes and the Kilouis. All they do is arrest or prosecute the defenders of the hijab. Under the pretext of starting sedition! Do they introduce the armed seditionist to the heart of the people? Did the weapon make Fakhrizadeh’s assassination a cobbler! Under the pretext of a piece of bread! Did not enter? According to them, employment is smuggling and theft, physical and personal terror of IRGC and Faraja. We can also see the result: the IRGC or Faraja do not dare to take revenge for the 17,000 assassinations. They are even afraid to name them. The files are to replace them. Kordel’s hypocrites who now have no place in Tirana’s nursing home. ISIS, the end of which was announced by General Soleimani, is all a false sign: so that the liberals will return to power, and bloodshed. As an example, we can see that with the Kerman explosion, those who were disqualified! Qualified. And the Guardian Council raises its hands. These hands have been up for a long time. Since Rabbani Shirazi accident! they did And they do not mention him at all. Started. Hasan Fereydoun and other infiltrators were all honored with the approval of the Guardian Council. What is being done now. And all this is the result of the same smoking: girls on the street and in the park and in the subway. Because they say: the youth have lost their religion. Don’t be too hard! Satan knows how to convince even the Guardian Council. He says: You confirm! People do not vote by themselves. While the people’s logic is the opposite: they say that we vote because the Guardian Council has approved it.

Where are the friends of Iran?
For more than 50 years, Iran alone has been fighting against the ominous triangle of power (Zionism, imperialism, and Arab reaction). He has offered thousands of martyrs and wounded people to the world, so that they can be freed from the bondage of these germs of corruption. Now, in the second half of the century of struggle, the friends of Iran are invited: to help proud Iran with their cooperation, so that the fatigue of half a century of struggle can be overcome. In his last moments, Imam Hussain turned to history and the world and said: Is there anyone who can help me? He knew that many hearts beat for him. He knew that the world appreciates his struggle. And so he asked them. Although only one person went to help him at that time. But today it has been proven that: the world was with him. Only the oppressors did not let his voice reach the people. The Arbaeen walk every year, with its 50 million followers, constantly shouts: (Labik or Hussain A.S.) we are ready to help you. Even today, His Holiness’s pure lineage is asking for your help. He is left alone, and the oppressors do not let the voice of his plea reach the ears of the world. And this is a message to reveal it. Anyone can translate and broadcast it in their own language. So that conscious and eager hearts can hear it and come to help. Today, the whole world, every single person, wherever they are, with whatever means they can, should prepare themselves: the sound of the jar is coming. And the bell calls you to help. Let’s take part in this frenzy, away from the undisclosed. Today, Gaza is Karbala. Children like Ali Azghar, with thirsty lips and hungry stomachs, are the targets of arrows from three branches: arrows and bombs made by America, bought with Saudi money, used by Israel. And history repeats itself! So that no one and no human being has an excuse that we did not know. Or don’t say: I wish we were there and helped Imam Hussain (A.S.). This is Rabab’s call: the call of mothers whose children are being slaughtered in Gaza, in front of their eyes. And they are wrapped in cold soil. don’t you hear Or you have covered your ears. Or like Omar Saad and Shamar, are you cheering so that you don’t hear? This is the last message. And all of them should know. Those who convey the message of ISIS to the world, in the free exchange of information, and news and media conscience, let the world hear this too. If they don’t, they will be in Yazid’s army. Let them know that Yazid is going away. And they remain: their own conscience. And the cry: I wish we were there and defending the children of Gaza. There is no excuse. The United Nations Children’s Organization (UNICEF) and all international institutions are obliged to convey this message based on their regulations and oath. Doctors, and lawyers, should not sleep like rabbits. They should not deny what is ahead. everyone come This door will not always be open. And you will not participate in the victory celebration of Gaza. When, like in Karbala, the million walk of Quds, people go to visit Jerusalem, your place will be empty. And you will still take refuge in smoke and alcohol next to your sleeping conscience. And you inherit only 2 meters of height from human life. Then your repentance will no longer benefit. And you take the constant regret of being human to the grave. So let’s do something today: let the media read this message to everyone. If no one hears, you are responsible. But if someone hears, and catches his ear, it will be removed from your responsibility. Those who heard: They should leave. Emigrate from life. By any means and possibility, reach Jerusalem. Even with empty hands. Because your presence will invalidate the magic: Pharaoh’s people. If you need weapons: America has deployed many weapons in Tel Aviv, you can borrow them from Israel! or single. But you have to visit on foot. Flood and remove obstacles.

Day of the Dead!
Has the Day of Mercy turned into the Century of Mercy in our time? The verses of Jihad are forgotten, and the verses of the stomach and lower abdomen are recited to the people? Spilled blood is washed with water? And the hands up to the elbow in blood, will be scented with shampoo? where are you going so fast? What happened to you that you are so heartless and drunk? Has a surah been revealed that we are unaware of? Or do you read the date from the end? The Day of Death is the time when: history has come to an end, and there is no polytheist left. Only one day and one hour. In the hot weather, the victorious people. After 81 war! And after Muhammad said: No one will be tortured again, and no one will be killed again. The family of a martyr will no longer be without a guardian. So, which interpretation did you turn the day of revenge into the day of forgiveness? Do you give from the Khalifa’s bag? Or is this the fear of Bani Sadri? Sir, let the enemy enter, let’s fight him at home! No, not even higher than Bani Sadr: the enemy at home will kill his fellow countryman with peace of mind! Where are those intelligence elites? Are the unknown soldiers looking for the name or the ascetics looking for the bread? And have they become fans of the world? Maybe we are our own enemies! And don’t we dare to mention names? 17,000 murders in 15,000 slaughterhouses. But alas, the introduction of a murderer! Because they didn’t see the truth, they followed a myth. All those mentioned are neck grabbers. And therefore, nothing is available from them. or the fugitive Afghan murderer: they introduce the one who was arrested ten years ago. And you see that the atmosphere is so illusory that: everyone is looking to buy time. To forget the main issue. The clearest of all: Trump’s direct order to kill Soleimani. Maybe it’s the issue of the scared people, God forbid they sold their people. Therefore, we have to wait for the last people. It is as if these people went to Hajj, instead of visiting God, they went to the slave market. And God has given up hope on them? Maybe it’s Yemen’s turn, maybe the breath of Zakiyah should come. He should have asked the Popular Mobilization of Iraq, or Ansar Allah in Yemen, or Hezbollah in Lebanon. And maybe from the Fatimites of Afghanistan or Hosseinites of Azerbaijan: who are on their way. Everyone, wherever he is, should know: revenge is his duty: Ali Qadr Taqat. The Qur’an says: Go attack: covertly or openly. He even says: If no one comes, you go alone! where to go To the land of captives. and to all houses(). But it is a pity that the enemy acts better on the words of the Qur’an. Instead of the believers looking for the Zionists from house to house, they are looking for the commanders of Gaza from house to house. Why are they so deformed? Does the sun rise in the west? Has the situation changed so much? Or are you a scared people who: do the next thing() do you consider the elites to have information on them as forbidden? What happened to us? Are we tied to an Imamzadeh who is not even circumcised? If not, don’t make the atmosphere dusty: let everyone know that: Today, Gaza is the Karbala of the world: children and women have been taken captive. And Yazid continues to visit Kufa from house to house. Muslim Ibn Aqeel are thrown from the top of Dar al-Amara. And the throwers get a prize. And the Kufians sell their swords for three dirhams. Where is Mukhtar and where is Ammar? Where is the owner of Ashtar? Malik’s blade has gone to the doors of sedition. But he does not strike the last blow. Who is the one who doesn’t leave? This is an insider’s reflection. His stomach swelled from Ali’s ruling. He doesn’t think about the villas, the cars he has grabbed, to think about Ali’s justice. Vaqarana shouted. But is this enough for the victory of Ali? Is the awareness of billions about the oppression of Gaza a low achievement? Even if he misunderstood. Does defending the Qur’an and preserving its sanctity, being prejudiced against it cost less? Let Ali pay for it! He should give his head to those who pray at night and memorize the Qur’an. Even though Ibn Muljam is the weakest person, he is. And it should be known. until the dust goes away.

What does prosperity and usury do!
The generation benefiting from the revolution is not satisfied with anything. Because greed has tied his hands and feet! He receives subsidies from hundreds of places, he still says that it is not enough, he has several jobs and from each of them he earns tens of times more than a worker, he is still not satisfied. He has a house, villa, office, etc., he says again: make water and electricity free. Even if he has four private car ownership, he is still looking for a new model car with free gasoline: this is the situation of newbies and those with kilos. People are still watching that: How long will their satiety be? Their answer to the inspectors! The only ticket for the festival and jacuzzi, pool and night parties: in the name of private screening. Detailed unveiling and dinner! Their belches, too, in conferences and conferences with high fat and chili. Students who used to pass out in classes with hungry stomachs, today enter the class with toothpicks, to hide their snoring behind smoked glasses. Their rabbit sleep from the fatigue of the night parties: in the name of business meetings and their fullness! In the name of breakfast! And the result? There is nothing but more presence of the enemy in the house and kicking the sleeping person. Those who don’t wake up even with an enemy’s kick. And still with a big belly, they make mistakes, to get another kick! Maybe their food will be digested and they will sleep better. Their water and electricity consumption is six times the average of the developed world, but they still say: make electricity free. Their waste is food for 15 million people! And the amount of agricultural products is 30%. They say that there is nothing wrong with it: the garbage collectors must find something. Grazers and birds should also have food, city streams should be full of: food for dirty rats and big bellies. The generation of rats and cockroaches should increase so that the generation of humans decreases. For them, cutting down trees is a heavier crime than killing a human being. If Israel martyrs a thousand people in an explosion in Kerman, it doesn’t matter if no tree is harmed. But if someone cuts down a tree to build a house, he is a criminal. The shelter of the deprived is their own laziness, and it should not harm the environment. If Soleimani or Sardar Hamedani were martyred, it was their own fault! They were talking on mobile phones, their tracks were found. Trump who said: Kill Soleimani, this is an order, he was crazy! And there is nothing wrong with a madman. Let him live, so that he can tear up the agreement again. and assassinate other Suleimanis, so that there will not be so many wars in the world. Yes, prosperity leads people to these indifferences. For this reason, the group of martyrs in the Qur’an have always been against the prophets. Even today, the martyrs have left Ali alone. They are willing to draw his image to the size of a six-story building, and install it with American cranes, but they are not willing to kill Trump! They say he will die! Or they say that he will be killed by their own hands. Their bulletproof cars are made from France and Germany, but their slogan is against Germany and France. Breakfast in Tehran and lunch in Paris and Berlin are their old habits. When they get sick: British hospitals only treat them. For their children’s education, they have thought: America! Yes, American universities. Therefore, more than 50 thousand students study in America. If each of them has an annual cost of 100,000 dollars, they will donate 5 billion dollars to America so that their hands are open to help Israel. They are not ashamed: they speak against Israel with their collars closed. As the ambassador of Hussain (AS) said to Imam Hussain (AS): Kufians speak your language, but their swords are Bayazid. Imam Hussain is alone! Everyone in the world admits: in no war in the world, it is more similar to Imam Hossein A.S. than Gaza! did not see The whole world is talking to Gaza, but for his advice! But their sword is with Israel. Israel is within us. Israel is the same devil who: from inside each one ignites: greed, prosperity and worldliness.

Why the poverty of the story
In Shia, everything is abundant, and the subject of the story is abundant, and the matter for thinking is abundant. In the Halse of Sadat Foundation of Tehran Province, with the presence of more than a thousand people from Sadat Tehran, there were no complaints about the welfare situation at all. Because the Sadats are well justified that: Allah provides sustenance. (Requesting from other than you is disgraceful) and people like Raisi are small idols who consider themselves to be the breadwinners of elders. In Islam, everything is clear: for example, you want to invest, to get more profit: God said (Len shakrtam lazidenkam) if you are thankful, I will give you profit. But people destroy themselves with greed and greed: and by resorting to government aid, they are destroyed: I told the head of the Persian Gulf Holding (Engineer Askari): All those who have taken loans from banks are either in prison. , or a fugitive and wanted by the banks! Because the principles of banks’ investment are more profit, usury and greed. In the case of fiction, screenplays and scenarios, it is the same way: those who are greedy to become writers, usually do not find subjects! An example is in the subject of theses. They go with greed and greed, but they don’t get anything. (They find inner boiling) that they stay: which one to choose. For example, we have 124 thousand prophets. The life of each of these is a story or even a series. Like Yusuf Prophet series. With so many great actors. Or Salman Farsi, which is in the process of production. 12 thousand years are the history of the great empire of Iran, every year they have a story, it becomes 12 thousand subjects. If we separate the scientists, the warriors, that will eat the coefficient. Mihad: He wrote a thousand-part series about Iranian scientists. or the series of ten thousand episodes of Sardars of Iran. Aryo Barzans, Sorenas, are the heroes of the fight against the influence of the West. But the West does not allow them to be raised. Hollywood is ready to make fictional creatures but not these heroes. Of course, Hollywood is not expected! But the Iranian Hollywood cinema is not ready either. Thousands of western plays are performed at exorbitant costs: under the pretext that we don’t have plays in Iran. And the interesting thing is that the radio and television pay their ambitious expenses, but they don’t have a budget for the ritual and national theaters. It’s a lot of fun, what happened! Iranians are satisfied: what happened in 8 years of holy defense! And it leaves Iranian people unaware of the present and the future. Therefore, we see that the enemy enters easily and kills thousands of people. And the generals who have received kilo degrees, only promise revenge. That is, so that their domes do not decrease. Hazrat Ali (A.S.) said: Whoever is asleep when the enemy attacks, will be forced to wake up with the enemy’s kick. But their work has reached a point where they don’t wake up even with the kick of the enemy! And they remain in the same dream of holy defense. The situation has reached a point where we have given up hope on the authorities and are resorting to the Yemenis and Iraqis to avenge the martyred General Qassem Soleimani. 17,000 assassinations and 15,000 murders in Tehran and other cities, if the enemy’s kick is not at home, then what is it? Oh Hezbollah of Lebanon, Oh Ansar Allah of Yemen, and Oh Hashd al-Shaabi of Iraq, are you waiting for them to finish the work of Israel? Those who pay the wages of the warriors of the holy defense by selling land? The meaning of special zones or free zones, is it something other than leaving the sovereignty? Is the explosion on the path of pilgrims of Martyr Soleimani in Kerman, but a crooked mouth to not take revenge? They have captured Qassem Soleimani, so they are saying: they will also capture Soleimani’s supporters. And from them, like the frightened people of Sarcheshmeh, they will go to the lap of America. Wasn’t the assassination of Martyr Soleimani a direct order of Trump, then who? Is there a mouse hole left?

illusion of division
All those who are divisive are delusional and out of touch with reality. The people of the world are of the same parent, and there is no difference between them. And they know everything, and these are the devils who interpret behaviors as division: for example, what is the division between Shia and Sunni? One group of devils say: Sunnis do not like Ahl al-Bayt, another group of devils say: Shia Quran is different! And both are false: and arise from satanic logic: because philosophy is God’s essence: science is God’s essence. and has given it to humanity. Now God has 8 billion successors on earth. Individuals know everything, and each individual is the caliph of God on earth. Therefore, there is no division in this matter. That is, originality is with unity. But the complication or width is division and it happens. The devils create it. Today is the birthday of the Prophet’s daughter. Didn’t the Prophet’s daughter call for unity? But the devils say: The Prophet’s daughter died of natural causes at the age of 18. And her six-month-old child was accidentally miscarried. (By killing Mohsen, one third of the world’s nobles were killed) The reason for Satan’s rebellion is God’s friendship and unity! But as he wants. Iblis worshiped for sixty thousand years. But when God saw someone else, from He was jealous of Afrida. He thought that he would be further away from God. And his attention would decrease. Therefore, he made himself sweet! He said, “I am better than Adam.” But because of the intensity of their enthusiasm, they fall away. That is why all the supporters of Umar loved Hazrat Ali: they still love him now. And they say: (Ali, may God bless him!) Ali was the only one who did not prostrate to idols. Even Omar himself said many times: But the love of leadership and self-importance prevailed over him. Even the Jews were waiting for Muhammad and Ali. Many Christians and Jews came to Mecca and Medina from Palestine and other places. Because they knew that the Prophet would appear in Mecca: Khaybar Castle, which was seven castles, were all full of the Prophet’s aspirants. The Christian monk (Bahira) saw the seal of prophecy in his youth. But none of them were happy. Because they considered themselves more pious and ascetic: and more worthy for prophethood. The Jew publicly announced his position: and said, “Why was the Prophet not chosen from among us?” Even the infidels of the Quraish said: Why was the Prophet not chosen from among the nobles of the Quraish? Why should an orphan be a prophet for them? It is observed: division is only an illusion: a self-infatuation. Division is love. An unfair understanding of unity. Division is based on intense love. Because he does not want to share God’s love with anyone. Therefore, it must be said that the most Shiite people in the world are the Sunnis! And the most Sunni people in the world are Shiites. Because in the end Shia and Sunni reach a conceptual unity: Sunnis say we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. And the Shiites also say that we are the followers of the Prophet (who appointed Ali as his successor). It is a transcendental and shared concept, and it has one meaning. The infidels are the same. 8 billion people in the world, if we subtract one billion Muslims, they are considered polytheists and infidels. But do they also accept that they are polytheists or infidels? Therefore, we see that division is an illusion. Self-talk and self-laugh! What an artist! Muslims consider others to be infidels! Or Shiites and Sunnis! Everyone has their doubts, my friend! Don’t ask anyone about my condition! (Molvi) In this story, touch the elephant’s body in the dark. Or the story of grapes! The Arab said: I want grapes! Turk was saying: I want my ozum, Fars was also shouting: Grapes! Therefore, all three of them wanted the same thing, but the illusion made them think: the other wants something else. Fatimah means the same (separator): Shiites from among the infidels! And the apparent enemies of Jedami. And pulls out of hell.

Ten thousand stories
By creating a theory, you can reach ten thousand stories and make cinema, radio, television and all media without the need for stories or scenarios. Like the case of One Thousand and One Nights, which had occupied the world for a long time. And that theory is: Iran has been, is, and will be a single superpower and a great empire from the beginning. The story starts from there: There was an empire named: Jamshid Jam, which was ruled by Burjahan. And the world cup between him was a platform that made his empire controllable. Recently, Israel’s goal was to do something like this under the name of artificial intelligence. Haqaz says: For many years, he used to beg from us, and what he had, he used to beg from a stranger. We had mobile! But now we want it from America or China. Jamshid did not have a son, so he had a problem with the succession: finally, on the day of his death, he divided his entire empire between his two daughters: a part was given to Iran and a part to Turan. Maybe that time was ten thousand years ago, so the continuation of the story can be written like this: every year, one important event was focused on, other events were ignored. Therefore, ten thousand stories are produced here. whose books are available, but scattered, it can be made into a series of ten thousand episodes. Even if we want to base it on the Quran, the first story is related to a seat of free thinking. Or free forum conference! When God wanted to create man, He invited the angels and asked them for their opinion. But they all protested. Some people accused him of doing something wrong and said: You have done the same thing before! Do not repeat it (verse 30 of Surah Al-Baqarah). Others accused God of narcissism. And they said: We are worshiping, what is the need for a new being. God created philosophy: He gave explanations about the nature and essence of man. The angels, who saw that God’s will was serious, therefore accepted and signed their statements by prostrating over Adam. But there was one person who created logic: logic based on superstitions: Iblis said: fire is better than dirt (small), I am made of fire and man is made of dirt (kabri), so I am better! (conclusion) This is what they say (first I am Qas al-Shaitan) first logical! It was the devil! Not Plato or Aristotle! And its continuation may be ten thousand more stories. The work does not end there. When we accept that Iran is a superpower, we will easily turn the war in Ukraine and the Al-Aqsa storm into a story. But when we don’t accept, we always ask ourselves: what will happen in the end? Art, in the general sense of being a speaker, should be able to answer people’s questions. When the cinema itself does not see a future, or describes it as terrible. And continues to produce: Destroyers, believable cinema, should go towards Abadgar’s productions. It should be known: Iran has not participated in any war. The first and second world wars between non-Iranians were with themselves! (Iran was neutral) Even after they wanted to bring the world to war again by creating Israel, the Islamic Revolution revealed its opposition to Israel. Therefore, as we move forward, the scope of wars has decreased. Now there is only war in Gaza. It is natural that it will also disappear soon with the destruction of the warlords. This is a clear future that Iran’s leadership emphasizes. Therefore, it can be said: not having a scenario means playing in the enemy’s field. As Israel wants to destroy Gaza, they say that after Gaza it is Iran’s turn. Playing in the trap of the enemy does not have one more reason: not accepting the facts. And repeating the words that have been proven wrong many times. For this reason, they always make mistakes in their calculations, but they continue it. (Their chicken has one leg)

informs you that based on the experience of more than 1400 years of calligraphy in Islam, now the Mahin Darul Qur’an Institute has been able to use artificial intelligence to create the complete Quran in the handwriting of Hazrat Ali, based on the manuscripts available in the Razavi Library, and the PDF version and Mola font are attached. will be Considering that Imam Ali became a scribe of revelation at the instruction of the Prophet in his youth. It is appropriate that his writing be the basis of a national and global Koran. Because we have many narrations, anyone who reads this Qur’anic script, his eyes will be enlightened. They are often astigmatized. Rumors such as not having a full stop or not being legible are injustices to Hazrat Ali (A.S.). And again the preference of Osman Taha over Ali! is.
Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini Mahini
Mahin Dar al-Qur’an Institute

Training Instructor
In order to prepare the latest and purest achievements of science and to prepare the main theories, Mahin Strategic Think Tank plans to hold a teacher training course. The lessons of this course will be 70 units in all science fields at the post-doctoral level, and at the end, the student should be able to present the theory of science without copying western or non-Qur’an theories. Its purpose is to compile the comprehensive sciences of the great empire of Iran and it will be written in Persian language. Course texts are included in Mahin’s strategic think tank website, and there are about 100,000 articles. These texts are on the frontier of knowledge and examine all sciences and criticize their theories. And he suggests a simple and profound Quranic theory instead. Based on field investigations, it has been proven that Western science is based on secularism. And they have been theorized on purpose to be exactly opposite to Islam. For example, in medicine! They say: Sugar and salt are forbidden. And people should use it less or not at all! And the roots of science, medicine and health are tied to it. While it is emphasized in Islam, eat salt before every meal! (so that the mouth is disinfected) and the appetite matches the needs of the body. And after every meal, eat halva and sweets to help in digestion. and less waste to be disposed of. We even see it in the lives of innocents. For example, Imam Reza says, ask us for everything, even salt. For this reason, salt is distributed free of charge in most of the mosques attributed to Imam Reza. On the night of his martyrdom, Hazrat Ali, who was his daughter’s guest, saw that his daughter had prepared dates, milk, and bread. He said: My daughter, when did you see your father eat more than one stew (in addition to dry Brennan). Hazrat Zainab took the salt so that her father would break the fast with dates. But Hazrat Ali said: Take the dates! I only eat barley bread and salt. According to this Islamic theory, it should be made and treated in this way. Those who are intelligent will understand several points from these statements: firstly, eating unleavened (dry) wheat bread is better than fresh wheat bread. Because the Prophet once said: Hazrat Adam ate wheat bread and fell out of heaven, but I never ate wheat bread in my life. . Secondly, the consumption of salt at the age of 63 means that he did not have high blood pressure or any other disease, as the consumption of dry bread shows: he had healthy teeth and took care of them until the end of his life. In human sciences, the situation is worse: that is, all theories, with complete knowledge of Quranic theories, are just the opposite of them. That is, if we want to observe justice, we must reverse all western theories so that everything is in its place: in the pyramid of power, we put God at the top of the pyramid, then the innocent. And they have the same number 1 and 13! And even 313 have been arranged by their own people. And the devil’s eye above. In psychology! Spying and absence! are based on That is, a psychologist or doctor must search deep inside the mind of his patient. And this is forbidden in the Qur’an. In literature, all mystical poems are interpreted as earthy and sinful: for example, Hafez’s poem “Ar Mei Va Khamar” says: They interpret it as drinking and prostitution. And Ashghar Saadi is considered a homosexual preacher. Even Aristotle is known to have knowledge, power and thinking because of homosexuality. I recently saw that they also wrote a book, and they said that homosexuality is necessary for the teaching of jurisprudence. . The reason is from the Qur’an, Prophet Lot’s suggestion to his people in the presence of angels, and most of the scholars have been accused of homosexuality. I even heard that Afghans who are in Iran and far from their families believe (according to the fatwas of their scholars) that they can use an immature child instead of a wife.

America’s benefits and harms
Since all western theories are organized based on illusions and just the opposite of reality, we can see here that the power equation always gives the opposite answer. For example, America helps Israel! While it has helped Gaza. Because all their ships and weapons pass through a road that is on the way to Gaza and its supporters. The cycle of American aid to Gaza ends in this way: it withdraws from Iran’s blocked funds! It gives arms factories to send arms to Israel. On the way to Yemen, it sinks those ships, or seizes them safely and delivers them to the Gazans. So you see: because Iran itself does not help Gaza based on anti-revolutionary blackmail, this path is followed. Because the anti-revolution slogan in Iran is: neither Gaza nor Lebanon! Therefore, the government body that is in their hands is hindering in helping Gaza. They embezzle the money and send it to America. America also blocks these funds, and acts on the above cycle, until it reaches Gaza. In addition to that, America’s aid to Israel is a reverse verb. That is, if the aid comes from America’s own assets, people say: How come there is money for Israel, but not for the American people themselves? Therefore, we see a new shock: it will enter the American economy: the government lies that it has no budget, so as not to pay insurance money and wages and salaries. Therefore, it is clear that America has no money, and for nearly two years, they have not paid the salaries of workers, employees, and police. Therefore, the loyalty of the police and employees of the states is lost. And they also join the 99% movement. On the other hand, because America does not really have money to give. Therefore, the pressure of the police on the people has decreased! They are getting closer to autonomy. Now America from the United States! It has been withdrawn and turned into a federation and sometimes a cooperative. Many states have disqualified Trump or are in the process of rejecting the federal government. Therefore, we can see that the people of Gaza confiscated so many forces and weapons from Israel, that ordinary people with three-striped pants! They have mortars. Gaza’s tunnels are more than Israel’s ammunition depot and bigger than them. And if a tunnel is introduced, it is out of order. Therefore, the people of the world have all become supporters of Gaza. And it can be said: Gaza is not what is shown on the ground or in the form of ruins. Rather, all of these are lies, that is, they are considered a deception of Israel. So that people think that Israel is still alive. But Gaza is real in the whole world, that is, the heart of 8 billion people in the world beats for Gaza. For example, Israel thinks that Gaza has been destroyed by martyring 200 thousand people, so the Golan Battalion, which came from the Golan Heights, returned. While there are 200 thousand people born in one day in Gaza. That is, in these 80 days, Gazan mothers with spiritual help: Fatima Zahra and Zainab (daughters of the Prophet and Ali) participated in the Jihad of childbearing, and more than one million children were born. Or, Israel thinks: it has bombed all of Gaza and: it’s over. While only one thousandth of them were martyred, the rest live in tunnels and underground cities. These tunnels continue even under Tel Aviv and Haifa. In several operations, the Israeli army witnessed, surrounded from behind! People came out of the tunnels of Tel Aviv and Haifa, they were bombarded. In fact, it is Israel that is destroyed, but it tries to show itself alive. And this Gaza is alive, but it tries to show itself weak. Everyone has seen that Israeli soldiers do not sleep well. But the resistance forces blush Nimro as if they went to a picnic. Or they shoot mortars and rockets in sportswear: as if they are doing this for physical fitness and fun

Do you want to see God
If I say: it is possible, you will not be surprised? Do you promise to become a Shia? Because these reasons are only in Shia. All the people of the world must become Shia in order to be saved. Until now, Shia has saved the world: a look at history, even contemporary history proves this: have you forgotten World War I and II? Were they Shiites? If the allied leaders were not in Tehran, these wars would have continued. They decided in Tehran that there would be no more war. Also from Saadi’s poem: The sons of Adam are members of each other: they are one jewel in creation. Because one member hurt, the other members were not spared! Now read the same for Israel: if they have understanding and humanity, they should stop fighting. Don’t bomb so many people in Gaza. Saadi has another poem: Take the razor, if you are given the wheel of life, take whatever you want, but don’t take anyone’s bread (or anyone’s life). kill? Therefore, we see: all the wars and killings by hand: this is the germ of corruption. Even though the leaders of the allies had pledged and promised in Tehran: not to fight again, and Tehran was called the bridge of victory, but Israel said: I did not promise! Since the years after World War II, he started killing. It is one of the holiest and most oppressed places in the society. Of course, they were not Shiites either, and they were friends of Israel. They sold their lands, and welcomed them. But since they became Shiites, they were able to stand against Israel. Now everyone in Gaza calls themselves Imam Hussein, their children are called Ali Asghar Hussein, and the women also call themselves: Fatima S. and Zainab A. When Yemen became Shia, it got rid of Wahhabism. Now it is the biggest fighting element that: takes the head of Israel with cotton. Iraq, which became Shiite, attacked American bases, so that they could not help Israel. Hizbullah also paves the way for visiting Jerusalem and praying in it by piercing Israel’s borders. Unfortunately, Wahhabism has penetrated in Iran, and established a Shiite terror center in Sistan province. and martyrs the border guards. To do good service to Qatar and UAE, Israel and America. and take heavy budgets from these poor people. So, if there were no Shia and Shia scholars, the world would be destroyed by the wars of the infidels. As they show in the movies, the exterminators ruled it. The reason for Shia’s success is that: he sees God. Hazrat Ali says: Blind is the eye that does not see God, and He is the manifestation of God’s names. We can see God for two reasons: First, we are part of God! () Like a fish in water. How can he imagine a world without water? Therefore, if we look at our hands and feet, they are the signs of God. This is why it is said: whoever knows himself knows God. Second, if we see ourselves apart from God, or if we want to. It is possible to see God face to face. Perhaps the highest goal of human creation is this: to be careful, to pay attention, to focus in order to see God. So many people who say we don’t see God! They just don’t pay attention. Like a passenger who doesn’t see the cars in front of him! His attention is only forward. This does not mean that there are no return passengers. There is a holy hadith that if a person loves God, God will also love him. A lover means someone who does not see anyone other than the beloved. And there is another hadith in Qudsi: I was a hidden treasure, I wanted someone to see me face to face, so I created Adam. Adam’s fall is a transitional fall: from inside to outside. It means that man should feel the emptiness and see that if he does not have God, he has nothing. And he should return, (repent) and watch God. enjoy it This is the reason: Unity and multiplicity are in the same length: not in the same width.

Become Shia Ali with one question!
I ask the Sunni brothers to: become Shia and guide non-Muslims as well. Because all human beings are from the same parents, and there is no point in dividing them. Here we are talking about 8 billion human souls, who will claim on the day of judgment: no one told us! At that time, we who knew and did not say, will go to hell! Because the Qur’an says: (And they are responsible) keep them. Stop them. They are the ones who knew and didn’t tell. Hazrat Ali and Fatima also knocked on the house of the companions one by one, and reminded them so that no one would say: We did not know or had forgotten. Do you know what that question is?: Did the Prophet have the right to choose his successor? Everything is as simple as that. The Day of Resurrection will be even easier! Your hands and feet also testify. What is your answer? You must say that he is not right! It should have been left to the council. and observed democracy. He changed the appointment to the election. This is the answer that has misled millions of people throughout history. Now, if we say that the people of that time had not yet moved away from ignorance! This excuse is worse than sin. How did ignorant people vote for democracy? This progressive theory that even today, academics! They consider it valid, how did they think of it. In any case, this opinion is invalid, and no one has any proof against God before God and the Day of Judgment. For two simple reasons: one is that Abu Bakr chose Umar after himself: Umar after Uthman. Because they were afraid if there was a council, this time Ali voted: as it happened after Uthman. But this shows: the answer is wrong. It means that the right to choose the successor was with the Prophet. This first reason was violated by the Caliphs themselves and left no room for discussion. But the second reason is from the Qur’an: the Qur’an ordered the Prophet to: do not fear the people, and introduce Ali (AS). If you don’t, your mission will be incomplete. It means that God knew that: the majority are against the succession of Hazrat Ali. However, he ordered the Prophet to do this during his last Hajj, in Ghadir Khum. There, one hundred and twenty thousand pilgrims pledged allegiance to Ali. Even the women put their hands in the water pan, which Ali had touched. What is the verdict of breaking allegiance in Arab custom? Arabs broke this pledge several times. And they did not bring it on themselves. So the logical and Quranic answer is: Yes! Prophet Muhammad had the right to appoint his own successor. Now they ask you: What will you do? Will you stand up to the lies of the righteous caliphs? Or you will confess the right of Prophet Muhammad. Know this: Hazrat Ali and Fatima did not remain silent, nor were they satisfied with this matter. Once in anger, Hazrat Ali (A.S.) lifted Umar up and hit him on the ground. If you don’t believe, go: read the sermon of Shagshaqiyyah. Because Umar betrayed Islam: one of them was burning all the hadiths of the Prophet. Prophet of Islam: He held at least 500 Friday prayers, and read 500 to 1000 official sermons. But who? Because Umar burned all of them and said: (According to the Book of God) our Qur’an is sufficient! To violate the words of the Prophet who said: I left the Qur’an and Atrat. He even considered concubines as haram. He changed the call to prayer and the form of prayer. Hazrat Fatima never asked Umar and Abu Bakr to attend her funeral. The fact that Fatemeh’s grave is hidden at all speaks for itself. Shia scholars never said: We approve of Omar’s performance. Rather, they wanted the unity of Shia and Sunni. Because Hazrat Ali himself, in one of his sermons, was upset that he was compared or equaled with these people: He said: Time has placed me as a peer of five other people – in the Shura – and the highest of them was Uthman! But how did they rub juice on people’s heads?

Become a Shia
Become a Shia with two simple questions: And don’t tell anyone! First, have you created yourself? Or someone else? Second, did he release you? You see that God created you and loves you. Because we and our fathers and all creatures do not know why and how we were created. Stories and stories and the issue of coincidence and evolution are the fabric of our own mind. All our questions get a convincing answer when we believe in God and His company. Everyone believes in God. Now they may: see it in an idol or a rabbi, their parents, or occult powers. But the most logical thought: is to consider him superior to all! which is the same meaning (Allah is great and there is no God but God). The Prophet of Islam also said at the beginning: () Say that God is one and that there is no God but Him, so that you will be saved. Later, scholars of theology and philosophy called this work monotheism. And it became one of the principles of religion. Now those who accept God are divided into two categories: some say that God created us and abandoned us: like the Jews. who say: God’s hand is tied. And he can’t do anything. Because it is the best creation of God. And he loves her. Therefore, he does not leave what he loves to perish in the heart of events. At least he says to events: Be with him. Therefore, God’s companionship with man is certain. The only difference between humans and other creatures is that they can: be ideas! He has speech, intellect, will and conscience. Therefore, it is possible for God to be with man () in two ways: direct and indirect. He was directly related to some of them, he spoke with them (Kalimullah), or a revelation was revealed to them. And Lee delegated the rest through these. which the scholars of Kalam have expressed as guidance through prophethood and imamate. There is a straight line from the beginning of history to the end: it is called the line of guidance: from Hazrat Adam to Khatam, their name is Prophethood. Because it is revealed to them. It is Imamate from Khatam to Qaim. If guidance works, people will be happier. And based on (prayer) they make their future life. entered heaven and eternal: they remain in bliss and happiness. But when human beings become self-righteous and do not accept divine guidance, they fall into hell and become: burnt beads for the firewood of hell. The theologians named this act Adl and Maad. Therefore, Shia has 5 principles: monotheism, prophethood, resurrection, justice and imamate. Those who do not accept justice and righteousness, in fact indulge in oppression and misguidance. This is why: for example, all Arabs support Israel. Because for the principles of governance, they do not accept justice and imamate. Whoever ruled over them by force, they consider him a sharia ruler. And they execute his orders, even against Sharia. But the jurist in Shia should be both just and have a written or confirmation from the imam of the time (deputy) and be the most learned person: so as not to misguide people. So you are Shia. It means that the whole world is Shiite. And you don’t even know! Of course, you don’t have to declare. Be a Shia in your heart. And carry out the divine orders: The divine orders are also 10 things: which the theologians called the branches of religion: and they should imitate the guardian of the jurist: praying, fasting (self-improvement), going on pilgrimage (tourism). Giving Zakat and Khums (Economic). Enjoining good and forbidding evil (Tuli and Tabari), friendship with God’s friends and enmity with God’s enemies. Do you see anything unnecessary in it? God, who created you and sent the Prophet to guide you, said that if you pray and fast, I will give you a higher position and more prosperity and happiness. Are you against happiness from God? Or do you deny all of this? Can something be done by denying? Because denial is the origin of infatuation itself. And you who did not produce yourself, how do you want to develop?

Future research in mapping

Mapping is the oldest scientific method, which mankind achieved: preparing a map for the construction of Persepolis, made the circle, line and shadow (tangent) to be calculated and drawn. But this old science has no future for itself. He has not drawn: especially political and geographical maps, which will decide the future of humanity. For example, in Turkey or Azerbaijan, they have designed a map for the future that shows the Turks and takes most of Iran with them. Or Iraqi Kurdistan, in its Erbil office, has a map in the future of geography that includes the Kurds of Syria, Turkey, and Iran! And it includes up to the city of Kurd. While these maps should be prepared for Iran. The reason for this is that the future belongs to Iran. Although: Western futurism is trying to darken the future of Iran! and draw their own future clearly. In order to justify geographical institutions, it should be said that: the whole world was uniform: and it was in the hands of Jamshid Jam, and he controlled it with Jam Jam. which was probably a type of 6G platform and had Metaverse. Unfortunately, the mentioned person did not have a son to replace him, the two daughters had differences. Therefore, he divided the entire kingdoms between his two daughters: he gave a part to Iran, and the rest to Turan. This is where the disintegration of Iran began. Little by little, the work reached a point where: today it is divided into 220 sections. And the UN is insatiable, again seeking to divide the current Iran into 9 countries, Iraq into three, and Syria and Afghanistan, Yemen.. they are all at risk of dividing the UN. Organization under the title of Independence! It separates them from Iran. A clear example of this is the claim of the three islands, which even Russia, China and the United States supported: that is, if a vote is taken in the Security Council, Iran will be condemned and Russia and China will not veto it. It is that if we don’t do something, they will do something. Therefore, new plans should be prepared from Iran: to begin acquiring the lost lands. It is possible to claim the land with the map and its appendices. Therefore, the current map should be prepared in such a way that Iran’s borders are drawn beyond Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. And in the next ten years, it will cover all the countries of the world. Because like a child who returns to his mother’s arms: all the lost lands must return to Iran. Although we now consider it to be fulfilled. It means that the whole world is Shiite and Iranian. Because they were all born from the same mother and father. The only enemies of global unity are three people: Biden, Macron and Netanyahu. that soon their evil will be reduced. And the earth of God will be fulfilled. Of course, the distance of ten years is long, it can be divided into smaller intervals: first, Iran’s borders should go back to before the Golestan Agreement, and Turkmanchai. Therefore, Ukraine, Serbia and the Crimean islands will be inside the border. Then the agreement of Saad Abad should be canceled that: Ararat, Hirmand, Arvand and all of Baluchistan should join Iran. Then other land transfer contracts, until it includes all. They may say: The neighbors are upset. But this is not a reason for not doing research. As they started, and we said nothing. We also do this based on historical references. which has not been considered due to the weakness or betrayal of the central government. For example, the contract of Golestan or Turkman Chai was canceled by Lenin during the Aktir Revolution: but the Agha Khan Nouris did not let anyone know. Because, like Hashemi Rafsanjani, they said: We don’t want extra breadwinners. Selling these traitors to Iran is new. According to some documents, even this contract was a hundred years old, which means that its time has passed. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they were all ready to join Iran. And because of Iran’s enthusiasm, the revolution and the collapse of the Soviet Union happened because Imam Khomeini had written a letter. But others did not let it reach Imam Khomeini’s ears.

National or local dress?
There is no doubt that the number of those who think about the partition of Iran is small! But in practice they give a line to the separatists. One of their jobs is to highlight ethnic differences: it exists in all areas to make unity difficult. Today, unity has gone beyond the borders, and Iran must claim the lost lands. And if he doesn’t, this unity will take place but: under another name! Like the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which considers all countries Muslim except Iran! It even supports Israel. But he always insists on the separation of the three Arab islands. Or the Arab League, who even became the president! It accepts Iraq, but it does not accept Iran. We can see an example of it in the culture of clothing: instead of promoting the chador as a national dress, it promotes local mantos with low hijab. The best type of design in clothing is for vulgar Iranian singers, which is injected into the interior from there, and becomes fashionable. These clothes may have an Iranian color and flavor: for example, bete jakeh, cashmere, flowers, chicken, etc. are used. But the promotion of her nakedness is more. In fact, a barricade has been built against the camp. For men, instead of clothes: Ibn Sina, Ferdowsi, and Hafez, he deals with western clothes, which are tied to the age of nudity and become shorter every day. Is the rich culture and Iranian clothing only in books and lectures? Or it should come to the streets and be offered in stores. For some time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs used a white collarless shirt as a symbol of Iranian clothing. But recently the western suit has been generalized. While the motto of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is: the honor of the Islamic Republic, but these clothes reduce it to the level of second-class humiliation and imitation of the West. According to Islam, it is forbidden to resemble infidels. And wearing the clothes of the infidels is even more forbidden. And not having it is associated with the meaning of being backward. If so much taste was used in the design of the national dress. Then everyone wore it and everywhere they went they knew that he was an Iranian symbol. But now there are no clothes. Even in non-foreign ministry events, they wear ties. In internal seminars and celebrations and conferences, they magnify it. To prove, for example: Iranians are not backward. And he knows how to use a tie. These designers should know that the graduation dress of all universities in the world was designed from Ibn Sina’s dress. leading to the complications of the turban! They did not take off the head, they designed it in a simple way. Or they have shortened the robes a little. These clothes are also used in Iran in imitation of the West. Western designers like: they don’t shy away from handcrafts, for example, they mold carpets instead of carpets, and suits are the same Abba and Qoba that have been shortened! Knitting is heavy and expensive for them. Therefore, as much as they try: to reduce the number of clothes, and make people more naked. And they prefer to sell expensive fabrics, tents, and weaves to Iran. And use less clothes and fabrics themselves. While we have a narration: the reason for Luqman Hakim’s knowledge was that he was mostly covered up. That is, when the human body and especially the human head is more covered, the activity of hormones and brain and body cells takes place more easily. Until, for example, his body loses all its energy due to lack of proper clothes. Like a bag with holes, whatever is poured into it will perish on the way. In Iran, it is said: based on the use of machine methods in agriculture, more than a third of it is lost on the way. That is, when loading, transporting, depositing in silos, removing from it, flouring, and transporting flour and storing it in bakeries, it causes the food of 15 million people to be lost.

At the request of an Israeli
We will finish the work of Israel today! If the whole world helps us. Protest Saturdays must come to fruition one day, and what better day than today? Therefore, we request all the people of the world: to expand Saturdays of protest: so that the whole world hears our voice. Our voice is: Protest Saturdays until the complete destruction of Israel. Of course, Saturdays are holy for us, but Muslims can name: protest Fridays: until the emergence. That is, every Friday after the Friday prayer, they should walk and march, asking God to bring the appearance of Hazrat Wali Asr. And continue doing this until emergence. Because there are many narrations that: Friday evening will appear. And at the time of appearance, he leaned on the house of the Kaaba and said: I am the son of Zamzam and Safa. But today, Zamzam and Safa are in the hands of those who are waiting: to kill the children of Safa and Zamzam! They have placed an arrow on the top of Al-Abraaj Tower, in front of God’s house, and they have designed the devil’s eye so that if Imam Zaman appears, they will kill him immediately. Therefore, the people of Makkah and Madinah should continue these demonstrations until the evening of every Friday. But Christians can: Church Sundays for Christians, so that Christ is not crucified again. Other religions can do this in their own way and in their own religious language. Of course, it is better for everyone to become Shia. Because the ultimate goal of all of them is to become Shia. Mehmatma Gandhi admits that he was inspired by Imam Hussain to fight colonialism. Buddhists and all theistic and monotheistic religions should also wake up. They should also become Shiites. And God does not accept them. Because they did not follow God’s order. A simple question can make everyone Shiite: Have you created yourself? Obviously not! Because you don’t even know why and how you were created. So someone created you and has a purpose for you. It should tell you. to question you. These are the three important principles of Shia: Monotheism, Prophethood, Resurrection. Tawheed says: Someone other than you played a role in your birth, he talks to you and guides you (prophecy) so that you do not perish. And if you follow his words, he will make your life better (he will take you to heaven) and if you do not act well, he will burn you. Is it other than this? Whatever name you want to give to the one who created you. But he is kind: and he wants to help you to achieve your dreams. Therefore, he is righteous. And for this, he always left someone beside you, from your own gender and in your own language. They are the chosen people after the prophets. We call these two principles of Shia religion. It means justice and leadership. These five principles are in the nature of all human beings and everyone acknowledges them with the slightest attention. Knowing and paying attention to these knowledges, naturally you should also do something to thank all these blessings: if someone hires you, gives you salary and benefits, and food, it is logical that you also You should: do something for his satisfaction: that he orders. So that this employment is permanent. And your salary will be paid. And if you disobey, naturally you should be fired. God arranged a theatrical scene and proved it to the people by expelling Satan. And what are these things? One of them is prostration: God asked everyone to prostrate: to pray. Everyone accepts this. But some people prostrate to other than God. And this is not true. Like we bow down to stone or wood or even human beings. All this is considered blasphemy. Therefore, if the true God is not worshiped in the Buddhist temple, it is blasphemy. He must quickly return to the Shia way. Shia means continuity of prophethood, while non-Shia says: God created us and left us! But Shia says: He is always thinking about us. Because it is stated in the Qur’an: “We have sent one helper for each tribe.”

Protests of an Israeli
I ask the Iranians: Why don’t you finish the work? Everything is ready for you to come, but you don’t come. And you only chant. Are you afraid of the people of Israel? They who practically announce their protests every Saturday, and continue continuously and will continue until the advent of Imam Zaman (Aj). If you don’t know them as the nation of Israel, then who are they? Did they come from Palestine? Or from other places! Even if you imagine that, you have to trust them. Because they have managed to reach all the cities and rise against the Israeli government. I assure you that: they all carry a Palestinian flag and a white flag and a chafieh: if the Gazans come, they will raise the white flag on their heads. And if the Iranians come, in addition to the Palestinian flag, like the leader of Iran, they will wear a hat on their shoulders (not on their heads). But they come every week, but you don’t come. It seems that you are suspicious of this move. You consider Netanyahu powerful that he sent them himself! As an Israeli, I will complain to you to God: whatever we do, you attribute it to Netanyahu, I am sure if we kill Netanyahu too! You will say: It was his own work. And you will be afraid of his dead. Right now he is: the walking dead. Being alive is because the line is clear. Otherwise, you will not know the people behind the curtain. The people hiding behind Netanyahu are your friends. Iranians are anti-revolutionary and liberal. Any hypocrite you put on trial, that is, Netanyahu will be put on trial. For this reason, they have not been tried in these forty years. Netanyahu’s friends are with you. This is their sign: they don’t let you attack! They say it is not time. Or they say: Netanyahu is strong. Or they say: We don’t know what his plan is. In the Israeli assassinations, you saw that even Colbert did! It also works for Israel. And he has carried heavy weapons of terror in his bags from Iraqi Kurdistan to Tehran. You still don’t know that Iran’s eastern border is threatened by Netanyahu and supporters like Abdul Hamid. Qatar, which plans friendship with you, strengthens the foothold of Saudi Arabia. Because when Saudi espionage was confirmed in revealing the attack plans of Abdul Nasser and Hafez Assad, and the six-day war ended in Israel’s favor, no one trusts Saudi Arabia anymore. But now Qatar has managed to gain the trust of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, members of Hamas and a part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Now Qatar continues the same task of stabbing in the back. You saw in Cup 28 what he spent: to make everyone hungry with Israel. And Iran, which had left the meeting, was faced with the threat of borders. And they martyred 12 border guards. All these threats that scare you, were prepared by Netanyahu, with the financial assistance of Qatar, and with the mercenary of Imam Juma! Iranian is done. Who do you think pays for all these bodyguards: Abdul Hamid? Is that Sistani deprived? The mistake is here: he says in Friday prayer: People, sell your women’s gold and give it to us. And he knows that no one does this, but it is a cover for Qatar’s aid. The UAE has become a newbie and sometimes raises the issue of the three islands to divert public opinion. He knows that he is lying. But it is by order of Israel: to prepare the space for Israeli assassinations. By proposing this issue, the readiness of the army and the IRGC is directed to this point. And they easily import troops and terror equipment from the eastern and western borders. In fact, all American bases in the region have been handed over to Netanyahu. And it scares you, and you don’t back down. And the acquittal of participation in the Al-Aqsa storm! Gaza remains alone. You don’t even give them an anti-aircraft gun.

Confessions of an Israeli
Israel is destroyed! What is now called Israel is just a name. Because the people who made up the original Israel are all gone, they were divided into three groups: a group of people who sought revenge against Hitler, a group of people who wanted to take revenge on America, and a group of people who wanted to take revenge on England. Of course, all this was mixed with the motive of prosperity and power: England took a massive revenge against the Germans with the Balfour Declaration. The Germans were almost isolated. They were able to: raise the issue of Eichmann’s gas chamber, and continue until now. But today the people of Israel have become aware. And in front of this act, they have left a big question mark. The Germans defended themselves by establishing the Labor Party in Israel. They opened their tongues to criticize the Israeli government. Today, as the opposition, they play a major role in Saturday protests. America, which won World War II, strengthened its foothold in Israel by establishing the Likud party. His goal was to expel the nostalgic Israelis, and dependent on the European trend. He founded the OPEC group or the Zionist lobby, and strengthened them with large financial contributions. Later, Netanyahu, as a Pole who knows the stories of England and Germany, connected himself directly to America. To cut off the aid sent to Israel and on the contrary, Israel went to help America! As the Zionist lobby in America went ahead until the appointment of the president of the United States, of course, recently it had to ask for help. All this was due to the fact that they were threatened by Iran as a common enemy, that is, American financial aid was for: strengthening the Middle East front against Iran. And later, when America got into huge debts, it was Netanyahu who helped America under the pretext of buying weapons. Of course, both of them fed from Iran’s blocked sources. But after the 33-day Hezbollah war, almost all the people from Europe left Israel. Because most of them are under the excuse of not having prosperity! Or as refugees: they came from the oppression of the Germans. And now Hitler was gone, and they could take prosperity with them to Europe. But the American spectrum and the Likud party still insisted on staying. And they thought: it was an accident. And America can fix everything. But after the 22-day war, America also withdrew. Netanyahu still had hope by visiting America and promising help in election campaigns. Until the 11-day war, Netanyahu was left alone. Therefore, he had to turn to the Iranians for his survival. The opposition provided financial aid to Iran. He expanded their advertising networks. to guarantee its survival by intensifying the conflict within Iran. But Iran lives with cotton. Cut Serantanyahu too! Without it hurting! Now all the Zionists were gone, and an expected Iranian army! It was left for him. Netanyahu’s misfortune was that: the Iranian army was old, tired and tired, and it was divided. Netanyahu had understood this issue in the 1988 sedition, but he exploited it in the 1998 sedition. It brought the faces of the opposition together, and created unity between them. and paid them exorbitant fees. But the expectations of the Iranian opposition were high, all the aid given to them was used only for one month. And the uprising of the opposing Iranians subsided after a month, and he could not do anything on the anniversary. Its members blamed each other for the failure. And because Netanyahu had no more money, some organizations disappeared! Networks also announced closure or change of route. But there was one way left: to go to war with Iran, like in fictional movies, with artificial intelligence, so that there is no need to rely so much on anti-revolutionary Iranians. But with Al-Aqsa storm, this last hope was also taken away. There is no one in Israel today. All those who are left have become Shiites and carry the white flag with them. The main obstacle to the complete collapse of Israel is the wickedness of the Westerners, not the Westerners. Those who still show Israel standing in their media. And they advertise its collapse as impossible.

False future research
Soura University has a future study like everywhere else, but the bad thing about this university is that it considers itself to belong to the Islamic Propaganda Organization, but it propagates for the enemy. However, Professor Zarshanas tries to return it to the Islamic stream, but the presenters speak their own words. They are so westernized that, according to Jalal Al-Ahmed, they even want to know themselves in the language of Westerners. And if the westerners have not said anything, it means they are not. We do not need the West and their incomplete theories. We ourselves have a future!: The Prophet and Hazrat Ali have already done for us. Even Nostradamus, who is a western forecaster, has expanded the future based on the opinions of Imam Sadiq. In general, the existence of the theory of Sahib al-Zaman Aj is like a boxwood horn, in front of them, but they are so eager for the West, that they know and accept Heidegger more. By their own admission: the discussion of development and futurism has been raised since 50 years ago, and this means the same time as the emergence of the Islamic Revolution. But they do not see the Islamic revolution, and study its negative effects in the West. A child also knows that the coincidence of two events is completely related. They faced a general uprising, which destroyed their foundation. And so they followed a way to prevent this uprising. First they denied it! Westerners are still under the same illusion. It means that something called the Islamic revolution did not happen at all! And if it happened, it was a mistake. But some people were more hostile, they started to confront it intellectually. And my theories were made in Ordi: that no perfume can be found in the can, let alone the history of many years of modernity, which does not exist at all. The purpose of these clumsy and incomplete theorizing is to show only superstitions of the future of Islamic studies: that is, the theory of Imam al-Zaman (AS). In Islamic futurology, everything is clear: that is, God has told everything to man, has made it a confidential secret, and has not left any unknowns for him (Alam Adam Alsama Kalha) and we do not need to discover! Rather, we need intuition. Let’s observe. Pay attention, nothing is hidden from us, to discover it. The basis of the resurrection and the hereafter, and heaven and hell, requires that a person be judged according to what he is aware of. If we are not aware of our future, we will not do anything. The basis of the philosophy of human creation is for the future: we have many narrations that: real life is in that world. Western and westernized futurists question one of the three principles of religion: they reject resurrection. Limiting everything to this world, they only trust a few charts with their own opinion (humanism) in economics or other sciences, but they don’t trust God’s words, and they don’t let others trust them. We have many books: signs of the emergence! which shows us the future. Sometimes Hazrat Ali (AS) mentioned the names of the cities. And some people have been introduced. We have a hadith for every incident. When Yemen rises, we call it Nafs Zakiyah. When ISIS rises, we call him Sufani: even with black knowledge and black cover. We have Hezbollah with yellow flags. what do you want? I assure you that even your name and your future are written. It is not a lie or a myth that we are talking about destiny. Rather, that magic called futurism is a lie and a myth. Because all of them are lies, you read the ideas of future research: all Western scientists (for example, scientists), if one of their suggestions or predictions comes true! Hazrat Ali (A.S.) says: “I knew God from there when he messed up everything I had planned.” Go be ashamed and repent. All this Westernization is really new in the era when the West is declining. Do you not see the failure of Israel and its destruction? So stay blind.

All Israelis became Shiites.
The people of the world became Shia according to the people of Israel. And soon we will see its result in walking in Quds and visiting Jerusalem. Because the era of information explosion allowed everyone to think about the oppression of Imam Hussein. Many people came to know Shia from the Arbaeen walk. But some people also understood from burning the Qur’an: that this Qur’an must be an important issue, () which they are trying to destroy. Now the Qur’an is published in the original language all over the world, everyone tries to learn the recitation of the Qur’an. And they are proud that: they read some small surahs of the Qur’an by heart. Quranic words have become the dominant global discourse. In the German language, up to 50% of the words are taken from the Qur’an (Arabic). The third group got to know Shia in think tanks, colleges and research centers. Today, there are few research institutes that have not prepared an article about the Qur’an and Imam Hossein. It should be said that it is not a research institute! Rather, there are some fanatics. Some people also got to know the names: Muhammad is the best name in the world. After him are the names of Ali and Fatima Zahra. Hasan and Hossein, even though their pronunciation is difficult, is very repetitive: for example, Jose in Spain! they say. In Yemen they say Houthi. In Iraq Yah Sin! In the Hebrew language or the words that are on the tablet of Prophet Noah: Ali is called Elijah, Hasan is called Shabar, Husayn is called Shabir. Therefore, whatever the enemies of the Prophet try to insult the Prophet, or burn the Qur’an, because they themselves are cruel and corrupt people; People conclude: So the Prophet and the Qur’an are the epitome of justice and purity. The Qur’an is a miracle, that is, it is the word of God, the Prophet is the interpreter of the Qur’an or the means of conveying it to the people. But because a prophet ended. Therefore, after him, the interpreter and executor of it is Hazrat Ali, and then: Imam Hasan and then: Imam Hussain (AS). These are called the five people of Al-Abba. Because the Prophet, according to Gabriel, threw his cloak over them: and introduced them as an example of purification: Hazrat Fatimah, Ali, Hassan and Hussain are not different from each other, they only manifested in different times. As time passed, Islam became purer, and people became more aware. Therefore, the non-pure were separated. Ashura was the day when all internal disbelief stood in front of God’s religion. But the fourth group, who converted to Shiism, were the enemies of the elite. In the intelligence agencies of the world, such as the Mossad, the CIA, and MIC, there was a strange desire to learn Shia. They even became interested in learning Persian language. The most intelligent agents were fluent in Arabic and had learned Persian. Of course, their initial training was to deal with the Islamic revolution. But because these people were smart, they often asked themselves: What if it is true? In the same way, Sunni scholars all became Shiites. Of course, the atmosphere is still heavy, and it is not time to confess. But all Sunni scholars are aware of the authenticity of the five (mentioned) and they agree. That is, Shia knowledge is such that if someone takes one step towards it, it will be absorbed forever: this is the story of those who cry over Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his sufferings. They only imagine for a moment: why they martyred Imam Hussain (a.s.), Imam Hussain (a.s.) attracts them. In the same way, if someone reads even one verse of the Quran, it is like someone who falls in love with one comment on goodness. That’s right: divine attraction is above all these. Therefore, whoever takes a step for God’s pleasure, God will attract him. Like a magnet that permanently attracts iron. Everyone has divine passion. They just can’t express it, or if they do, someone might not believe them, or make fun of them. Of course, no one makes fun of him. Because everyone is captivated by this attraction. Rather, it is the person’s own illusion. Because he had not experienced this attraction until yesterday, he thinks, others will not accept his words. Therefore, today we are talking about 8 billion people. Everyone should help each other: to make the necessary confessions.

Fatimi unity
Unity must be redefined. Today, the world is 8 billion people. And all the other turtles are buried in their noses. There is no arrogance, whatever there is, they are rebels and rebels who: grab the global unity government. Israel is dissolved: and only one apostate Netanyahu remains, America has all surrendered to Shia, and only a handful of Zionist lobbyists remain. France is destroyed and only a handful: Anti-Hijab is getting away from it. England have all become members of the Basij of London, and they appear with the Islamic hijab and chador during the Fatimid era. Ukraine is subject to Iran’s imaginary drone! and nothing else. If Qatar and the UAE also assassinate, everything will be revealed immediately. Türkiye also cannot break the Israeli blockade forever. So the world is the Shiite world. And therefore unity is redefining itself: based on Fatimid unity. No lifetime unity! Ando, after beating Fatemeh S, returned to the scene of the crime with full face to see the results of his crime, knocked on the door and asked Ali to accept them. ali turned to Fatima and said: What do you think? Fatimah said: (Al-Bait Baytak and Ana Amtak): Whatever you say, and therefore they were allowed to enter. But Fatemeh got up, stood with her back to them and facing the wall. And he asked: Did you hear the words of the Messenger of God when he said: Fatimah’s anger is God’s anger, and Fatimah’s joy is God’s joy? They both said yes, daughter of the Messenger of God. Then Fatima raised her hand to the sky and said: God, be your witness that I am not satisfied with these two! Now, how are the Abd al-Hamids satisfied with him? They have interpreted these traditions in such a contrary way, that the survival of the Ummah and Islam is in Omar’s friendship! And they know unity with him, and acceptance of his performance. Hey! disgraced If it wasn’t for the beating of Fatima, and Mohsen was born, the Ashura incident wouldn’t have happened. O Arbaini, know that Ali, Hossein and Hassan were martyred on the same day that Fatima was martyred. The reason for Fatima’s martyrdom was the beating of Abu Bakr and Omar. And the reason for the beating of Fatima is love of Ali! Because all of them were suitors of Fatimah, and Fatimah did not like any of them. And he had chosen only love for Ali. And this deadly revenge from Aqaba was the same as the suitors: they must destroy all the works of Ali: that is, Fatimah, Hassan, Hussain, and Mohsen. what happened now If people don’t know, they know now. Therefore, no one will have an excuse in the presence of God: to love Omar. And if there are people who ignore the facts, there should be no unity with them. The axis of unity is Ali. Even if Ali himself is silent: this is also a lie: like other lies, Ali beat Omar and threw him to the ground! Ali and Fatima along with them went to the house of Muhajir and Ansar, they reminded them of the hadiths of the Prophet, but it was Muhajir and Ansar who kept silent and did not accept the facts. Of course, now people are not like then. Those grudges, fears and complexes of ignorance do not exist. Therefore, even if they are Sunnis: or infidels, or Christians, Zoroastrians, or Buddhists, they all know this: that they should think about Fatimid unity. Although Ali and Fatima are not present today. But they are bloodthirsty and his children. Now, they are Seyed Ali Khamene, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, Seyed Ammar Hakim, Seyed Ali Sistani, Badreddin al-Houthi (Hussein). They are guiding lights: because they are connected to the source of Laizal. They are the deputy and companions of Imam Zaman AJ, whose important slogan is: revenge on the killer of Fatima: we are waiting for the avenger of Fatima! All one word, one word more. Fatimi unity around the axis of Ali! Whoever is with Ali, is with us, and whoever is not, let him go his own way. Whosoever fell out with the family of Ali, fell out. Mayim and 8 billion people in the world, no one is superior to anyone else. Everyone comes from the same parent. And the creation of a god! So everyone is united. Unity based on the call of nature, not based on the instinct of lust. The axis of unity: Ali’s culture in the Qur’an and Nahj al-Balagha. That Ali is the commentator of the Qur’an.

Unity or separation?
Fatima means a separator, not a unifier! Unfortunately, the enemies interpreted it as unifying, to give a hand of friendship to the people of Fatima. Even Hazrat Ali was not a unifier! And he was against it, Fatimah was also martyred to separate the Shiites, but they interpreted Ali’s silence as unity to embrace Ali’s enemies! and remove the stains. Our enemies know the meaning of Fatima’s name! They know him. The whole world knows her, she is the lady of two worlds and the mistress of heavenly women. Even everyone knows that they took his name from the throne. And at the very beginning of the birth, they said: Fatimah means the separator! They gave a clear example: Fatima separates the Shiites like a hen picking seeds, and takes them to heaven with her. That is, the unity of Fatima depends on the acceptance of Ali’s guardianship. No one has the right to hide his knowledge. And anyone who hides is the enemy of Ali and Fatimah, and above all, he is the enemy of God and the Prophet. Unity with God’s enemies should not be justified. One should not lose friendship with someone who is an enemy of Ahl al-Bayt, and actually an enemy of God. Those who, under the pretext of unity, hide the injustices done to the righteous martyr (Sadiqah Shahidah), and make friends with Umar and Abu Bakr, usurpers of divine rights, will be surrounded by them. Fatima never made peace with Ali’s enemies and usurpers of his rights and went to the point of martyrdom. Ali never recommended him to Vahdat. Rather, Ali’s speech was this: During the call to prayer, when the muezzin’s voice was raised on the martyrdom of Muhammad’s prophethood, he said: Dear Fatima, if you want the Prophet’s name to be mentioned forever in the mosques, I must remain silent! Not you! All scholars know: and if they don’t know, they should know now that: the heralds of unity, murderers and accomplices of murder are Amir al-Mu’minin. Because the first person who called for unity was Ibn Muljam: he declared clearly: Ali must be killed for the unity of Muslims. They used to say: The wisdom of God! Like the one who said: Hasbna Kitab Allah! All the enemies and murderers of Amirul Momineen were thinking of the unity of the Islamic Ummah. But today no one should talk about unity! Anyone who says something has committed two big mistakes: which he must repent of, and otherwise he is the same as Ibn Muljam. One is that it nullifies Fatimah’s efforts and mocks her martyrdom. Second, it humiliates non-Muslims: the unity of Muslims means separation from non-Muslims. It means removing 7 billion people! While all these people have love for Fatima. They know Ali. Even those we call Ahl al-Sunni are all lovers of Ahl al-Bayt. By stigmatizing them, we try to justify the killers of Ali. Ali’s friendship is the criterion for entering paradise, and Hazrat Fatimah is responsible for separating them. Even in the Gaza issue, this issue was proven! A dirty stomach like Mahmoud Abbas, with his sympathies among the Arabs, and the heads of the countries of the world, with the hand of friendship to the Jews, cursed Ali: Why did he tear down the door of Khaybar? Shiites considered Iranians as enemies, why do they chant the slogan of Khyber (Khyber Khyber or Zion, Jaish Muhammad Qadebun) they made a movie about Prophet Muhammad, without Khyber. And this cruelty to Fatimah doubled. Even in Iran, they said: Don’t mention Fatimah’s name! Don’t mention Ali’s name so that they don’t get upset. But now, in front of the eyes of all the enemies of Ali, the women of Gaza consider themselves like Fatemeh, their children like Hussein, and their children like Ali Asghar Shir Khwarah. These are the winners. Whether they are killed or alive. Let the people of the world know: in the problems of life, say only or Zahra. They will receive a day from Zahra’s tent. (Move your tent, send us a day) This is not a myth. It is a fact that Ibn Muljams of our time are counting the moments to forget it. With every incident, they say: Shia has been destroyed! Or they say it will disappear. But despite their wishes, Hazrat Ali and the Alevis (Sadat, who are: the children of Ali, on the other hand, and the descendants of Yazdgerd III on the other hand), are in control of the world.

Headquarters of Irregular Wars
Why are Israel’s borders still closed? Why can’t people enter Israel and visit Jerusalem? Even though 509 operations have been carried out by Lebanon’s Hezbollah against Israeli positions in these few days? Hundreds of rockets have been fired from Yemen to Tel Aviv, and al-Qassam forces penetrated up to 50 kilometers into the occupied territories. The reason is only one thing: the lack of headquarters of irregular wars. Therefore, according to Martyr Dr. Chamran, we must now take action to establish the Irregular Wars Headquarters. The purpose of this headquarters is to coordinate the infiltration of Israel’s borders and ensure the security of the pilgrims’ route to Jerusalem. So that people can go to Jerusalem freely and for free like the Arbaeen procession. For the legitimacy of such attacks, it is enough to pay attention to the enemy’s actions and retaliate according to the Qur’an. We mention two of them: First, the Zionist enemy has occupied the Palestinian people by massacring them and evicting the refugees, so we must expel them. This is God’s command (..Al-Zin Aharjawa Man Diyarham…Hajj 40) and God said that if they resist, He will help them. Therefore, all the people of Gaza must become Shiites to understand the correct interpretation of the Qur’an, to make their behavior according to the Qur’an, and to make their lifestyle pleasing to God and His Messenger. Not that they remain Sunnis and oppress Fatimah, peace be upon him! As a result, children and women are oppressed. Those who are not moved by anything, and are happy with so many killings in Gaza, have chosen the Jewish religion. They themselves know: from Arab leaders to some groups in Gaza, they study the Torah instead of the Koran! They are also trying to learn Hebrew. At the same ceremony of the 28th Cup, all of them greeted the head of the Zionist regime in Hebrew. Yes, not listening to the words of Ahl al-Bayt has no consequences other than this. Therefore, I should not fail against Israel according to their orders. You can be sure that this content will be translated into Hebrew, better for the attention of Arab leaders! And their age mercenaries are placed. No one dares to defend Fatima in front of Omar! But I say so that no one has an excuse. And don’t say that we didn’t know, or that no one told us. The result of Arab prostitution and flaunting one’s honor and one’s wife and daughter in front of Western and Hebrew men is an insult to Fatima Zahra. When in Shia, all people consider her as their mother, so they also turn to modesty and hijab. They stay away from corruption and prostitution. But Arab women! With Arabic dance, Arabic hookah, Arabic wine! And even with Arab competition and intercourse! The hands of all the prostitutes in the world are tied. But the second reason: the attack of Jaish al-Zalm or Jandal Satan on the eastern borders of Iran, shows how important this work is. The stone should be thrown where it came from. According to the information available in Mahin News: It was decided in Cup 28. In other words, Netanyahu sent a message: they should make up for the defeat in the United Nations in the 28th Cup. And they collected a budget and paid for these two groups to get an eye poison from Iran. This message was sent by the Emir of Qatar to Maulvi Abdul Hamid, who also gave the necessary orders to assassinate Iranian border guards, with detailed behavioral information and time. He sent the operation to them. Of course, he claimed that it was the work of Pakistan. Therefore, one of the decisions of Irregular Wars is to deliver the necessary documents to the authorities, so that they can launch missile attacks inside Pakistan, just like the contract they have with Iraq. However, this position showed the importance of guerilla wars: against Israel. Therefore, although the headquarters of irregular wars is in Tehran, it has moved its bases to Baqi in Medina, Shabaa fields in Lebanon, Golan Heights in Syria, Sana’a in Yemen, and Anbar in Iraq. Now the Iraqis are on the border of Jordan, Yemen will use missiles and drones, and Lebanon will occupy the towns. Golan will also join Syria.

One lie and so many killings
Those who believed the martyrdom of Fatima S. to be a lie caused the martyrdom of billions of Fatimas! Now Gaza women, like Lady Dojhan, are martyred and the media thinks it is a lie. The children of Gaza are being slaughtered before our eyes: the enemies deny, and the friends can’t do anything! This is the punishment of those who saw beatings and broken sides, burning the door of a lady’s house and Mohsen’s miscarriage in broad daylight, and thought it was a myth! Or they said that he left the world due to the grief of losing his father at the age of 18. Fatima said and said, but no one listened! They didn’t hear Fedakieh’s sermon! They had no hearing. He went to the door of their house, repeated the hadith of the Prophet, but they said: What a self-absorbed and self-praising girl! He didn’t tell anyone about his pain until he was washed! He saw him with a broken side while taking a bath. And he knew that their little child, before he was born, was killed by Dejkhiman. He said it to the Prophet: He said: O Prophet, Fatima, who does not tell me anything, ask her about her condition yourself, and see what happened to your daughter in the three months after your death. Just to take the throne. By killing Mohsen, they killed one third of Sadat Jahan. During the days of his martyrdom, the supreme leader of the Fatimid decade announced that he would hold a ceremony in Imam Khomeini’s Hosseiniyeh for five nights. And he said, I will store all my needs and I will pray to this lady of Dujan during the martyrdom. But what does the world do? Next to our ears, under the authority of the Islamic Republic, the enemy of the Ahl al-Bayt: He invites seven hundred people from 188 countries! to dance and stomp on martyrdom nights. They not only make fun of Shiite power, they are not even willing to mention Islam. There are degenerates who wear the clothes of the prophet, but they dance in the pulpit. Ask them: You who accept the Prophet, do you know that he used to perform the Friday prayer from the moment he entered Madinah? (While the Jews used to have congregation on Saturday. And now they have revived it in Tel Aviv.) If we consider the ten years of the Prophet’s stay in Medina as 520 Fridays, he had at least 500 sermons and sermons! Who? The only sermon left by the Prophet is related to the beginning of the month of Ramadan: Daikm fieh eli ziyafat Allah, was there no one to write them? Or have they all been destroyed? Who destroyed them? Except Omar? He asked everyone to bring whatever they have written about the Prophet to the city square. Then he set fire to all of them and said: Hasbna Kitab Allah. Therefore, the era of news and news has come to an end. No one had the right to write anything. It was a crime punishable by death. Still no one can say it. But people of the world, know! I say it so that you know: the Jew poisoned the Prophet of Islam, he chose a successor other than Ali, and Fatimah was killed! His grandson was martyred in Karbala. And until today no one has told you. But today I told you. Now you all know. You have a responsibility: to tell everyone. and eliminate the enemies. If you don’t believe me, look at Gaza. See how the enemies massacre, then wash their bloody hands, and claim human rights, democracy and justice. simply!!!. Therefore, you can easily eliminate them. The Qur’an says: Only the imams of disbelief. Kill them, assassinate them or attack them, it doesn’t matter: the Qur’an says Qomullah Muthni wa Farada. He says: Anfarwa Khhafa and Shaqala. Escape and go to the borders of Israel. And break the boundaries. And kill the border guards. Free Quds. And pray in it. While they attack Iran’s borders, and easily kill 12 border guards of a checkpoint, and only one of them is arrested, how is it that Israel’s borders remain iron?

One lie and so many killings

Fatimas! Now the women of Gaza, like Lady Dojhan, are martyred and the media thinks it is a lie. Children of Gaza are being slaughtered before our eyes: the enemies deny, and the friends can’t do anything! This is the punishment of those who saw beatings and broken sides, burning the door of a lady’s house and Mohsen’s miscarriage in broad daylight, and thought it was a myth! Or they said that he left the world due to the grief of losing his father at the age of 18. Fatima said and said, but no one listened! They didn’t hear Fedakieh’s sermon! They had no hearing. He went to the door of their house, repeated the hadiths of the Prophet, but they said: What a proud woman! He did not tell anyone about his pain until he was washed! He saw him with a broken side while taking a bath. And he knew that their little child was killed by Dejkhiman before he was born. During the days of his martyrdom, the supreme leader of the Fatimid decade announced that he would hold a ceremony in Imam Khomeini’s Hosseiniyeh for five nights. And Wami Qarmaid, I will store all my needs and I will pray to this lady of Dujan during the days of martyrdom. But what does the world do? Next to our ears, under the authority of the Islamic Republic, from the enemy of Ahl al-Bayt: Haftahzaz invites people from 188 countries! to dance and stomp on martyrdom nights. They not only make fun of Shiite power, they are not even willing to mention Islam. There are degenerates who wear the clothes of the prophet, but they dance in the pulpit. Ask them: You who accept the Prophet, do you know that he used to perform the Friday prayer from the moment he entered Madinah? While the Jews had a meeting on Saturday. And now they have revived it in Tel Aviv. If we consider the ten years of the Prophet’s stay in Medina as 520 Fridays, he had at least 500 sermons! Who? The only sermon left by the Prophet is related to the beginning of the month of Ramadan: Daikm fieh eli ziyafat Allah, was there no one to write them? Or have they all been destroyed? Who destroyed them? Except Omar? He asked everyone to bring whatever they have written about the Prophet to the city square. Then he set fire to all of them and said: Hasbna Kitab Allah. And therefore, the era of news and news has come to an end. No one had the right to write anything. It was a crime punishable by death. And still no one can say it. But people of the world, know! They poisoned the Prophet of Islam, chose a successor other than Ali, and killed Fatima! His grandson was martyred in Karbala. And until today no one has told you. But today I told you. Now you all know. You have a responsibility to tell everyone. and eliminate the enemies. If you don’t believe me, look at Gaza. See how the enemies massacre, then wash their bloody hands, and claim human rights, democracy and justice. simply. Therefore, you can easily eliminate them. The Qur’an says that the killers are the imams of disbelief. Kill them, assassinate them or attack them, it doesn’t matter: the Qur’an says Qomullah Muthni wa Farada. He says, “Anfarwa is hidden and heavy.” Escape and go to the borders of Israel. And break the boundaries. And kill the border guards. Free Quds. And read in it

Cup 28 or: sword dance?
The international disgrace in Qatar and Dubai once again gave a seal of approval to Israel. About 70,000 people from 198 countries of the world gathered in the UAE to protest against the resolutions of the General Assembly. By inviting the head of the Zionist regime, once again strengthen their agreement to normalize relations. It is the duty of the people of the world to bring these 70,000 people to court. Because they went under the pretext of the Cup 28 summit. They used people’s budget and taxes, and paid for expensive trips. But they didn’t do anything about the purpose of the trip. The director of Qatar oil companies, who was the chairman of the summit: He was engaged in gas and oil contracts, in order to continue to add to the heat of the earth by producing oil pollutants. No one mentioned the chemical and atomic bombardment, noise and chemical pollution of Gaza. Ukraine was also supposed to give its aid to Israel. Considering this issue, Biden approved his military budget in a promotional manner. in which, more than ever, it is to Ukraine as a cover for aid: to Israel. Zelensky also promised the head of the Zionist regime to make peace with Russia and give everything to Israel. And for this purpose, a fund was formed! To be the source of these aids. And Germany promised 42 billion euros to help it. But there is no money involved. Even the UAE-Qatar oil contracts were buybacks, which means that Qatar should sell oil and gas first! to take or give the money later. The largest free oil and gas contract was with Israel, which is attributed to Turkey’s cover. To gain more attention, Turkey mentioned Gaza, but did not promise to reduce its exchanges with Tel Aviv. Most importantly, the reception with the best types of food and drinks filled the negotiations. At night, instead of lobbying for the weather! They were invited to the sword dance. The concept of sword dance among Arabs is to declare war positions. That is, when they do a sword dance with Israel, they should attack Gaza. Even non-Arab countries were invited to these unwritten commitments. And all of them except Iran accepted. The news sent from the hotels to Mahin News shows that: the main meeting was in the lobby of the hotel and: the reception of naked baristas. From the language of pure liquor, drugs, and hookah, they make covenants with each other. The people of Dubai, who are often like all Arabs, are in absolute poverty, and have witnessed such pleasures: they should send it to the world through mass media. Baristas, and hostesses and officers of ceremonies, must refer to their conscience. Although their access to mobile phones and cameras is limited, they can publish their observations. Today, the main front is here. Let them know that if they don’t do this, soon with the Arab sword! They will be beheaded: so that there is no sign of pleasures. If they can become refugees, or contact the embassies of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine. Because according to the received information, all ceremonial agents, protection and guides and tour leaders are disposable. Intelligence has orders to destroy them all as soon as the summit is over. So that the people of the world don’t get to know about the pleasures of their own agents. They should save themselves by clinging to the soul of Hazrat Fatimah, who became so arrogant during her martyrdom. All Arabs have been kept as Sunnis! so that they do not protest in the fetus for days. But the people of the world have now all become Shiites: and they have realized the secret of the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter. And God wanted the enemies of Hazrat Fatima to disgrace her on such a day. Now, the duty of each and every people in the world, in 1980, is this: they must ask their agents to explain. If the agents repented, explained everything, accept them, and if they still remained connected with the unwritten covenant of Israel. They should be executed. They should be executed in the same airport and in front of all the people. Because they are the agents of the message and funding for Israel: to destroy Gaza.

Terror against terror

An eye for an eye, terror against terror, is something that the Qur’an relies on many times, but the people of Gaza are unaware of it. Because until now Sunni scholars have not interpreted these verses for them. According to Sunni scholars, whoever is the ruler must be obeyed. Therefore, they have accepted Israel’s sovereignty. But in Shia, the imam must be the most innocent and knowledgeable person among them. Therefore, it is not obligatory to obey the imam or the ruler or the tyrannical governor, but one should also fight against it. Because Masoom Tali is the Qur’an. As the Prophet said: I have left two precious things between you: the Qur’an and Atrat (there is no separation, even Yard Ali al-Hawz), and therefore the interpretation of the Qur’an is the responsibility of the infallible Imam. For this reason, Gaza must become Shia so that it can defend itself. And any kind of struggle with the ruler (either Israel or Mahmoud Abbas) is not Shariah. For this reason, most of the fighters are communists or leftists. But in the Shia of Hazrat Ali, he did not go under the burden of Imamate and Caliphate of Omar and Abu Bakr! Even Hazrat Fatima lost her life in this way. As a result of the blows that Umar inflicted on her thin body and set fire to her house, her child was aborted and she herself was martyred at a young age. These are not lies, nor are they myths. Therefore, the example of the people of Gaza should be the daughter of the Prophet, the granddaughter of the Prophet (Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein) so that Hashemite Gaza is not called the infidel Gaza. To consider Zionists as imams! or Mahmoud Abbas Bahai. In this case, their eyes will be opened, and they will read all the Qur’anic verses. Didn’t the Qur’an say (Fa’atdwa like us, “atadi alaikum?”) Why does Israel bomb so much, you don’t? Why did they kill 180 thousand people, don’t you take revenge on them? Your calmness and wrong understanding of the Koran caused them to publicly announce the assassination of Hamas leaders! Print a notice and publish it in Gaza, and tell them: Whoever tells the hiding place of the leaders of Hamas, will get a reward? These announcements show that the people did not know Gaza well, they thought that Gaza is Sunni. And with a reward, he delivers the heads of Hamas. In order for them not to have such stupid thoughts and not suffer from delusions, it is necessary: in the first step: terror is against terror. This means that Hamas should print a leaflet and distribute it to the people of Tel Aviv. You will see that they will listen to you more. Today, as I issue this order to you, I have accurate information that more than a hundred thousand Israeli soldiers have been killed by themselves. They named it: Fraternity! But the fact is that the people of Tel Aviv have also become Shiites. All those who participate in Saturday’s demonstrations have renounced Judaism and being Sunni. Many of them have studied the course of Shia studies in Mossad, and they know everything. They are even fluent in Persian language. Something that they have kept Gaza away from. Even in America and Europe, the Shiite movement has gained strength. The same people who fight in the street, destroy liquor shops and deviant schools by shooting! Of course, the American government also called it something else. Europeans too: in London alone, Basij London has four million members. Women members of Basij London celebrate Fatimiyeh days in the streets with full hijab. People of Gaza, be alert. An eye for an eye. You translate these declarations of mine, and deliver them to everyone, you will see that there are many helpers of God’s religion. And you are not alone. Don’t trust the Arab and Sunni leaders in any way: right now, when you are under bombardment: and you have become the meat of the bomb, they are drinking and dead in Qatar and the Emirates, at the height of drunkenness and shamelessness, with the president of the fake regime. Yours are dancing. Even the leaders of Qatar and Saudi Arabia teach the Jews sword dance in these nights! But on the surface they say: we are negotiating to extend the ceasefire. If they were serious about this claim, they should not have recognized the Israeli regime at all. And they were looking for the president of Iran. But the fun of a few days distorts them.

Only the destruction of Israel
The non-binding nature of the resolutions of the General Assembly caused that, although the international community voted to stop the attacks on Gaza, Israel continues the war without the support of the international community. The massacre in Gaza shows that the only way to end wars and genocides is the complete destruction of Israel. Because Israel is Satan incarnate, and he has spread his roots throughout the world. Holding a climate summit under Iran’s ear, and inviting the head of the fake Israeli regime after the UN resolution was passed, is a warning, which shows that Israel still has a special place among Arab leaders. While the public opinion of the world should know that: the establishment of these countries coincides with the establishment of Israel. That is, the same hand that created Israel also established the sheikhdoms. And therefore, the birthplace of all of them is the same. Destruction of Israel also means destruction: it is the origin of all Hertzok fans. Today it will be determined whether the countries that voted against the Gaza ceasefire will still remain allies of Israel or not. The necessary scenario in this context is of two types: In Plan A, the hypothesis is that Israel is condemned. And the necessary approvals should be obtained from his presence to enforce the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly. That is, as the President of Qatar and the UAE have said: the consultations created a solution to continue the ceasefire. That is: Sheikhs and opponents of the resolution have separated their line from Israel. And Israel is politically dead. But plan B, or the second scenario, is that: about 50 countries will remain with Israel, and support it against the killing of Palestinians. In this case, the nations of these countries should complete their work. It means that they are not allowed to return to their country. There are three possibilities here as well: that you should have a suitable plan for them: and implement it without wasting time: In the first stage, the people have the ability to prevent the entry of their Israeli leaders, so the leaders of the above 50 countries will stay in Dubai. become And they have no way to return. In the second stage, the people choose an alternative, and by changing the behavior of their rulers, they also remove them. And people who support Gaza rule. In the third stage, the people cannot resist, and the leaders return to their desks. In this case, he must have a difficult scenario, trial and assassination were not far from his eyes. At first, if there was an open political space, he filed a lawsuit in the courts. and demand the imprisonment of these leaders by presenting the necessary documents. The last stage of the hard scenario is as follows: the people of each neighborhood should form a core of resistance. This core of resistance has the task of studying and understanding resistance. We believe that these cores of resistance were formed forty years ago. Therefore, connecting them together should be put on the agenda. The hierarchy of these cores of resistance is as follows: first individual, then family, then local. They should study news and resistance analysis. Then these neighborhoods are united and regionalized. With provincialization, the formation of the core of resistance: the Supreme Council of Provinces of that country is formed, which can demand the dismissal of all pro-Israel officials by introducing its own candidate. In this case, the resistance in the body of all nations, with complete solidarity, will make no room for the supporters of Israel. The last method is to assassinate them. So follow the detailed news: the climate summit of the Cup. If the head of the Zionist regime calls anyone, remember it. keep an eye on the meeting of Doj Anbe and his many sides. The preliminary list of assassinating Israeli leaders of all countries is prepared in this way! To finalize this list, be careful when voting in favor of Israel, or not leaving the speaker’s speech. It means that everyone who attended Isaac Herzog’s lecture has signed his death.

Theorizing media literacy
It should be known that the principle of media literacy is to instill power through knowledge. Therefore, the regulation of news, its analysis and selection is explained by subversive targeting. That is, more media literacy gives people more subversive power. In this sense, it starts with criticism. For example: America says: We have asked Iran not to expand the war. Which is actually a kind of begging, and it shows Iran’s superior hand in Al-Aqsa storm. But IRNA with the headline: America: We have sent a message to Iran, turns it into a crushing, powerful and deterrent message. So that the audience can feel the superior power of America. And this shows that IRNA’s New York office is a mercenary to continue to present America as a superpower and Iran as a terrorist and warmonger. This kind of media interpretations are not rare, all nostalgic media people, whose media theory is still frozen in the 1960s, have such an analysis. In the Fars News Agency, which attributes itself to the IRGC, the resistance of Gaza is canceled by its destruction: for example, in the form of pity for the people of Gaza, it writes that 99% of Gaza has been destroyed. Berdard will reach his goals and mission, which is the destruction of Hamas and the people of Gaza. Dunyai Ekhtaz newspaper interprets any forward movement of the government with questionable headlines, backwardness and increase in poverty: for example, lowering the interest rate or stabilizing the exchange rate, imposing an order! And its increase is inflation and misery and bankruptcies! means From the standpoint of economic knowledge (which considers itself common sense), every action of the president’s government is one step closer to its downfall. During the post-revolution period, all the economic media had an anti-government stance: if the exchange rate or the price of the building decreased, they would bring up the stagnation of the market and the unemployment of engineers and the educated. And if they were to increase: inflation would be added to the unemployment rate, and economic misery would be headlined. In any case, they are looking for their own nostalgia, which was lost in the 1350s. To the extent that Pahlavi whitewashing becomes the dominant discourse of the people. Even Man and To TV (as the leader of this media literacy) is trying to purify Parviz Sabeti. Therefore, the friends of the revolution should simply neutralize this creeping coup, the first task is to define a new theory of subversion, against the system of disbelief and world domination. Because the nature of media literacy is subversive, direct it in the direction of subverting the rule of Israel, America, and Europe. And if they want a positive hypothesis instead of a negative one, they should base their theory on the principle that: Iran has been, is, and will be the world’s only and monotheistic superpower. Therefore, changing the direction of the titles will be very simple. False and fake news will be easily recognized. For example, in the case of Ukraine, it is media literacy or the hidden power of the West to show NATO as oppressed! For example, it does not want to enter the war in Ukraine, therefore, Russia is the aggressor. But Iran’s media theory says: two superpowers, East and West, attacked Ukraine to test each other’s strength: but the war in Ukraine was locked. Because both were equal, and Iran took the winning card with a cheap drone, that too just by being in the media. And therefore, instead of condemning Russia, the media power of the enemy attacked with the help of Iran’s drone (which was not even real). The coordination of the domestic media also made the sedition of the previous year, with the media goal of overthrowing the Islamic Republic, to be realized. But in the Gaza war, knowing the enemy’s media tactics, everything was interpreted in Iran’s favor: even though Iran did not participate, all the victories were attributed to Iran. And the leader of Iran also announced: We are not in the Gaza war, but we will all work if necessary. That is, Iran’s power is so great that: just a small Gaza can challenge America, Europe and Israel at the same time.

The medical empire of Iran
Medicine in Iran has a history as long as the creation of Adam and Noah. Because they also got sick and needed a doctor. Medical advice is mostly health, but it is also a treatment. And we have hadiths that the Prophet and the infallibles both went to the doctor themselves and ordered others. Anti-human poisons and anti-toxins (toxicology) is one of the oldest medical and health educations. That some people made or discovered substances: that a person would die by eating them. Or those who treat the poison. The first action was by doctors or chemists. There are poisons in nature, such as snake bites, which the snake itself is chosen as a symbol. And the word sick in Farsi means not having this snake! But logically no one would consume it. So it should be in a form that: can be consumed. This work is apparently the work of chemists, but actually it is the work of doctors! Because they should have known the fabric of the body, and were sure of its influence on the destruction of the fabric. And any poison that does not affect the body is useless. Sometimes they poured it into food to dilute it, and sometimes they injected it into fruits (such as the poisonous grape of Imam Reza’s martyrdom), and sometimes they injected it directly. Netanyahu said: We will destroy the Muslims first with a gun. then with a rocket and finally with an ampoule. And all three of these are technology, which in the quantum theory, is admirable to artificial intelligence: so that it does not have a guilty conscience. Of course, the Iranian Empire, with the help of Hamas, arrested and transferred all the computers and artificial intelligence elites, even the head of Google who participated in the Israeli conference. The bombings after Al-Aqsa storm are the result of artificial intelligence, which does not need pilots. Because each computer chip, which has worked inside the case and power computer, and under the skin of the elite, adjusts the address of the abduction location with the destination: fighters and presses the trigger. But they don’t know that the chips are manipulated and show deviant areas. With this, Iran ended the two hundred years of theft of medical sciences. Because all the doctors of the world, even though they learned from Ibn Sina, they introduced it as Western medicine or Israeli medicine. Now in Israel and America, everyone has turned to herbal medicine, but they still register under their own name. And it is used to kill Muslims. Because Muslim means the people of Salman (on the weight of the Arabs, that is, the Arabized people – the Association of Wisdom and Philosophy) and the position of Salman and his people, has been introduced many times by the Prophet of Islam, in the highest scientific power and piety: If knowledge is with faith, with the stars May Soraya be closed and rest in the heavens, men from Iran will achieve it. That is, the difference between Salman’s medical knowledge and others is that: it is accompanied by faith. Therefore, he does not betray and: he does not target the death of humanity. While Western and especially Israeli medicine follows the method of quiet and secret killing: human beings. For example, one of their methods is to sterilize Muslims: by injecting paralyzing substances in food and drinks, they cause disorders in the teeth, disorders in the teeth (Professor Shakiba) cause chronic pelvic floor disease, and this disease, It makes women barren and men sterile. However, Iran’s medical empire has managed to find a solution to this disease, and Ibn Sina’s infertility treatment medicine is at the forefront of the world. that by removing a part of the intestine! And the stitching of its two ends creates a surprise. Health is the first word in Iran. Because they obey the Prophet’s order. Because Farah Yazidi (Guardian Angels) fulfill their duty and protect Iranian people. Salman Pak was among the Prophet’s household, and this shows that he and his people have always been cared for. (Narrative of Dasht Arjan)

The United Nations is on the way to dissolution
The criminality of the Security Council was proven to the whole world. Previously, he issued attack orders against Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan. And because there was a lot of publicity about him being a terrorist, no one noticed his crimes. But now that the weapon of propaganda has been taken away from him, the people of the world saw that he twice vetoed the anti-war resolution, and left Israel’s hand open for the massacre of Palestinians. Now the UN General Assembly is supposed to hold a meeting tomorrow. It seems that this should be the last meeting of the United Nations. Because whatever the General Assembly approves, America and Europe will veto it. Therefore, the only way left is for the presidents of the countries to decide to dissolve the organization and announce to their nations that they did not participate in the massacre of the world. All the crimes of Israel and America will be written in their name all over the world. Because, the United Nations since its inception! committed a crime And the members of the general assembly decided to remain silent. The American attack on Iraq and other independent countries was authorized by the Security Council. And therefore, the killing of more than one billion people is the responsibility of the Security Council. The Security Council is also approved by the General Assembly. Therefore, the continuation of war crimes by the Security Council shows the participation of the presidents of the whole world. Although the killing of Palestinians is carried out by Israel, it continues with the veto power of Europe and America. According to the Qur’an, killing any human being is equivalent to killing all humans. For example, if Adam was killed (before marriage and procreation), that means there would be no human on earth. If I draw the population curve, and take the integral from this equation, killing Adam was equivalent to killing 40 billion people, even until now! Every human being has the same amount of obstacles. Suppose it doubles in every generation. And each generation is thirty years on average. And for example, Noah was 15 thousand years ago: and he had four sons named Ham, Japheth, Shem and Canaan. So it was equal to four. But if we double the average, 15 thousand years will be 500 generations. It means two to the power of five hundred! It should have been the crowd today. But it is only 7 billion. And the rest have been massacred. To underestimate it, wars and killings throughout history have prevented the birth of: 50 billion human beings. Now, if two hundred million people were killed in the Second World War, in 1975, the second generation would be four hundred million, in 2005, one billion six hundred million people, and in 2035, they would reach more than one trillion people, which they are not now. Therefore, since 1945, the United Nations has pushed more than two hundred countries to independence, that is, it has created war between them and the original mother (Iran). And he is still looking for the division of Kurdistan, Sistan, etc., and every day some people are killed in this way. The responsibility of so many dead people will be the responsibility of each and every president present in the UN General Assembly if they do not vote to dissolve the organization. Therefore, tomorrow is an important historical turning point: either the veto power must be taken from the above three countries, or they will approve it ineffectively. Or finally, by declaring that it is ineffective and against the purpose of the United Nations, dissolve it. In other words: the General Assembly has several ways to avoid being complicit in the crimes of so many genocides: the first and easiest way to expel them is to cancel the membership of the three countries. With this, their right to veto will be lost. Second, to expel them from the Security Council, and appoint Iran, Syria and Iraq instead. In this case, these three countries are allies! or the victor of World War II, will have only one vote as an ordinary member. Third: take the right of veto from them and give it to three new countries. But these are unlikely, so they should all resign en masse, declare the United Nations dissolved, and divide its assets among the members.

Documentary cinema and the future
There is no future in Iranian cinema! Whatever is related to the past, not the distant past, but the past before the Islamic revolution, in fact, Iranian documentary cinema is a promoter of the culture of ignorance with a touch of criticism. The reactionary and nostalgic view of cinema is due to their anti-revolution. which use the budget of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ministry of Culture and Guidance, but they have an emotional eulogy in praise of Qajar and Pahlavi and their culture. The future is scary and unbelievable for them. Something that should not happen. And all the clocks have stopped on 6/6/1346. When all the artists were welcoming the month of Ramadan with champagne and vodka in the ruins of Persepolis, they continued it with homosexuality and performing sex in Tehran University Mosque. And this is the summary of the ideology of Iranian cinema: like the clocks of the world that are set to ten minutes (the end of the world war). Every movement in Iranian cinema, like a trouser elastic, returns to its place with elasticity. The director of the truth cinema: He sees the future as dark and terrible. Because none of Iran’s documentaries have customers in global markets. In fact, the artistic pillar of cinema has not even suffered from the earthquake of the Islamic Revolution. Parsi movie! Covered with half-banded scarves, they come in with me in the name of the world. And their output is the ever-increasing importance of court prostitutes and the parrot-like repetition of market street songs. Even in Iranian television and radio, the background of documentaries and news are always cabaret songs: like kiss me. The non-guidance ministers, instead of looking forward to the content of the cinema, in the same way as before, distribute the awards among those who have the most nostalgia and harmony: with the court artists. It also goes by the name: Appreciation of veteran artists! They do not know that these gratitudes have no end. And if it has an end: it has broken most of the red lines and exposed the content of cinematic corruption. While Imam’s line says: We are not opposed to cinema, we are opposed to prostitution! But all the recent licensed films from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance have won awards! Only in the power of their destruction: it is from the red line. The public relations officer of Fajr Festival said frankly: Mahin News is dealing with politics, so we do not invite. While all the winning films are political, they are political in the sense that: they project the enemies’ tendencies in the society in a beautiful way. The most important desire of the enemies is to be pessimistic, to show the revolution of the Iranian people as an endless mistake. While they themselves, in all western movies and documentaries, fly to the future and are thrown into: a world full of beauty, lust, money and power. This passion for the future is more beautiful and useful for Iran. Because in the past, Iran was a civilization maker, a superpower and the only emperor of the world, it is now, and it will be in the future: (The truth of God’s Messenger of God: Let them enter the Sacred Mosque, God willing) and this is God’s promise to confirm the dream of his prophet. he does. But these dreams are superstitions in Iranian cinema, but the dreams of Star Wars! And the destroyer 1, 2 and 3.. is still the best seller. Therefore, we are at a historical turning point: if the cinema does not satisfy itself with Islam and revolution, it should go away. Because in the heat of the anti-revolutionary influence, it is closed. They also boycotted attending the festival on the pretext of sedition last year. And they are still seeking to ban it. The reason for its survival is its compatibility with seditions. Because the seditionists, with pressure from below and bargaining from above, have aligned it with themselves. Directors of Iranian cinema know: if they don’t have the anti-revolutionary attitude! They will not prosper. Iranian cinema belongs to prostitute Farhadi and homosexual managers.

Knockout management at war
The racial and ethnic superiority of Zionism was formed in Mount Zion and led to the genocide and expulsion of Palestinians in 1972. And 8 years later, in 1979, with the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini took over the war administration. Based on his elimination management, it was announced that Israel must be destroyed. This shows that the peak of Israel’s power became its decline. The authorities of the Zionist regime also announced: With the advent of the Islamic revolution, a large earthquake has shaken the foundations of the newly established fake regime. Because Imam Khomeini had come to work based on the support of Lebanon and Libya. And he had chosen the sleeping hatred of the Arabs as his driving force. Therefore, the Zionist regime thought to prevent this movement by kidnapping Imam Musa Sadr. Next, four more Iranian diplomats were kidnapped. But Gaddafi’s punishment was left to America, to cut his fighter budgets, and these jets crashed in Lockerbie. And Gaddafi stayed. At the same time, the liberal government forced Bazargan and Mousavi to send forces to Lebanon. Although Imam Khomeini had said: Quds must be freed, they raised the slogan: The road to Quds passes through Karbala. Imam Khomeini, who faced the resistance of the insiders against the war of elimination, took a new way: it was not necessary to send troops from Iran for the liberation of Quds, but they themselves should be strengthened. Therefore, the Amal movement affiliated with Imam Musa Sadr was disbanded and Hezbollah of Lebanon was established instead. The strategy of the elimination war also changed its direction: all the revolutionaries who had been trained in Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt stayed in Iran to lead the Iranian revolution: from Dr. Chamran to Mohammad Montazeri and Mohammad Ali Rabbani. And the facilities that Engineer Chamran had created in Lebanon were also removed from Iran’s management. Because Dr. Chamran had established an academy: to transfer all NASA techniques to students. For this reason, these experiences were used in the war between Iran and Iraq. Libya and Syria gave missiles to Iran. And this caused Israel to target people. With the help of the hypocrites, they destroyed 17 thousand people of Israel’s enemies in Tehran. And almost around Imam Khomeini, it was empty of Palestinian and Lebanese forces. Therefore, the destruction of Israel was delayed a little. Under the pretext of the war with Saddam, the management of the elimination war was transferred from Palestine to Iraq. And all the forces sent to Palestine went to the borders of Iraq. Lebanon’s Hezbollah also lost its Secretary General (Mousavi). Therefore, the postponement of the destruction of Israel continued. Because just as in Iran, the liberals created a gap between Imam Khomeini’s friends and his war management, in Lebanon, the differences between the Amal movement and Hizbullah had grown. The situation was complicated. With the departure of Imam, the new Secretary General of Hezbollah realized that: he should not rely on Iran. Therefore, he established a new army with the help of Chamran Academy troops. and was able to defeat Israel in 2003, which became known as the Thirty-Three Day War. With this victory, all non-Islamic groups were settled. And elimination management was revived. But this time the responsibility was not concentrated in Iran, but in the countries of Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Because Iran believed: if Israel has nothing to do with Iran, it should not have anything to do with it. And this policy is still going on. Because the new war management doctrine is based on no initial attack. That is, Iran will act only if: Israel attacks Iran’s resources and direct interests. And because Israel, despite the propaganda, does not have the courage to face it directly. Therefore, elimination management is out of the agenda. And it has become a mutual impact management. However, Imam Khomeini’s words about the elimination of Israel are still spoken in the stands. But practically, the policy of counter-attack has been instilled in the countries of the resistance line. Therefore, Gaza is at a crossroads: it must continue the elimination management of the war alone.

Gaza must become Shia
Gaza must become Shia for several reasons in order to win: First, Iran is not reliable. Years of colonialism, tyranny and exploitation have made Iran into a state that, except for its leadership and president, most of the officials have cases in the West. And in a way they are grown salt. Most of them were hypocrites, communists, and for example, they have repented. We don’t have anyone who has Islamic beliefs from the beginning. Therefore, we see that an opportunity arises: they speak English, and connect their antenna to America and Europe. The other group of them have obviously studied and lived in Europe and America. And their meat and skin are grown there, although some of them are fugitives or are included in the numbers of brain fugitives. They often returned to Iran with maps. Like Dr. Velayati, who is the main factor in accepting all foreign contracts. Or Dr. Marandi who is against traditional medicine. and implements all global health approvals. Basically, their thoughts and minds, like Taghi Arani, are foreign from head to toe. Of course, there is (don’t mention his name). That is, they do not say in the language. Rather, they put it into practice, accept everything from Islam that the West allows, and consider the rest to be superstitions. On the issue of Gaza, from both sides: they prevent the victory of Gaza: one is that they advertise that Gaza has been destroyed, and the people are in famine and hunger. This means the approval of the West and Israel, who want to destroy Gaza. And up to 99% say that it is destroyed, and secondly, they say that you should not attack inside the occupied lands, but stay inside the tunnels. While the thinking of the leader and president, based on the Koran and the teachings of Imam Khomeini, is the opposite: Imam Khomeini said: Israel must be destroyed. But they say that Gaza should be destroyed. The latest news was also reported by Iranian news agencies that: Israel has filled all the tunnels in Gaza with water! It means that one percent was also lost. And the work of Gaza is over. Secondly, the heads of Islamic countries are not trustworthy either, they wish death for Gaza, and they only send them shrouds. Those beautiful shrouds, which every living Gazan wishes to die and sleep in. Because they, like the Iranian officials, are in the hands of Israel. Photos of the soil! There are many of their pastimes in the West: the hands of the Mossad and the CIA. Therefore, the people of Gaza should know that the whole world they hope for is just a trap. Like the Arab leaders, Iranian brokers have no other wish than the destruction of Gaza. So they should remain pure and sincere to God. And like Imam Hussain, they should not have any hope in others. The enemies of Imam Hussain (AS) were neither Christians nor Jews! Many of them were war veterans. Ibn Saad, Shammar, etc. were all Muslims, they prayed and recited the Qur’an. But their hearts were with Yazid. Therefore, the children of Gaza, like the six-month-old child of Imam Hussein, the teenagers and young people of Gaza should look to Ali Akbar Imam Hussein and Qasim Imam Hassan Tasi. Even if they are overcome by dehydration and thirst, they should think about the thirst of Hazrat Abul Fazl by the Euphrates River. Today, Sahib al-Zaman is the only one who cares about Gaza, and the rightful deputy, and others like Ibn Saad, Shammar, and Yazid, only want the destruction of Gaza. Sahib al-Zaman is also the executor of the Qur’an. In the Qur’an, it is stated contrary to the desire of the officials without zeal! The Qur’an said: Fejasu Chalal al-Diyar, that is, Gaza must attack the occupied lands, pull out every single settler. Not to stay in Gaza and think about thirst and hunger. Imam Hossein taught us that: hunger and thirst should not prevent resistance. Because the Qur’an said (Walenblonkum beshi min al-khafoh wa juwa..) to get out of this divine test, you have to leave! Not to hide underground, so that the enemy will say that you are all dead. Rising and leaving is a command of the Qur’an: He said (Qumullah Muthni wa Farada, Qumu Allah Qantin, Anfarwa Khafafa wa Thaqala!) It means that you should leave even if you are empty-handed. How about now that you have rockets instead of stones.

Epistemology: A History of Western Science
Everything must be started anew, because philosophy, history, sociology, and even mathematical formulas and basic sciences have been written by the West according to its own taste. According to them, the history of science has been written since 1980. All the opinions of scientists are related to this scientific course! And the rest of what happened in the past is classical and secular. That is, it does not exist. Even epistemology! It does not have a history of more than 50 years. According to the West, Iran’s civilization was a simple, fleeting event and it was over! So the Old Testament is not in history at all. In the Middle Ages, the Church was the ruler and followed the Inquisition, the Inquisition and the killing of the Galileans. Contemporary centuries are also divided into three parts: one part which is devoted to the fight against the superstitions of the church, so it has only a protest aspect and has no defensible originality. Perhaps the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century can be summed up in this sentence: there was a scientist who fought with the church. In the 20th century, the Western world was involved in wars and changing borders. And he thought of science only for fighting. Therefore, it can be called the era of dynamite, rockets and bombers. Because Iran stopped the war by establishing the United Nations, so these warlords started to eliminate Iran. which began with the independence of the Arab countries and the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. But it continues to this day. And even though the United Nations separated 200 countries from Iran, it still seeks to further divide Iran and establish at least 9 countries from Iran! Three countries are from Iraq, three countries are from Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Yemen. Until Iran woke up. and demanded to return to his former empire. This period, the period of science and the father of science and its like in America and Europe, begins. But all sciences start from zero and history or history is not expressed from it. Hegel, Marx and Pulitzer are known as emotional or political scientists. But Heidegger and others enter the field. The father of management science, not in Iran or in Europe, but in America, begins with Mayo’s human relations movement, and the rest is classical management! is named Because the Islamic revolution buried them all. Weber’s bureaucracy (don’t say, write) was replaced by a tape recorder. And Imam Khomeini, instead of printing a declaration, gave a speech and broadcast audio and video. The era of transition from written to virtual had begun. No one bothered to print a book or read a book, they could easily listen or watch audio or tapes or cassettes and podcasts in the car, at home or on the street. Because Savak and Israel remained in the written era, they had no idea of the impact of the videotape or film reel. Therefore, there was no strictness. And the same idea was in American and British universities. They were going to the early cyber war with the book. Books were printed cheaper and more frequently. To increase the reading speed. But the result was nothing but the development of virtual space. While the book was only reserved for the educated class, the people separated their way from the intellectuals. And they left them alone with the book. This was the insistence on pure science, the frontier of knowledge, etc. And they accused the virtual space of superficiality. While studying in virtual space, online and according to the latest ideas. That is, instead of being a student early in the morning! Go to the library to get a book, find the desired pages and memorize it! In a minute with the internet, it was searched and copied. And this was not understandable for the intellectual class of readers. On the other hand, research in the world of book readers! It was either parallel or there was a gap. Or it turns out to be contradictory. For example, in America, a hypothesis was proven, while in Japan they tried to discard it. Even in America itself, theories and hypotheses were quickly saying goodbye to the field and giving their place to new hypotheses.

Infiltrating Israel’s borders
Al-Aqsa storm showed that: it is easy to penetrate the borders of Israel: because the house of Israel is weaker than the house of the spider. According to the information available in Mahin News: All the elites and their artificial intelligence and computers were gathered in Israel. They wanted to make Israel’s war machine smart and not need soldiers. Because the Zionist soldiers were divided into three parts: Most of them have migrated. This means that more than half of the Zionist soldiers who came from other countries and had relatives and assets returned to their country. Only those who were native there, or are of Iranian origin, are left. Iranians think that if they return, they will be sentenced to death. But the one who repents is like the one who never went to Israel. The third group that remains, bargains for higher wages. Of course, there are also fourth groups that: to strike from the inside, they have mammoth to stay in Israel. Examples of them are those who declare solidarity with Palestine and appear in the demonstrations on Saturdays. And Netanyahu can’t do anything. Because he entrusted the command of the war to Maryam Qajar and Reza Pahlavi. Maryam Qajar with her worn-out militia, and Reza Pahlavi with the fugitive pilots, are testing force. Therefore, infiltrating Israel’s borders is completely possible. You should only use Imam Khomeini’s method: primarily with empty hands! Because Iranians fight better with their bare hands. This is what karate means. It has been answered since ancient times. It means that the enemy, relying on technology, imagined himself to be strong, and thought that he was ahead of the Iranians in military calculations! And therefore he attacked. But the bravery and bravery of Iranians have replaced the enemy’s technology! and destroyed them. In the Roman attack on Iran, Sardar Sorna and Aryu Barzan alone defeated the enemy in the important gorges. Sardar Soleimani also went to ISIS war empty-handed: the day when Kak Massoud! He was waiting for Iran’s help to counter ISIS attack, he was waiting for missiles and planes! But to his surprise, Sardar Soleimani came with only a few ceremonial cars. Yes, he messed up the Daesh case in Soyeh and Iraq with his bare hands. Even now, the Palestinian people should fold the scroll of Israel with the help of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and the guidance of his rightful successor, and all its supporters should repent. The priority scenario for this is the penetration or return of 14 million Palestinians to their land. After that, voting and the creation of a greater Palestinian state. This return, of course, will be accompanied by the help of fire prepared by Yemen, Iraq and Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Now Israel’s nuclear facilities have been destroyed, all border checkpoints have been evacuated, new settlements are being built: they are waiting for the arrival of displaced Palestinians. They must strive. The Hamas movement also announced by publishing a statement: Everyone should infiltrate Israel with whatever power they have. Those who have passports, officially enter Tel Aviv airport. Those who can get a visa are the same, but the rest of the people have to leave empty-handed. If they need weapons, confiscate them from Israeli agents. This is the order of the Qur’an: Do not disobey the order of the Qur’an. Be sure: the best interpreters of the Qur’an are the Shia Imams and the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt (Hadith Saqlain). Therefore, if you have not noticed these noble verses, because the non-Shia leaders want you dead, and they will send you a shroud. He is the only one who thinks about you. There are many verses in the Qur’an, which you should read again and carefully: And according to the words of Imam Ali (AS): attack and leave your skull to God.

Western marketing
Western marketing is marketing for the West. And educators are so dumb that they don’t see global developments. All scholars and people have understood that: America has sanctioned Iran! But they do not accept at all. Because the meaning of sanctions is to invalidate: any kind of marketing. It is unclear what else needs to happen for them to believe that marketing is dead. According to the information available in Mahin News, one of the methods to make sanctions effective is marketing classes. That is, people from American and British organizations receive funding to prove in the classroom that Iran cannot and should not circumvent the sanctions. Rather, he should negotiate with America. Their work has reached a point where, for example, an English official allows himself to sanction Iranian officials. It is not clear what the British embargo will do, but for them, it is important to make it big. Their most important role is to prove that Iran cannot govern itself without America. Their method of imposing this thinking is only mockery. The mercenaries of America and England do what is double-edged. They used to say: France builds rockets, Iran builds suns. Of course, they didn’t say sunny! They called Lulang. Then the Persian Academy changed the place of the word. Therefore, they are trying to use this nostalgic slogan in scientific language! and express as marketing or business. The reason for this nostalgic thinking is also present in many of our officials. For example, they think: society is still backward, people are poor, and there are many problems in life. Rahim Safavi is one of these people: he denies all naval and missile developments! Just because: we still haven’t solved: inflation. They do not know: inflation cannot be solved. Because it is directly correlated with population growth. For example, you cannot keep Shamran lands fixed. Because the land is limited, but the demand is increasing every day. Or they don’t know that every poor person in Iran gets subsidies and help from 8 places. Electricity and water are free for them. Since electricity and water are free for them, it means they have houses and cars. And: At least they have life. Now, greed makes them indulge in extravagance and luxury, that’s another matter. All the poor are subsidized, and have equity. So the nostalgic concept, that some people don’t even have bread at night! It is completely false. But in business classes, everything is unscientific and according to America’s wishes. The law of economics says: there is always full employment. But they say: the problem of the society is unemployment. It means that they even back their own economic claims. Ten percent unemployment is a requirement for full employment. Because in that case, employment has no meaning: because if everyone is busy, no one will participate in the recruitment test, etc., all selections and recruitments must be closed. Even those who are busy will not be motivated. Because there is no fear of unemployment. So you should be honest in all areas! Even in the field of Western economic sciences, it turns out that America and Europe, on the one hand, claim humanitarianism, but on the other hand, they do not like the Palestinians. They give so many theories for marketing, but with one sanction they call all marketing scientists smart. Two hundred years of marketing will be sent to the grave with one Trump signature. The reality of marketing is: that we find more customers for our products. But when there is an embargo, it is practically taking a cane from the hands of the blind. Or tying the soldiers’ hands and sending them to the minefield. The reason is clear: as a result of sanctions, the Iranian market is out of the hands of the marketers. Do American companies lose money? Or Iran? You see that every once in a while major American and European companies go bankrupt. Of course they are! do not see And they are still in the space of 1960.

A break in the empire
Iran has been, is and will be an empire from the beginning. But some people are skeptical and ask, for example, was it the time of Qajar? So we will investigate this issue. The research method in this regard has both a field and a library mode. But the easiest of all is to use public information of all people. That is, there is no secret in history or society! Everyone knows everything, only their analysis is different. For example, everyone knows the important fatwa of Mirza Shirazi. But its analysis is important. It is easy to understand that the political and economic power of a person like Mirza Shirazi was higher than the power of England and Naseruddin Shah. Because everyone knows, the ruling on banning tobacco was only one sentence: the prohibition of using tobacco and tobacco in any way is in the ruling of war against Imam al-Zaman (peace be upon him). Harare at least Mohammad Hasan al-Hussaini.” And this became the tobacco boycott movement. All companies went bankrupt. And England was afraid of the Reggie incident. and canceled the colonial agreement. Shah Qajar also saw that they didn’t bring hookah for him that night, he said, “Why don’t you bring it?” They said that Mirza Shirazi has banned! So, both England and Qajar were disarmed. It turned out: cannons, guns, contracts, commuting, bribery, etc., all submit to a signature. Or they say that during Pahlavi’s time, for example, Iran was a colony! But Pahlavi should be analyzed separately from Iran. Like the incident of Reji, which Shah Qajar was analyzed separately from Islam. During Pahlavi’s time, Iran was neutral. That is, he did not intervene in the first and second wars. Like today, he is not involved in the war in Ukraine. Because this decision was not made in the Pahlavi court, nor in the Pentagon. Rather, it was done with the reference of the viceroy of Imam Zaman (AS). At that time, the real power was not in the hands of Reza Shah, but in the hands of the veteran teacher and Ayatollah Kashani. Even Mossadegh had no role but sabotage. Because the army and police were not in the hands of Mossadegh. Nationalization of oil product: It was the events of 30th of July that Mossadegh told the nation. But Matin Dafari reported all his movements to the court and England. His wife was also from Qajar. And it had no strengths. Therefore, as soon as he fell in love with Kashani, he fell. And the poet also sang at the same time: Whoever falls with the family of Ali, falls. In all the historical events throughout the history of Iran, the kings came from religious centers and with the support of religious people, and where they wanted to show themselves, they were either dictators or overthrown. Of course, both have the same meaning. That is, becoming a dictator means showing oneself. They would fall immediately. These incidents happened consecutively both before Islam and after Islam and everyone knows about it. Everyone knows that Allameh Tabatabai called Koresh Zulqarnain. Oh, Jamshid, the same Hazrat Suleiman! Siavash is the same as Abraham, Rudabah is the mother of Moses, more or less everyone knows. Therefore, in this review, we do not need specific or exotic sources. It is the same after Islam. Umar, Abu Bakr and Uthman gained their legitimacy as potential sons-in-law of the Prophet. And in fact, they were appointed to the government just as they had gone to propose to Hazrat Fatimah! But when they came to power, they denied it. And they wanted to show themselves, that we can see that a clear problem is happening. Finally, Hazrat Fatima (S) gave a positive answer to Hazrat Ali, the government of the caliphs was transferred to Ali (AS). Bani Abbas also reached the goal of government under the pretext of being cousins with the Prophet. Because Abbas was the Prophet’s uncle. And Bani Abbas always presented themselves as cousins with the imams of Huda. For example, Harun al-Rashid directly told Imam Musa Kazem: We are cousins, let’s resolve our differences. And Musa Ibn Jafar said: You must hand over the government! Harun did not accept and imprisoned Musa Ibn Jafar until he was martyred. Therefore, the power of the kings of Iran before Islam came from the prophets, and after Islam came from the descendants of Ali.

Social greed
Greed is bad for everyone and one of the moral vices. It does not matter whether it is individual or social greed. In fact, the spread of greed does not eliminate its ugliness. Sharing the greed of power and wealth and hoarding and backbiting! It does not prevent them from becoming safe. In God’s empire, there is no poverty or unemployment. Employment is complete, the market is saturated, and people are full and productive! It is greed that has appeared in the form of poverty. Mass production! to increase waste. and having multiple jobs, to trample on the employment rights of others. Is a person who is God’s successor on earth poor? All human beings are God’s successors on earth, (Ani Ja’al fi al-arz Khalifah) and all creatures, existence and wealth of the world were created for this emperor. It means that they did not become emperors empty-handed. They only need to think a little: the sea and oceans feed 7 times the current population. Mines and reserves underground and inside the mountains (or those in Al-Bahar-e-Ajaibuh, or those in Al-Jebal-e-Khazaineh). The great source of fresh water storage in the heavens (clouds, wind, fog, sun and firmament), fruit trees, wheat spikes, which is hundreds of times the human population. Therefore, all those who declare poverty are of three types: The first group are liars. These are called beggars. All municipalities are faced with such beggars: dishonorable, greedy and liars: statistics show that the income of working children and garbage collectors! It is far more than the salary and income of a general manager. Just ask about their goodwill. That is, in order to stand at the crossroads, they pay a large amount, or deduct from their income. In Iran, people are heartbroken and give them a coin or banknote, and hundreds of insults to the municipality and the government, why does it eat away their rights. Or collect them! But in Afghanistan and Pakistan, beggar industry is called as the biggest source of foreign exchange. Because most of these beggars are Afghan or Pakistani. In addition to obtaining royalties, the Taliban also use these people for espionage: so that they can make Iran and neighboring countries subordinate to Amirul Momineen! be alone This means that every garbage picker is also a secret agent. When you talk to them, you will find that they are often educated and intelligent: they monitor the behavior of the neighborhood. The second group is those who have stories, that is, they were rich, they had a lot of income, but they died. Because of the many incomes, they did not have a livelihood, the wolves of death (children, spouses and partners) eat their rights, and even a drop of water! And with a foot type out! Most cartoons of sleepers and drug addicts are like that. It’s enough: eat with them, you will see that they were not less than the general manager, but they couldn’t bear to pay the bills, and ran away. These are called nostalgic or nostalgic. The poor who openly consume or beg and litter, until one of them asks: maybe help them to return to the glory of the past. But the third group are those who: love poverty (Al-Faqr Fakhri) or that God is testing them (Lanbluwankum beshii min al-khuf, hunger, and lack of wealth, soul, and fruits). They know they have to wait. (Bashr al-Sabreen) therefore, they are often unassuming, and do not declare their poverty. They have no questions or requests from anyone. Social greed, here, changes the place of the murderer and the martyr: the hidden poor are accused of laziness and lack of work, and the public poor are described as dignified. For example, when I talked to Sardar Rahim Safavi about Iran’s naval empire, he said that it is useless! People are poor. It doesn’t help them. I said that those whom you know as poor are better off than me and you. They, like all nostalgic people, agreed and said: But there are those who need bread at night too! And this is the mechanism of replacing martyrs and murderers: in economic matters, to waste the achievements of the empire.

decline and curse
God wanted his beauty to be seen. Therefore, he had to create a creature: he removed him from himself in order to watch him from a distance. and say his opinion. This is what created man. and made the world plural. The most important characteristic of a human being was that: he had to look at God with his free will and talk about His beauties (worship) or he could not look at God. But where should he look? So an opposite pole was necessary, that people turn away from God by their own will, and pay attention to it and worship it. Therefore, he had an excuse and said that: everyone should prostrate to Adam, and he knew Satan would not prostrate. That’s why he pushed him away. and placed in the opposite pole. and allowed him to attract attention. Satan’s mission was done well, man’s attention was drawn to other than God. Now it was time to choose: Satan or God! Satan showed kindness so that he could, so he revealed God’s plan to him and said: If you want to stay in heaven forever and not be God’s lab rat, eat the forbidden fruit. Now there were two ways before him: did he follow God’s order and not eat from that tree? Or to listen to Satan’s order and bypass God? Eve came to his aid: immediately ate two grains of wheat and said: Look, I have become nothing. be delusional Adam’s attention was drawn to his own beauty: beauty and love for Eve became his third goddess. And therefore he stepped into the world of abundance. God threw him away! And he said go find your love. But he did not say anything to Eve, but pinned her to Adam. To find out the end of this multiplicity, Prophet Eve landed in Jeddah, and Prophet Adam landed in Sri Lanka. Jeddah may have been by the Red Sea, and Sri Lanka in the Oman Sea, there was no more paradise and its fruits. He even deprived them of their clothes to clarify the punishment for what they had done. To promote the discourse of the body. Adam saw that his body was naked and his flaws were revealed, he immediately used a fig leaf to cover his private parts. Now, three issues are separated here: Distance from God does not mean to be outside of God’s domain, but it is distance from God’s throne and seat of command. And this distance also has three minimal states: first, like Satan, where the word curse is used. It means distance without return. The second distance with the possibility of returning to heaven and God’s pleasure, which uses the word “down” (waqlana ahbatwa) and the third is to be pinned. The word “enemy” is used from it: (Qulna ahbettuwa baazookum lebaez adoo) and it is related to Eve: Eve must be under the set of Adam. and be punished. Eve’s punishment was not for eating the forbidden fruit! Rather, his influence is for Adam’s rebellion. Therefore, his return is also associated with Hazrat Adam. He should consider Adam as his leader, not himself as Adam’s leader. Punishing the opposite action also means enmity. Therefore, the return of Hazrat Hawa is the acceptance of Adam’s guidance and leadership (Qulna ehbetua minha jamiea, so what will come to you, mini Hadi). And there was no independent discussion from them. Therefore, enmity is rebellious. and guidance of taming. And Eve, by being submissive to Adam, was guided and returned to paradise. The meaning of enmity for Hazrat Adam is: protesting against Eve and imagining the mentality of betrayal. In other words, at first, the idea was that he was in league with the devil (because the devil is defined as the enemy of man), but when he accepted the guidance, it became clear that there was no evil intention. So they repented together. Because they saw Jamal Haq from afar. And they understood the beauty of God. And they wept. Therefore, the philosophy of plurality became unity: that is, Adam and Eve returned to God’s will. But the children of Adam remained! They are all in the world of multiplicity. That is, they can look to God or turn away from Him. Nafs Amara, who represents Satan, calls them to stay away from God, deny God, and obey Satan. This breath will only disappear when its driving engine is destroyed. Its driving engine, the devil, has received respite from God! Even Suleiman alone cannot take this deadline from him, unless there is a universal resurrection

Investment formula
Investment means: Regardless of immediate consumption, for more use in the future. Therefore, three elements: reason, will of conscience are effective in it: for example, a farmer, if he eats all the seeds and consumes them, he will not have wheat for another year. Therefore, with rational calculation, he consumes a smaller portion, and keeps a larger portion for spring or autumn cultivation. If his lust overcomes reason. And say: Who has seen tomorrow! And have fun now, and as Khayyam says: count the tail as a trophy. Of course, it will be more fun. So human will must intervene. between present pleasure and future pleasure. The suggestion of Quran and Islam is: give consent to give up the present pleasure. This formula has been proven repeatedly. The biggest testing ground for this formula is Karbala: Imam Hussain sacrificed all his wealth. He gave up the joy of being a father, being a leader, having a brother, even drinking water. And a clean sweep is over. Now in contrast: eternal life, many brothers and children, domes and courts, gold and jewels, free food and abundant water. So, the formula of investing in Islam is satisfaction (Reza Baghzaek). Just as gratitude was used to increase wealth, with the satisfaction of the human being, he gives a higher value to his possessions. And it makes a lot of profit. To better understand the issue, let’s take a look at Western investment: stealing other people’s assets, even their lives! Banks, for example, usually invest less than one thousandth of their assets. 999% of it is the property of others. The lie of the theory is proven from there: when they take people’s money, they give a lot of prizes and festivals and incentives. But when paying back, they avoid, they even demand to increase the balance. Even joint-stock companies empty people’s pockets with better tricks: initial advertisements (subscription notices) are written with complete deception: big profits are promised, they show the production and employment of the society. But in practice, no profit is given, because they say: we have workshop equipment for the first 5 years. After that, they use the excuse of dissatisfaction in profit. They don’t even return the original capital and say: Go find a customer and sell yourself! (Exchange) doesn’t give profit, instead of production and employment, they go to brokers and money games and declines and high sales and hoarding. So the investment is not done satisfactorily. Rather, it is deception and false advertising. For example, the major public companies are in petrochemicals. Under the pretext of being knowledge-based, they spend a lot of money, but instead of making the product cheaper, they suddenly multiply it. And the biggest factor of high prices in Iran are these upstream industries. Because they are used everywhere. And people are forced to buy. The car industry is more interesting than this! Production monopoly, low quality, and astronomical prices are the result of 50 years of investment in Iran Khodro and Saipa. Now, if the managers were satisfied and did not receive huge bonuses, the workers would be satisfied, would we witness this disaster again? Hazrat Fatima, peace be upon him, even donates her wedding dress to the poor, but these do not go beyond the pockets of poor people. Always promise quality, cheap and national production! they give But practically the opposite is true. And this is the meaning of unblessing. God says: If people are satisfied with their lack of sustenance, I will reward them for their small deeds. They asked Imam Sadiq the meaning of blessing, he said: A dog gives birth to seven puppies twice a year, but nothing is useful for it. But a sheep gives birth to one lamb a year, while the world is full of sheep. And all its parts can be used. Therefore, Fatemeh S.’s clay house and Mola Ali’s calloused hands were, are, and will be a huge man-making factory (the best sources of production).

The formula for increasing wealth
Many people have given theories to increase wealth and become rich: especially western management and business scholars! And perhaps the best of them are the books related to Al Trump: which includes strange businesses: including drug and arms trafficking, which has the highest profit in the world. Because when the goal is to make a profit, the shortcut is smuggling: neither pay taxes nor customs to prevent them. reach the consumer without an intermediary. Of course, more moral scholars! They say that profit is within the framework of ethics! But the priority is profit. Companies also announce: We are not charity companies that think about saving people. We have to keep our hats on. and have maximum profitability for our company. Because of this, they also blame the government, and say that the government is not a good businessman! Because it prevents their smuggling and theft. In the most honorable way in Western theories, theft and usury are introduced as business: business is slightly different according to Zionist and liberal Christian theories: in fact, Judaism and Zionism are governed based on usury: that is, by Earning money effortlessly, as a discount! But modern liberal Christianity is based on honorable and fashionable theft. That is, they are trained: how to take the rights of others for themselves. Banks are examples of successful Zionist institutions, the stock market is a successful example of liberal Zionist Christianity: everything is clear about usury, because war with God is introduced in Islam. But in the case of business, it should be known that all western business tricks are for stealing the added value of others. Although it is called (marketing) in a wrapper and with pompous words, but the truth is this. For example, they teach the ways of tax evasion: which is the whole science of accounting for this work. That is, no one likes accounting, they even say that it causes infertility and weak eyesight and hearing. But to avoid taxes, they have to! Or they reduce the cost and price: that is, they pay the wages in the minimum labor law. Or they steal raw materials from people’s land (mining and exclusive labor). They put the added value of wages and raw materials in overhead! It means that the board of directors will be rewarded. We now have this problem in the stock market and equity dividend distribution. Profit declared to the Ministry of Finance, which is designed to avoid taxes and show losses, is the basis of profit sharing. While in the minutes of the board of directors bonus! Profits are expressed multiple times. All the companies included in equity shares, government, semi-government and people’s institution, in the published balance sheet, express the biggest losses. But if the balance sheet is disclosed, it will be clear that all these losses are due to the payment of astronomical salaries to the managers. And galactic bonuses for board members. All this is reported due to high profitability. Therefore, in Islamic gains, all these are forbidden: whether it is usury (earning income from playing with money) or smuggling, theft, and short selling. It’s just gratitude. That is, the added value in Islam is for God, and we ask God for it: because God has promised that if you are grateful for any blessing, He will increase it (Len shakrtam lazidenkam). God is absolute wealth, and the creator of wealth. That is, it creates blessings and added value, and gives it to us. With gratitude, firstly, we realize what we have: while the ungrateful, like Quebec, put their heads under the snow and say that it doesn’t snow. Or they are like fish in water, but they always want water! And secondly, we determine the path of wealth increase (praying).

Iran is a unique superpower
The main hypothesis of the Fundamental Ideas Foundation is: Hypothesis: Iran has always been, is and will be a superpower. Proving the hypothesis: First stage: During the time of Jamshid Jam, Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great, Iran was a unique world empire, and there is no doubt about it. Second stage: Iran is currently equipped with a cheap drone, ballistic missiles and distant seafaring. Earth is the superpower of the world, there is no doubt! Only a straw in the distance between Koresh and today is questioned. This is also wrong. And it needs proof. The third stage: After Cyrus until today, it can be divided into three main parts: before Islam, Islamic era and two contemporary centuries. By the way, during this era, Iran had the highest powers! But it has suffered from wrong interpretations from the inside: for example, they say that Shah Abbas went to the Jolfa church in Isfahan, during the month of Ramadan, he asked the Armenians for impurity and drank: and he said: We respect Christians! This is his way of undermining Islam for the feeling of xenophobia. That is, Shah Abbas, who was the symbol of an emperor, had such stupid thoughts in his head. While he could prove it in another way: for example, he invited everyone to his palace and prepared an elaborate dinner and gifts for them. These biased thinking caused the Iranian empire not to be seen in these three eras. After Cyrus the Great conquered Egypt and appointed a person from Khorasan as pharaoh! He attributed there, according to the famous narration, he passed away on the way back. After the death of Cyrus, some people appealed to the Romans: the city of Rome is the Roman Empire! And the empire of Iran was called: Iranshahr. And like today, they changed the place of the murderer and the martyr. There were only two cities in Europe, which did not accept outsiders, and they were called barbarians. But according to the crooked thinkers, they were the Roman Empire and the Greek Empire. While according to the maps available in Bistun Kermanshah, both were small provinces of Iran (Sparta and Yuna). In the Islamic era, it is the same way: Arbia (Arab) and Makkah (Mecca) provinces were small provinces and among the 23 provinces of the Iranian Empire, but they became the Arab Empire! (Like now they chant: Autonomy of Kurdistan, Independence of Iran) Meanwhile, Hazrat Ali transferred the Sassanid Empire to the Alawi Empire by marrying the two daughters of Yazdgerd III to his two sons. And this Alawi empire of Al-Buyeh, Dilmian, Tibarian and Al-Ziyar joined together to form the Safavid government. Of course, the appearance of the case was that the government was in the hands of Shah Abbas or the Qajar and Pahlavi, but in principle the power was in the Alavi dynasty. At the peak of Naseruddin Shah’s power, a two-line ruling by Mirza Shirazi made even Naseruddin Shah’s family not to bring hookah for him. Ayatollah Mujtahid threatened Britain and Russia with Jihad. And England, with all its apparent power, said: As long as there is the Quran and the clergy, we cannot do anything. Ali’s rule can also be seen in the sanctity and power of Imamzadegan. They were not only rulers in their time, but also in our time, they are the source of power, wealth and peace for people. Anyone who has a financial or political problem knows that his problem can be solved by appealing to these imams, and through the first imams. It is the validity of the executive power of these Imamzadegans, who all believe in Imam Zaman: even though they do not see him, or it is different from the apparent logic of governance. But everyone turns to him to solve their problems. Because they know that men of power and wealth think of themselves first. Therefore, as I taught in Al-Hadi Mosque in 1356 in: Days of the Nights of Qadr for all revolutionary students, the power of the Iranian empire was: the teachers and Seyed Jamals, the Kashanis and Imam Khomeini. The book from Klini to Khomeini explains this dynasty well.

The increasing risk of information (big data)
It should be known that human existence is only information! The difference between man and angels and other creatures lies in this, because by teaching names, God marked man as superior to creatures (the science of Adam, the names of heads), and by doing this, he taught the philosophy of human creation in the meeting of free thinking of creatures. said. Therefore, science and philosophy are the essence of God! God organized the first meeting of free thinking. So this proves: all the foundations of human thinking must undergo transformation. From me and us, return to God. From here, the danger of increasing information becomes clear. That is, just as the lack of information makes man equal to animals, the addition of information may make man inferior to animals. It becomes pure blasphemy. Today, the world is experiencing an increase in information, the explosion of information has led him to disbelief (they cover up the facts). It means mismanagement of knowledge! happened, and the flag bearers of knowledge management are going astray. He accepts Managers who have increased knowledge, but consider it attributed to themselves or someone else (other than God), are in disbelief and delusion. Because they themselves know: that they do not tell the truth. The philosophy of human creation, from the language of its creator, is only worship. Those who do not accept philosophy, have to turn to logic. First of all, I am the devil’s judge! And this was the cause of his departure: from the worship of God. Because Satan was a devotee, but he was not a slave. He worshiped God for 60 thousand years, but by denying philosophy, and making comparisons with Al-Farq, he was cursed by God! And he was driven from the door of God, and he marked the first plurality from the unity of existence. It was the increase of his knowledge that made him proud, he adapted the introduction to the latter! which was like a flashlight. He said that I am better than Adam because I was created from fire and he was created from dust. But the other angels all prostrated. Because they accepted the divine philosophy, even though it was against their will. They slandered God in the meeting of free thinking, he was wrong! And Egypt was wrong, they said: Their logic was this: Do you want to create someone again, who will cause corruption in the earth? With this logic, and analogy! Satan questioned God’s past, brought his mistakes before his eyes, and his new work. They were also devout, and they said: Why do you create Adam? We sing the Tasbih ourselves! But with divine intervention, they were convinced and prostrated. And they were satisfied with unity with God. God also accepted them, but he was not satisfied. He wanted to be someone: who in plurality, and apart from himself, with reason, logic and philosophy, away from plurality, reach the unity of existence (Inna Allah and inna aliyyah rajjoon). He should worship God at his own will and return. But Adam’s children were divided into two races! Some people returned to God (repentance), and started wishing for heaven and God’s pleasure, but some people became friends with Satan, and instead of thanking God for His creation, they started hating it and making friends with the anti-God. Are 8 billion people on earth satisfied with their own creation? And they want to return to God? Or do they believe in the power of Satan and consider themselves omnipotent? Yes! Today, artificial intelligence interprets all this! Unaware of God, by appealing to evil elites, they gathered in Afrim, Israel, collected all the information with advanced computers, to say that artificial intelligence rules us, and they don’t need God. Because they have become the rulers of the world due to the increase of information (big data) in order to crush the believers. But the intelligence of believers overcame artificial intelligence! And all the computers were moved from Afrim to Gaza.

Double payment from the nation’s pocket
The influence of liberals in Iran’s financial centers has caused financial management based on interest to become the basis of all work. The municipality is also driven by greed: to raise interest even higher. Financial managers do not believe in Islamic financial management. And they see everything from the point of view of Judaism, or economic Zionism. Even the value of the employee is calculated with the formula: current value: suppose you put 200 billion tomans in the bank and get 6 million tomans per month! equal to the salary of a worker. It means the value of the worker’s work! that’s it. Therefore, in order to increase their value, they always ask for the highest salaries, and so that the voices of other managers are not heard, they raise them as well. And they are constantly looting the treasury in an increase or escalation. Their argument is that the higher the remuneration and salaries of the board of directors and managers, the lower the profit! Therefore, they pay less tax. For this reason, all state and semi-state companies show losses in their balance sheets. not to pay taxes It is interesting that these companies with heavy losses give astronomical items to the board of directors: under the title of increasing profits! And efficiency. As long as the managers can buy the company. They can bid for two reasons: leaving the formalities! One is that this company is unprofitable, no one will buy it. Second, the right of precedence is with the current shareholders. With these methods, all the treasury legally! They take it for themselves. And they say (Sardar, come and take this) we ourselves are Baitul-Mal! Today, in the bank, stock exchange and insurance, which are the three symbols of the usurious economy of Zionism, they have made sure that the verses related to the Battle of Bakhdoar are not mentioned at all. For example, among the honors of the Basiji government! It is that he raised the interest, contrary to the law and Sharia, and is ready to raise it even higher. The municipality announced: If the banks’ profit is 23%, we will give more than that, so that people can invest their money in urban projects. That is, their force did not reach the bank law, they went to the municipalities. The municipality still intends to teach the method of interest (descending) to the mayors in a big conference. And the reason for the adherence of the mayors to Islam and their non-fighting with God is the lack of knowledge of the mayors. These germs of Zionist corruption do not adhere to any law. And like Israel, they do not know boundaries. Because if they adhere to the Islamic law, they must cut interest. Interest means gambling, and earning income without work! Or if they even go to developed countries, they should increase the interest rate to 1%. Therefore, we see that neither Islam nor the world are raising interests on their own. Anyway, with these excuses, they take money from people many times. Once directly as taxes, once indirectly from the government, they want to make their services more expensive as a profit for investors. And this makes the city more expensive and costly to run. While its services have not changed. So instead of raising resources, they should think about reducing expenses. Many of the municipal expenses are wasteful and not in their legal duty. The new municipal law considers it higher than the presidency. And in fact, it works instead of all government agencies: instead of the advertising organization! Instead of the ministry of silence! When he buys wagons from China, or orders buses from domestic companies. Naturally, it causes the unemployment of workers in these sectors. While the purchase of means of transportation is not the responsibility of the municipality. Only its settings are the responsibility of the municipality. Expenditure for the Arbaeen procession, for example, is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior. But the municipalities enter. Therefore, it should be known that they use anything to impose usury system. Insurance companies, banks, and stock exchanges all cover their inefficiencies in this way. Wow, now we don’t need insurance, banks, and physical stock exchanges. A platform can do this for free.

Are you 75 years old with 15,000?
Is the year equal? Gathered people! In occupied Palestine, which has no historical record for more than 75 years, can it be equal to the original people who have 15,000 years of civilizational history? The positive answer is given only by those who have suffered from attack syndrome, and this is Netanyahu’s team, who have suffered from fruitless attack syndrome. Because in his last visit, he issued the order to attack the Palestinian homes in Gaza, and at the same time, he strongly followed the creation of sedition in Iran. and officially announced the beginning of new attacks. And this shows that the only cure for this syndrome is to destroy the entire team. Therefore, the duty of all resistance forces: all over the world is: to focus on the killing and destruction of Netanyahu’s team. And this is the task of small resistance groups all over the world. Because these resistance groups were formed in all countries by order of Imam Khomeini. Each of them has up to forty years of experience in analyzing and collecting information. Many of them have also participated in the field of action and have offered experiences in organizing demonstrations even in Tel Aviv. Therefore, it is easy to say: anyone who has a human conscience should make it their goal to destroy Netanyahu. Because it was proved to the whole world: that he suffers from this attack syndrome disease. And the only way to cure it is to destroy him. Perhaps, if there are those who have just stepped on this path, they should know that: All human beings throughout history came from the same parents. Therefore, there is no difference between them. But Netanyahu and his predecessors consider themselves the best races and the rest deserve to be killed. So far, guidance, advice, guidance and cultural work have not been answered, which means that they do not owe the guidance of prophets. For this, it is better: to participate in the demonstrations of supporters of Gaza, they should organize their friends first. and then contact the leader of the demonstration or its important people. to receive the necessary guidance. But those who are in the areas where: it is possible for Netanyahu to pass, have a heavier responsibility. The whole world must be unsafe for him. Also know that the core of resistance exists among Netanyahu’s bodyguards. But they should not do anything because of security reasons, Imam can open the way for others. For example, we have been informed that commercial ships from Bab al-Mandab will change and continue their route from your side of the border. And this is a good opportunity: because everything that is in the ship and even the ship itself, they can take as booty. This is because the people of the world should not wait for the actions of the Islamic Republic. A group called Hamas simply took over 250 Zionist settlements in one hour and entered Israel up to a depth of 50 kilometers. Because Netanyahu cannot coordinate everything. Now he is only thinking about media and advertising work. For example, as soon as he announced that he will start the war again, he knows that there is nothing he can do. But it can activate its mercenary media, even inside Iran. For example, Dunyai Ekhtaz newspaper happily broadcasts the relevant news online about the renewed attack. Although his license is a newspaper, he uses his website on Fridays. They are trying to encourage Iran to act, so that the world will say: Iran is not doing anything, so what are we doing! While Iran has taken absolutely vital steps on a macro level, and has squeezed Netanyahu’s throat: as soon as the leader of Iran declares: No one should sell goods to Israel, or buy from it. This will make the ranks of the hypocrites more clear so that people will not be mistaken. Turkey and China are the top hypocrites: that means they are also crying for Gaza! And they provide Israel’s needs. One of the important things that Iran’s foreign minister did was bypassing the veto. While the United Nations Security Council with three members had vetoed the cease fire, with the movement of diplomacy, the United Nations and the three countries were sidelined.

The game of marginalists
The more production you add, the more the enemy destroys. This game is called: Marginals or the final game. To explain this article, have you asked yourself why: super heavy weight lifting is called heavy lifting? Because if a feather! Chicken or peacock feathers, add it and no one can lift it. This is the marginal or final production or final barrier. Suppose you eliminate the gasoline supply imbalance by building refineries and investing. For example, you increased the capacity by one million liters, so that it is equal to the consumption. Here, the enemy creates more than one million new demands or consumption, so that the crisis of disharmony continues. And the so-called shadow comes with you. This new consumption is not popular consumption at all. Rather, it is fuel smuggling or even destroying it and dumping it in deserts! Because with this work, the enemy pays a price so that the production capacity is destroyed, and the crisis remains. In all fields, the enemy is in your shadow: suppose you start a TV station, to cover the blind spots. But to your surprise, satellites are received better than your signal. And that blind spot remains. In the consumption of water and electricity and all economic matters, the enemy has a correct assessment of dissatisfaction. He also knows your strength. Therefore, you can see that, considering the fact that construction is several times the world’s average, Iran is developing, but the homeless are still increasing. Or, for example, the aid committee empowers many people every year! He gives them a helping hand. But the number of the poor is not only not decreasing, but also increasing. And this shows that more production is not the solution. Limiting consumption is the solution. which in Makasab is called moderation or contentment. It means to prevent excessive consumption. Not wrongly, but rightly! For example, to prevent excessive consumption of water, they put signs in front of mosques that say: Do not skip ablution. While if it is rejected, it will not happen as much as the rejection of a celebrity: it will not happen in his own pool. In fact, that celebrity or anti-revolutionary, by filling his swimming pool with drinking and purified water, destroys or renders a water and sewage unit ineffective. That is, you are trying to introduce a new source into the circuit by digging a well. And he consumes exactly all these waters alone. It is the same with oil and gasoline. As the number of refineries increases, the smuggling of fuel and its recycling is ahead. The loss of fuel smuggling is 4 billion dollars per day. This is the official and confirmed figure. In clothes, for example, customs declares: only two billion dollars worth of clothes entered Iran from Turkey! But Turkey says in its statistics: It has exported 28 billion dollars of clothes to Iran. So the importance of the marginal game (endgame) must be understood, and dealt with properly. It should not be assumed that fuel smuggling is for a piece of bread! who then dealt with it with compassion! He ended the matter with a fine. Rather, it should be known that the purpose of fuel smuggling is to make the system ineffective. For this reason, it is smuggled from legal grounds! For example, in the case of Turkish clothing, each passenger can use one suitcase of clothing from customs exemption. And if it increases, the rate is minimal. But you can see that 14 times of clothing imports are from this place. Or, for example, Kolbaran, who smuggle oil, are pitied and are not arrested or executed at all. While they were the same, by taking advantage of this unnecessary pity, they brought the means of assassination of Shahid Fakhrizadeh and others into Tehran. Therefore, the government is open with this final! It should be treated as counter-revolutionary. The judiciary should execute them. Even in the issue of water and electricity, celebrities don’t care, no matter how much water money is, the anti-revolution will pay him twice. And their treatment is only revolutionary death sentences.

Hypotheses and stories
The emperor of hypotheses and stories can be created when we know: Iran was, is and will be a unique world empire. Fragmenting this hypothesis leads us to misleading scenarios and stories. Because the basis of every story is the fact that it is not told! And the reader must discover it. And the artist is the one who expresses this essence in the longest writings and speeches and serials. Only at the end of the work, the reader or the viewer will be satisfied that: he was able to understand the ending. Correct hypotheses become the basis of correct stories. And the artist brings these hypotheses from the world of imagination to reality. Therefore, it can be proven that Iran is the only empire in the world. The story of the future, which: Iran will be a single empire, can be well evaluated and get a score of one. It should be known: Iran has authenticity due to its geopolitical position, that is, it is authentic. This is compared to other countries, all of which have been immigrants. And these two are completed together. It means that all the countries and all the people of the world are from the same parents, and therefore they are divided from the same place and scattered around the world. Even in Darwin’s theories, this is proven. Because all monkeys in all forests did not become human! Rather, it happened in one incident and in a single location, and then it was distributed all over the world. In the Qur’anic sources, all this is the opposite. The forest is not the mother of humans! Rather, heaven is the origin of his birth. The difference between the forest and the paradise is that: in the forest, lions and leopards rule, and there is no place for humans. But in heaven, God and angels rule, and there is no place for wild animals. Therefore, Darwin’s theory is invalid due to the fact that: humans have no physical superiority over animals that can preserve themselves. His survival is guaranteed. Because the law of the jungle is the law of the strong. Man cannot fly like birds, nor run away like a leopard, nor tear his prey with his teeth like a lion. Even if he has the sense to escape from the forest, he does not have fur like a cat, to withstand the changes of climate, and he does not have ready food to eat. God taught him all this. And it is God who has appointed the protector (responsible for protection). Therefore, all human beings were a tribe or family from the beginning, the center of which was Iran. It is from the side of the Qazvin Sea that the Medes go to Hamadan, the Parthians to Shiraz, the Scythians to Sistan and Baluchistan, and the Indo-Europeans, further away! Those who left wanted to have a separate government. But he could not, he regretted and returned and joined Iran again. The places that were still rebellious were joined by Cyrus and Darius. Therefore, Iran’s past shows that it was a unique empire. Even in different times with the existence of al-Tawaifi kings and small kings! All of them were related to the Iranian Empire. In World War I and II, Iran was also neutral. They were fighting with themselves. That is why the Allies come to Tehran to confirm their victory. And Tehran is called the bridge of victory. It is with this support that the theory of the gate of civilization, or towards the great civilization, is proposed. Although the westerners considered it to be the servitude of America, Iran’s hegemony was still in the hearts of the westerners. And they did not dare to colonize. Rather, they had one eye on Iran in all matters. From Nixon and Kennedy to Carter and Biden and Obama, they all aligned themselves with the Iran lobby. Of course, with the discovery of the atomic bomb, the Zionist lobby was able to separate America from Iran for a while. But in the Ukraine war and Al-Aqsa storm, we saw that Zionism was also subjected to the power of Iran. A few Iranian drones proved their superiority in Ukraine, Palestine, that all nuclear and non-nuclear bombs went off. Now the pride of America’s fake superpower is that it was able to shoot down an Iranian drone that was launched from Yemen.

Printing Empire
The printing industry in Iran has a history of more than thousands of years. But the West has drawn a curtain over it to reveal its hundred years of history to us. The existence of thirty thousand inscriptions of the same size, with identical writings, gives the same meaning as printing. If Gutenberg did the same thing incompletely, it was called the invention of printing. Even if we do not accept stone printing, paper printing also started in Egypt and China. Do you think that the banknotes were written one by one in ancient China? Or in Iran, when coins were minted, and they were all the same shape: the same is not considered security print or securities? Do you think that for the empire of Darius the Great and Cyrus, the minting of coins was done by hand and individually? What Gutenberg did, even Sulaiman Nabi had already done. The ring or seal and its gem is an example of locust printing. Did the chapar houses of Iran write letters by mouth? The first Iranian currency in 503 BC, which was named Drake, was it picked with a toothpick? And he carved the shape of an archer in it? It should be known that even to prevent fraud, in addition to the integrated role in the circulation of millions of numbers! They used Jafar and Astrolabe calculations and supercomputer calculations. For example, they say that Sheikh Baha’i wanted to write a formula and engrave it on the door of Imam Reza’s court so that sinners cannot enter! The same thing is called password today, and unauthorized people cannot enter. After all, we have no less history in fabric printing than paper and stone printing. The patterns of flower and cashmere on the fabrics are all repeated. It is the same even in carpeting and tiling. The reason is that the main designer drew only one role. The rest is made in the form of a stone or wooden mold, and after being stained with paint, it is engraved on the fabric or the wall. Is there cashmere printing in Isfahan that goes back to the Safavid era? Wasn’t it before Gutenberg? We may say: lithography started with Gutenberg, who printed the first Bible. Then he went to India! And the first Quran was printed in stone in India. But all this is just a string of prints. Maybe it was important to remove the security issue from the print. That is, in addition to the designers of papers, cloth patterns, mosques and inscriptions, people were also able to print. That is, the printing movement in Europe is the departure of the subject of printing from properties. And this caused people’s interest in printing. And created the printing empire. This empire continued until the Islamic Revolution. The Islamic Revolution replaced the tape or CD with the printing of leaflets. In the West, they also realized the importance of the non-written, and emphasized the role of radio and television networks. Therefore, Hollywood took the place of Franklin publications. Until today, no country invests in printing. And Iran has been able to monitor the largest printing and publishing empire in this financial vacuum. It is enough to know that most books and printed works of Iran are done abroad. It means that all the printing houses in the world work for Iran. Print exhibitions are held only with the intention of attracting Iran’s attention. And the so-called domestic printers have cut off their breath. Their latest printed achievements are in the first stage for Iran. Another reason is that until now, Iran’s printing exhibition has no international unit at all. Because they are afraid that the way will be opened! Again, more of their breath will fall on the number. While in Iran, they talk about the high price of paper, printing and books! The same books reach the customer cheaper with the cost of shipping from abroad. And this shows that foreign printing houses have become more stagnant and their eyes are on Iranian products. The amount of Iranian money or securities that is printed in a fake way, even the US dollar does not circulate.

Play dough weapon
It is what God gave to man. And now it’s time to collect the play dough! Therefore, Hashd al-Shaabi should: instead of explosions, hit them one by one! And instead of bombing the ships, Yemen should confiscate them intact. All ships, ships and tanks, stay healthy! Because God is against annihilation. They should all be turned into tourist ships, tourist airplanes and museum tools. All weapons should only be in the hands of Iranians, to prevent their production by others under the supervision of Sahib al-Zaman Aj, and his rightful deputy. And the power belongs to God (God Almighty). This matter is for the benefit of the world both from a material point of view and from an Islamic and religious point of view. We read in the Qur’an that God taught David to make armor! And softened the iron in his hands (like dough). And he taught Suleiman how to smelt iron (Ain al-Qatar), even diving under the sea, and flying to the sky. But the same Hazrat Suleiman, while overseeing all construction activities and military industries, his lifeless body dried up on the top of a hill for three days. All the staff were working at full speed! And they thought that his gaze was serious. God sent a termite to eat the foot of his staff and let his dead body fall on the ground! With his departure, all these facilities fell into the hands of demons. And to this day, demons, jinns, and humans use them. And in the 21st century! And because of space, atom and artificial intelligence! which Zionism inherited, had only one reason: they were looking for the body of Hazrat Suleiman, so that they might get more secrets next to him. Therefore, Zionism created the highest military power, either directly inside the occupied territories, or indirectly and by proxy in the Pentagon, MI6 and even Iran’s SAVAK. According to historical documents, the Zionists also built the atomic bomb. Therefore, this weapon and its science must be removed from the hands of Zionism (Iran should buy the Pentagon from the place of its demands, so that the war will end free). to hand That is, if these weapons of mass destruction are in the hands of Iranians, it is better: that the science of it is with Zion. Because Zangi means Iranian (or Zangi, be Zangi or Rumi Rumi), woman and life are also derived from the same word. Saadi also says: The cat’s razor gave you the wheel of the world, take whatever you want, but don’t kill anyone’s bread. That is, Iranians have proven throughout history that: if they have razors in their hands, even if they are drunk, they will not take anyone’s bread, let alone their life. Even now, the world is witnessing the great bipolarity of weapons production, use, weapons: the entire Zionist factories in America, Israel, France and England! On one side, Iranian drones and missiles on the other side. And in Al-Aqsa storm, it was proved that: Iranian drones and missiles are more useful than all Zionist weapons (one war man, out of a hundred thousand). The result is that all war factories have lost money! They were closed. America, with its astronomical debt, trying to lend to Israel, had to sell the Pentagon. With a debt of 7 billion dollars a day, Israel is borrowing from China and Turkey for a while to survive. Therefore, the ground is ready for the transfer of war technology to Iran. If these weapons are in the hands of Iranians, no one will be harmed. And if anyone gets hurt, it is for disarmament. Iran can buy factories and all weapons instead of its blocked assets. The countries of Israel, France, and the United States should be turned into museum and tourist areas and all the unused war weapons should be allocated to the tourism industry. The most important goal of tourism in the world is: Hajj to the house of God and pilgrimage to Quds and Karbala.

Iran’s global governance, with a Palestinian leaf
Although Imam Khomeini was the genius of the century, but with the help of Sahib al-Zaman, he knew the root of world power well, and planted a strong tree that became the shadow of the whole world. He read the divine scenarios well and based on that he chose a firm and solid strategy, and built a high palace, which will not be affected by wind and rain. A foundation that worked strictly according to Islam. And attributed everything to God. and revived the name of God. The uproar of blasphemy and atheism is still making dust. And the oppressors and oppressors are still dropping their last bombs on the oppressed, so that the people of the world don’t forget the times they had. The miracle of Moses was one of them: the sea split and the people of Israel passed through it. The age of splitting the sea did not give rise to Pharaoh’s people! And therefore the people of Bani Israel forgot everything, they thought that maybe they were asleep, and they lost their imagination. And that’s why they started rebelling! And instead of the pharaohs, they turned to infanticide. But the staff of contemporary Moses (Walayat Faqih) continued. And hit the roots well. According to the verses of God (the scenario of existence and the military strategy of the world), he gave life to the people of Israel again, so that they don’t say that we didn’t know at that time! And if we had known, we would not have been offended by the words of Musa. So Hartsal became their new prophet! He wrote a new Quran for them. But only to power and wealth! The Zionist protocols on Mount Zion were to go to the Promised Land. Everything was right! But they sold their souls to Satan. And instead of thanking God, they tried to bow down to Satan and thank him. They wanted power and wealth without God. And they did so that they used the atomic bomb and dynamite that God had given them against humanity. They considered themselves superior people. And they took the right word and: they rode on the false thought. But they persisted in their wickedness, and they stepped into corruption and destruction. And they said the rest must die. They didn’t know when the others die, who will be virtuous? It was that they hit their roots with the ax. And they turned from a believer in God to a demonic exterminator. Not only did they use bombs and explosions to kill people, they massacred Deir Yassin and Kafr Qasim, but they even turned people’s food into a bullet: which kills people from the inside: they made bio-terrorism global. God said: (If you are good, it is better for you). And if you are bad, you burn your roots. And so it happened that Al-Aqsa storm arose. And like Noah’s flood, it destroyed the root of oppression. But is there a lesson learned? Or will they call it a dream like the past? They will say: Gaza gave twenty thousand martyrs, but the Zionists gave two thousand! Each of their kills was equal to ten kills? Gaza was destroyed, and Israel besieged it? But you who have learned, don’t deny all the divine miracles that others have denied. It happened before your eyes. Say that oppression is a dream. Not fighting oppressors. Know that (for truth, and for falsehood) Golan, don’t let Satan and your devils deceive you for a few days, so that you change the place of a martyr and a murderer. Know that Satan only has a few days. But you can be forever. Don’t hang on to falsehoods that are going away. Rather, be right, which is permanent. Today, Palestine is a divine miracle before us. It seems that divine miracles are always in front of us. But who can learn a lesson? Isn’t your breathing a miracle? Isn’t the birth of a child, its growth and development, and becoming Hitler and Mussolini, a miracle? Isn’t your beauty a miracle? Even the eyeball that is not in that eye! It is a miracle. That means you can’t keep an eye on it. Do not like artificial eyes and toys. Weapons are play dough! And now it’s time to collect the dough.

We left America aside
America, Europe, Israel and the United Nations were sent to the dustbin of history together. By accepting the continuation of the truce, their veto power was invalidated. And therefore, the Al-Aqsa storm was a great false magic. From 1947 until now, the victors of the Second World War sought superiority and approved the right of veto. And with this veto, they prevented Israel from being removed. Due to this dirty germ, the 20th and 21st centuries were full of wars and conflicts. Killing Muslims had become a common practice. Although Israel was a terrorist regime, they declared Muslims as terrorists to kill them more easily. Although Israel was a usurper: it occupied Palestine by force of guns and terror, but they preached that Islam is the religion of the sword! so that no one has the power to defend Islam. Even though they themselves were thinking about the destruction of mankind: they tried every kind of means. But Muslims were introduced as destroyers. The media war was so sharp that it condemned any kind of Muslim movement before it was done. No relic of Islam was safe from their destruction, but they said that Islam is against ancient relic. All the history of the world was the history of Islam. But they taught history without Islam. All scientific and educational theories were from Iran, but they supported science and research without Iran. And they read our brains to themselves. But now it has been reversed, all those who went to Farang have become ambassadors of the Great Iranian Empire. And soon the president of all countries will be Iranian or of Iranian descent. Now everything is reversed. All the wealth of America goes back to Iran. Because Iranians have invested only 4 trillion dollars in America. Blocking assets is not from America’s power, but from poverty and misery. If they give Iranian money, they have to go begging. It has reached a point where Israel borrowed from America! to go about his business. If Iran had given money, it could not give a loan. Therefore, the Iranian lobby in America has been strengthened, Netanyahu has nothing more to say. Throughout American history, the Iran lobby and the Israel lobby have competed with each other. America’s wealth was in the hands of the Jews, but its power was in the hands of the Iranians. which was attributed to the Democratic and Republican parties. But in fact, the Republican Party was the lobby of the Zionists, and the Democratic Party was the lobby of the Iranians. For this reason, during the Republican era, America’s stance towards Iran became tough. And the time of the democrats was in favor of Iran. From Kennedy to Carter and today, Iranian influence was evident in it. Of course, after the revolution, some Iranians joined the Zionist lobby. And their kaffa became stronger. But Carter stood in front of them. The freedom of expression that Carter prescribed to the Shah made the Iranian revolution fruitful. Therefore, the Zionists made their organization public and established AIPAC. Their goal was to support their desired candidates with exorbitant costs: to vote for the presidency. But their wealth did not reach the wealth and power of Iranians. People and courts were mostly with the Iranian lobby. At the time of Algor’s election, we saw that the Iranian and Zionist lobbies were equal, but the court ruled against Algor. With the blow that Al-Aqsa storm inflicted on the body of Zionism, the Zionist lobby fell into begging. And Iranians became the main owner of America. Therefore, the right of veto was violated! They also accepted. But unfortunately, China and Turkey, who are the thief’s partner and friend of the caravan, created an obstacle in this process. The explicit order of the world leader of Iran was to cut off the economic arteries of the Zionist regime. which will bring this trend closer to zero. But they acted against Iran by increasing their exports to this regime. But this has no effect. Because they do it for money. The Zionist government has no money either.

A world without an owner
When the West retired God due to the domination of the Zionists for a hundred years, naturally the world became without an owner! To open the way for owning themselves. The global administration was suspended, all people were left in the wilderness like a flock without a shepherd. A dark future and an empty life and a person without a purpose. While this was not the case, the one who created the world had also determined its owner. But they obstinately called everything superstition and witchcraft: and they sought to subvert religion. Lenin, as the spokesperson of the new world and machine age, shouted: Religion is the opium of the masses, we must overthrow religion! And then Yuri Gagarin, the first astronaut, said: I have searched all the heavens and I have not seen God. But God made it so that in the land of Yuri Gagarin, Putin interpreted the verses of the Qur’an and spoke about the Prophet’s family. to rule in England from the Prophet’s dynasty. And in America, people flock to Shiism. And now the basic question is: Who should be the Secretary General of the United Nations? Although he was not considered the owner of the whole world. But his place is too wide for him. With the new attention of the people to the Shia religion, the Secretary General of the United Nations should also be changed. In other words, the most worthy person who can take over the general secretary and be the main owner of our world is Sahib al-Zaman AJ. Of course, its wide and long device should be given to the people. Because Sahib al-Zaman is the uncle of the Secretary General, both external and internal. (Sharf al-Makan Balmkin) Wherever he is, there is the United Nations. United Nations buildings all over the world should be converted into dormitories for the poor and homeless to be under the protection of Imam Zaman. Everyone sees him but does not know him. Because unlike the world of friends, he does not have a bodyguard, a protective shield and a watchtower for himself. No one knows him and therefore there is no danger for him. It is present everywhere: whether it is in Jamkaran Qom, which is his place of residence, whether it is in Jerusalem or Mecca and Medina, where God’s Qiblah is, and whether it is in Iraq and Sahla Mosque. Maybe the same person sitting next to you on the bus or subway. Because he is a screamer. And he cannot hear the cry of the oppressed, and not come to his aid. Maybe he is the one who slapped you and said: Don’t do this! And do that. And you saw that he was right. And your life turned from this to that. Because God sometimes gives his guidance through the language of people: Someone must have told you: Don’t drink alcohol! Or said not to commit adultery. You may have thought that he is a bigoted person. And he said such things to you from his stomach, but he is the language of God. In Hazrat Ali’s words, we read from his own words that: I was the one who gave the Tablet of Salvation to Noah. And I was the one who freed Salman Farsi from the hands of forest lions in the Arjan Plain of Shiraz. The attributes of Hazrat Ali are one and the same as Allah. He is the eye of God and sees us all. He is Yadullah, he takes our hands. And this is why: Iranians always say when they want to get up or start something: Ya Ali! Because not only Ali, but all the martyrs are alive. And they act according to God’s command. Sometimes they come to your sleep. And sometimes they speak in your presence. If it were not so, no one would be accused! Impeachment equals awareness. That is, man is not accused of something he does not know. Therefore, managing the world is a permanent, comprehensive and centralized management. Everyone is a servant of God. And they were all born from the same parents. No one has the right to excel, except piety. It is piety that forms the hierarchy of managing the world. At the head of managing the world is God the creator, who created the world himself and knows how to manage it better. Therefore, he sent people of our own kind as guides. And among them should be the Secretary General of the world, not those who can’t even prevent the massacre in Gaza.

Confidential letter to Haniyeh
Dear Ismail, as your father named you like this, you are a great sacrifice, and so far it has been known that you have the necessary capacity. Therefore, let me tell you confidentially: you are the real Secretary General of the United Nations, your words smell universal. And you should know that Gaza means the whole world. Today, you should know that the seven billion people of the world are all the people of Gaza. And their hearts beat for it. From the old black woman of South Africa to the Indian women of North America, and to the apparently free slaves of France! And to the apparently economic homeless of Tel Aviv and China. Everyone now obeys you. If you give an order, everyone will come to Gaza. Wake Up. It’s not time to sleep, leave fantasies and rest for later. While your media is closed, your media! They move forward victoriously. Today, everyone is listening to you. For optimal use, you must have a scenario, plan and plan and take the future into your hands. And this is a simple task. You just have to believe that all the worlds are from the same father and mother. And no one is superior to the other. And those who are against this thinking, must repent or disappear from the earth. Why? Because they are the first ones who wish for the death of humans. They are the ones who made the deadly weapon. The world’s first atomic bomb was designed and built by Jews! Technology and artificial intelligence are all excuses to kill more people. Something that makes God angry. Because God loves his creatures. and does not want them to disappear. Even ants! And animals are also important to God. Because he made a plan for their creation. And the enemy of the people will send 15 thousand people to the altar in the blink of an eye. In the words of Saadi: the moon, the sun and the sky are working, so that you have bread in your hand, and do not be neglected! To grow a grain of wheat! See what bitterness is drawn, and the one who is more for his child. Have they found the babies or the women and youth of Gaza from under the blanket? which fall to the ground like autumn leaves. Although God quickly restores and increases them. And in these 45 days of Al-Aqsa storm, more than three times more children were born than martyrs and wounded. Therefore, nationalism, pan-Arabism! Or sectarianism is condemned. He must think globally. He should become God’s caliph on earth. And this killing must be stopped somewhere. You see that with the growth of the Islamic revolution in Iran, all religions grew. Because before the revolution, the opium religion of the masses was introduced. And they used to say: We must overthrow religion. Therefore, it was Shia that saved the world. It was the Qur’an that confirmed all religions. Because it is stated in the Qur’an that believers are those who believe in Islam and what was revealed before. Religious and religious confusion and resorting to other religions to confront Shia is the plan of Bani Qurayzah Jews. Those whose door is Khyber by Ali! It was removed, Ali’s grudge was planted in everyone’s heart. The money that he owed to the Prophet or Khizrat Ali, under the pretext of usury and disobedience, they claimed so much that the Holy Prophet of Islam, who had a rich wife, was still in debt to the Jews at the time of his death. And finally, they poisoned the Prophet with the deadly poison of a monster. Therefore, in the second stage, it is necessary to fight against any kind of religious division that excommunicates the Prophet and the Prophet’s family (Ahl al-Bayt Tahar). All have one god, all have one book and all have one prophet. And listening to the command of a single global leader (Saheb al-Zaman aj). A handwritten constitution is not necessary at all. Because these people have been cursed in the Qur’an: (They write the book with their own hands and then they say this is from Allah) It should not be copied from the constitution of France and America, and he said that this is the constitution of Islam. Everything is mentioned in the Qur’an, the interpreters of the Qur’an are also Ahl al-Bayt. Don’t be afraid of the sorcerers. Dissolve all international organizations. All of them are the work of Zionists and: the mission of universities and research centers is to create deviation after accepting Islam.

What do our oranges say
Just as Hertzal could write a protocol for today’s Zionists a hundred years ago, we can also write for the world empire of Iran. Of course, this work was done 1400 years ago, but the hand of evolution has moved it towards: eclecticism. Therefore, I have been following this issue since 1348, to update: the first principle of this protocol or charter! Or perspective: God is greater (Allahu Akbar), so we have something called superpower, great powers! Or we don’t have advanced powers. Using these words is shirk. It means that we have placed others before God, or shared in God’s power. Therefore, international organizations that do not accept God, or any other organization, department or association, must be dissolved. Or you have to fight with them. Appeasement with any power is forbidden until they have not accepted God. It is necessary to repeat the Prophet’s words in front of them (which a Yemeni child mentioned): If you put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I will not give up on my mission. The second principle: God’s power reaches the Prophets in the hierarchy and then the Lord of Time. Therefore, those who do not accept Sahib al-Zaman or fight against him (such as Al Saud) must also be overthrown. If we do not have the power to overthrow them, we should not be friendly with them! And we should not be captured by the atmosphere called: isolation and disconnection from the world, etc. Hazrat Ali removed Muawiyah. People said to him: Wait a few days! He said that if he does anything, it will be written at my feet. That means, with the approval of Al Saud, we are complicit in the killing of Yemenis, the Gaza massacre, and the assassination of 17,000 Iranian martyrs. The third principle: Banks should also be liquidated. Usury is a war with God, it doesn’t matter if it is a real person or a legal person. Therefore, the banks that raise the interest are breaking the law. The fourth principle: The earth belongs to God. And anyone who builds it can own it. And each person will be given 2000 square meters of land. to cultivate and build a house in it. Hoarding of wire (gold, silver and coins), land and building (Anfal) is prohibited even in the hands of the government or: legal and real persons. And it should be divided immediately. Therefore, pastures and forests, mountains and plains, government treasury and banks should all be divided equally and distributed immediately. If one person dies of lack of money and homelessness, the empire is the guarantor. The responsibility of all the people of the world is the responsibility of the empire. That is, there should be no homeless or poor anywhere. Knowing the situation of the homeless, the officials of the palaces should give them accommodation immediately. The White House, Versailles, and Battingham should all become mothers of the homeless so that their share is known. The fifth principle says: All governments must submit to the central government. Even if this government is in the time of appearance or in the time of absence. According to Imams and Infallibles, during the absence of Imam Zaman, the world should be governed by his successor. And just as Imam Zaman is thinking about all 7 billion people on earth, his vicegerent should think globally instead of nationalism. The sixth principle says: Everyone’s judge is his own conscience. Everyone should refer to their nature, and if someone does not obey his conscience or his pure nature, he should be prevented from oppressing others. Usury, usurpation, theft, murder and robbery are all signs of oppression of others. And all this is from Satan’s control over people’s souls. Therefore, they must be destroyed. Unless Satan is destroyed. So let’s ask God not to let someone who doesn’t show mercy dominate us. And who is more enemy than Satan. If people reach this issue, God will also end Satan’s deadline.

Amendments to protocols
It is necessary for a revolutionary Knesset to be formed, and to change the Zionist protocols: and to update them. The first step is to know that Gaza is just a drop in the sea of people. Gaza now has not 3 million but 8 billion people. Of course, it is unlikely that the Zionists will reform. Because they see their reform as the same as their death. But critical Jews and especially the people of Uzir Tel Aviv, who follow the Saturday protests until the fall, are more suitable for this task. Because protest Saturdays should be made universal. Ask all your friends in all countries to come to the streets on Saturdays in every city and village. And now the ground is ready for other people to join the demonstrations. This is necessary for the survival of true Jews. Because no one intends to destroy Tel Aviv or evict the people there, but the whole goal is to liberate Jerusalem, also for pilgrimage. The world understands that Saturdays in Tel Aviv mean solidarity with the people of the world. Most of them also have property and Islamic independence. Because they did not participate in usurping the land. Therefore, the message of Saturdays should reach the whole world. Let everyone know that Judaism is not the same as Zionism. The Jewish elite must create a new Knesset. In this Knesset to change the constitution of Israel. and modify the Herzl protocols. Reforms and changes have only one element: the right of the Palestinians to be recognized. It means that they have the right to visit Jerusalem as first-class citizens. engage in import and export. and have the same fundamental rights. Real estate transactions with them should be based on consent, not usurpation and murder. The result of such reform is a participatory government in which: different religions will have votes in proportion to their population. Of course, it is possible to divide power like in Lebanon and Iraq: for example, the parliament is in the hands of Shiites, the government is in the hands of Jews, and the president is a Christian. Or according to the opinion of the Islamic Republic: Referendum and majority vote is the criterion. This can be done today. It is enough that Netanyahu and his supporters are removed from the cabinet, and Palestinians are appointed instead. In any case, we have done it. Anyone who wants to see our plans should refer to the notes of the responsible manager. MPs of Iran will also be supported by Mahin News if they read the entire content. As Herzl saw Israel a hundred years ahead, and wrote a protocol for it. We have also seen 15 years into the future, and we have written the necessary protocols for that. Of course, these protocols are more advanced than Herzl protocols and even 20-year-old visions. Because they are all written in an atmosphere of intimidation and fear of the veto, or begging diplomacy. In fact, they were written by a frightened and terrorized people. Therefore, despite anti-eclectic slogans, they are completely eclectic. And they were synthesized and born from the combination of liberalism and communism. Either Herzli protocols or anti-protocols. Their thinking is based on truth: liberalism and socialism. With a few changes, the Jewish or Islamic name has been added to it. In Herzli’s protocols, we see that: only our word is added in it. Above all, it is a combination of Likud Party manifesto and labor war. Both socialism (as equality, brotherhood, and justice) and liberalism (freedom and human dignity) are accepted in Iranian perspectives! It has only been said that the Islamic Republic implements them better. Like accepting the United Nations! and the recognition of all international organizations and institutions. under the pretext that their law is good, but their implementation is wrong. Otherwise, from the point of view of the Islamic revolution, all international organizations must be destroyed. And new institutions should be replaced, which do not fear any power other than God. The difference between the two is that they still ask: When will we sign the FATF?

A confidential message to the people of Tel Aviv
The whole world heard your voice, and saw your demonstrations on Saturdays. They are ready to help you now. You tell me which help is better for you? It seems that the best way is to expand the scope of protests to the whole world. Because the media may not help, it is necessary to give a clear message and publish it on social networks and non-affiliated media that today: all of the world’s 8 billion people will come to the streets. There is no difference between Christian and Muslim, Jew and Buddhist, etc. This is a human issue. Leave a message or spread our message! So that all the people of the world come to your aid. To better receive the message from the world, it is better to raise the Palestinian flag instead of the Israeli flag. Give Arabic and Farsi English slogans. And ask all the media, with money and without money, to make this movement of Saturdays universal. In this way, the people of the world will trust you. Because if they have not joined your movement until today, it is because they think: your movement has not yet gained depth and: you are only doing this for fun. According to the issued fatwa, as well as the statements of the United Nations, you should form domestic and local resistance groups. Fight against Netanyahu with bare hands or with weapons. The first signal that should be sent to the people of the world is: Netanyahu was wounded or killed. You can even put poison in his drink or food so that he dies. Of course, according to our information, he was taken to the hospital, where he died. And now it is like him. You can expose it: or if it’s not dead yet, kill it quickly for today’s demonstration. This will increase the world’s trust in you, and remove obstacles to continue your life in Tel Aviv. You should invite a number of Iranians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Yemenis, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah among you. And ask them to speak at your demonstration. They must confirm your sincerity. And invite the people of the world in different languages. According to our information, a large number of Uighurs in China are ready to be sent, send them an invitation, and invite them as much as possible. Try to give the vacant settlements to these people. If possible, resettle all Palestinian refugees as well. Because this will attract the attention of the people of the world. About one and a half million people have been displaced in these few days. In order to heal their pain, it is necessary to settle them in the northern and eastern settlements. This will reduce attacks. Because Israel has accepted the fire. And this is not an act of war. The people of Tel Aviv, in cooperation with other Israeli cities, have a great mission to return. And that is the guidance of pilgrims to Jerusalem. This is the tourism of the Zionist regime. That is, the Ministry of Tourism used to do this. And it does. But the existence of unfair discrimination had caused it not to prosper. According to Article 1 of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, all people of the world are free to visit Jerusalem, except Palestinians! They should search for them, or that they are more than 50 years old. You remove this discrimination. And all Palestinians should be free to go on pilgrimage. Of course, they don’t have to bring weapons with them. Because they will consider you as their patron. Therefore, it is still not a war position. Rather, the liberation of Jerusalem is for the pilgrimage and prayer of all the people of the world. It is necessary to use Iraqis or Iranians, Lebanese and Yemenis in order to implement the free pilgrimage method. They can parade, and give pilgrims of the world, free accommodation and free food. And instead of a few thousand pilgrims today, they should increase to 7 billion pilgrims. and guarantee your income. Perhaps the Arbaeen walk is a prelude to the Quds walk

A fatwa was issued to infiltrate into Israel
The fatwa is: Basma Ta’ala: The day is obligatory on everyone: by any means, penetrate Israel and destroy it. God Almighty and God Almighty, and the Future of Islam. Bamid pilgrimage to Quds Sharif. The practical issues that everyone must know in this regard are as follows: It is permissible for all those who reach the border of Israel to enter. And if they kill or are killed, they are victorious. Based on the Qur’anic verse: The first issue is this: the whole world can rise up for God, either individually or collectively, to reach the border of Israel to help the people of Gaza. These people can: go empty-handed and alone, and they can go with weapons (Khuwa Harzkam) and in a group. Therefore, everyone in the world can help the people of Gaza, even with empty hands! And no one is allowed to avoid this responsibility. And he should know that this is a sufficient obligation. That is, until someone is sent to help Gaza, the world is responsible for 7 billion. And if there are enough of them, it will be taken from the shoulders of others. All governments are obliged to open the way for these people. It is obligatory to carry them for free. Or pay their travel expenses from the treasury. Half of the Imam’s blessed share can also be spent on them. Because the first and second qiblah of Muslims are in danger. And it is not permissible for a small population to be meatballs. So far, 14,000 people have been martyred and one and a half million people have been displaced, and it is the right of the whole world to return and help them so that they do not suffer more than this. Because everyone hears the voice of oppression and can help, but does not help. It is far from Islam. This fatwa is both religious and religious, it has been approved by the United Nations. The Secretary General of the United Nations, referring to the progressive themes of the United Nations Charter, and based on the essentials of constitutional rights, providing assistance to Gaza, whether financial or equipment, or armed presence, is essential and must continue until the complete elimination of sedition. In the statement number one of the new Secretary General of the United Nations, it is stated: All the people of the world should turn to self-improvement and other-improvement. Then the formation of local nuclei to give resistance. At the city level, all neighborhoods should be united. And now it has been announced that they will participate in penetrating Israel and liberating Jerusalem. In statement number two, it is mentioned that these resistance cells can attack the police stations that oppose the aid to Gaza. and disarm to have weapons to fight against Israel. In statement number three, the enemies of the people were introduced: these resistance cells were allowed: to infiltrate the White House and prepare it to house the homeless. Also, the English people should go to the palace with gingham. And the French people occupy the Palace of Versailles. At the same time, a competent court was formed and the culprits, including the former members of the organization’s security council, were recognized as guilty and deserving of death due to the veto in stopping the war. The Presidents of America and France, the King of England, the Prime Minister and the Chief of the German Army are also among those executed. Therefore, if these orders have not yet been implemented, the people of these three countries are allowed to: first implement the order on them, then go to help Gaza. with bare hands) or learn self-defense techniques. so that they can penetrate the border of Israel. They can ambush the Zionist soldiers, confiscate their weapons and collect equipment for themselves. Obviously, along the borders of Israel, there are places where you can enter Israel without attracting attention. Iranians used these blind spots to visit Karbala during Saddam’s time. Therefore, if someone can cross the blind spots: Israel’s borders, it is not permissible to carry a weapon. It is obligatory for the people of Tel Aviv to shelter them. And in addition to Saturday’s demonstrations, make them global.

Rising to circumvent: the right of veto
After bypassing the sanctions and neutralizing the economic policies of the enemy, Iran is now seeking to bypass the veto. The cessation of war in Gaza showed that: Iran has the power to bypass the veto. And he can throw away the right of veto like: Sang Stanja. And to castrate those who are behind the right of veto. And they cannot sterilize Iran. The Arab League, the Islamic Conference, BRICS and other international organizations have fully declared their readiness for this big project. Yes, war and weapons are like play dough that God gave to man, and now is the time to collect that play dough! Artificial intelligence, as the fourth revolution, first started in destroying humans and killing them, that is, in military centers. Sci-fi movies that put machines ahead of humans gave the future to machines. He even manipulated human reproduction. Its appearance in the United Nations was called the right of veto. that a few countries with the technology of the fourth revolution can destroy all the people and become absolute rulers. But what should they judge? On the door and wall? On deserts and ruins? And where instead of humans, mice and rabbits run? But they were more stupid than this: they considered the rule of ruins and broken iron as an honor. Because they were deprived of humanity. This is what Iran took over the fifth revolution: to become the savior of mankind again. The fifth revolution in Iran was a guided, accurate and (female point) revolution. Rockets and atomic bombs were channeled. Calibrating the guns started and even the surgeries were done! To remain human. Even if it exceeds 8 billion. Laser shines on the human body! But only to break the kidney stone. Missiles were fired at Iraq, but: only to destroy Al-Assad’s base. In the Gaza war, it became clear that: What is the difference between the fourth industrial revolution and the fifth: the Merkava tank was a product of the fourth industrial revolution, i.e. artificial intelligence. But they are all in the trap of intelligence! Annihilated and left as toys for children in Gaza, in the streets and alleys. But the sixth revolution that started today is to collect all these toys! This means canceling the right of veto. The right of veto means war-mongering, it means killing and massacre, it means the main exterminator. But bypassing the right of veto means: (Scatter and collect this mess!) Collecting the mess of destruction. And this was not possible except with the coordination of politics and the field. First, the square should have come to the square! It was that Gaza attacked. Al-Aqsa storm arose. It destroyed intelligence and punctuation. And the Merkava tanks dropped Dimona’s site like autumn leaves, and the artificial intelligence laughed. As always, the enemy said this is a fantasy. As he said: Imam Khomeini won a chance! It was an accident! Iran’s drones are made of paper and photoshop. But this high-pitched spit was eaten when they said: Why Iran to Russia! Mine exports terrible weapons, drones. And why these drones have the upper hand in the Ukraine war. Do paper drones and Photoshop mean so much horror? And now they say that 99% of Gaza has been destroyed, let’s wipe out that 1%: forced migration to another place, so that we know what was under Gaza! They fear the underground like children. They had conquered the space, but Gaza rose from the ground. For a long time, diplomacy was silent and denied: Iranian officials regularly said that it is Gaza’s own fault! They did not agree with us. Ten million people in Iran registered to go to Gaza, not sending a single person. To avoid conflict between America and Israel. And say it was Iran’s work. But after forty days, Sisat finally approached the square! But with fear and trembling and begging! Begging diplomacy began: and they demanded an end to the Israeli attacks. I hope that they will not forget the honor of Iran. that the president said: Quds for us! That too in Mecca!

The fifth and sixth industrial revolutions
While some affiliated Westerners still define Iran in the age of backwardness, and consider the achievement of the fourth industrial revolution, i.e. artificial intelligence, unattainable for Iran, the Minister of Industry spoke of the fifth revolution, which gave originality to human beings. It is possible, and it does not teach artificial intelligence the way to dominate humans. But the sixth revolution has happened in Iran, which no one believes yet. They think we glue drones together with saliva! Or we make the rockets precise and sharp with the help of witchcraft. They think that the Dimona nuclear site has not been hacked by Iran yet. They think that the atomic bombs are ready and up to date! But let them remain in their illusion, because waking them up will reveal information about the sixth industrial revolution. Let them stay in the same hangover. And imagine that the satellites we send into the earth’s orbit are the paper rockets of elementary school. And imagine that the satellite of Simorgh is the same legendary Simorgh in ancient books. As they say without any evidence: In 1760, the steam engine was invented! A new driving force entered human life: and created the first industrial revolution. And the car age began. In 1860, with the invention of electricity, the second industrial revolution began and: people entered the electronic world in 1947! Now that we enter the world of artificial intelligence, it is called the fourth revolution. And all of them belong to the West! Iran is still in the second revolution, and cannot provide its own electricity. Blackouts repeatedly say that we have to rely on the West, whose electricity does not go out for even a second. Just to show its importance, on Edison’s birthday, the electricity goes off for one minute. This is the story of all Westerners from history. And what is the true story? Was the steam engine and well wheel invented in 1760? So what happens to Shiraz’s lawyer’s bathroom? Where do all of Boali’s experiments go? Was it Galileo who understood the movement of the earth or Abu Rihan Burihan? So what happens to copyright? Why did they register all our sciences in their own name, and did not give us anything? What sin did Sheikh Baha’i and Mulla Sadra, Omar Khayyam, Abu Rihan al-Biruni and Abu Nasr Farabi commit to go to Taraj? And their theories should be recorded as: Einstein, Copernicus, Pascal, etc. At the height of the Islamic revolution, suddenly all the atomic bombs are hacked, the missiles are disabled, and Imam Khomeini returns safely to Iran, on the plane of these gentlemen. That is, they gave the meat to the cat, but the cat did not have a fork! As the childhood of Prophet Moses was returned to his mother’s lap! Is this a myth? How do you feel when they ask Imam Khomeini on the plane in front of all the world’s media? Maybe they meant the feeling of fear of missiles and atomic bombs: on the way of the plane! But, Imam Khomeini says nothing! He is relieved that all the bombs and missiles have been disabled by the members of NASA (Chamran engineer group)! And so he says with all his might: America can do no wrong. Let’s review the stories! The domestic missile that was supposed to target Jamaran hit the neck of the cow! Probably with only one foot! The incident of Tabas is exposed and the ground is stuck! Probably with only one wind. US warships are locked. Probably with Jafar’s number. American Marines are captured. Wow! But it’s not all technical! It was a trick that no one knew about. Surely bringing down the American drone and reverse engineering was also a miracle? Shahid Tehrani, the father of Iran’s rockets, told his children: Twenty years later, they will understand what I did! In fact, at that time, the fifth revolution was taking place at the hands of Iranians. Only copyright worked the other way around.

Looting yourself
Culturalization of anti-revolution has been in such a way that people of the world are looted or stolen from themselves! addicted The high consumption statistics of electricity, water, gas and everything else show this culture. In a country that produces 58 billion kilowatts of electricity annually, that means 2000 kilowatts per household. But almost more than 50% of consumers prefer to use unauthorized networks. In fact, they steal electricity. This is in addition to the fact that wires, cables, insulators and other properties of the electricity company are taken as hostages. The basis of this thought was laid by Amir Tzam in the revolutionary government. He said: Electricity, water, oil and gas will be free. Therefore, the popular idea was: the oil pipe will go to the doors of the houses! And everyone consumes as much as they want. As well as water, electricity, gas, etc. Therefore, this theft of electricity is done with pride! They call it Barq Emami! It means free. Even in cities and in personal and office buildings, it is customary to take a wire from the back of the meter! so that it is not shown on the meter. Vavila is on the edge of the cities. Especially in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and similar provinces, free use of electricity is so common: that everyone has wired for themselves from the top of the electricity pole, and the wires are more crowded than the highways of the world. It is not clear how anyone knows their sim? Of course, whenever the electricity in his house is cut off, he will go to hell! He connects all the disconnected wires, so that his own is also connected. The situation is the same in Farahzad, Tehran, which is in the upper part of the city. Let alone white soil and Halabi Abad and…! Therefore, the only way to save water, electricity, gas, and oil is to clarify this issue. Because many of them do not provide electricity for essential purposes. To harm the government or pay revenge, they are released! For example, they open the water hose in the toilet! or they sweep with it. Or they wash their car and carpet. At the peak of electricity consumption, they use dual-ventilation air conditioners. And instead of water, bitumen or black oil or mulch is sprinkled on the ground. And instead of Tide and soap, they use oil or gasoline as a solvent. The only solution to reduce consumption is the important public relations activity of electricity, water, oil, gas, etc. companies. The formula is also simple: oil, gas and electricity are given to you for free. This money they get is the wages of the workers. This is not the final price of electricity or water and oil. Maybe these numbers that are written on the electricity or water bill are not even a tenth. Covers overhead costs only. If, with these explanations, people use Imami electricity or steal electricity, it is clear that their intention is to destroy people’s security. In fact, they cause power outages with these unconventional uses. which is equivalent to: they blew up the electric power plant with a bomb. Therefore, such people should be identified and deprived of social rights. Naturally, the person who consumes electricity in an unconventional way also refuses to consume water, oil, gas and other divine blessings. Therefore, it is among the beneficiaries. And the sentence of corruption in the world will be imposed on him. In fact, they should be summoned to court. And if they do not repent, they should be executed. Their crime is harming the treasury, inciting people to revolt, creating shortages and despair among people. In other words, the consumption of electricity or water, etc., if it is lower than the global average, should be free, and there is no need to issue invoices or administrative affairs so that there is no cost to the government. Those who comply should be recognized and appreciated. These are supporters of truth and truth, they are trustworthy people. You can be sure that they comply with other uses as well. Those who consume above the average must pay a tiered rate. And those who consume illegally should be executed in case of repetition.

Great Iran has been an empire since ancient times, it is now and it will be. And if at times he was apparently not the emperor, or suffered internal weakness, it should be mentioned as hibernation. Iran is equivalent to the whole world. It means that the empire is inherent and inseparable. Because it has been unique and unique since the beginning of history, it considered monotheism as its policy. God says in the Qur’an that: You all come from one parent. Therefore, your division is apparent and for reasons: skin color division or the way of speaking and the like. Hazrat Adam (as) was responsible for preserving the unity of his children. For this reason, some consider him one of the first prophets who had a global mission. After them, whenever the population and family were divided, God would choose prophets from among them: to bring them back to unity and monotheism at different intervals. Therefore, Prophet Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were the forerunners whose mission is universal and for all types of mankind. guide them to a single goal (monotheism), and return the lost water to the atmosphere. In the distance between these prophets, some people hanged their necks and invited the people to division and polygamy. Even by denying God or creating false Gods, they spread idolatry. Because the Prophet of Islam was the last prophet, therefore the enemies of human unity or the Iranian empire tried to separate their ways by forging scientists and philosophers. to be different from others. For example, in contemporary times, with the creation of the League of Nations or the United Nations, people were actually pushed to divide and separate. They create up to 200 countries in the name of freedom of speech and opinion. Contrary to its name, the United Nations still insists on creating division: it is trying to pull 9 more countries out of Iran. If the UN did not support the separatists, they would have no purpose and would surrender. But because the separatist organization gave independence to them and others, it is the right of the ethnic groups! He was advertising. Therefore, they were never suppressed. All the independence of the countries starts from this era: the League of Nations or the United Nations: they used to divide Iran, to lead them first to Esqalal and then to their own union. The Soviet Union or the Russian Federation, the European Union, the Arab Union, the African Union or the United States of America is the reason for such a division. And for this, they changed two main elements: one, the language, which even led to the invention of the Esperanto ribbon. Another direction or orientation! The compasses were all adjusted from Tehran! The world clock was set from Tehran and Iran and based on the meridians of Khayyam and Jalali, etc.: East of the world means east of Tehran. The west of the world means the west of Tahzan. The south and the north of the world are the same. And they by forging Greenwich orbits! They tried to disrupt this division. And people set their clocks to Greenwich, London. But God, who was watching over them, sent someone with the help of the Almighty to resurrect another world. Imam Khomeini said very simply: America cannot do anything wrong. Or he said: The Soviet Union is worse than America, and England is worse and dirtier than both. The world saw that they could not. And the great empire of Iran woke up again from hibernation. We saw that with the creation of Israel in the hearts of Muslims, no one was able to deal with this one country of three million. One hundred million Arabs surrendered everything in a six-day war. To this day, Arab leaders love Israel with all its brutality, except for exceptions: such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Yemen’s Ansar Allah, and Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi. And they consider him more worthy than Iran. But in the midst of all this divisiveness, the shout of the President of Iran, in the United Nations and the Islamic Conference, disgraced them. When the president of Iran says: Holy Lena! It invites people to global awakening and resurrection

Digital ethics is the factor of progress
Ethics means peace and friendship, coexistence and synergy. Therefore, it is a favorable field for technological progress. Unlike the creators of destroyer 1, 2 and 3! who wants nothing but ruin and destruction and murder and looting. A clear example of that is the Zionist regime, which only thinks about destroying the greed and the generation. And there is no red line. Because he considers himself to be the superior people, the others should be destroyed if they are not servants. While the kind republic and the oppressed empire of Iran, it thinks about the world more than it thinks about itself. And it has transferred this morality to the digital world: unlike the digital world of the West, which is only fraud, theft, looting, cheating, killing and destroying, the digital morality of Iranians seeks peace and stopping war, epic and heroic games. . Because it is derived from God’s morals, prophetic morals and manners: it is created according to the morals of God. Ethics means the correct regulation of relationships. There are three types of communication in Islam: Communication with yourself! and discovering talents and abilities for construction, development and progress. Communicating with God to receive life formulas, necessary guidance for: progress and development and new products, adding to creation and generating new wealth. and communication with others including: other humans, animals and plants and inanimate objects. and adjusting the ecosystem and the proper environment, for more production and development and synergy with God. Because God says: (Ana LaMousaun) that means we will continue the development together: unlike the Zionists, who have retired God, they are committed to the destruction of God’s creation! It grew among the military. But it went with Microsoft among the people. They needed this tool for spying, destruction, killing and massacre. But Microsoft, according to Ruhollah Rahmani: They used to sit in the Microsoft Mosque, read the Koran after prayer, and after that they started drawing. We see that the Iranian spirit is a harbinger of happiness, godliness, development and progress, even in Silicon Valley. Let the enemies cover the facts or distort them as much as they can. But the main truth is that: computers are modeled on Iranian abacus, windows are modeled on Iranian carpets. The word computer comes from computer which means accounting. In Arabic, it is also called a calculator. All its existence is one and zero. One means God, existence, existence, being. And zero means zero, karate, was not. And it is that God makes the non-existence exist (Khalq al-Ashaya Man al-Haadm). And mankind changes (produces) this existence with his permission. Therefore, from the beginning, science and knowledge and digital emerged from the bosom of Iranians, and Iranians have also learned it from Sahib al-Zaman aj. But the enemies advertised that Sahab al-Zaman is illiterate! A child, and a swordsman is against progress. Let them say, do whatever they can, because all of them are the government in a hurry. (Lalhaq Daulat, and Lalbatil Joleh) Does America have more than 260 years of history? Or England and France? Didn’t they get razed to the ground in World War II? Their rebirth was with the US Marshall plan, which was planned due to Iran’s free oil. And this is their bad behavior: they define copyright for us, but it is free for themselves. All Iranian inventions are registered under their own name. Our reference books for more than 50 years! Free to copy and use. They bring great concepts in digital to the underbelly area. And they write their destruction in the name of religion. Still no one knows that 77 of the Prophet’s 88 wars were with the Jews, and finally, a Jewish woman poisoned the Prophet. They preach everywhere that Islam is the religion of the sword, while the Prophet’s 87 war was defensive. And that battle of Khyber was ordered by God, like the storm of Al-Aqsa.

Kill the tyrant leaders
This is a new command: people of the world to the streets. Come and support Gaza. Whoever forms a core of resistance in their neighborhood, their first task is to destroy Netanyahu, Biden and the Prime Minister of England. The center of this empire is Besht Baqi, in Madinah al-Nabi, so first: Bin Salman must be killed so that Baqi will be settled. And let God’s house be free. Then wherever the American people are, they should occupy the White House and kill Biden and Trump. The French people should be in the streets, execute Macron as a revolutionary. The people of Tel Aviv should end the Saturday protests by killing Netanyahu. England and Germany too.. drones can be used to kill them! Some of them are hand-made, and are guided by conventional controls. Therefore, people can produce or improve it. who can carry at least one cold weapon such as a knife or boxing gloves. If necessary, Yemeni, Iranian and Iraqi experts are present there and can lend them. The oppressors should know that the whole world is after them and they should be executed if they do not repent. All simple and clear issues are in front of the eyes of the world. Therefore, we did not wait for the order courts. And we sentenced all of them to death in a competent court. Therefore, anyone anywhere who can execute these seven bald men is one step forward. These seven people who have been sentenced to death: Biden and Trump from America, Macron from France, Netanyahu from Israel, King Charles and Rishi Sunak from England. Ingo Gerharts, Commander of the German Air Force. Of course, other people are on the list of the competent court, which will be announced soon. Among them is Bin Salman. If the attack on Gaza is not stopped, it is his fault that he uses the opposite verbs. And with his order, Israel’s attacks have intensified. There are other ways to kill Bin Salman and his seven associates: befriend one of their bodyguards. Either get hired in their protection apparatus or if you are a member yourself, execute the death sentence. According to statistics, about ten thousand people are directly and indirectly involved in protecting Bin Salman. Some of them are American or Israeli. And they get high salaries. Maybe with the same number, there is room for Biden and Trump. Does one of them have no conscience and honor? They see so many crimes and still protect them? About ten tons of weapons are transported from America to Israel. Is there no honorable person in this long road? Every day, the sky of defenseless Gaza is full of airplanes, jets, fighters and all kinds of bombs. Isn’t one of these his honor and humanity? Where did those humanistic, liberal, labor slogans go? Is the Labor Party in England or Israel really castrated? Have you all forgotten your slogans? Or don’t the people of Gaza consider them human? Do not all these American Marines or members of the French police or the British Royal Guard want to wake up? Tell them: We have secret secrets that await them with the fate of poverty, misery and destruction. This is just one example of their monthly salary being reduced and postponed. Soon, poverty will cast a shadow on the military budget. To throw soldiers and salarymen into the sea to escape from debt. Where the Arab threw a straw. Even today, you do not know about the writings of previous friends. Families worry about their children and spouses. Arms factories have only kept their employees at gunpoint. Because Bin Salman has no money anymore. Even American senators pick up restaurant spoons and forks as a demand for their rights. Weapons smuggled in the black market are the result of the theft of factory workers as their own demands. Therefore, all security forces and protection companies around the world are warned: if anything to If they do not benefit Gaza, they will have no place among the people.

Who will kill (Merhab)?
Although Marhab has thrown a shield, Khyber remains. Do not say that we are broken, because there is only one left. Who is Betgar and which one is Marhab? Some people think that Batgar is America or England, while it is the main supporter of the Zionist regime of Saudi Arabia. By holding a conference in Jeddah, he takes confidential information from the Iranians and gives it to Israel. And for this reason, at the beginning of this conference, the most severe attacks were made on Gaza. And this shows that he uses inverse verbs. His order to stop the war in Gaza means more heavy attacks and attacks. Today, Al Saud’s job is to shield the hand of Mahrab. Our guest today is none other than Netanyahu. And whoever helps him, will delay the conquest of Khaybar. But it cannot prevent it. The storm of Al-Aqsa was actually the dropping of the Marhabi shield. Marhab sings a lot during the battle of Khaybar with the Prophet. But Hazrat Ali (A.S.) broke the Khyber Gate alone and destroyed Marhab. Today we are at this stage: Will someone kill Mehrab? Or will he submit to his rants? In the contemporary history of Israel, there are two important points: which are often forgotten: First, the Jews took refuge in Palestine because of the fear of Hitler and his gas stoves, and there was a placard on the ship carrying them: We have been wounded by the Germans, we Do not despair. Its video is available. And it has been broadcasted in Mahin News. Therefore, they were refugees. They were guests who became landlords. And this is nothing but betrayal. The beloved guest is God, and it is mentioned in the Qur’an that if your enemies seek refuge with you, accept them. and present Islam to them. If they become Muslims, stay. But if they do not become Muslims, escort them to their door. Therefore, the mistake of the Muslims here was that they gave them shelter, but they did not become Muslims. Therefore, they should be returned to their homelands. Because when the Jews saw divine prophets as an obstacle to achieving their goals, they went to war with them and proceeded to kill them until the time of the second promised birth, which was promised in the Torah, arrived. The Jew was lying in wait to confront him. At first, the watcher had an opportunity to destroy him, and when he failed in this regard, in order to slow down the movement of His Holiness towards Quds, he incited wars at the head of Islam, and finally by assassinating the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and infiltrating the government organization. He was able to take over the succession of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) and put Ali (pbuh) aside, and in doing so, he acted so skillfully by abusing the short-sightedness of many properties: that the voice of the protestors, even the daughter of the Prophet (pbuh) went nowhere. did not arrive The second incident that is often forgotten is the spying of Abdul Nasser’s son-in-law. He gave confidential information about the night of the Arab attack to the king of Saudi Arabia, and immediately gave it to the Zionists. And they bombed all bases in Egypt, Jordan and Syria with preventive attacks. And they destroyed the rest in the six-day war, adding the Sinai desert and other lands to their conquests. The reason for all these support is secret and hidden: Arabia to Israel is hidden from everyone. People of the world think that: Arabia has nothing to do with Palestine. While all the financial aid to Israel comes from the Saudi budget, it seems that it ends up in the name of America. Everyone saw that before this Al-Aqsa storm, Saudi Arabia was encouraging all Arabs to communicate with Israel, and it was standing in the last line. Normalization was complete, no one doubted that Saudi Arabia would join Israel. Now, within one night, he cannot change his position. In addition to the fact that we have historically proven that Al Saud is neither Muslim nor Wahhabi! Rather, they are originally from the Jews of Tabriz, who were expelled from Tabriz during the time of Shah Ismail, and later went to Daraa in Syria and professed to be Muslims.

New Bermuda Triangle
The ominous triangle of liberalism, Zionism and Arab reaction has now become like the Bermuda triangle. Their dirty existence is placed in the corner of the ring, and like the cat in the attic, they have been taken to the edge of the abyss. Whoever goes to Israel, his destruction is certain. If he is also the chancellor of Germany, and feels guilty about Hitler, and goes to Israel and donates blood! His blood will be shed. The formula of everything is like the battle of Khyber Prophet of Islam! Because the battle of Khyber was the only initial jihad of the Prophet. It means that all the 88 wars in the ten years of Medina were forced wars. The enemy threatened and started the attack. Therefore, saying that Islam is the religion of the sword is a historical blasphemy. The only place where the Prophet, by God’s order, was the initiator in the battle of Khyber. Therefore, it is natural that Zionism considers Islam to be the religion of the sword. Because the only initial jihad was against them. Khyber 7 was a strong fortress, the Jews who saw the prophet from the generation of Ishmael, got angry and started wars against the prophet, until the end, in an initial jihad, the prophet carried out God’s order, and attacked there, and now 75 years, Zionist Jews They fought against the Palestinians, and finally, Hamas carried out God’s order. Contrary to all the defensive wars, he attacked and broke the door of Khyber! He split the iron dome and conquered six castles, but in the seventh castle, who will open the main door? And will kill Netanyahu? The fact that the House of Saud has put a sword on its flag and carries out its executions with a sword is to complete the puzzle of Zionism. However, we do not consider Al Saud not only Muslim, but even Wahhabi. They are Jewish. And apparently recently, they have declared themselves Muslims. They are not even Arabs, their descent goes back to the Jews of Tabriz. that Mardakh Nami was expelled from Tabriz. This is why he only sends shrouds to the people of Gaza! That is, he wishes for the death of all of Gaza. To prove like mercenary Iranian media: Israel has achieved its goals in destroying Gaza. They say all the bakeries have been destroyed! Either they say that 61% of residential units have been destroyed, or they say that all agricultural lands have been burned. They used to say the same about Yemen. But we see that Yemen, proud and powerful, still has Tel Aviv under fire. Based on the quantum theory of the growth of the Islamic revolution and its progress, all the particles of the universe and people on the earth are being grouped in an orbital area between the two poles. I explained this theory in 1360 at Shahid Motahari High School in Tehran. Of course, before that, in 1356, I wrote on the board in Al-Hadi Mosque, which was one of the active mosques in Tehran. And I also published a pamphlet by Imam Hossein Ambassador Maidan Publications. These two poles are Tehran and Tel Aviv, or Qom and Quds. In the time before the revolution, Tehran was weak and electric charges! It was burdened by Tel Aviv on Tehran. But gradually, with the magnetism (charisma) of Imam Khomeini (the occurrence of the Islamic Revolution), the direction was reversed. And the pressure on Tel Aviv increased. Of course, Tel Aviv resisted. And several times with the help of the United States and the UN Security Council, they were physically attacked. The war imposed on the axis of Iran’s borders, the war of ISIS on the axis outside Iran’s borders, are examples of this. But they lost in all the wars and crawled into the corner. Now, unlike in the past, Israel is surrounded by Gaza! The upper hand is getting stronger every day, the war of attrition is to the detriment of Israel and to the benefit of Gaza. Gaza is the main arm and Yemen and Iraq (the former axis of Israeli attacks) are its logistics. All American and Saudi military and civilian aid will be delivered by Israel to the Gaza fighters. Hamas is such a power that it can tunnel deep into Tel Aviv. create a tunnel, and run from there

Pedigree illusion! The cause of wars
All the terrible wars of the world throughout history had only one reason: genealogical illusion. Because when Prophet Muhammad was sent as a prophet, the Jews of Bani Qurayzah and their various tribes, who were waiting for the appearance of the last prophet, protested: Why was the prophet not from the generation of Isaac? And from the generation of Ishmael and Hagar? About 90% of the wars against the Prophet were also organized by them. Just because one of them becomes a prophet. The traces of this ethnic and racial prejudice can be seen in history and even today. The main cause of the first and second world wars were the Jews! They were all hypocrites, and they wanted the Prophet of Islam to confirm them. But it was mentioned in the Qur’an that: “Deceit is a war with God.” And the Prophet of Islam called: “Karz al-Hasanah” means a loan without interest. So that people don’t have the stress of profiting, and move from trading and brokering to production and employment. But they still wanted to be lazy and not have productive work. And just put money on money. And because God had made them angry (), therefore, it was not useful for them to be humble. They were always old-fashioned, old-fashioned, and old-fashioned. And they were called wandering Jews. Even if they bought a box of fresh fruit, they would eat the rotten ones first and keep the healthy ones and eat them later. This was the fate of the European Jews, which was reflected in all the literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries: the Jews who received a pledge for their descent and never returned it! Because they counted the descents as: never ending. do not have Their morals made Adolf Hitler (a wound from the descent of the Jews) popular with the people. And he was able to make hot speeches by cursing these old Jews. And put Nazi Germany, and burn the Jews in the fire of this world! But the degenerate Jews (Rothschilds) infiltrated England and America. and supported them to defeat Hitler in World War II. Their reward was Balfour’s cleverness. He worshiped the Jews: towards the Muslims to use their nervousness to continue the Crusades. This time the tallit took the place of the cross. And the Muslims got involved in Tlitian wars. The wars between Jews and Muslims, which led to the conquest of Khyber at the beginning of Islam, ended with the victory of Muslims. But this time, three million Jews were able to defeat one hundred million Arabs (Muslims) and establish themselves in their hearts (first and second Qibla). But the end of the war has been determined by God (Fajasawa Chalal al-Diyar) and they will be pulled out of their homes one by one. Of course, the first half of history can be explained with the same philosophy: Cain was a person whom God cared about, but Cain wanted to drop him from God’s eyes. And killed him! After killing him, he went to the mountains and ran away. And the generation of Prophet Adam and his prophethood reached the son of Abel, the prophet Seth. But the grudges were not over. The Cainites were still angry with God. And they killed the Abelians. Hazrat Nuh prayed: O God, do not leave even one of the infidels on the earth! God also sent a terrible storm at his request, so that everyone would drown. Except those who were on the ship. The second era of history begins with the sinking of the ship in Mount Judy, and their dispersion. But the generational or genealogical war showed itself in this era by dividing the land. When the Zangis took refuge in Iran from the Semites, they made Zangan their center. But the Caspians attacked them, and placed their center in Qazvin. And the Zangis were pushed to the southernmost parts (Africa). Then the Aryans, a part of the Semitic people (belonging to the son of Prophet Noah), fled the Caspians to Europe.

Why should man reconcile with God
From the time when man was created in heaven until today, it has passed like a dream. Man is still upset about being thrown out of heaven. And he asks why he should be punished for what he did not do? Father’s crime should not have been written for him! Hazrat Adam was angered by God by eating two grains of wheat and was thrown out of heaven. He was right. But he repented and returned to heaven. And we are left with this sea of problems. Therefore, people were divided into two categories: First, those who, like Adam, sought repentance and return to God. Second, those who rebelled against God and made life haram for themselves and others. They know nothing but war and enmity and violence. Of course, some people became carefree and said: We will build heaven on earth ourselves, and we will not kill God! Therefore, the ungrateful world began. In the first group, there were only a few () They said: We are punished for not acting, but it is God’s will. Because we love God, we will be satisfied with him even if he sends us to hell. As soon as we breathe in the universe that created us, there is something to be grateful for. What did we want from heaven? There are all of them on the ground. And wherever there is a shortage, God sends us from heaven. Like he sent a ram to Abraham, so that he would sacrifice and divide its meat. And what delicious meat it has. He used to send heavenly fruits like pomegranates, grapes and dates to Hazrat Maryam. He also gave wheat, barley and grains to Hazrat Adam, so that he could cultivate and increase. Even now, every day it adds to the reserves of the sea and the mountains. And by sending rain, he grows plants for us. We have heaven. Why should we be sad and make life bitter for ourselves? God also knows that we were expelled from Paradise because of Adam, so He is looking for an excuse to bring us back. Every crime and rebellion we commit, God will forgive. (provided repentance and non-repetition). He sent us to earth to learn the era of global management. And let the devil dominate us so that we have motivation! Even for the enemy prophets shaved () to increase their mobility. He says from the beginning that Satan is your enemy. But all these arguments are not understandable for the majority of people, therefore the Qur’an says that most do not understand, and therefore most are ungrateful. Unfortunately, in our time, ingratitude and opposition to God has become a global school. Communism and imperialism were two blades of the same scissors, to throw God out of human life. They said because God threw us out! We leave him too. The Jews said that God’s hand is tied. I put mankind in suffering to discover his talents: I watch over him so that he does not burn. But what can I do when some people eat only for the pain of burning (burning the wood of barren trees. This is the punishment for barren myrrh) Of course, God also needs some for the firewood of hell. And Shaqi is the one who is angry with God. He wants without God’s blessing! He should make a paradise for himself on earth and become a god. But eventually it has to go. Death is right. And no one can escape from it. So building this world is not enough for him. If he learns from this. and return to God. God will enter him in new paradises and other worlds for eternity. Buying or returning to paradise is cheap and durable. But making paradise in the world is expensive and unsustainable! He works for a lifetime, builds a hundred-meter house. But he should leave it for his wife’s future husband! Does it take so much damage for a person to be angry with God? Therefore, at the present time, the world is moving towards reconciliation with God. And the global exorcism has begun.

Conversion of military equipment
Tourism equipment is one of the programs of the Great Empire of Iran. Because a lot of money is spent on building them as a country’s military budget. The biggest weapons factories in the world are left without customers. Because the world is moving towards lasting peace and security. And the last point of the warlords in Tel Aviv will soon disappear from the world. Even the US military aid to these industries is of no use: because they are all sold for free, and the aid is gratuitous. The countries of the resistance zone do not buy from America. With the bombing of Aramco, Saudi Arabia has no oil to buy weapons. Therefore, we see that all the workers and employees of the weapons factories are fired. And because their dismissal takes place without benefits, and secretly and away from media imperialism. Therefore, these employees either commit suicide. Or they join the ranks of the opposition, and leave no stone unturned to support Gaza. The gun economy has declined so much that the American Republican Party has no better candidate than Trump. And that is because of Trump Towers, not himself! The arms crisis has reached its peak with the lifting of sanctions on Iran. And soon we will see the fall of Israel and its removal from the earth. Criminals who are against the removal of Israel have all been sentenced to death! Their death sentence will be executed soon. The history of weaponry is tied to the history of Zionism. What about in Germany, where the Nazis came to the field only: to suppress the disobedient Jews. And what about after the Second World War, when the dirty germ of Israel was created in the hearts of Muslims. The most traitorous people to Muslims took their places in the United Nations and the Security Council, and instead of creating world security, they pursued warlordism. And you see that the whole world wants to stop the war in Gaza, but only three members of the Security Council prevent it with their veto. Therefore, God’s hand will come out of Mujahidan’s sleeve soon. And the lineage of these three members will be destroyed. The progress of the Gaza war shows that the deceived Zionists are fleeing from inside Israel. And in the end, these three people and their supporters migrated to Israel and there they will all go to eternal sleep with the cry of Iranians. And the world will be cleansed of the existence of warlords. History also teaches us that they will be a lesson to others. Therefore, all war tools are used for production and tourism. The remaining atomic bombs will be taken to other worlds and with huge explosions, the tanks inside them will be taken out. For example: the icebergs on the surface of Mars will melt with these explosions! Wherever the water is, Ibadani will go there. Smaller bombs will explode in the dry deserts and deserts of the earth to split their rock layer and cause the deep water to leak to the earth’s surface. Or in remote and virgin mountains, they will explode so that their treasures can be exploited. Fighters will take tourists from distant places for pilgrimage and warships will take passengers on board. Warships will guide the pilgrims of the House of God to the port of Jeddah. Desert Arabia will become a city. And all of them become transit roads for pilgrims: for 8 billion people of the world to feast with God: and become guests of God’s house. Tanks and people carriers will all be processions in which they will serve pilgrims: they will move their cargo and passengers. The barracks will become a rest center for the pilgrims of Baitullah. And they will create a terminal to attract tourists in the four corners of the world. Everything will be arranged for the worship of God. And the international economy will be freed from the torus of capitalists. And all the people on earth will own agricultural land and hous

Tourist ships
During the uprising of Imam Hussein in Kufa, the people were scared by the imaginary army of Syria, and they surrendered, now the Iranian media (especially Iran, which headlines the nuclear threat to Gaza) is trying to say: about the imaginary army of America: but let them know that we We have hacked the Iron Dome: that is, instead of targeting Lebanon’s missiles, they hit the surroundings of Tel Aviv and cause damage. Dimona’s site is locked, and any movement leads to a fire in it. America’s atomic bomb is also out of order, and their efforts to build bigger and newer bombs are in vain, because they have no power and no military budget, and their elites have also fled to Iran. Their warships are out of order, they are the size of a tourist ship to transport pilgrims to Jerusalem for free. Therefore, the Great Empire’s plan is that all the people of the world go to Jerusalem for free, and if anyone obstructs them, they will destroy him. Of course, on the condition that they provide a resume of activities for the benefit of Gaza. In this way, Biden sends warships to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea under the pretext of helping Israel. But the American people resist, and after some fighting, the Marines declare solidarity and lead the people to the ships. And they anchor by the Mediterranean Sea, and begin the journey to the pilgrimage of Jerusalem, on the coast of Haifa and other ports. Our people regularly welcome them in welfare processions and free food on the Saturdays of Israeli protests. And they support them along the way. It is similar to this in Iraq: Iranians who enter Iraq from Mehran border. Armored or other military vehicles transport them free of charge to specific routes. And on the way step by step, processions of welfare services serve them. In many cases, their walk to Karbala or Najaf Ashraf is free with a government car. Because passenger cars or vans, and personal buses and minibuses are not enough to transport them. The people of Israel are also ready to welcome pilgrims to Jerusalem from all over the world. This type of free pilgrimage is very necessary and profitable for the circulation of the global economy. Because production increases, and employment becomes complete. In addition to replacing bread in the economic atlas of the world, it replaces the gun. For example, the construction of kindness sheds (free service parade) requires steel. Therefore, the steel market is booming, it needs to hire servants, so the employment is complete. And there is no need for people to turn to arms, drug trade, or trafficking in human bodies, antiques, and other haram activities to generate income. All military equipment has changed its mission, instead of killing people, they help them to visit God’s house. Warplanes, jets and missiles carry passengers instead of bombs and rockets. And a big family of 8 million lives together and side by side and in the permanent circulation of the entire earth’s surface, in peace and harmony. And idealistic theories, all will be implemented. And finally, with the advent of Imam Zaman, the circle of this great family becomes more connected. You know that God loves everyone, and wants them to develop the earth and the stars together. And it helps people at every moment: for example, when the first pictures of the moon or Mars were transmitted to the earth, nothing could be seen on the surface of Mars except dry and burning deserts. But the insistence of humans to go to Mars caused God to prepare there as well: therefore, in the new maps, mountains, ice, water and other landscapes are also seen. When there is ice or water somewhere, it means there is life. Therefore, the increase of the population means the increase of the elites.

Delivery of Netanyahu
Arresting Netanyahu and his companions, and handing them over to Hezbollah, is one of the human duties of everyone, especially the Saturday protesters in Tel Aviv. The people of Tel Aviv, who have proved that they are part of the people of the Great Empire of Iran on Saturdays with their protests, should know that only demonstrations will not work, they should form resistance units and do their human duties in enlightening their fellow citizens. The only and easiest way is to arrest Netanyahu and hand him over to Hezbollah officials. It’s enough to bring him to the party! or invite to visit the borders of Lebanon. They should hand it over to the border guards. This is actually a coded message for all members of the Holy Telit resistance (Hezbollah Tel Aviv). Our battalions and companies should know that the operation has started and that each of them should hand over one of the leaders of Israel to Hezbollah or Hashd al-Shaabi. to be recorded in their resume. We have now observed all Saturdays. And we have organized our forces and delivered our message. Now it is their duty to do something. Of course, they can start with Mossad members. Either target the commanders of the Israeli army, or arrest the members of the cabinet and the Knesset and hand them over to Hezbollah. Ismail Haniyeh has also prepared a battalion by our order to wait in private clothes to receive your prisoners and hostages. I can write all this in Hebrew, but I know that you all know Persian. Therefore, most of our announcements, statements and recommendations are in Persian. But it also has Arabic, Turkish, English, and Hebrew translations. But our password will be in Farsi. Of course, our order is (kill, kill), which means you can present them (Netanyahu) as murderers, try them in the field court and execute them. But their bodies should be taken out. We also sent messages to people in New York and Washington. Our final word to the people there, as part of the people of the great empire of Iran, is to advise Biden. Advise Biden. Because he is of Kurdish descent, he can try to liberate Palestine like his ancestor Saladin Ayyubi. The weapons that he sends to Israel are actually sent through a route that: reaches the hands of Hezbollah. Hezbollah has also prepared battalions to receive (confiscate) these weapons. They are fully prepared: to direct all American ships to the Mediterranean coast, to destroy their deadly weapons, to turn them into tourist ships. Our program for these ships and other ships is the free transportation of pilgrims to Jerusalem. They should be transported from America and Europe, free of charge, to the Mediterranean coast. Of course, those who have registered in the pilgrimage battalions and have worked for the benefit of Gaza will be transferred. In addition to ships. All Israeli fighters and planes must change missions. Any pilot who hands over his plane to Hezbollah, Ansarullah, Hashd al-Sha’abi, Zainbiyoun or Fatemiyoun can start working as a tour leader. With this method, all American and Israeli pilots, in addition to all ship captains and warships, are saved from being captured and killed. And this work has begun. Because Tel Aviv Baran missile: from Hezbollah, Ansarullah and Hamas, is the result of their cooperation and sending accurate signals. From now on, we send greetings: to all the active pilgrimage battalions of Quds Sharif. We wish them success. So that in a peaceful atmosphere, the end of Israel will be announced and everyone will think about a greater Palestine. And to the time when groups of people of the world are moving regularly and regularly from all over the world to visit Jerusalem at a minimum cost. And the hymn singers are on their way to Quds Sharif from among the processions: food and accommodation services, with the Palestinian flag. The day is not far when Palestinian prisoners will be among the pilgrims.

Human duty
The Great Empire of Iran announced: All the people of the world should fulfill their human duty: Currently, all the people of the Great Empire of Iran around the world have only one duty: to support Gaza in any way possible. The easiest task is to form resistance nuclei or: supporter nuclei of the Gaza resistance in your neighborhood or home. Family members are important to us. Even children! They can send chocolates or paint to the children of Gaza. Adults can organize a march or conference, meeting, speech session or even a history class in their neighborhood or city. All contents in all fields are available in different languages on Mahin News website, the official organ of the Great Empire of Iran. Know that if the content of the lessons is the same things that are now, the result will be the same things that are now! Therefore, all educational texts should be looked at with a critical and evolutionary perspective: and this work has been done in the research office, and various books have been prepared and uploaded to the global internet. Therefore, the simplest and most necessary human duty of the 8 billion people on earth is to change the current educational content for the benefit of the future of Palestine, and free pilgrimage to the first and second qiblas of Muslims. Because the Imam of the time will appear in Mecca. And if it is still in the hands of the Wahhabis, they will assassinate him with the evil eye of Burj Al-Abraaj. If there is access to the books of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei, it is necessary to teach them in the local language. And this is a great task that is on the shoulders of all humans. For all are of one parent, and no one is superior to another. If people want to be more active in this field, preparation for sending pilgrimage is free. The same local nuclei formed all over the world should teach their members the ways of free pilgrimage. Because the house of God and Jerusalem is no one’s property. And you should not pay anyone to visit it. And anyone who demands is a tyrant (and I am unjust, forbidding the mosques of Allah?) They can introduce simple and low-cost routes. Or talk to benefactors to pay for the trip. Or start free food and accommodation processions. People should not pay any other expenses to visit the house of God except for the suffering of the road and walking. But the next human task is to bring about change in oppressive regimes. According to the Qur’anic law, the most cruel people are those who: create obstacles. According to our knowledge, many groups in the world are preparing to walk to Jerusalem. But some governments do not give them visas. For example, a group has set off from Mashhad and Khorasan in a private car to perform the Quds walk like the Arbaeen walk. But they have been stuck at the border of Iraq for several days. And it is not known who is bothering them. And they wander between Khosravi and Mehran border. Of course, the Arbaeen walk is apparently for Shiites. But walking in Quds is for all divine religions and even non-monotheistic religions. Because non-monotheistic religions are our category. While they also believe in God. But the most important thing is military aid to Gaza. Anyone can: be a soldier, or take weapons to Gaza. Or prevent the sending of weapons and aid to Israel. If the whole world stops sending weapons to Israel. He has to use his reserves and exhaust them. In this case, it is easy to search the cities of Israel and arrest Zionists. Because the Qur’anic order (fajasawa thalal al-diyar) is to capture them and take them out of cities and towns. We are now sure that all the non-Iranian Zionists have left. And therefore, Iranians play the main role in the current Israeli government. Therefore, arresting them and introducing them to Hezbollah or handing them over to the Iranian government is the most important human duty.

Cleaning the cracks
God has determined our military strategy against the Zionists and Prophet Noah has expressed it: Prophet Noah says (God! Remove the disbelievers from the earth, do not leave even one of them because if he remains, he will mislead the rest of the people. And he will not give birth to anyone except the misguided and unbelieving. The infidels were scattered in the world (communism and imperialism), but with the Islamic revolution, they became weaker and pushed back. All the infidels gathered to kill all the believers in Tehran on 17 Shahrivar 1357! But they could not. Then they helped Saddam so that maybe this Baathist Tikrit could. But he couldn’t and cost the devils more than one trillion dollars. They went further and wanted to make a move in the name of Wahhabism, ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc.! Despite the cruelty of the heart and heavy expenses, they still could not. Now they are all gathered in Israel. Zion is the name of the mountain in which the Zionists lived. And this is their general policy. That is, they use the difference between Christianity and Muslim, which are two active and effective populations in the world, to build a shelter for themselves. And from Biden as the leader of Christians! They want help to face the global Islamic revolution. Therefore, they should be pulled out of the cracks and destroyed before Biden helps. This is the strategy of God who said in the Quran: () That is, don’t bomb buildings and cities! And do not destroy. Rather, pull out its inhabitants. Therefore, Haniyeh’s Quranic duty is to evacuate the settlements and keep the Palestinians in them. Hezbollah and Yemen should not let war tools reach Israel. and hunt their existing war tools with drones. Therefore, the air cover is the responsibility of the resistance. and land cover with Gaza. If Iran wants to do something, just destroy their military equipment and weapons with point missiles. After that, the world should believe in God and enter Jerusalem and Mecca. The Zionist enemy advertises that the Arab war is against Israel or that it is anti-Semitism. But we must know that it is God’s word. Therefore, he does not know Shia, Sunni, Kafir and Muslim. Everyone should be a believer. And if they were not, they would disappear. For example, everyone thinks that the Zionists, or the state of Israel, are a bunch of innocent and wandering Jews who want to have a place for themselves. While it is not so. And it has been proven all over the world that Zionists are the richest and most influential class of society. God has also given them this wealth. Because he wanted to see if these chosen people work for God or for themselves! And if that happens, he will destroy them by the hands of other believers. And they committed corruption, killing and looting in the land. They were given a respite of 75 years and they did not repent. They established the basis of the People’s Mojahedin and Pahlavi groups in Iran. to kill people from both sides. And in Iran, with the training of SAVAK, Khomeini supporters were identified and eliminated. People’s Mojahedin were the second edge of Savak’s scissors. And from the very beginning, they acted as an influence of SAVAK. Rajavi, who was one of the 16 members of the central cadre, killed 15 of them. And he remained himself. Of course, he liked to take Pahlavi’s place. But Qajar penetrated them. And Maryam Qajar Azdanlou killed him and quietly took his place so that Reza Pahlavi was left alone. Their life policy was the same life in the cracks. Therefore, they fled from Iran. They joined the Zionists of Israel.

Cleansing occupied Palestine
The time of empty slogans of the past must be taken into action: the Algerian parliament issued a decree for war with the Zionist regime with a 100% vote. The Iraqi Popular Mobilization also started its attacks. Yemen’s Ansarullah targeted the depths of the Zionist regime. Lebanon’s Hezbollah also expanded its drone attacks. People all over the world have occupied the embassies of the Zionist regime and handed them over to the Palestinians. Demonstrations of the whole world in support of Palestine and declaration of readiness to send aid… these are the news we hear every day. This shows the absence of a regular leadership in the war with Israel. While the order of the enemies is quite clear: America has prepared a plan for conflict with the resistance axis, the Zionist regime continues its infanticide. And the Security Council is still ready to veto any opposition plan. To get rid of this incoherence, everyone should pay attention: the only way to remove Israel and end the wars that are burning women in the world is to completely wipe out the Zionist regime. Therefore, in the first place, the right of veto should be invalidated. Or install new members for the Security Council. If it is not possible, the United Nations should be dissolved and the relevant members of the Security Council should be executed. The vote has been issued! There is no need to set up a criminal court. Any activity to eliminate Israel must start from the United Nations. This is the only way to end wars without using weapons. There is only one way to execute the relevant members of the Security Council, for the crime of infanticide in the world and helping the Zionist regime and preventing its name from being removed: the complete cleansing of Palestine. For the complete cleansing of occupied Palestine, Yemen is given the responsibility to: target the command centers and the Dimona site, disable them completely, and complete the occupation of the land. The army of Algeria, Iraq and Syria’s Hezbollah have a ground operation mission to move towards Jerusalem from four directions. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have the duty to create a real iron dome by activating anti-aircraft and to prevent attacks on cleared areas. Especially, the ancient and historical monuments and the holy area of Jerusalem should be taken care of. If Syria attacks through the Golan Heights and joins the Golan Heights, a quarter of the operation has been completed. Iraq must take responsibility for securing the road for pilgrims to Jerusalem from the West Bank. Algeria should deploy troops from the Mediterranean Sea to provide security cover to the heart of Jerusalem and Jerusalem. Hezbollah, which has the map of all the places, must evacuate them one by one from the Zionists: first, give the evacuated settlements to the Palestinians. and provide security for new residents. Then evacuate the military headquarters and replace them with their own forces. Hezbollah should note that: most of the military bases have been evacuated. But it may be in the hands of anti-revolutionary Iranians. Capture them. Because they have no bad intentions! They want to return to Iran. And even be tried. But there is no one to send them. In fact, the Iranians who were sent through Prince Pahlavi or Queen Qajar (Maryam Rajavi) have accepted the desire to return to Iran. Because they know that Hezbollah will capture them and deliver them to Iran. Of course, many of them have also come to love Iran: because with the expulsion of non-Iranian Zionists, or their reverse migration, Israel has been handed over to the Iranians. Historically, both Israel and occupied Palestine are part of Iran. The ancient works in Gaza and Israel prove this. Now almost all of Israel has fallen into the hands of the Iranians. The participation of the Arabs in the land advance will determine their share in the Palestine of the future. And if all the operations are carried out by Iran and the Quds Force, they will not have a share.

Unbelieving super power!
Iran has been, is, and will be a superpower! But some still don’t believe it. There are three groups of these people: some who are enemies of Iran and seek to divide and make it smaller every day: like the United Nations, which has separated 200 countries from Iran so far, is planning to separate 9 more countries from Iran. Second, the groups affiliated with America and Israel, which prepare fodder for the United Nations, so that: as soon as possible, 9 other countries will separate from Iran: for example: Free Kurdistan! Arab people, pan-Turkism, Balochistan! and make it. Most of them have coherent groups for this work. And they are engaged in terror and promoting anti-patriotic thoughts. But the third group of fools who still do not believe. And they prepare food for the previous two groups: for example, they say that we ourselves are hungry! Or they say, why do we have to kill so many people for a piece of land? Or some officials and intellectuals who are from advanced countries. While we have all the ingredients to unipolarize the world, we are also implementing it. The first task: We adjust all the foreign policies of the world according to our own foreign policy. For example, the sheikhdoms of the Persian Gulf should cut off their relationship with America. At all, when we say: America should leave the region, it means that we have ordered both for the region that they should not do anything contrary to our order, and for America to leave. When we say that Israel must be destroyed. We have violated the UN order, and we have firmly told everyone: coordinate their foreign policy with us. Determining the US government and Israel as enemies means that no one will follow these two in their foreign policy. But follow us. We also decide on the military policies of the whole world. When we consider the production of atomic bombs to be haram, it is not only for us! Rather, America and Israel should also be subjugated, if they don’t subjugate and want to build a bigger atomic bomb, we will shut down oil, gas and everything on them. And if necessary, the IRGC will engage with them. When the American aircraft carrier moves to help Israel, Yemen declares on behalf of the Islamic Republic: We will hit it. Therefore, the world, whether directly or indirectly, is subject to Iran’s military, political and even cultural policies. We consider not hijab not only bad for our country, but also a disgrace to the society. Even if France wants to pass an anti-hijab law, it will be prosecuted. Also regarding homosexuality, we strongly attack the smallest movement of homosexuals anywhere in the world, we ask their governments to stop this? Not only do we not like the 2030 document for our country, but we also force international organizations to modify it or abandon it. So what remains away from the sharp eye of the eagle of the Iranian empire? The dominion of this eagle takes care of even the remote villages of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Even in Argentina or South Africa, someone who supports Israel or America or non-hijab, receives his warning on time. In terms of territory, we have had tourism and visa cancellation agreements with 60 countries. The rest are also in line. Even those who have visas are of two groups: like Afghanistan, who need its income. Or like Shingen, they push back with their hands and push forward with their feet. That is, they take it from the throat of their nation. And our elites are given all the facilities to satisfy themselves. From the economic point of view, the supply of Iran’s free oil causes the economic growth of all countries. Iran’s imports from any country bring production and employment for that country. Where did China get 800 billion dollars from? These are Iran’s oil money, which due to sanctions; has not paid And it sells all its goods to Iran.

.simple medicine

As you know, traditional medicine and modern medicine each have taken a field for themselves: traditional or Iranian medicine is based on herbal medicine. But modern medicine is based on chemical drugs. But simple medicine proves that: it is possible to live without medicine: the first topic is related to the Christian doctor of the Prophet’s time: it is stated in all historical sources that: a Christian doctor goes to Medina out of conscience, to Heal the Muslims. But he stays for a few days, no one visits him. Therefore, he went to the Prophet and asked the secret of this work: The Prophet said: I have told the people: Do not eat until you are hungry and stop eating before you are full. The doctor thanked and left. But our doctors do not thank us! Rather, in order to have customers, all their recommendations are the opposite: to the extent that a fat person always asks: What should I eat to lose weight? While the treatment for obesity is not eating. But everyone learned what to eat from doctors! to lose weight Doctors of our time have no conscience, even like a Christian doctor of that time. Many pains do not need medicine: prevention and health do not need medicine. But they do something, all of these need to be examined and prescribed medicine! To provide jobs for both doctors and pharmacists. They are not satisfied with low incomes. And they often cooperate with black medical gangs. A film called “Butcher’s Angels” shows that: surgeons go to war zones and take the body parts of victims with them for more income. Basically, the medical plan or service in deprived areas was for this reason. That is, American and European doctors used to go among them under the pretext of helping African people. And they tested for AIDS and so on. In our country, doctors say not to eat sugar and salt! These are poisons. Then, when you get sick, they will give you the same sugar and salt in the form of a serum at several times the price. Therefore, we should turn to simple medicine or free medicine. One of his epithets of the Prophet: (Taib Dawar Batba) was a traveling doctor. It means that doctors should go to patients. Not that the doctors in the ivory tower are like the heart hotel! Shahid Rajaei Hospital, and someone who has a heart disease, and it is dangerous for him to walk, should go to them. Recently, the head of the heart hospital said in an interview: 84% of active people in Iran are obese. The cause is overeating. But in order to trivialize this gluttony, they accuse the government of a profit that: people don’t have bread to eat! And on the other hand, they say: the disease is not due to the lack of starch, but due to the lack of protein. Therefore, on the one hand, they admit that people overeat in bread and grains, on the other hand, they prevent the hunting of birds and pigeons, or the fishing of fish, which has the best type of protein compatible with humans. Therefore, we see that despite the medical oath, they are only looking to fill their pockets. 95% of doctors devote the least hours to medicine. And they are often looking for construction and election programs, etc. For example, Dr. Velayati only practices medicine for one day. And he seeks to write contemporary history, which also requires sufficient literacy. Or Ahmadinejad teaches only one day, the rest of the days he seeks to remove the hijab. Therefore, we intend to introduce free ways of prevention and treatment for you. In order to make up for the crimes of Maldoost doctors. Of course, collecting money is not their ultimate goal, their goal is to fool the nurse girls. So that in every rich doctor’s office, there is a well-equipped post office. where they prepare sleep food, and girls who love to learn go to them. They fall asleep with the first drink, and after a while they wake up, that the work is over. And you don’t see any successful star who hasn’t been sexually abused.

Announcement No. 3 of Rahian Quds
The Central Headquarters of the Walking Tour: Towards Jerusalem published its announcement number three: In this announcement, it is stated: Gaza should know that receiving pilgrims from Jerusalem is better than receiving Israeli bombs and rockets. Because they believe because of Al Saud’s propaganda: No one should come for pilgrimage, and if they come, it’s only once a year! Because Al Saud considered Saudi Arabia to be a private property, they even changed its name to Saudi Arabia. Therefore, they take the income from pilgrims for themselves. And they have created this spirit in Gaza, Hebron, Ramallah, and the West Bank that: if they die, it is better that they leave the way of pilgrimage to Quds free. For this reason, Saudi Arabia donates aid to Gaza: it is their death wish: it always donates shrouds and burial materials. To kill the Palestinians. And they can be easily shrouded. Therefore, during the decades of the Islamic revolution, they have never allowed non-local pilgrims to enter Jerusalem. On the other hand, if they consider Jerusalem as belonging to the world of humanity. The way to visit Jerusalem is opened. With the arrival of pilgrimage caravans, military caravans must return. When the flood of people goes to Jerusalem, Israel will not be able to stop them. But unfortunately, Gaza does not cooperate. While he can undertake the security of the road to Jerusalem, he can take the pilgrims there for free. and place many processions there. But he does not accept any of them. In terms of Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad! Being killed under Israeli bombs is better than: the pilgrimage of Shiites or the whole world. Therefore, to break this dangerous atmosphere, and to prepare the minds of the Palestinians: who have become worse than the Israelis. We have decided to send a group from Qom or Tehran as an escort. If this group falls from Qom, it will certainly become an avalanche like a snowball on the way to Iran, Iraq and Jordan, and there will be a large crowd. But these will not stop behind the crossing: the West Bank. At least our group will be shrouded, cross the passage without: weapons. And they will go to Quds Sharif. Will the people of the West Bank cooperate? Or will they be prevented from entering under the pretext of Israel? How many Israeli guards are there? They can’t do anything without your support. If the people of Gaza are not really Israelis, all the guards will be destroyed in one attack. Only the number of rockets in Gaza is more than the number of Israeli guards. That means if they hit one rocket for each, they will be destroyed. Therefore, mental barriers are stronger and more dangerous than physical barriers. The fact that Israel has survived until now is because the Palestinians are also Israelis! The important reason for that is following the Saudi-style death wish. The fact that the bombing of Gaza does not end, one side is Israel: the other side is the people and the authorities of Gaza! Why don’t they build hospitals inside the tunnels? Why don’t they direct people to the tunnels? Why don’t they use Iranian anti-aircraft guns? It is known that there is an intention in killing the people of Gaza. And it is from Saudi Arabia, not Israel. Al Saud, in the form of friendship, makes the greatest enmities against the Palestinian people. The symbol of donating a shroud to a Palestinian in Iran in a different way! It is mentioned: They say to the officials: You too go and be martyred in Gaza. That is, instead of hiring terrorists to kill 17,000 officials like the first revolution, they ask them to go to Gaza with their own feet, and then they guide them and destroy them like Haj Qassem Soleimani. In order to expose this hideous face, the headquarters of Pilgrims on foot to Jerusalem will send a group from Daulat Iran street to go to Jerusalem itself for pilgrimage. The matter is not ambiguous for anyone. Therefore, on the way, he informs people about the reactions. Stay with us

The headquarters of Quds Sharif walk
A central headquarters has been formed to start a walk to Quds and published its first statement: O people of the world, hurry to the Holy Quds. And visit the place of divine prophets. This trip is on foot and there is no cost. Food and accommodation are free. In this regard, governments, nations and donors have specific functions. Governments must specify the route and ensure its security. Benefactors should be settled at certain intervals by creating a procession or welfare residential complexes. The nations should divide themselves and work so that the routes can have people throughout the year. Every day, one three hundred and sixtieth of the population of each country set out. But the network of roads starts from all the cities and villages in the form of capillaries, they connect to each other along the way and enter Jerusalem in four ways: first from Asia through the West Bank of the Jordan River, so Hamas or Islamic Jihad or self-righteous organizations, duty They are responsible for hosting and guiding them. And they should lead them to Jerusalem in complete safety. Then Africans can enter Europe through the Mediterranean Sea and the port of Haifa, through the Golan Heights, Syria and Lebanon. Americans can receive guests arriving by air in Tel Aviv. They should walk from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. For the necessary preparations, the al-Qassam battalions should take care of providing the roads, and if anyone obstructs them, destroy them. This will bring peace and stability back to the region. And the trip to Jerusalem, like the trip to Kerala, should be a long walk, free of charge, public and permanent. It is natural that those who create disruptions at any point of this global capillary route are known enemies of Zionism, and will be decisively eliminated. . With this method, the real United Nations is formed in Jerusalem and people from all over the world are invited to this assembly once a year, and if the general assembly is held every day, they can approve it with the slogan of the day. For example: The first day is the slogan of the unity of all the people of the world. Not only Shiites or Muslims or monotheistic religions, even non-monotheistic and non-religious religions! Because God said that we created you from one parent. And therefore, everyone is brother and sister. And they should be equal in all areas. And something like the color of the skin, the color of the eyes! or do not have language differences. Hazrat Ali also says: People are of two types! Either they are your co-religionists or they are of the same species! If all the people present in Jerusalem enter the shrine with this slogan. They can repeat a slogan for up to a year. And every day new groups will enter and by the end of the year all the people of the world will chant this slogan. On the second day, they can chant that: the land belongs to everyone, everyone should choose their per capita share wherever they want. If the total area of the earth is 510,100,000 square kilometers and the active population of the world is 5,100 million people, each person will have 100,000 square meters of land. And likewise, the sea, mountains, and mines should be divided per capita. And governments that do not do this must be eliminated. When people have a specific land, mine, sea, they can manage it individually or as a family. Or form a cooperative and company or make a civil partnership. Governments do not have the right to save public property! God will produce wealth for the future. That some people bring up savings, in fact, their minds are that God is unemployed and retired. While God is active every day. When Darwin counted the creatures of his time and wrote the book Origin of Species. But now, creatures are not limited to that book! Rather, God’s blessings (innumerable) have no end. One hundred thousand creatures of Darwin! Now it reaches billions of species just from butterflies or fish.

Security of Gaza
The only way for the security of the people of Gaza, Hebron, Tul Karm, West Bank, Quds Sharif and Tel Aviv and Haifa is to participate in the walk to Quds Sharif. Quds belongs to all worlds and monotheistic and non-monotheistic religions. And everyone should be able to visit it. Therefore, those who usurp it and consider it a personal or ethnic or tribal property will be destroyed. God’s will is that everyone should kiss and visit the place and footsteps of the Holy Prophet at the moment of his ascension. To be a reminder of God’s power in creating prosperity and security for all people. Where God showed his prophet that oppression and oppressors are caught in the fire, and nothing will come out of them. But the prophets and people of the world from the beginning to the end of history are in heaven and God’s pleasure in complete prosperity. There is no shortage, no criticism, no cruelty, and no loss of rights. He also told the Prophet to convey this matter to everyone. Let everyone know that true prosperity is with God. Those who seek prosperity should believe and do good deeds. It is for these that God created rivers full of milk and honey and beautiful heavenly nymphs. They must prove their worthiness to use the divine paradise by their worship. Those who do not let this message reach the ears of the people. Or they deceive them and say that prosperity should be here, they are misguided, they make both themselves and others miserable. Who are more mischievous and miserable than those who: prevent the visitation of God’s house and holy place. By building big hotels next to God’s house, they associate themselves with God. That is, they want to tell people: if they don’t listen to God’s word, they will get better houses than God’s house. The House of God was established thousands of years ago by the hand of Prophet Adam and rebuilt with the help of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail. According to them, the house of God cannot be seen! That’s why they draw a curtain on it! so that its ugliness is not seen. According to them, the crack in the corner of the Kaaba is a mismatch and should be repaired with the latest technology. But they don’t know that heaven is behind this simple house, and whoever visits God’s house, gets a ticket to enter heaven and is on his way to heaven. A person who visits Al-Aqsa Mosque and kisses its stones. He has prepared himself for permanent prosperity and comfort. So try not to wear women’s clothes! Rather, hold the nymphs in your arms. O people of the world, I ask you: go on a pilgrimage to the House of God and Al-Aqsa Mosque, reach there on foot and stay there for a few days. To see the doors of God’s mercy, and to get close to God’s blessings. And buy yourself eternal prosperity and comfort. O people, don’t be like those who: looking for the unattainable prosperity of the world, bought misery and misery for themselves. Those who blocked the way to visit the House of God, and forbade people from going to the House of God (and the most unjust are those who forbid the mosques of God), who are more cruel than the House of Saud and the House of Zion? that have blocked the way of the Muslim qiblas? O people of the world, rise up and destroy them. To open the way to visit God’s house and holy place. People have to go there on foot. Walking towards God’s house and holy place brings comfort and security to them: O people of the world, rush towards Quds and Kaaba. We have shown you an example of this in Karbala. Arbaeen walking is the most popular, cheapest and easiest tourism in the world. You see 30 million people receiving many blessings in long ways. They don’t have bread and water. They don’t even worry about housing and homelessness. God’s blessings descend on them from the earth and the sky. And during the two months of travel and tourism, no one’s nose even bleeds. O people of Gaza, don’t be so selfish, O Israelis! O Jews! O Muslims, don’t speak Arab or Ajam, you are all from the same parents.

The secret of the persistence of hypocrites in Israel
Statistics show that in Israel, reverse migration has reached its end. This means that all Russian, European and American Jews have all returned to their homelands. In fact, Israel has been completely evacuated. The only ones left are those who are Iranian or of Iranian origin. Because they have nowhere to return! Because of the crimes they have committed, all of them have been sentenced to death in a valid court, and if they return, they should be executed. From Ariel Sharon Damavandi, Tamosheh Kasab Yazdi, etc., so it can be said that Israel is now in the hands of the Iranians. Iranians have immigrated to Israel in three stages: the first stage at the beginning of the establishment of Israel and the time of the British Balfour Declaration. Most of them have left Iran by stealing property, antiques, gold and jewelry. And they have held sensitive positions: from the president of Israel to the commander of the army, etc. Contrary to Israeli law, they spoke to each other in Persian. As in the video broadcast of Moshe Kassab, the former president of Israel, he spoke in Farsi, and mentioned a school in Yazd as his place of education. which can be referred to the Qajar era and the end of that regime. The second group immigrated before the Islamic revolution and at the end of the Pahlavi period, and these were also rich and wealthy and big investors: like the Ilqanis and Hezhbros, who apparently took refuge in Israel from the fear of revolutionary executions, and the biggest companies. established Of course, they also took away many Muslims: they chose the Bahais from the Shiites, and the Wahhabis from the Sunnis. Therefore, Mahmoud Abbas is a Baha’i of Iranian origin. The third group or the third flow of Iranian immigration comes from Netanyahu’s invitation from all opposition groups. At the head of it are hypocrites and monarchists. The royalists left with their hands full of fugitive pilots and soldiers, to overthrow the Iranian regime with the help of Netanyahu! and return the monarchy to Pahlavi. Most of the fighters’ attacks on Gaza are with this type of pilots who do this directly or through the training of young forces. But hypocrites with a little shame! And they did something secret. Because in this matter they had to obey the royalists, who had the upper hand. But France and Albania came to their aid. And apparently they were fired. Of course, Iran, which is sleeping like a rabbit, considered this as a positive thing! And they were happy that Albania in Tirana beat Ashraf Se’s barracks. While behind the curtain was the departure of militia forces to Israel. This is why the Israeli infantry was restored! Instead of the former problematic forces, fresh Iranian forces were injected. And therefore Israel started the ground attack a little later, it was for this replacement and the necessary training for the forces. Of course, that was not enough! Gaza was able to ground them for an hour. The captured prisoners are mostly Iranian and of Iranian origin. And for example, there are no Arab or European nationals among them. The complete defeat of Israel in the air and ground fronts, which was led by the royalists and hypocrites, caused the immigration to increase! The remaining ones should flee or surrender to Gaza. Of course, unlike the royalists who play, like Reza Pahlavi, who went to Telavio and put a hat on his head! And he recited the Nadba wall instead of the Nadba prayer. The hypocrites are off. And this shows that their number is more than the royalists. Therefore, we suggest to them: in order to stay in this hellish land, it is better to change their religion like Al Saud! and open the way to Quds.. because our next plan after the evacuation of Israel is to fill it with all those interested in visiting the Holy Quds. If they are accompanied by this smooth atmosphere, they will last. It is also considered a repentance and they are no longer prosecuted. What should have been done in Iraq during Saddam’s time, but they didn’t do it, so the raging flood destroyed their Arbaeen walk. This should be done by Gaza, but they don’t accept it.

In the hope of visiting the holy place
When I was the Director General of Public Relations of the Ministry of Guidance, at the end of my official letters, after mentioning the title and name, I would add the hope of visiting Karbala. And this became customary, they mostly wrote. And finally it came true: all those who wished have gone to Karbala. The road to Karbala has become the safest road in the world. Therefore, all worshipers should pay attention: instead of visiting Karbala, they should replace it with visiting Quds Sharif. Because repeating the desire to visit Karbala is an insult to the blood of all the martyrs of Iran and Iraq. Now no one wishes to visit Karbala. And if it is, it is because of his own laziness. Because the trip to Karbala is the safest trip in the world and the most free. All food and drinks are free. It is only the fare. that they should be bored. Because it is also free. For those who are financially weak, there are many benefits from the government and the nation. Therefore, my request again to the devotees is not to repeat this wish. Instead, take the hands of those who cannot. But as an effective media, with many followers, it is necessary to give a slogan for visiting the holy holy places. The officials who do not make an effort and ignore the aid to Gaza, consider the reason for this to be the lack of preparation of the people. And the preachers should raise a slogan against (neither Gaza nor Lebanon). Now that the global resurrection has begun, the worshipers must also be with this flow. Back to the past and nostalgic thinking, although among the social remnants! It still has fans, but people are hungry to visit the holy holy place. The place where the Prophet ascended, and it belongs to Muslims. Where all the prophets and saints have gone and we must visit their footsteps. The first Qibla is the Muslims. Therefore, the main task of Hamas and Jihad is to protect the security of citizens. Therefore, the battlefield should be moved into the occupied territories, and the anti-aircraft guns should be moved to the Israeli bombers’ outposts in the nearest area. Of course, the main nature of wars is only for naming, that is, some people want: everyone be Jewish! And the others don’t want it, but Gaza says today that according to the Israeli prisoners, both sides speak Persian, about 50 of them were handed over to Iran, but they announced that they were killed in Israeli bombings! These are members of the hypocrites and monarchists. According to the analysis of Hashem Agha’s meeting in Abu Hanif’s delegation, those who are left are all Iranians. This remaining generation in Tel Aviv is divided into two categories: some have already left. Like Ariel Sharon who went from Damavand or others from Bushehr and Yazd, they have formed the main leaders of Zionism. that even Yazdi (Moshe Kasab) or Musa Kasab, the former president of Israel, has a video in Farsi. But the second group that joined after the revolution. And it was often through Mahmoud Abbas Baha’i, or through the organization of the hypocrites. Because the only country that never made a deal with the hypocrites was Israel. Recently, the head of the royalists went to Tel Aviv! They put a hat on his head and he asked for his toilet at the wall of Nadba. According to statistics, all American, European, Russian and even Chinese residents have evacuated Tel Aviv in the past days. And practically, Israel is in the hands of the Iranians. They wish the Iranian army to enter Tel Aviv as soon as possible. so that they can continue their business. Contrary to the claims of IRNA, ISNA and Fars, there are no non-Iranian Zionist citizens left in Israel. Because they all came based on empty promises of prosperity and wealth. Now they are all displaced, even hotels and tents do not have room for them. There is no Israeli government. And therefore, the hoteliers do not know from whom to charge the cost of these displaced persons. All efforts of radio and television infiltrators are to hide the issue. and attribute the attack on Gaza to non-Iranian Jews. So that these atrocities are not written in the name of hypocrites and imperialists.

Media in the Qur’an
In the Holy Qur’an, everything is a medium: that is, it conveys God’s message, it is said that everything is God’s signs and verses: if intellectuals pay attention! Saadi says: “The leaves of green trees, in the eyes of the alert, each page is a book of knowledge.” For the mission of the prophets, it is also said in Persian as the prophet. That is, the whole mission of the prophets is only to convey the message. Therefore, all three parts of the medium, namely the sender, the receiver, and the text of the message, have reached unity. All existence is the messenger of God’s social networks: drinking water, making fun of him, worshiping him. Of course, very few receivers! Out of 8 billion people in the world, only 2 billion are Muslims. It means that they have received the message from Prophet Muhammad. The rest have separated their ways and chosen the message of Satan. Because every message, even if it appears to be true, is not sent by a divine messenger, it is definitely a satanic messenger. That the Jewish people were waiting for a new prophet, but when they heard his message, they did not accept it! They said that the messenger must be from the generation of Yaqub, not Ismail. It was the devil who entered their hearts. Most of the wars were and are only because of this assumption. In the Qur’an, everything is a medium: my hands and feet and you (God willing) say: God has given us speech and expression, so that on the Day of Judgment they will repeat what they have recorded (recorded). The infallibles have also said: (Kunwa Daat al-Nas without the Sunnah) invite people to Islam with a language other than this one. Therefore, the way we sit! Our clothes! It’s all media. And our children pay more attention to our behavior than to our speech. That is, message receivers receive signs better than language. If our body signals (body language) are negative, our children will also be negative. A person who is a father to everyone, but misbehaves with his children at home, he communicates the medium of violence. And if it is the other way around, it is still wrong. It means that he should be kind to his family, exploit all people so that the family is well-being, and send a negative signal to his children, educators, and other message receivers. Even in human creation! The priority of human creation is to convey a message! Where God establishes the first meeting of the free-thinking chair: He invites all the angels to unveil his new plan. And where he only teaches Adam, he only teaches the names. Names mean that we only know that something is an atom, and another name is water! Just know the name. We only know God by name. The secret of human immortality is only the name. Whenever you encounter problems, you must pronounce the name: sometimes the great name! That is, the existential hardware unlocks its password only with the software of names. The password of the whole universe is only the name. By repeating God’s name, you can enter heaven and use God’s free blessings. And if you take another name, you will only get the waste and the judgments of the heavenly people. Shaqi is a miserable person who even avoids learning the password. And instead, he uses evil passwords to enter hell. God’s overall plan is to meet the needs of the heavenly people, from the intelligent and humane hell. Either in the form of fuel and energy (natural fuels) or in the form of recycling: some people provide the necessary energy for heaven by burning in hell! And some people eat the excrement of the heavenly beings. And this is done by choosing the media. That is, don’t use God’s names and passwords, a mistake has been made: God’s hotel is under the ground! In the motor home! Toilets, sinks are permanently employed. Therefore, media management in the Qur’an begins with self-management: it must bind itself to: take the message from the main messenger. And to any messaging. If he is curious and stumbles upon evil messengers, he should immediately correct his mistake (repent). When the message is received, the social media management starts. It means that the person himself becomes the media.

Look at your feet
The underground cities of Gaza are so vast that they go under the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa, and there is a road to the port. There is a tunnel directly to Iraq and all the American equipment is transferred to the Gaza war camp through this way. What Hamas and Islamic Jihad have done with the help of Sahib al-Zaman: it is not at all conceivable for any country. They have placed ballistic missiles under the Mediterranean Sea and are waiting for the arrival of American warships. According to the 25-year plan, all nuclear warhead stockpiles from all over the world will be collected. The underground is kind to Gaza and generously provides space for military and residential installations. The reason for opposing the digging of Solomon’s tomb in Jerusalem is also quite clear. Because with underground excavations in Jerusalem, they may find access to one of these settlements. Of course, we have little information about Iran’s underground missile cities and channels, but considering the technology system of Gaza’s underground cities, it can be said that these cities connect the entire axis of resistance. These cities have several goals: the basis of which is to maintain the human force, and increase the Muslim population compared to the Jews. We know that Gaza is very small, 4 million people, sometimes up to 9 million, with an increasing growth of 4%, each of them does not even reach half a meter. And if all of them were visible on the ground and in the apartments, the Israeli bombings would have massacred them all by now. We believe that as many as two atomic bombs, rockets and bombs have landed in Gaza. But its casualties were only 5,000 people. These 5 thousand people were born and replaced in these few days. Therefore, protecting citizens is the first principle of Hamas and Jihad officials. This is why the enemy targets children, mothers, and patients. Because he has come to the conclusion that children are more harmful to him. Therefore, following Pharaoh, he ordered the killing of children. Of course, some Gaza authorities like Mahmoud Abbas caused these children to perish with misconceptions. They told Hamas and Jihad that Israel will not attack! Even if he attacks, he has nothing to do with civilians. He is only looking for the commanders of Hamas and Jihad. Therefore, they stopped transferring patients to underground cities. It turned out that Israel had made this promise so that it could act more easily. to make a news bomb out of it. Because Israel and America only exist in cyber space. They do not exist in real space. That’s why they use the cyber space and fake news and media to show themselves alive. Right now, if Gaza reaches this conclusion, it will be able to come out of the ground (like Mokhtar’s plan) and evacuate Tel Aviv. The eviction order has been issued by the court of arms. But the existence of pro-Gaza groups among the people of Tel Aviv, who lead the Saturday protests, is an obstacle. Because in that case, wet and dry will burn together. The problem is that these people have nowhere to go. Because all those who had a place have left Israel. Therefore, according to Iran, Gaza hopes that this work will be done from the inside. Even Dr. Abbasi, the Iranian strategist on Iranian TV, has clearly determined the points where the Israelis can go. But Israel’s policy of hiding behind them has made it difficult. Because none of the countries are willing to accept the Zionists, let alone give them a camp or land. Israelis even teach Persian language to their children. to attract anti-religious Iranians. They advertise that Israel is part of Iran! And it should not be destroyed

Bomb or signature?
If the Security Council signs, no more bombs will fall on Tel Aviv. The Security Council and the Secretary General of the United Nations can establish peace by erasing Israel and removing its name from the United Nations, but they do not do this! IRNA, Isna, and Sedav Sima can also boycott Israel, but they don’t. And make him an eight-headed demon, so that the enemy’s tongue will be opened and they will consider Hud’s attacks to be effective. Incitement has two dimensions, media and executive. And Iranian mercenary media have undertaken both.. Wouldn’t it be better if they used Palestinian sources instead of Israeli sources? A small attack on Tel Aviv is being advertised as World War III! And they show a few firecrackers of the former Zionist army, the destroyer of Gaza… and the officials don’t pay attention either. All this is the greed of the officials, for more rent-seeking, in order to make the enemy happy, humiliate the Hezbollah forces and embezzle more resources. Travel to Antalya and Thailand under the pretext of Gaza. For them, the earthquake in Afghanistan is a good cover for embezzlement. And they have done so that the whole world thinks so. The people of the world have everything, but they still want it. Of course, it is a human principle. Because man is a liar and greedy. Therefore, he searches for his desire in injustices and high prices, but he gives the slogan of justice and cheapness. Greed and covetousness are traits that burn and destroy all good things like fire. Therefore, the Secretary General of the United Nations! It should work for unity, it works to break up countries and change borders, to make more money. Big businessmen turn to the arms and drug trade to make astronomical profits. Irana and ISNA are preparing the entire world for its destruction by showing Gaza several times. Everyone asks themselves if it is necessary to defend Gaza? While publishing these news, they increase their circulation. But they can. Ask the Security Council to cancel the veto. And then erase Israel from the list of countries. Of course, all borders must be removed. Because Islam sees the whole world as one. It is mentioned many times in the Quran that you all come from the same parents. It is said in the Qur’an that the difference in skin color and pronunciation of words is only for better identification, so that no one is punished or encouraged instead of another. But the media makes colors become enemies and races start a war against each other. Everything Israel does is just for propaganda. What IRNA and ISNA do. From a dead and lifeless Israel, they make a powerful and decisive Israel. They themselves know that attacking the hospital is bad, but because of this, IRNA and ISNA put them at the top of the news. to justify Israel. The implementation of justice and equality among people has nothing to do! But by making the process complicated, they show it as impossible. It is enough for the homeless to know that: the White House is their right. Will homelessness remain? But the media blinds this mental software. And they are afraid of the imaginary army of Syria. Otherwise, people can easily occupy the White House. And no law can punish them. They say that an honorable judge was found in America! When he tried a poor man, he saw that he had the right to steal, he set him free, and he paid the fine from his own pocket, and said: I and people like me should be fined, because they do not defend the rights of the oppressed. If all judges were honorable, there would not be a poor person in the world. Now the verdict has been issued and the competent court has ruled that: according to the constitutional rights, all the poor should have a house, job, education and health. But hospitals and schools prevent them from accepting them. And they say pay first. And the judges arrest the poor instead of explaining the basic rights.

Aid to Gaza
Helping Gaza is helping the great Iranian empire. Iran has become an unparalleled economic power in the world on the path of globalization. The sources of oil and gas, precious metals and decorative stones and all the blessings of God have increased to the highest level in the world. The amount of liquidity flows to Iran from everywhere. Because they buy dollars at the highest price of Iranian Tomans. On the surface, it is to hit Iran’s economy, but in practice, a large volume of liquidity flows to Iran: Herat, Dubai, and Istanbul dollars are all supplied from Iran, and the enemies are forced to buy them at very high prices, so that the Iranian people make them rich If the volume of liquidity is 8 thousand hemats, it means that on average every Iranian has one billion tomans in cash assets (now one billion tomans is called one toman) and this is apart from the 8 residential units and eight times consumption that was mentioned. There are two ways to inject this huge cash wealth into Iran, friendly and hostile. In a friendly way, the world buys oil, gas, heavy metals, and decorative stones from Iran and pays Iran (in dollars, etc.). According to the Minister of Oil, the sale of oil and gas is at the highest level in the history of Iran. And according to the foreign minister’s claim, we do not have any blocked claims. So this means that all these 500 billion dollars have entered Iran: either in the form of dollars, currency or barter goods. All of which are converted into Tomans at their highest price. The second method of injecting the same amount of 500 billion dollars, which is through enmity! It enters Iran: 32 trillion dollars of American debt and 30 trillion dollars of European debt are due to spending: In the Iraq war against Iran, the occupation of Iraq was the occupation of Afghanistan: all of which have been transferred to Iran. That is, they allegedly armed the hypocrites in Iraq in order to hand over all of them to Iran in operation: Forough Javidan. Or they paid the wages of their mercenaries in Iran in repeated organized seditions. And they have either saved in the banks, or spent on buying a house and a basket of goods. And therefore, despite the fact that they have imposed an apparent embargo on Iran. But the enemy networks inject and import into Iran with their own hands due to their enmity with Iran. Even their drugs, weapons, cash balances are discovered and confiscated. And this adds to Iran’s wealth. In fact, counter-espionage operations are more profitable and profitable for Iran than oil and gas. This huge amount of liquidity and wealth should not be stored. Because hoarding money and gold is forbidden in Islam and is considered a hoard, and will result in severe punishment from God. Iranian people do not need it. Because the government gives them free water, electricity, land and bread. And for the minimum price they pay, it provides a cash subsidy. Therefore, the best way to maintain liquidity is to give aid to Gaza. Because it preserves the empire. This custom has reached us from the time of Cyrus and Dariush Muhammad and Ali. They say: Cyrus or Darius distributed all the taxes, wealth and spoils among all the people of the world at that time, who were all Iranians. They criticized him to save! He said there is no need. He tentatively called that he needed money. Ten times the need, money was collected from the people. During the time of the Prophet and Hazrat Ali, the wealth was divided. Even the infidels were paid as the authors of the hearts. Therefore, like water, wealth rots if it is stagnant. In this last half century, Iranians, as usual, spent their wealth for all the people of the world. The result is that there is no need for the presence of the IRGC in the Gaza war. Because there are thousands of dedicated troops in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, etc. It is enough to just mention it to raze Tel Oyo to the ground. Even now it is the same as the soil. These evils are actually the civil war in Great Iran

Eliminating Israel’s Name: Legal and Implementation Considerations
America’s illegitimate child must die one day. And probably sooner than America itself! Therefore, it should be seen why it has survived until now? There are reservations about removing its name from the United Nations, which should be removed. First, it should be known that the Zionist lobby has disappeared in America, and it does not have the power to compete with the Iranian lobby. For this reason, in the election contests, the Zionist Algor rises with the money of the Zionists, but he is prohibited from the presidency by the force of the law. Therefore, there is a potential that the Iranian lobby will be used in this case as well: that the United States cannot deny the right use his veto on: canceling Israel’s membership. But the problem here is that the Iranian lobby does not think about this issue due to its two sides. Therefore, in the upcoming elections, one should support someone who is against Israel. Strictly speaking, Biden is an Iranian and was supported and promoted by the Iranian lobby: and America is actually a colony of Iran. This issue started during the Iranian revolution, when Imam Khomeini said that Carter must go! And people and institutions also rejected him, and like other presidents, he could not return to politics. Even today, the Iranian lobby has been able to play a role in the governorship elections by investing 4 trillion dollars in America. But the divisiveness in these cases has caused Israel to still consider itself the owner of Biden. The split among Iranians, or actually several splits between them, is because of Islam. Some of them believe that Islam should not interfere in government. But in this group, Iranianness is strong. And he considers Israel to be among the Iranians. And they all have eyes on Tehran. We call these two categories revolutionary and anti-revolutionary. The revolutionaries consider the Islamic Republic as the worthy government of Iran, but the anti-revolutionaries want the return of the Pahlavi (royalists) or the Qajar (hypocrites – Maryam Qajar Azdanlou). And they consider them more worthy to run Tehran. For this reason, both Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Qajar have sent troops to Israel to fight against Gaza. From the manner of the attacks on Gaza, it can be concluded that: the work is out of the hands of the non-Iranian commanders of Israel. Because most of them have returned to their native countries. Only the military members of Iran’s counter-revolution have remained, because they have nowhere to return. Therefore, either they should be dealt with like Forough Javidan (Mursad and Pejak operations). And he destroyed them in Israel as well. Or he used the anti-revolution evacuation position in America. So that the revolutionary faction can choose the future president of America. If the future president of America is elected by the Iranian revolutionary faction, it will be easier because we can hope that Israel’s membership will be canceled and America will not use its veto. But this is a long and possible path. And therefore, from the legal point of view, the removal of Israel has a dead end. As it has not been achieved so far. Of course, it is possible to influence the UN General Assembly with the approvals of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, non-committed countries. Just as they fired the representative of Israel during the Iranian president’s speech, remove the name of Israel as well. This is a potential possibility. that if all members vote, America will not use its veto right. But in any case, there are possibilities. So, the best way to deal with Israel in the current situation is in the field. That is, just as Israel is run by Iranians, Gaza should also be run by Iranians. In this regard, concealment should be removed from the main considerations. That is, just as Reza Pahlavi and the hypocrites openly go to Israel and help, the Revolutionary Guards should also have a public presence and use their superior facilities. For example, the reserves of the Iron Dome are exhausted, the IRGC can destroy the command headquarters or take prisoners from them to make it clear that the killers of the people of Gaza are Israelis of Iranian origin.

How much subsidy
Some people think that their subsidy is only 300 thousand tomans, which some people don’t even get! But the real subsidy of each Iranian person is eight hundred million tomans! Because half of the country’s budget is spent on buying wheat and basic goods, which are given free to the people. The other half of the budget is spent on infrastructure and construction projects, which are provided to people for free, like water, electricity and gas. Of course, they may say that water and electricity are free for the lower deciles. The rest pay! With a thumb calculation, we can say: the money that is taken for water and electricity, etc., is not a tenth of the cost. And this is finally returned to the people in the form of wages: water and electricity officials, because they spend this amount in the country. And they pay the others. To calculate the total subsidy, we must know that the budget is divided into two parts: current and construction costs. Current expenses means salaries, commuting, overtime and personnel bonuses! Half of the budget, which means more than 4,000, is paid to military and country employees and retirees. They either spend this money or save it, by spending it, the whole money is transferred to the working class and toilers and producers of materials and services. That is, if they buy food, it is transferred to farmers and ranchers, and if they buy clothes, etc., it is transferred to Sanuf. If an employee’s income is more than the expenses of the household’s basket of goods, they will naturally invest it. Risk-free investment means saving money: in banks to receive interest. This money is given to people in the form of a loan with a discount. Therefore, the final goal of current government budgets in all years is to strengthen the private sector and transfer oil income to farmers and workers. Even if government employees make risk-free investments: they have ultimately helped the private sector. Investing in the stock market, gold, coins, housing, and cars, respectively, with higher risks, has higher profits. But capital is transferred directly: to workers and farmers or to producers of goods and services: buying housing makes the work of construction industry workers prosperous. Buying gold makes metal industry workers prosperous and even buying foreign currency strengthens secondary markets and creates employment. Therefore, don’t doubt the government’s current budget: the more it is, the higher the welfare of the people, the more prosperous the business. For this reason, some economists have said: any kind of budget deficit is the government’s investment: for the greater welfare of the people and the growth of the private sector. This happy and healthy circulation in the current budget is a little wider in the construction budget, that is, it takes into account all the people of the world. For example, building a dam or bridge or road or developing internet infrastructure forces the government to import. Therefore, every new production or service of the people of the world is also strengthened by Iran’s money. South Korea is the best example: when there was a revolution in Iran, the United States started its embargo in order to overthrow the government like during Mossadegh’s period. But by order of the Imam, the purchase of American goods was banned, so the country’s procurement officials went to South Korea and so on. Big purchases from South Korea (such as Kia cars) made South Korea grow: at that time, Seoul, the only important city in South Korea, had only one street, and it was called Tehran Street. Of course, now they are not paying Iran’s money, it is not because of their ignorance! Because they don’t have anything to give, everything goes back to the same street in Tehran. South Korea is a small example of the recipients of subsidies from the Iranian government: up to China, Russia, America and India.. If they want to pay back Iran’s demands, they will have to return to the same situation before the Iranian revolution. The sheikhs of the Persian Gulf, which have now become the Horn of Africa, were nothing more than deserts before the revolution.

Cancellation of Israel’s membership
For years, all the countries of the world have been demanding the cancellation of Israel’s membership, and the resolutions issued against this fake regime have been repeated every year and its crimes have been condemned. But due to the right of veto, America has prevented this issue. Now that they are both partners in the crimes of Gaza, and they are trying to add France and England to this group, the United Nations General Assembly should remove the veto and cancel Israel’s membership in order to prevent war. Its legal mechanism is that the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Organization of Non-Aligned Countries, which are usually formed without the presence of veto members, pass a resolution. and present it to the United Nations General Assembly. Based on this resolution, it will be called the Gaza Convention. First, it should be done in the organization of the Islamic Conference in Jeddah. Because according to the efforts of the Iranian Foreign Minister, the Islamic Conference is going to have an extraordinary meeting in Jeddah. Of course, some members may want to: waste time and give elaborate parties! And the visit to God’s house, etc., should be removed from the agenda, so that this meeting becomes more of a ceremonial party! Or maximum humanitarian aid should be distributed and sent. But our available information shows that: the case is even more ridiculous. Because Saudi Arabia has had these meetings in the past. But for Al Saud, these meetings are a place to obtain completely secret information and present it to Israel. As in the six-day war, a hundred million Arabs, under the leadership of Egypt, used all their equipment to suffocate Israel. But King Faisal tricked Abdul Nasser’s son-in-law and received information about the operation from him, and immediately provided it to Israel. And Israel, in a pre-emptive operation, bombed all their airports, until the equipment before the operation was all destroyed. Although 100 million Arabs put up a lot of resistance against 3 million Israelis, in the end the Sinai desert and a large part of Palestine surrendered to Israel and annexed its territory. Even now, when Israel needs accurate information for preventive operations, Saudi Arabia obtains the necessary information and provides it to Israel under the pretext of friendship and proximity to Iran. This complex espionage operation was previously carried out on a plot in Iran, which King Salman named as “war crane inside Iran”. Therefore, Saudi Arabia, which could not obtain the information of the Revolutionary Guards, through its friendship with Zarif, received the information about the trip of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and immediately, with the cooperation of Trump, fired missiles in his direction and killed him and his companions simply. Of course, everyone knows that he was the bearer of the message of peace for Saudi Arabia, but they don’t know that it was a trap. Therefore, throughout the history of Saudi Arabia’s relations with Iran, whenever there was talk of peace and harmony, a big sedition immediately arose. Because under this pretext, he received the necessary information from diplomacy, and used it against Maidan. For this reason, seditions are all directed by mercenary agents of Saudi Arabia, such as International satellite networks. But the diplomats did not understand this. Because they were eager to be friends with Saudi Arabia. And they were deceived into a Hajj or pilgrimage to God’s house. And they made a difference between Saudi Arabia and International. Diplomats should be careful not to fall into their new trap. First: The resolution to cancel the existence of Israel and the right of veto should be taken seriously, and they should not pay attention to the statements and instructions of Saudi Arabia. Secondly, don’t talk about the information related to the operation to liberate Quds, or send any signs. They may not succeed in the first: that is, Saudi Arabia will not allow the right of veto and the existence of Israel to be canceled. But in not providing information that has power. Therefore, all the movements of Iranian diplomats must be closely monitored so that they don’t get caught in the water.

Eight times the consumption of Iranians
Because the enemy is trying to divert public opinion from Gaza with the help of domestic media and opposition networks to raise the issue of national problems and say that we should keep our hats and not spend money on others! I am informing you that everything in Iran is eight times better than the rest of the world due to the efforts of the 8th Imam. In the previous article, I proved that every middle-class Iranian has eight houses, one in the village, one in the city, one for rent, one for the office, and one for sale, and one outside Tehran and one outside the country! Even now it is proven that each Iran eats eight times the world! He wears and wears and takes away. One of these reasons is the lack of electricity and water and the high cost of food! Because the production in Iran has exceeded the limit of saturation, but it is always expensive. Because people are 12 Imams and they can consume up to 12 times, so they are not satisfied and consume more every day than the previous day. The more expensive the car, the more people buy. Just the opposite of known economic laws in the world. According to the law everywhere, when a product becomes expensive, people don’t buy! But here, coins, land, buildings, and anything you can think of, if it becomes expensive, they will buy more. And therefore, everyone has 8 houses, 8 full refrigerators, 8 foreign trips, etc., but they still beg. until it reaches 12 because they believe that the people of the world do not have enough to eat, we should eat what we have. And don’t give it to others. For this reason, most of them have blood lipids, high sugar, obesity, etc. And recently, instead of eating less to treat obesity, they ask what to eat! to lose weight Therefore, the per capita consumption of drugs in Iran is 8 times. I do not say this! Global statistics say: the consumption of cosmetics is 8 times. Now let’s say that people die if they don’t eat, but we have to say that if they don’t wear make-up, nose, jaw and face surgery, nail, finger, mustache and eyebrow implants, they will die. Therefore, you can see that all doctors have changed jobs and are interested in skin and hair. As soon as it is announced that it is a holiday, people travel far ahead of the day! In order not to be hungry on the way, they sweep the restaurants on the way so that there is no famine. And they stay hungry. In the villas in the north, the smell of barbecue and chicken is so strong that it seems as if all the chickens in the world are running out. When they get tired of the north, they go to their village and drive around in their rural villas with the latest system cars and smoke hookahs so much that they can also be heard as Arab hookahs. Ask this about the coffee, tea and fruits that have been looted. After traveling to the north, south, east and west, when they get home, they are not in the mood to work and ask their friend to give them a day off. Of course, not everyone’s mood is like that. It means that not all people are lazy, they don’t eat too much and they don’t sleep until midday and then they say that we are poor, why are you sending our money to Gaza. Maybe there are about half percent who work and are satisfied with the salaries of the labor department. But it has no effect. Because everyone faces you: the work belongs to the tractor. People who should not work should bring oil money and give it at home. Yes, all of these and others are the story of a nation that gets 12 times more prosperity from the Islamic revolution. And even the people of the world have not been relieved. Each of them has bought some villas and land from the world. And they rent to themselves and finance their transportation from the profit of renting tickets. And when they are there, all foreigners should be close to each other. Because they introduce themselves as Aghazadeh. And they spend money. I hereby announce that if a foreigner is found who has not eaten a leaf from an Iranian, he should announce it so that we pay his fine. At the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union, they used to buy houses and land from the former Soviet Union with ten tomans!

Forced exodus of Zionists
The forced migration plan of the Zionists started at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution. At that time, the head of the fake Zionist regime announced that: due to the Islamic revolution in Iran, a terrible earthquake has occurred in Tel Aviv. This terrible earthquake scared the Zionists and most of them, who were seduced by the dream of an easy life and more prosperity, started to run away. The reason for that was only a superficial knowledge of the positions of Imam Khomeini, who said: Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth. But this was not a slogan, but practically all of Israel’s nuclear and missile sites were blocked in electronic warfare. That is, Dr. Chamran changed all their passwords with the information he was carrying from NASA and hacked them as they say today. For this reason, in the face of the liberals’ fear of the atomic bomb, Imam Khomeini declared clearly: America cannot do anything wrong. When the fake regime went to the Dimona site to use the missile and nuclear system, all the missiles that were used exploded there, but they declared that there was a fire! Fires even happened in European, American and Israeli space experiments, but they boycotted the news. But this caused the forced migration to racial cleansing in Israel. And all the non-Iranian Zionists fled. And only those who were of Iranian descent and had a relationship with liberals remained. And the liberals promised them that they will not do anything against them. Therefore, they invited Yasser Arafat and made him understand that he should not listen to Imam Khomeini’s words and put aside his weapons and compromise. This is where a deep gap was created between diplomacy and the field: the field of struggle against Israel was in the hands of Imam Khomeini. But the liberals, with influence in the government, put anti-Palestinian diplomacy on the agenda. They interact with the world under the pretext! They started to organize supporters of Israel. And they introduced the monarchist spectrum of Iran to Israel. They attracted Bakhtiar, Amirantzam, Rajavi and even Bani Sadr. Therefore, Israel breathed a sigh of relief, but it was no longer possible for non-Iranian Zionists to return because they did not trust these arrangements. For this reason, even the head of government (Moshe Kasab) and important members of the army, Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan, etc., who had gone there from Bushehr and Damavand, were mentioned. In fact, the new Israel became a part of Iran that gathered the opponents of the government. In other words, the slogan of autonomous Kurdistan became autonomous Israel. The reason why Israel has survived until now is because the Iranians ruled there. All over the world, sensitive centers were run by Iranians, but Iranians are in favor of diplomacy: not Iranians are in favor of Maidan (annihilation of Israel). Now, Biden, who is a Kurd of Iranian origin, actually stole it from Israel too! And took it to America: America is the Iranian government. It is autonomous. Therefore, we see that during the Biden era, the element of Kurdistan’s autonomy is armed with advanced American weapons throughout the strengthened Kurdistan. Europe is also conquered by hypocrites. Fortunately, Africa is coordinated with the help of Zakzaky. Israel also establishes an autonomous region in all other countries, which is an example in Kurdistan, Iraq and Azerbaijan. For this reason, the Iranian government follows a separate policy from the leadership. For example, Imam Khamenei clearly states that everyone in the world should help Palestine, but the Iranian government rejects any help to the Palestinians. America also declares that no signs of Iran’s presence in Gaza have been found. While the people of Iran demonstrated with large marches on Friday that they want to be physically present and fight against Israel alongside the people of Gaza.

Every Iranian has eight houses
In Iran, contrary to official statistics, 8 times the number of houses have been built. And every Iran has an average of 8 houses, all of which are hidden and they say they are afraid of taxes and so on! We won’t mention names. Of course, naturally, from the average that is being discussed, there may be people at the end of the curve who have no houses at all, but on the contrary, there are people at the beginning of the curve who have up to 7,000 houses. And therefore, the average is hypothetical. And this is proven in three ways: One is the discussion of investing in housing, which proves that a person who uses housing as an investment must have another house that he lives in so that he can rent or sell this house! After all, in Iran, housing is the most original means of investment, that is, there is enough housing, the competition is to make it more expensive so that investors are attracted to it. Because statistics show that if the growth of the dollar or coin is 5%, the housing growth is 12%. Therefore, the reason for the stagnation of the housing market is not cured by more production, but the reason is the lack of supply for higher prices and higher profits. In fact, it is a game broker. For this reason, we say that every Iranian has an average of 8 residences: one in the village, which is abandoned, the second, which has a residence, the third, which has been used as an office, the fourth, which is stored, and the fifth, in the north, is a villa. The sixth is outside Iran, the seventh is for rent and the eighth is for sale. For this reason, it does not show itself in macroeconomics. And the authorities think that it is the lack of housing that increases the rent or its price. Therefore, in the population and housing statistics, there are only 27 million residential units in Iran. And this is based on the residents’ self-declaration. Even if we consider this statistic to be correct, it means that it is more than the country’s needs! Iran’s population is 80 million people and each average household of 4 people needs 20 million houses, which is 7 million more. While, as mentioned, this floor is a self-declaration, which means that there is no longer any possibility of tax evasion in it. Naturally, in this case, there are no residential buildings without documents, under rent or offices, etc. According to official statistics, there are about ten million Afghans in Iran. Do they lack housing? How is it included in the statistics? Naturally, when they are not counted in the census, their place of residence is not included in the census. If it was the case that we have at least ten million additional houses that are in the hands of Afghans, then there is no shortage. Unless we say that it is our duty to build housing for them too. Everyone has witnessed that when the smallest news of the closure comes, the roads in the north and south are filled with cars. Do so many travelers sleep in the desert? Why are you not in the statistics? When there is no one in the villa, how can the user define its statistics? Rent? A property? Collaborative? Usurpation? Therefore, we can see that during the days of Noor, when the statistics are announced, there are 80 million trips, which means that every traveler (with family) appears at least in 4 points (Mashhad, North, Shiraz, South). It is natural that all of them do not sleep in the desert or in the car, In addition to hotels and inns, they have to rest in parks or cars. It is also a kind of temporary accommodation. Foreign trips, only one of them was exposed in the case of Mr. Ghalibaf, but do all those who go abroad stay in hotels or go to refugee camps? Are the nobles who went to America, Europe and the world in POW camps? The nature of their journey is colonization and improvement and injecting money into the host countries. It is not far that all the presidents of the world are of Iranian descent. The growth that Iranians abroad have in the management ranks indicates that they are both good investors and willing colonizers. And they have made the whole world interested in Iranian management.

The blockade of Gaza must be broken
Just as the Imam of the Ummah ordered at the beginning of the imposed war that the blockade of Gaza must be broken, the command now is: The blockade of Gaza must be broken, it must be united with the West Bank and the whole of Israel must be freed. And everyone is responsible in this work, from the old woman of North America to the old woman of South Africa and to the Chinese child and Arab youth. They do everything they can. Even if participating in the march and supporting a slogan from Gaza. The United Nations is also responsible to remove this child-killing regime from the list of countries as soon as possible and expel its representative: If Hezbollah does not intend to interfere, I ask the Houthis and Ansarullah to A rocket to the headquarters of Israel will finish the job and end the existence of the Zionists. I will also register them in the United Nations as the end of wars. My other plans for the United Nations are to change its language to Farsi, change the members of the Security Council, cancel the veto and cancel Israel’s membership, which the representative of Kuwait did today. And the rest should agree with him and expel the representative of the fake and usurping Israeli regime forever. Know and be aware: by doing this, the hope of Palestine will be preserved because with the killing of children from both sides, the hope of Palestine will also be destroyed. Even if Palestine becomes free, no one will enjoy this. Because all the honorable ones have been martyred! Because the goal of Palestine is not the massacre of people, but the peaceful life of the followers of divine religions together. Therefore, like thousands of years before the Zionist aggression, a government should be formed there in which Arabs, Jews and Christians participate. And this is doable. Therefore, unlike the current policy of genocide, its solution is in the hands of the United Nations. Where the knot can be untied by hand, why do they put their hands on each other and untie it with their teeth? As the Storm War showed, 1000 Gazan children and 1000 Israeli children were killed in one day. Sometimes their dead have been mentioned up to 1500 and the Ministry of Health of the sides has announced the same number of injured and displaced soldiers. Does the UN not understand this? And he wants to continue this killing of parties? God has appointed a crow to show the way to the United Nations! And we broadcast this video for the lesson of the world and especially the United Nations. Now the United Nations is the Cain of our time. And the blood of all those killed is on his neck, and all members of the Security Council should be executed without trial. In the case of Abel and Cain, God sent a crow and showed Cain how to bury his victim. And after burying the dead of his brother, Cain went to the desert and left. And so Hazrat Adam assigned the son of Abel, his grandson Seth, to continue the prophecy. Even now this crow tells us: the flag of Israel should be removed and there should be no country called Israel. And the members of the Security Council should head to the desert and flee after removing the name of Israel. and change their identity. Because there is no court to try them. All courts are under the Security Council. And they do not see this obvious crime. The punishment for this obvious crime of the United Nations is the execution of all the members of the Security Council and the judges attached to it. And the work of the Security Council should be entrusted to the officials of Hamas, just like Hazrat Adam entrusted it to Seth Nabi. Seth Nabi did not have the power to punish his uncle. But his uncle, who considered himself guilty, ran away. They must also flee. Until the day God punishes them. For the crime of killing thousands of martyred Palestinians and ordinary Israeli people and even the murdered soldiers. Because if the United Nations had revoked the recognition of Israel sooner, this issue would not have happened. But still not ready. And I warn all the members of the General Assembly to take this action as soon as possible and wipe out Israel forever.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence was asked the solution to the end of harps! But there was no answer, so we include this article for them, it might be useful: Of course, this question has been raised throughout history, but it has always been answered in a fantasy way. But one should see how the war starts, and think about ending it. In general, immigration is the basis of wars. That is, people go to pristine or untouched areas with the illusion of a better life, but then they see that it is very difficult to prepare them, so they want to return again. But this time his place has been filled and others have taken over it! In this case, there are four types of decisions: two cases are related to the possessors and two issues are related to the immigrants: the decision to stay or give up, if both of them give up or one of them gives up, there will be no war. And war only occurs when both decide to stay. In this case, the immigrants are called invaders, belligerents, and invaders. Residents, or Ansar, are named (if permission is given) and if they are not satisfied, they are called as defenders or defenders. Therefore, the probability of war is reduced to one eighth. For this reason, it is easy to determine whether a war is taking place or not. If we consider the probability of winning or not winning, it is reduced to one sixteenth. And if we add the erosiveness of the war (equal strength of both sides) it will decrease by one-thirty-second. Therefore, it is possible to predict the war and make a decision about it. This means that the war is completely predictable and its results are clear. For example, the Mongol people had planned to return to Iran years ago, they had collected weapons, ammunition and troops and trained them. First, they mustered up the courage and demanded to return, and sent three people as traders to the court of Khwarazmshahs. But the Khwarazmshahs, who were also Turks, resisted. And they even kill these three people. Therefore, the Mongols got an excuse and chose war tactics, and the Shah was forced to flee to Abskun Island, where he was also killed. And the Mongols sit on the throne instead of him. The people in front of them are divided into three groups: some consider them as aggressors and non-Iranians and remain in the war with him: like Sheikh Hassan Juri, the second group are those who say they are Iranians and of the same race as the Turkish slave dynasty (Khwarizmshahians and others). .) and we should cooperate with them (like Khwaja Nasir Tusi). Some people also take the escape route and flee to Europe, Syria, and Lebanon in the face of counter-attacks. Most of them were scientists and writers who took their books with them, or like Saadi, they even wrote Golestan and Bostan books there. Saadi, who was engaged in flower work in Aleppo! He says: In that year when we were in good condition, it was 676 Hijrah! That is, in 676, when the Mongols were behind the gates of Shiraz, they enjoyed Farang. And he taught others how to escape from the front. In modern times, even though World War I and World War II are apparently happening in Europe and Iran is neutral, the aim of all of them is to conquer Tehran. Therefore, after the victory (Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt) came to Tehran and Tehran is called Victory Bridge. And they consult with each other about what to do to prevent another war! It means that new immigrants do not find the courage to come to Tehran. First, they divide Iran (Tehran) into three equal parts: North for Russia, South for England, Middle for America. And an Iranian named Dr. Hekmat is assigned to establish the Colony Protection Organization. He also writes the United Nations Charter so that everyone can unite again under the name of Iran. But the new invader (Zionism) arrives, occupies Palestine and the United Nations.

Warning to the United Nations
The organization that Iran established was the United Nations! But America, by moving to New York, turned it into the main separatist organization, and by approving Israel’s membership in the occupied territories, it practically moved the war to the Middle East. Even now, the only way to prevent war is to cancel the resolution. If it is not done, the parties will destroy the hope of Palestine by massacring each other. I have the ability to present peaceful plans to the United Nations, and if the General Assembly of the United Nations elects me as the Secretary General, I will undertake their implementation. Thanks to Seyed Ahmad Hosseini Mahini from Tehran, Iran. When Dr. Hekmat founded the United Nations, he was the head of UNESCO for ten years and he did not allow war anywhere. Because Iran’s position in World War I and II was neutrality. But America, which was the winner of the war, brought the war to the Middle East with different methods. And with the support of the fake regime, he approved it in the United Nations. Now, in fact, the main culprit of all wars is the United Nations, which calls itself the Security Council, but injects insecurity into the world. All the efforts of the organization is to divide Iran again and divide it into 9 new countries, Iraq into three countries, Turkey, Syria and Yemen… all of them again. Because he has promised the anti-revolutionary groups that he will recognize them if they have even a piece of land. Therefore, all the groups settled in the borders so that they can get some land for themselves by killing the Iranian border guards. Well, all the groups are going to Tehran. They have traveled all over the world and have seen that the only way to save them is to return to Tehran. Are the imperialists not comfortable in America or the Qajarists (hypocrites) in Europe? So why are they looking for chaos and announcing every moment that they want to come to Tehran? All this is the plan to divide Iran into 9 countries as usual. Because when Dr. Hekmat established the United Nations in Tehran using the Cyrus Charter, he wanted to bring the same 44 countries back to unity. That’s why the United Nations named it the United Nations and worked hard to revive the spirit of Cyrus and Dariush, and the Shah of Iran also held 2500-year celebrations in memory of Cyrus. It means that the whole world should unite under the flag of Iran. But on the contrary, they divided 160 countries out of the same 44 countries. And they gave permission to all of them, made an army and stood up to fight against each other. An example of that is the propaganda for the separation of the three islands from Iran, which Saudi Arabia has been assigned to do. Therefore, the United Nations should be dissolved and members of the Security Council should be executed for the war crimes of this dark era. Or to repent and at least cancel the decree related to the formation of the fake government of the Zionist regime. Now the general assembly of the organization promised me that they will vote positively. And only Israel and maybe America will vote against. Therefore, I ask the United Nations General Assembly to fulfill their promise and remove the name of the Zionist regime from the list of countries. Dissolve the Security Council or reconsider its members. And eliminate the right of veto. Because veto is the law of the jungle. And this means that if all 220 countries vote to destroy Israel, America alone can violate it. For this reason, the General Assembly should first cancel the veto and then proceed to dissolve the Security Council and in the next stage or at the same time, remove Israel. until the wars are over. By removing the name of Israel, Greater Palestine will be confirmed, and the people there, Jews, Muslims, and Christians, will live peacefully together like thousands of years ago. And the Jews will not have to stay in just one land. And they can return to their countries.

Last warning
The general Zionists are warned to separate their ranks. Today is the day to distinguish the head from Nazareth and the evil Zionists from the oppressed Jews. Very simple and clear, if they cooperate with Hamas and Islamic Jihad and pave the way for them, they will play a role in the future government, but if they stand against it, the storm will take them to the land of nothingness. We have disabled Dimona’s site for years and so far they could not do anything wrong with all the threats. But we believe that wet and dry should not burn together. And oppressing Zionists and oppressed Jews should be included in the same place. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for those who want to survive and participate as Jewish citizens in the new tripolar system (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) to separate their ranks from the usurping Zionists who are drowning. Their deceptive promises have started since then. They still think that it is in the 1960s that they can crush an army of 100 million Arabs in six days. Today, Gaza’s attack on Israel showed that the illusions of the 1960s can never be trusted and everything should be clarified as soon as possible. Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces, Iran’s Quds Force, Afghanistan’s Fatemiyouns, Yemen’s Houthis, and Azerbaijan’s Hosseininon are also warned: if they don’t help today, tomorrow will be too late. Because the work must be finished or the United Nations will remove the name of Israel. All these killings on the side are only the responsibility of the Security Council, which has assumed the responsibility of war, not security. A small act that caused Israel to be recognized was the start of wars and murders and looting in the world. By canceling this resolution, Valan can restore security to the world. Therefore, the security of the world has been messed up by the hands of the Security Council itself. And all members of the Security Council should be executed. And their war crimes should be dealt with. Iran created the United Nations with the aim of destroying war. The Charter of the United Nations, which was written by Dr. Hekmat, was based on the Charter of Kuresh, Dariush, Nahj al-Balagheh and Saadi’s writings, and Saadi Shirazi’s poetry still shines in the United Nations. But America expelled Dr. Hekmat with a coup d’état in Iran and moved the UN headquarters to New York. Dr. Hekmat was the director of UNESCO for 10 years, and with the growth of people’s literacy and awareness, he prevented war in these few years. Of course, the warlords did not sit quietly and to bypass Dr. Hekmat, they created Israel so that the war would start in the Middle East. Because Iran was neutral in World Wars I and II. But they sent the remnants of the war into Iran and with a coup in Iran, they were able to allow Israel to penetrate into Iran as well. Dr. Hekmat also did not sit quietly and along with others fought against America’s dominance over the United Nations until the people of Iran kicked out both America and Israel in 1357. But instead of Iran, they rationalized Saudi Arabia as a gendarme and forced him to give financial aid. Saudi Arabia while financing wars in the Middle East. He encouraged Saddam to fight by giving more than 50 billion dollars. And in order for his role not to be known, he gave oil dollars to America to send to Israel. America was taking the money for itself and selling weapons to Saddam or Israel instead, so this cycle must end somewhere. And the oppression will end. And today is that day. Palestinians have sacrificed more than a thousand people. And the houses of 13 thousand people are on fire. Is this not enough to awaken the conscience of the world? Imam Khamenei has said that everyone can help the people of Gaza in any way. If these help are not given today, tomorrow will be too late. Because with the ethnic cleansing of both sides, there will be no room left for Palestinian ideals.

Execution of spies
Imam Ali (a.s.): Avoid division and kill anyone who chants division, even if the turban of my sovereignty is on his head! Now the conditions are ready for the execution of spies. First of all, the person in charge of IRNA’s New York office should be executed. Because he is the mouthpiece of Israel and the White House and scares the Palestinian people by spreading rumours. The most important conspiracy to crush the supporters of Imam Hussain in Kufa was the same rumors that IRNA spread: they scared the people of Kufa from the imaginary army of Syria. And this, with the speaker of the Islamic Republic, scares the Palestinians from the attack of the American ships. While we locked all missile and nuclear systems in the world at the very beginning of the revolution. And so far they refused to publish news about this. Why is Israel’s Dimono nuclear site on fire? Because they don’t believe that their system has been hacked and they want to use it, it explodes on the spot. And instead of harming the Palestinians, it harms themselves. The Palestinian people are opening the corridor between the camps inside the occupied Palestine and so far they have been able to remove all barriers and barrier walls and may be connected to the West Bank. Why do Iran and Fars, which are fed by Iran’s budget, broadcast all the praises of the enemy? They want to disrupt the policies of the system. I ordered that the Palestinians take all of Israel and announce the end of Israel as soon as possible. But these are hindered by fake news and rumors. Even in the meeting of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they asked for a ceasefire in support of Israel! All chain media such as Kar and Kargar have not even mentioned the Palestinian war. And if they have written a picture and an article like the world of economy, they wrote the war leaving the market! It seems that the Palestinians have attacked the office of the economic world instead of Israel. Or he considers his economic world to be Israeli. Therefore, the Iranian government that does not help should at least execute these spies. The current government acts like Mousavi’s government! At that time, Mousavi did not allow a single rial to be given to the Front and said that the budget was below the red line. Even now, only the president and the leadership are helping, the rest of the bodies are denying any traces. And they want President Hamhor to deal with internal problems! Kar and Kargar newspaper is an example of this policy that instead of paying attention to the victories of the Palestinians, they go to throw the germ of corruption into the dustbin of history. Objecting to the performance of the government, he calls it quantitative reforms. While Iran is the top economic power in the world, they show it as weak and disillusioned. With the cooperation of martyr Chamran, when Imam Khomeini arrived, we hacked all the world’s defense sites, including missile and nuclear sites, and disabled them. For this reason, the smallest movement was not made for the plane carrying Imam Khomeini when it entered Iran. They could not do anything later either. The reason why Imam Khomeini forcefully declared that America can do no wrong was to inform about this issue. And you can see that he still hasn’t been able to. Once Vincennes was about to launch an attack, she realized that all systems were locked. Now IRNA and others have made a monster out of this locked system to scare the Palestinians. The Palestinians of Uzir should be sure that the Dimona site and other sites are completely destroyed, burned and locked. And they will not see any harm from that. And with the hope of God and the help of the Almighty, they will take back all the occupied lands and not leave any spot in the hands of Israel. They have been ordered to destroy Israel within six days, they should not hesitate and do not be afraid of these rumors: Imam Ali said: kill spies and propagandists and those responsible for psychological warfare, even if they act under the name of the Islamic Republic.

Help clarification
Iran has been, is, and will be global from the very beginning: Jamshid Jam, whom some consider Prophet Suleiman, used a bowl to control the situation of the people and take care of them. This cup has been universal. It means that no one is left out. Of course, the legends say that because he did not have a son, he divided the whole world between his two daughters, Iran and Turan. And the difference starts here. The Turanians, who intended to achieve the same integration by attacking Iran, deceived Sohrab, Rostam’s son, and gave him a daughter to be a main influence. But Rostam understood this and killed his son knowingly. and defeated the Turanians. And the Iranians achieved that unity again. Now we have that world cup and we have unified the whole world. Of course, some inside or outside Iran are against the unity and integration of the world. And they say it is not possible. And these new Turanians, who wanted to conquer Iran in the name of the United Nations and make 8 new countries out of it, are disappearing by sending infiltrators from the ranks of hypocritical women and sons. And Afrasiab’s eyes are being blinded by the Palestinians. Israel, as a traitor to the Turanians, has been advertising for a long time that Iran is gone! It was destroyed and the sohrabs of the time always said: We want Torani Abad! And therefore they launched a wide propaganda that Iran no longer has power: or they have sold Iran’s Qajar and Pahlavi to the Turanians. For this reason, we have to make it clear that Iran is not only strong and rich, and has integrated the whole world, but it is because of Iran’s help that the world stands on its feet and it is not appropriate for these children to be influential and ignorant like Sohrab: Iran For sixty years, he gave his oil to England, so that the income could be divided among the people. Of course, in the name of Imran and Abadi, the British took Iranian civilization everywhere. Queen Sayyid of England also had no other goal than to settle down. But the influential Sohrabs did what colonization (meaning construction and settlement) turned into the creation of the royal palace! And a family becomes rich. And the rest of the people did not remember anything from the colonialism, except looting and theft. In the Second World War, Iran, adopting neutrality, gathered the victorious leaders of the countries (Stalin and Churchill Eisenhower) and told them not to fight anymore. For this reason, the UN Charter was written by Dr. Hekmat and signed by them. And Dr. Hekmat himself became the head of UNESCO and prevented war for ten years. But this time American Sohrabs! who used to receive Iranian oil for free to help the people of the world. The people of Iran, who saw this cowardice from the United Nations and the United States, killed the American Sohrab. And they gave the command to China. Because China had the most needy people. And Iran was confident that if China takes Iran’s oil, it will cost at least two billion people. Because he gave free oil to India and Russia. But now it is clear that they are Sohrab and they are taking Iran’s oil money for themselves under the pretext of embargo and FATF! And they do not divide between people. The sign of this fear is their support for Israel and the separation of Iran (three islands), China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, respectively, announced these positions, to prove that they are also an influencer and must be destroyed. Therefore, I ask all the people of the world: to take back their money from the throats of the usurping governments of China and Saudi Arabia, (Russia’s Gazprom), Japan and others, who take Iran’s oil. This oil, which is given to those countries for free, is to help their people, not like China, which has kept 800 trillion dollars of Iran’s oil money as its currency reserve.

Human resources management
Iranians because of historical, genetic and geo-political records! They have intelligence and thinking and global coherence. It means they think about all the people of the world. They even consider black Africans or yellow Chinese and red Americans and feel sad for them. Therefore, their management should be based on universality and not on self-infatuation. Therefore, peddling in Iran is more popular than data selling! Because in data sales they have to introduce themselves, but in peddling they consider people’s needs. For example, a peddler studies what to bring to make people more happy and buy. Therefore, in winter, for example, he sells lipstick, in summer, he sells ice cream! But an IT specialist only talks and defines his expertise. And if someone doesn’t accept it, he gets upset and tells the whole world to go astray. And blames the system. In technical terms: hawker marketing is based on customer orientation, that is, it considers the customer as an angel of sustenance, who came from God, and for this reason, he starts his work in the name of God, gives charity. And he treats the customer with a good face, which is all three factors of making a living. But a data expert considers himself to be the elephant’s nose and treats the customer like an idiot, and has a wise and introspective look and does not accept God at all. Therefore, he is always sad and ungrateful for everything he gets. Finally, they get the feeling that no one in Iran will take care of them, so they look for another place. It is natural that if they migrate to other countries, they cannot do anything in the same way because there are too many competing companies. Therefore, they implement the tactics of peddlers. That is, they become customer oriented and find love for the people there. Even they are willing to accept the jewelry store, hotel management, and dish washing and say goodbye to their expertise. For this reason, the people of the world love Iranians. The main and popular term for this work is xenophobia. In Iran, they call it hospitable. But basically it is the same universal thinking. That is, in their nature, they think that their existence is needed elsewhere. And there they are engaged in whatever work is needed by the people. Because they have lost their false pride and have achieved the original pride, which is the friendship of people. Therefore, peddlers are popular in the world. For this reason, most peddlers in Iran are from the same city. It means they came to that city from another city. This sense of xenophobia or friendship with the people of the world or universal thinking is also present in them. Because they have abandoned their village agriculture and are proud of urban peddling. Many Afghans who were forced to work in Iran have many properties in their country. But they feel homesick there. And this sense prompts them to migrate. And these migrations continue to all parts of the world until the whole world becomes one house and family. And instead of saying that everywhere in Iran is my house, they say: Everywhere in the world is my Iran. Global management becomes home management. All together, brothers and sisters and elders are parents! From this point of view of global kindness, as the leader of the revolution said: Iranianness and Islamism are aligned and harmonious because they are in the world’s thoughts. But some are narrow-minded and upset about Iran’s help to others! For example, they do not allow Iran to help Lebanon or Palestine. Even if they give money, they don’t give them oil. And if they give, they say that we ourselves are hungrier. Therefore, the honorable president came to consider a criterion for firing ineffective personnel: are the employees customer-oriented or self-absorbed. If they are selfish, fire them. Because they never accept the respect of clients.

The hunger of some officials
Some officials are so used to eating the treasury that there is no other way but to execute them. Because even if they are in prison, like the Tabaris, they lead their people from there. They seriously say that we ourselves are the treasury! In fact, they have signed their death sentence with these statements. Because Bait al-Mal belongs to everyone, and if the government of Adl Ali (PBUH) is just, it should be cut into pieces like the carpet of Golestan so that it reaches everyone! Keeping the Tabaris alive shows that some of their partners have not been identified or arrested yet. Therefore, they prefer to stay in prison but not return the treasury. For example, the judge wrote a salary for the duration of Tabari’s prison. Now they are so hungry to eat the treasury that they don’t allow the formation of Great Iran and Great Iranian Empire. One of these bankers! Hashemi Rafsanjani took many properties as a bribe from the former governor of Qom. And he sold it at a cheap price in Salary and other places to the clerics and students of his range and sold it to others and he was so drowned in the wealth of wealth that his fate ended in Farah’s pool according to the law. He will die! For example, you like sugar a lot and eventually you will die of diabetes. Or if you like eating too much, you